he's my little sweetheart he can do no wrong

A Thousand Miles Away (Cameron Dallas)

Can you pretty plz do an imagine where u and cam Skype each other bc he’s on tour and things get a little freaky ? 😋 - Anon 

My eyes lit up as his face appeared on my screen.

“Hey!” he said excitedly, which just made me more happy to see him.

“Hey, how was it today?” I ask.

“It was okay. I met a lot of fans, had fun with the guys and stuff.”

“You sound off, though. What’s wrong?”

He sighs. “I miss you so much.”

“I miss you too, sweetheart,” I say, “but you’ve got all the guys, and everyone there is so happy to see you.”

“I know. And I love that, I just wish I could have my girlfriend here to enjoy it with me.”

“I wish I could be there too.”

We both stay silent for a moment.

“Hey, why don’t you tell me what we’d do if I were there?”

He perks up a little. “Okay.. well we’d start the day in the bus together with the guys. We’d all hang around and get ready, maybe make a couple videos for Snapchat and Instagram.”

I nod and urge him to keep going.

“Then we’d head out and you’d want to stay in the crowd or backstage but I’d bring you up anyway, and you’d get all frustrated with me. But you’d do it anyway. And once we got to the meet and greet part after you’d give me the silent treatment the whole time we were there.”

“This i sounding surprisingly.. realistic.”

“I know us too well,” he says, then continues. “So after the meet and greet I’d ask you what’s wrong as we went to our hotel room, that I got just for the night so we could be alone, and you wouldn’t want to talk about it, you’d just give me the cold shoulder. So I’d just keep touching you and kissing you until you weren’t in a bad mood anymore.” I could hear his voice go from normal to a more husky tone as the feeling of our conversation became more intense.

“And then we’d make it to our hotel room, and by that time you’d be completely turned on. We’d head into our room and I’d push you up against a wall and take off your clothes because I couldn’t wait any longer. And once I had your clothes off I’d kiss and lick every inch of your skin just because I could.”

I was staring at him, completely hypnotized by the things he was saying.

“Then I’d carry you to our bed and worship you some more, because I can never get enough of you.”

At this point I wanted to join in. “I’d take off everything you were wearing except you boxers, just to tease you. And I’d let you continue  kissing and licking all over my body, knowing we’d get to the best part later. After you were done worshipping me of course I’d have to return the favor. I’d run my fingers and lips over every muscle on your body, saving the best one for last.”

His eyes get a little wider once I join in and I can tell he’s just as horny as me. “Are you?” he asks. I snap out of it realizing he asked me something. “Are you turned on, Y/N?”

I just nod and bite my lip.

“I really want to touch you right now,” he says breathlessly.

“I wish I could be there with you, living out everything we’re talking about,” I say, upset that this stupid tour doesn’t end for another 2 months.

“Could you maybe show me?” he asks shyly.

“What do you mean?” I reply.

“I mean, like, I don’t know… a striptease or something.”

Everything is silent and tense between us once more before I break the silence.

“Are you alone?” He nods and I take a deep breath, thinking of how I want to do this. “Tell you what, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” I say, giggling at the immaturity of the sentence.

“Deal,” he eagerly says, smiling along with me.

I smile, trying to boost my confidence. I had no trouble showing ‘the goods’ when we were physically together, but this was an entirely new experience for me.

I lift my camisole over my head and just as I get it off he groans. Except, not in a good way, more of a let down way.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, feeling the need to cross my arms over my chest.

“The screen froze!” he yells in frustration. The camera suddenly thumps and I can only assume it’s him hitting his laptop.

Soon, his picture begins to go grainy, and next thing I know there’s a message on my screen saying only audio is now available.

He sighs and I put my shirt back on in disappointment. “I need you at one of my next shows,” he says, and I can hear the irritation in his voice.

I open my planner. “I think I have a break in classes the 19th through the 22nd. I can take off work and see if I can make it out?”

“That would be amazing,” he says, “The guys are coming onto the bus now, but I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

“Yeah, sure.”

We hang up and I lay back on my bed. Cam’s career was a relationship killer sometimes, but I loved him and I knew we could make it through this.


Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. To the requester, I’m sorry it’s so late. I hope you liked it though! You didn’t really specify what you mean by ‘freaky’ so I went light with the smut. I’ve always found phone/video sex to be so weird so I don’t think I could ever actually write something all the way through with that, but I hope you liked it anyway.


Permit ~ Septiplier

“Okay, now slowly push on the gas, slowly.” Mark said, as he sat in the passenger seat of the small Ford Focus, Jack was going to make sure that his children learned in not only a small car but a big truck just in case.

The small, fifteen girl took a deep breath, slowly pushing on the gas before the car went straight into the back yard fence. She covered her mouth with her face, “Oh my god, Papa, I-I’m so sorry.” She whispered, putting the car in park.

Mark chuckled, he couldn’t help but chuckle, he loved his little girl to death, her big blue eyes, her dark brown hair, she knew she did wrong and that she screwed up, but Mark couldn’t get mad at her. “You can’t do worse than your brother sweetheart, he ran through the garage door.” He chuckled.

Sam shook her head, resting her head on the steering wheel, “I’m gonna fail.” She whispered.

“It’s your permit test, there’s no driving involved, just questions.” Mark mused, ruffling her hair.


Today was the day, a nice cool day, “Sammy, you ready to go?” Mark called, grabbing the keys to the Ford.

“Yeah.” Sam said, grabbing her jacket from the hook, “Let’s go.”

Once they got everything situated, Sam was taken back into a room to take the test, “You’ll do fine.” Mark mused, pressing a kiss to her head, sending her on her way, being left to sit in the lobby alone, nervously texting Jack, about how he’s not ready to let her go just yet, leaving Jack sitting in his office at home, smiling to himself, Mark wouldn’t admit it but he had a strong bond with Sammy, father and daughter, for sure.

15 minutes later, the small teen came out of the room, making Mark stand up and get even more nervous, she had an hour to take the test, did she really fail it, “Well?” He asked, slipping his phone into his pocket.

“It told me to go see the lady at the counter.” Sam said.

Mark nodded, watching his little girl walk up to the counter, why didn’t she tell him if she passed or not.

“How can I help you?” The receptionist asked.

“I just took the permit test.” Sam said, clutching the paperwork that they had to bring.

“And, did you pass?” The receptionist asked.

“Yeah.” Sam said, her face lighting up, Mark jumping up and down like a little kid with a bunch of candy.

“That’s my girl!” Mark exclaimed, hugging her tightly.