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Twice the Love

Something where Y/N is the female Spider and on Team Cap. Both her and Tom fight one another while flirting. At school, they both have crushes on each other even though Y/N is the most popular girl at school, she still has a huge crush on Peter. Then as their alter egos, they both ask one another for help and the truth about their identities come out?

“You hit like a girl!” yelled the spiderling.

“That’s because I am a girl you shit.” I remarked back, flinging my webs at him. I fell to my back and kicked him with my leg, sending him backwards. I flipped myself back up and didn’t see him where I expected him to be. My senses felt him behind me and I ducked, as semi truck was thrown at me.

“You missed.” I snorted, crossing my arms.

“I didn’t want to mess up your makeup.” he mocked.

“Please. I’ve seen tighter tights than yours.” I said, as he swung down.

“Is that the best you got?” he remarked, laughing. I arched an eyebrow and saw behind him, a bunch of crates. I started to fake cry and he stopped laughing.

“Whoa hey? Are you seriously crying?” he asked, coming over. I nodded and sniffled for more of an effect.

“Hey hey. Don’t cry.” he said, placing an arm on my shoulder. I stopped and sniffled, looking at him through my mask. He looked concerned. Good. I grabbed his arm and flipped him backwards.

“What the hell was that for?” he said as my foot stood on his chest, my hands holding his arm up.

“Didn’t Stark ever tell you not to let your guard down?” I teased. Before I could make another remark I was flipped upside down and he sat on top on me.

“Whose guard is down now?” He teased. I smiled and brushed his cheek with my hand. I felt him tense up and I brought him closer to my face.

“Still yours.” I said, webbing up his hands and flinging him towards the crates I saw with a kick of my foot.

“You really like using your feet.” he groaned, standing up.

“It never fails me.“I said, seeing Sam flying over. "See ya Spiderling.” I said, blowing a kiss and shooting a web to latch onto Sam’s foot, flinging myself away.


Chemistry. Or as I like to call it, boring. Mr. Callin was a good teacher, don’t get me wrong, but his class was too easy. For me and the 19 other students to be precise. His teachings were taught as if we were first graders. That’s why I took an extra Chemistry class after school for more of a push. Which also meant… Peter Parker.

“Hey Audrey! We still on for Jacob’s party tonight?” Nat asked, her long black hair swinging behind her.

I hated parties to be honest. I would rather be home playing some videogames or watching movies. But everyone expected me to be there cause I was popular. What a stupid label.

“I’ll see Nat. I have a lot to study for this week.” I told her, smiling. She pouted but nodded, waving goodbye, turning to take the bus with her brother. I loved how even though Nat was more popular than me, she didn’t care that people knew she took the bus.

I sighed and headed towards Mrs. Lane’s room for the Chemistry lesson. As I entered, I saw Peter, doodling in his notebook. I marveled at the way he furrowed his eyebrows as he doodled.

“You good there Audrey?” Mrs. Lane asked. I nodded and took my seat near the window, next to Peter. Mrs. Lane liked the thought of us two being together since we were the top two students in her class and wanted us to be assistants to those who needed assistance. I opened my backpack and saw my suit was at the bottom.

Crap… I forgot to put it in the washer after I got home from Germany.

“Y-you dropped this.” Peter said, holding up a pencil. I took it and gave him a shy smile, thanking him. Our hands touched and my heart skidded to a halt. He started to blush and smiled at me. I looked away, wishing for my heart to beat normal again.

~Later on that Night~

I sat next to a gargoyle, watching through my lenses.

“Fancy seeing you here.” said a familiar voice.

“Don’t you have somewhere else to be Spiderling?” I teased, knowing he hated that name.

“You know I do. But I might just have to stay here until you get my name right.” he said sauntering over and plopping himself next to me. I rolled my eyes and looked at my phone, seeing a text from Nat asking if I could make it. I told her I couldn’t and she sent a sad face.

“You missing something?” he asked.

“Just a boring party.” I said, stuffing my phone back into my small black bag.

“Yeah. Me too. I hate going but I only go because the girl I like goes.” he said. I looked at him and smiled.

“I took an extra class knowing the guy I like would be in it.” I chuckled. He chuckled too and sighed.

“How is she like?” I asked.

“Aw man. She’s adorable. Her laugh is adorable. I love the way how she’s all natural. She doesn’t wear makeup and doesn’t even try in her appearance. She could wear sweats and a sweatshirt and still look great. She’s not like most girls, she’s independent and I just.. Really like her.” he said, leaning against the gargoyle as if he was going to fall off.

“Mine is like that too. Except he’s extremely shy. I like that about him because he’s not a meathead. I hardly know him but he’s sweet. And his eyes make me melt.” I gushed.

“Care to give me a name?” he chuckled.

“Only if you do it too.” I said, pushing him with my shoulder slightly.

“Okay. On three.”






I nearly fell off the perch as I heard my name.

“That’s my name.” We both said together.

“Peter? As in.. Peter Parker?” I asked, feeling lightheaded.

“Audrey?” he said. I nodded and slipped my mask off. He did the same and I nearly died.

“Well… Guess the cat’s out of the bag.” Peter said.

“I guess it is.” I said, stunned from confessing my love for him.

“Audrey?” Peter. I turned to look and he kissed me. I kissed him back without hesitating and instantly melted.

I’m kissing Peter. The boy who’ve I’ve fallen for since sophomore year. It took two years to finally kiss him.

We pulled apart and he was blushing like crazy.

“That’s out too.” he said smiling. I laughed and let out a small snort, covering my mouth as soon as it slipped out.

“That’s adorable.” he laughed. I punches his shoulder softly and he laughed.

“So what now?” I asked, looking at Peter. His fingers interlaced with mine and he smiled.

“I guess we’re dating. Miss Spiderling.” he teased.

“So we are Spiderling.”

Imagine your current boyfriend finding out your ex boyfriend

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“Grant? You were dating Grant Ward?” Stevie said as a few of you sat around the kitchen table, discussing old stories. 

“I did. However I would like to say I have a much better one now.” You sat as you took at metal hand in yours. 

“I am confused, who is Grant Ward?” Bucky asked as Natasha and Clint looked at you, as you looked that the table. 

“Grant Ward was a level 7 agent, he was good, but not as good as me. He worked well as a solo agent, however he joined an secret task force of agents, which was lead by the once dead Director Coulson. He was one of the best, and when Hydra took over, it was revealed…" 

"It was revealed that he was an undercover Hydra agent along with one of the commanding officers in the overthrow.” You said as Bucky turned his head towards you, “I had no idea, he was also having an affair with Agent May, his relationships, while highly unadvertised, were an attempt to find intel along with take us off guard." 

And then you felt Bucky’s hand pull away, and you heard the chair push out next to you. 

 "Guess he didn’t like the news.” Clint said as you looked up. 

“No. But that might be because I told him about how I was engaged to my last boyfriend.” You whispered, “and I never told him who my ex was or his past affiliations." 

"So you dated a Hydra agent?” Steve asked 

“Yes, and now I am dating their ex super soldier. Guess I have a type.” You snapped before leaving the room, and hurried to the training room. 

 "Bucky!“ You shouted from the balcony in the training room, looking down at your boyfriend who was beating the shit out of a punching bag, "BUCKY!" 

"WHAT!” He screamed as he punched the bag so hard it fell from the chain. 

“I want to talk to you, and I know…" 

"Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked, trying his hardest to remain calm. 

“Because it wasn’t relevant at the time, nor is it something I am really proud to admit.” You said as you looked down at him, seeing the anger in his eyes.

“And you thought it wasn’t important to mention that you were romantically involved with…”

“It wasn’t like I WAS HYDRA! I called it off the moment he tried to ask me to join him at his side. I don’t even have the ring anymore, I have burned everything to do with the man, and I moved on! Yeah I have to go interogate him occasionally for the director but it isn’t like I am sleeping with him!” You screamed as he looked at you, tears forming in your eyes

“Do you love him?” Bucky asked as you looked at him in shock.

“What?” you hissed

“Do. You. Love. Him?” 

“No.” You hissed as Bucky took a step

“Do you love me?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“Do you love me [Y/N]? Or do you love the man I remind you of?”

“James Barnes, I don’t think I have ever heard you ask a more ridiculous question in my life.”

“Well it seems valid to me, I mean you dated a hydra leader before, tell me, does dating a Hydra solider make you feel like you are with him again? Does it remind you of what it was like before shit hit the fan, before you called it off with him?”

“James stop.” You warned as he took another step, now almost under the balcony as he looked up at you.

“Are you with me…. only because I once said Hail Hydra?” 

Now the tears were falling freely down your face as you looked into his light brown eyes, he looked as broken as you felt in that moment.

“James Barnes. I have no more love for that man in my body, I left him, not just because he was hydra but because he used me and lied to me. He broke my heart, and you… you fixed it. I am not dating you because you are the Winter Solider, or because you have been associated with Hydra, but because you are one of the most incredible men I have ever met. You made me feel something I never thought I would feel again, and I loved you for that. Since the day he asked me to chose a side, and told me he was going to be the one to end me, I never thought I would feel truly safe again, and then I laid in your arms for the first time, I never thought I would feel capable again to be a good agent, and then you showed me anyone can change, and inspired me. I may never forgive myself for my involvement in the fall of Shield, and the rise of Hydra, for allowing myself to be blinded by what I interpreted as love, but Bucky Barnes you make me forget the hurt, if only for a while. You are the one person who keeps me sane, and I never love Ward like I love you.”

“[Y/N]…..” Bucky sighed as you backed away from the railing of the balcony and he heard the door slam behind you. He couldn’t move, his hand went to his face as he thought of how petty the whole dispute was. She was right, she was never a member of the organization responsible for all the evil he had done. She also never lied, he never asked her about her association with the organization before and she probably never wanted it to be brought up, in fear of his reaction. And now she was hurt, and probably crying somewhere alone all because he was jealous of a ghost from her past. As he lowered his hand and started towards the door he saw it fly open, you standing there. He looked at you as you went running forward and wrapped your arms around his neck, crying into his shoulder as he hugged you back.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Bucky.” You whispered as he tried to formulate words to tell you. And as he tried, your phone started to ring. You pulled back and wiped your eyes, as you looked at the name on the screen and picked up.

“Director.” You said, still in Bucky’s arms as you tried to sound as normal as possible, “No sir, I am fine. Are you calling with a mission?”, Bucky wiped a tear from your face as you listened to the director’s words, “Do I need to come interrogate him?” Bucky tucked your hair behind your ear as you lifted your hand to your mouth, “I understand Sir, I appreciate the call. I look forward to seeing you soon Sir.” And then you hung up.

“What was that all about?” Bucky asked as you slowly lowered the phone to your side

“Ward is dead.” 

The Blue Stick Part 4

Pairing: Steve x reader  

Warning: Swearing. Pregnancy.

(Remember to always have protected sex people!!)    

A/N: This changes reader points of view. More parts to come I’m working on the next one.
(Y/N) your name
(Y/H/C) your hair color  

**Russian Terms:

Nemnogo lyubvi (Little Love)
Rebenok (The baby)
devushka (Girl)

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                                                                                                                              Things with Steve and The Avengers are great till you think you have the flu. When the stick turns blue everything changes, how are you going to tell Steve. Nothings going to be the same anymore and you’re not sure how you’re going to break it to Steve what if he isn’t ready, what if you’re not ready to give your life as part of the Avengers. Everything changes when something goes bad and the team including Steve is waiting for answers.

“Twins?” Sam’s mouth hangs open.

“Who knew Cap was so fertile after being a Popsicle for so long.” Tony rubs his hair picking up his phone and quickly typing something.

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Just Touch My Cheek Before You Leave Me (Deadpool x reader)

There’s obviously gonna be language.  And this is my first real Deadpool attempt, so be kind.

“He’s late, huh?”

“Yeah,” you sighed, “he has a lot going on right now, so I guess I can’t get too mad.”  You glanced down at your watch again for what felt like the hundredth time, but the hands had moved only millimeters since your last time check.  

“You want me to wait with you?”

“Nah, Cap, I’m good. Thanks anyway.”  As you watched your teammate walk away you considered if you should just give up and go to your room for the night, or maybe take your frustrations out on the punching bag, but you ultimately decided that Parker would be the recipient of your rage if he didn’t show up for your date within the next five minutes.  He was the one who asked you out, so common courtesy would at least mean to be on time.

“Sir, you can’t go in there.”

You heard a whistling coming from the lobby of the tower that caught your interest, knowing that if it were Peter showing up, the guards would have just announced his arrival.  Quickly making your way out there, you stopped at the sight of a man in a red suit, but it wasn’t the red suit that you had been expecting.  When he saw you in return, his hands immediately went to his face in surprise.

“Holy mother of…goddammit you’re hot!  Webby said you were pretty, but fuck me, I had no idea!”

“Thank you?” you smirked, feeling a slight blush on your cheeks from both the attention and the man’s vulgar choice of phrasing.  “And who are you, exactly?” 

“My lady,” he said, extending his arm out so that you could loop yours through.  “Pool, Dead.  Pleasure, mine.”  He stood waiting for your hand, but you didn’t take him up on the offer right away; you held your place and stared at him with your confusion still apparent in your expression.  “I’m here to pick you up for your date.  Sorry, I probably should lead with that, huh?”

“It would certainly help, yeah.  So…you’re taking me where, exactly?”  You finally decided to put your arm in his and gave the guards a small wave to allow you to go as he led you out and onto the busy city sidewalk.

“Mr. Parker has requested the honor of your presence…ah, shit, can’t do it,” he huffed, “Slinger got stuck on a job and is running late, as you might have noticed.”

You laughed out loud and slapped his arm, making him jump just slightly, “he got stuck on a job? Really?  Spiderman got stuck?”

Wade stopped in his tracks and leaned his head back letting out a loud but sarcastic laugh and shaking his head.  After only a few seconds he silenced and looked at you, pointing his finger almost harshly.  “Listen, I don’t care how hot you are, or how fucking amazing your ass looks in those jeans…which is beyond what is acceptable for hot to be, by the way.”  He pulled his arm away and turned to hold his hands out towards your backside, “I mean, have you seen your ass?!  Bam, baby!” When you didn’t reply he turned and looked at the man in the cab next to him for assistance.  “Am I right?”

“Yes, Mr. Pool, she definitely has a very admirable posterior.”

“Thank you, Dopinder! You’ve always got my back.”  He glanced at you and then brought his hand to his chin, rubbing it uncertainly, “what was I talking about…?”

“Your posterior is quite admirable as well, if I might say,” the driver added.  “Shall I take your pair of admirable asses to the restaurant now?”

Wade opened the back door of the cab and jumped in, leaving you standing on the sidewalk with your arms crossed and an amused look on your face.  A few seconds later his head popped out from the door, and if you could see his face beyond the mask, you thought that maybe he was embarrassed at his error.  “You getting in, sweet cheeks, or are you waiting for an invitation?”

Or maybe he wasn’t embarrassed at all.


When you arrived at the restaurant, he followed the same pattern, jumping out of the cab and heading in without so much as an opened door for you.  Not that you were insistent on chivalry by any means, but you found it humorous that he saw no need for it whatsoever.

Once you were inside it became clear why he hurried in before you, seeing him lying suggestively across a bench, braced up on his elbow with a flower in one hand and a children’s menu and crayons in the other.  He reached his hand up slowly and held out the crayons and paper, waiting patiently until you took them from him.  “Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack,” he cooed.  

“You’re ridiculous, and I’m hungry.  Maybe later, if you can behave,” you smirked with a quick wink, turning to walk to your table and leaving him to chase after you for a change.

“Can I have my menu back, though?” Wade whispered as he followed, reaching around you and grabbing for it like a child trying to snatch a prized possession.  “I was promised to be fed for this.”

The waiter appeared almost immediately as you were seated, and even though you were beginning to be entertained by your new companion, you watched the door anxiously, awaiting Peter’s arrival.  If you hadn’t been drawn in by Wade’s interaction with the server, you might have missed your chance to get a drink to calm yourself.

“I would like…an order of…hmm,” he paused, resting his finger thoughtfully over his covered lips, “okay, how about an order of this dairy filled orgasm, lightly coated in the perfect combination of bread crumbs and just a hint of Italian seasonings, fried to a heavenly golden brown, with just the right amount of crunch on the outside, yet a satisfying and almost comforting softness on the inside.  Much like my new lady friend here.”

“So, mozzarella sticks?”

“Isn’t that what I said?”

The server shook his head and gave you a polite smile.  “I know, he takes some getting used to,” you smiled back.  “I just need a glass of anything white and bubbly, please.”

“You’re not getting any of my sticks,” you heard Deadpool mumble in a sing-song voice under his breath as he began to color the inside of his menu.  When the server left you grabbed the menu and pulled it away from him with a quick motion, the crayon in his hand leaving a long stripe of blue across the paper and onto the table top.  “Excuse me!  What the shit was that?  I was almost done with Captain Asshat’s shield!”

“What?” You flipped the menu over and saw that he had ignored the pre-printed picture of a generic cowboy riding a horse and changed it to Steve riding a very colorful unicorn. Your mind began to race with all of the things you could do with something like this, and you simply had to have it.  “Oh, damn.  Okay, this is actually amazing.  I’m gonna need you to finish this so I can take it with me.”

“You like it?!  Okay, so I was going to put him up here…” he excitedly pointed to the twisted horn of the animal, “do you think I should get a new one and start over?  I mean, if anyone can take a horn up the ass, it would be Cap, right?  Or do you think I should do Iron Man?  Not like do Iron Man…although that would be the balls…”  He leaned back in his chair and looked up as if deeply in thought now, and his voice dropped to almost a whisper.  “Do you think he’s ever done Potts with the suit on?”

“Where’s my drink?” you groaned and searched around the room.  “Better yet, where’s my date?”

“I might have a confession.”

Your head snapped to look at him, knowing what was about to be said before he had to utter the first syllable.  “Shut up,” you gasped.  Wade responded by sitting motionless and silent, even when his plate full of mozzarella sticks were laid in front of him.  You heard a tiny squeal from him, and his hand began to tremble, pretending that he wasn’t able to move to get his food until you released him.

“You want ‘em?” you huffed, pulling the plate towards you and out of his reach, “then tell me what’s going on.”  Between frustration and hunger, his words frantically began to spill out.

“Parker isn’t coming. He got stuck…that’s right, I said stuck… on a job and was gonna cancel but I’m a motherfucking stalker and I’ve wanted to go out with you for so long that I took his phone so that he couldn’t call you and then I showed up instead and brought you here and now I’m so goddamn hungry that you’re beginning to look like one of these sticks and if you don’t let me get my hands on one of them I’m gonna dip your magical hot ass in marinara and fucking feast, you got me?”

With wide eyes you slowly pushed the plate back and took your entire glass of wine down in one long swallow.  Seeing the glass sit empty, the server returned to give you a refill, but you put your hand over the top so that he couldn’t pour.  You glanced at Deadpool, seeing that he had made short work of his food and was already nearly finished.  Maybe it was the wine working far too quickly, or maybe it was a sudden sense of bravery, but you were going to call his bluff.

“Could you please send us a large side of marinara and the check please?”

starry-athxna  asked:

Scenario where Aomine + Akashi + Atsushiwith a shy naturally beautiful girlfriend in the pool which every boy drools over her (including the boys) since is the first time that they see her in a bikini

Ahh! I’m sorry if this took too long friend, I hope you’re having a nice day and enjoy this one!! 🌸

Thank you for requesting! 💋

♥︎ Aomine:

“Oh come on, (Name)! Don’t hide them, you look cute!” Momoi convinced, crossing her arms as she stared at her best friend that wore the same outfit as her, only different styles and colours. The heroine flashed her an unamused look, making the pinkhead sigh.

“At least just this once. And besides, you know I wouldn’t force you into doing this unless it looks good on you.” she cocked an eyebrow, waiting for her friend’s answer, but to no avail. Smiling in satisfaction, she gently grabs her wrist, pulling her out of the girls’ bathroom.

“Ah, Satsuki, I really don’t feel comfortable wearing this.” (Name) uttered, as she noticed guys swimming around the pool, and guys sitting down by the benches, glue their eyes on her.

Momoi took a glance at the boys looking at her friend, glaring at them, before fastening her pace. “Don’t mind them. Just don’t get too close. And besides, the whole team is here to protect yo if they do anything lewd!” Momoi smiled wide= as she presented the Touou basketball team, who were doing warm-ups by the pool, excluding Aomine who made his way to his girlfriend.

The team stopped their exercises, darting their eyes on Aomine’s girlfriend, who smiled awkwardly and waved. Momoi smiled, making her way to her clipboard which was on the benches.

Imayoshi whistled. “I didn’t expect you to look cuter than your school uniform, (Name). I thought wrong.” he said, before diving into the pool, getting away from Aomine who glared at him.

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The Avengers: On My Side

I’ve shipped Winteriron for sooo long and I can never find enough tickling fics :( IF ANYONE HAS SOME TO RECOMMEND PLEASE TELL ME THANKS

This fic is still platonic and no actual shipping happens. Just buddies. 

Takes place after Civil War in a universe where everyone’s alive and everyone likes each other and all good things like that. 

Please Enjoy!

It had been really difficult to “get the band back together” after the events of Steve and Tony’s argument and departure from each other. The Avengers were split. But after a long time and after a lot of forgiveness and pain to go through, they attempted living under one roof again.

By this point in time, Steve and Tony had mended their wounds with each other and got along well again. In fact, everyone in the tower held their own and tried to be kind to each other. The only two causing problems were Bucky and Tony. Understandable as it was, they did talk and reasoned for Bucky’s ill mind not of his own power when he murdered Tony’s parents all those years ago. 

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DexNursey fic - Part 4

(1 - 2 - 3)(AO3)

So, not thinking about Nursey was not going well. Dex was having a terrible week even without the added stress of knowing that he had an unrequited crush on someone so far out of his league that they weren’t even playing the same sport. Well, metaphorically anyway. His classes were beating him down, a teacher had lost a report he’d handed in last week and was making him redo the whole thing, and the added awkwardness with Nursey was making English Lit a living hell.

Even worse, on top of all that he’d just had a phone call from his brother. While calls from home weren’t all that rare - he usually called his mother every week or so - he hadn’t spoken to any of his siblings since his outburst over summer. Turns out, his brother was calling to make sure that his outburst was just him supporting his friends and that he hadn’t got any ideas from his backwards new college. At that point, Dex had just hung up, far too incensed to even attempt to explain anything to his brother.

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Title: This Ain’t No Bend and Snap
Author: holysmoaksoliver
Word Count: 3243
Summary: For the Arrow Movie AU Challenge- week 3- Comedy.  Based on Legally Blonde.  Genderbent AU.  Oliver is a charmer whose life has always been easy.  But when his girlfriend, Laurel, breaks up with him the night he’s set to propose, Oliver realizes that his life may be due for a change if he wants to win her back.

A/N:  So, this got super bromancy for a first meeting for Oliver and Diggle.  But I don’t even care. Because I love them, and I love this little piece.  So, hopefully you are able to suspend reality for a moment and just enjoy some Oliggle bro time.

No one in Oliver’s life had ever taken him seriously.  Not his parents, not his teachers, not his friends.  Not even his amazing girlfriend Laurel– who he’d been dating for the last eight months of their senior year at CULA– although she’d probably taken him more seriously than anyone else in his life.

At least until Laurel dumped him the night Oliver was set to propose.

He still remembered the burn of the ring in his pocket when she’d called him “Pooh Bear” and walked out.  She’d told him that if she was going to make partner at a law firm by the time she was 30, she needed a “Vanderbilt, not a Nessman.”  And Oliver would be lying if he didn’t say he had to Google what a “Nessman” was.  Although flattered at being compared to a male model, it didn’t change the fact that Oliver was Vanderbilt material; he knew he was, even if no one else did.  He had the wealth and the connections.  But more than that- he had the smarts.  Just because he graduated with a degree in Sports Sciences didn’t mean that he hadn’t worked for his 4.0 GPA.

It wasn’t until Oliver saw a photo of Laurel with her cousin and her cousin’s fiancé– a third year law student at Yale– that Oliver knew what he had to do.

He had to go to law school.

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The Mechanic and the Sith Part 4

Fandom: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Warnings: None yet

Author’s Note: This is a bit longer than my other ones–I’m  a bit nervous to post it! Also my ask box is open, feel free to send me a request! I would love to challenge my mind!

Part One  

Part 2

Part 3

Sleep didn’t come easy that night. You laid in bed as you stared into the darkness that is your room. Kylo’s haunted dark eyes invaded your memory, every time you would close your eyes they would stare at you. The feeling you had was indescribable but the world ‘fear’ came into your mind. Why? He never had that effect on you before. Every time you met him you knew it could be your last, so why is it that you fear seeing him the next day?

You flipped over on your side and closed your eyes tight as you were determined to get some much needed sleep. When it finally did over-take you the image of him was still etched in your mind, even in your dreams.


The next morning you woke up with a start–it was late morning and you had not been called on duty. Still, you jumped out of bed and got ready to do work. You walked up and down the halls of the base with no sign of Kylo. You even peaked into the control room and saw that there were a team of droids fixing up the panel.
The rest of the morning when by slowly with nothing to do except watching the army of Stormtroopers march in line. You yawned out of boredom before walking back towards your room to wait for orders from your new boss. On your way, you saw a couple of garbage droids carrying another who had seen better days. An idea hit you.

You talked the droids into you taking it for yourself and took it to your room.

There was no saving the droid, the memory bank was burnt completely and it would be unable to function anymore. But making it work again was not your intent. With a smile, you took out a box of extra parts you were saving and got to work right away.

It was a frustrating project, it would take you an hour to get something to work but the other part wouldn’t and you would have to start over. Finally, after an afternoon of trail and error, you were satisfied. Standing up you wiped your brow and looked down at the your work. The droid was black chrome that went up to your waist with red and white buttons flashing. With a swift kick it made a small noise of distress, but it was something you programmed to do; it was just a toy, a punching bag with Kylo Ren in mind.

The sound of your alarm went off before the door slide open. Spinning around, you were surprised to see him standing in the door way. Instinctively you took a step back, forgetting that the droid was behind you. As you ran into it, it made another beep making Kylo turn his attention towards it, then back over at you in confusion.

“Oh.” You felt your face turn red as you looked down at the droid you worked on all day. “I just thought you may need something to turn your aggression on, so I thought–”

“You made me a toy, like I am a child.” You couldn’t tell what he thought, especially with his mask on. From what it sounded like, he didn’t seem too impressed.              

“More like a punching bag.” You quickly corrected him. “Men from my planet used them a lot for training–”

“Training.” He scoffed loudly. This time your face turned red in anger. Why in the world did you waste your free time on someone like HIM? Why did you think he would be grateful something so stupid?

“Sorry. I guess my idea was stupid.” You said bitterly before kicking the droid with more force, now making it scream.

A deep chuckle.

You glared up at him before walking closer towards you, trapping you between him and your project. You kept your composure even though you can feel  your legs shake beneath you. His hand landed on your shoulder, making your heart jump in your chest, before gently shoving you out of the way. Kylo knelt down to examine your work.

“How long?” He asked.

“Most of the afternoon.”

For a moment there was silence as he continue to study the empty droid. You couldn’t tell if he was angry or pleased and that made you nervous. Slowly he got up from the ground and turned around without saying a word.

“There is something I need you to do, I’ll have someone bring this to my quarters.”

For a quick second a smile formed on your  lips as you felt a weight being lifted off your shoulders and you quickly followed him out of the room.


It was late at night before you returned back to your quarters but surprisingly didn’t feel tired. After bathing you put on your nightclothes, a pair of baggy pants and a sleeveless shirt, and sat at your work table to clean your tools. They were almost antiques, passed down to you by your grandfather who taught you everything you knew despite how much your grandmother disapproved. Since the day he passed away, you always kept them close to you and took good care of them so they wouldn’t rust or break. But you knew it was time for them to retire soon, the dents and scratches from throughout the years told you so. But new tools were expensive and you didn’t have enough money to buy a new set.

After putting them back into their case you started to feel drowsy. You got up from your seat and stretched as you walked towards your bed. But before you can sit down you heard a knock at the door. Puzzled, you slowly went towards the door and opened it to find no one there. If you didn’t look down you wouldn’t of seen the sleek black case that stood by your feet. You picked it up and brought it inside to examine it. Putting it down on your table you pushed the button and it unlatched; inside was beautiful new set of silver tools. You gasped in delight as you picked up one of them to feel it in your hands.

You remembered earlier that day how Kylo remarked about your tools–how old and grungy they looked. You decided to ignore him because you thought he was just being a jerk. Was this a gift?

Too excited and curious to sleep, you closed the box and held it to your chest as you ran out of the room like a small child. His room was only down the hall from yours but it seemed like such a long distance. Your heart beat in anticipation but your mind was kicking you for wanting to thank him.

Voices from an adjoined hallway made you stop in your tracks and duck inside an open room. You weren’t sure why, maybe it was because you were in your night clothes. But you were glad you did.

As the voices came closer you were able to understand what they were saying; as you peaked out you saw they were in stormtrooper armor but they were talking about treason, a way to destroy the First Order or to take someone captive for a price.

Bounty hunters? Was your first thought as you watched them walking away as they continued to talk about their plans. As they disappeared around the cornor you swore you could hear them say Kylo’s name.

After that you continued to run towards his quarters, the black box still against your chest. The only thing that ran through your mind was to warn Kylo.

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Melinda's sick and Phil brings her some chicken soup.

Twenty Ways to Kill You With a Plastic Spoon (or the one where May is sick and Skye is terrified)

A/N: Fluff. A little bit of Skye and A.C. banter in the beginning. Established Philinda.

The thing about Melinda May when she’s sick is that she is terrifying. Well, more so than usual, and if you annoy her too much, she doesn’t need to do hate-fu to kill you, she can just use a plastic spoon twenty different ways. At least that’s what Phil thinks Skye is muttering under her breath as she trudges to the fridge, grabbing the box of Frosted Flakes that was abandoned by Tripp earlier.

“What’s up?” Phil asks, raising his mug to his lips and drinking deep, long gulps of the bitter liquid Agent Koenig calls coffee. Phil isn’t sure what it is, but it isn’t coffee, that’s for sure.

“May’s sick. I went to the gym to lay out the mats for our hate-fu session. That was at five,” Skye casts him a glare, like somehow it’s his fault, so he just sips his coffee again, pretending not to notice as Skye rambles on, “Five o’ clock, A.C. Five in the morning, and was she there? Nooooo.”

“And?” He prompts, his eyebrows raising, hiding a grin behind his mug.

“And it’s nine thirty now. I waited for four hours, sitting there, doing nothing, punching a bag, and I’m pretty sure I hit wrong on one punch and now my wrist hurts like hell and I’m starving, and I tried to get May, but she wouldn’t open the door, and she sounded awful. Like, death’s doorstep awful. I thought she was a superhero. Superheroes don’t get sick, do they?”

Phil laughs, draining the last bit of coffee from his mug and swilling water around in the mug as he watched Skye pour herself a bowl.

“It might surprise you to know, Agent May is human.”

Skye looks up, mockingly perturbed. “She is? Who would have guessed?”

“Har-har. She might be damn close to superhuman, but alas, our dear specialist is human.” Phil is digging around in the cupboards now, and Skye stops to watch him.

“What are you doing?”

“Sick people like chicken noodle soup, right?”

Skye grins.

“How are you so sure she’ll let you in?”

“I’m the Director, I give the orders. And her getting better is an order. I once refused to eat chicken noodle soup when I was sick and it took me a week to get over it… What I wouldn’t give for my mother’s chicken noodle soup right now. I have the recipe, but it takes a few hours to make and we don’t exactly have the means to go out and get a fresh chicken right now, so…” Phil feels his hand close around what he’s looking for, before pulling it out and tossing it in the air triumphantly, “Campbell’s it is.”

Skye rolls her eyes and takes her bowl to the nearest table, plunking down and munching on her corn flakes in a manner that leaves Phil with no doubt that she’s being dramatic for drama’s sake.

The wet mixture plunks into the pan with a plop and Phil turns the burner on beneath it.

“You know, if you weren’t part of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’d almost say you’d do well as an actress.”

“You’re so funny.”

When Coulson arrives outside of May’s door, he knocks twice, and the second time he is greeted by a muffled shout.

“Skye, I told you, I can’t mentor you today.”

“It’s me.”

“What do you want?”

“I brought soup,” Phil offers, hoping it will get May out of bed and to the door, and he’s just about to leave the tray on the floor before he hears the lock slide.

While Melinda May is attractive and graceful and altogether gorgeous, the sight that greets Phil is decidedly not.

Her hair is stringy, like she’s been sweating all night, her eyes are puffy, swollen, and her nose is red. Her eyes peer out through slits, and he can feel her glare piercing through him.

“Well, you look—” he starts, but she cuts him off first.

“Like hell? I know.” Melinda snorts, leaving the door open as she moves back towards her bed, which has been squeezed into the corner, flopping on it in a very ungraceful move, and shoving her head back into the pillow. A groan escapes her and Phil feels his heart stutter.

“I was going to say great, but okay.” He offers good-naturedly, balancing the tray on his knees as he sinks onto the bed beside her.

“Mmmph,” is her only response and he reaches out to swipe her hair from her forehead, which is sticky with sweat.

“You always look great…” he presses, moving to touch his lips to her forehead. She’s hot, but with the right attention, the fever should break soon.

“Shut up.” Melinda almost smiles when she says it, and Phil grins.

“You love me.”

“You’re lucky.”

“Here— have some soup. It’s not like I would make it, it’s just Campbells, and it’s not the meal I had planned for us later, but it’s better than nothing.”

As May sits up and takes the tray from Phil, he smiles at her, glad to see that she’s at least cooperating.

“One question though, did you really tell Skye you can kill someone twenty different ways with a plastic spoon?”

He doesn’t regret the way his shoulder smarts after that, even if it really does hurt, because she smiles that secret half-smile, and even in her fuzzy pink bathrobe, all puffy-eyed and congested, she really is beautiful.