he's my poor baby

You know it some dark days when Big Foster is the voice of reason but I will still trade him for Lil Foster. Free Lil Foster

G'win you simple Simone, too little too late now someone else is dead, 3 of the best fighters are gone. Asa dead (probably) Lil Foster locked up, Hasil gone because the harmless little Sally Ann wasn’t kin. Well look at what kin just did.

And speaking of Sasil, cute moments but also some bullshit too like my poor babies

Wade Poor Wade he tries and everyone is a bitch.

You know I can’t hate on Moregon too much her hustle was strong had that girl in the palm of her hand manipulation game was hard no lie.


In which Bakugou is me


Jeno as a leader for one day was enough to remind Jisung who rules 😂😂


2015-10-19 // 2017-02-17

#baby is so scared of being alone and forgotten #someone please hug him now and tell him that no one will ever forget about him EVER #look at this puppy #my heart is bleeding for him


the struggles of waiting for 5vixx to come visit him