he's my sunny boyfriend


S01, E32: Monkees on Tour

I always find Peter to be incredibly endearing, both in his show persona and as a real life human person. He was one of my first preteen crushes - a major one - and I don’t think the continuing importance of who we loved as children can be overstated. Consequently, his face is still a kind of safe harbor for me. No matter what’s going on in my life, I can look at him and feel OK. Usually he’s just Peter, cuddling puppies, getting kidnapped for the hundredth time, playing the bass or the banjo, walking through the snow in shades and beads and an anorak. The former drunk who used to throw legendary parties, the talented Connecticut folkie who made (really, unexpectedly) good. Sometimes, though, I travel through time to the bright beaches and forests of my childhood, and he becomes a different person altogether. A citizen of my Neverland, if you will, the person he was to me when I was 12: my sunny blond boyfriend, the guy I love.

(the real context behind Harry’s “beach, don’t kill my vibe” tweet)

Harry frowns as rain pounds against their hotel window, obscuring his view of the beach.  So much for a sunny Bali vacation; Harry squints at the window even harder, just for good measure.

“It’s not going to stop just because you’re glaring at it, pet,” Niall says from the bed, where he’s sprawled out and flipping through TV stations.

“You don’t know that,” Harry huffs, frown deepening as the wind picks up.

“Face it, the rain’s immune to your charms.”


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