he's my idol

I remember the day when I woke up to hear the news that Daeusng hand been in an accident and being a International VIP, the news of the accident had been coming through in the most terrible way. Some said he was the one who died and some news was saying he purposely ran over a man. It had been a horrible morning and when finally the real news was heard, it was heart breaking. I felt bad and cried my eyes out for Daesung not because he was my Idol or in BIGBANG, but because Daeusng was a human being with feeling just like anyone else in the world and he was suffering through something that was an ACCIDENT. He hadn’t meant to do what he did and he was paying and suffering for it. It was heart breaking to see and hear all that was going on. Here was a young man who was bright and happy and made everyone smile with his own smile, a true angel on earth and he had to be at the wrong place and the wrong time and have something awful happen. It was hard to see this person who was full of light be switched off and filled with darkness and sadness all of a sudden. It was hard to watch him shut himself away and think of himself in such bad terms (murder, ect) It was also hard to see people treat him as such too. 

Daesung paid for what happened and even to THIS DAY he will be emotionally paying for it, the pain may have weakened a lot but its STILL there. Just because time has passed and the family of the poor man that died had forgiven Dae and that hes more himself now, doesn’t mean that these deep feelings aren’t still there.

So please…be careful on what you say and try to do your research more before judging. Because its heartbreaking to still hear that Daesung is hurt by words that he didn’t deserve and he still doesn’t. As a VIP we should support Daesung by showing him that we love him no matter what and that we are by his side and there to keep him smiling and happy, so that he can fill us with joy in return.

This isnt about protecting someone because they are your idol or your bias, this is about protecting someone who is HUMAN like everyone else, innocent in his actions and deserves happiness and people who love him.

So lets all keep helping Daeusng smile.


let’s eat some cerea……..,,,,,,

sometimes i remember that gavin started off watching rvb in a tiny bedroom in england and like, he’d listened to geoff’s voice and had no idea that he’d end up being friends with him

he was this lanky, skinny kid with long blonde hair and now he’s got fangirls 

he’s worked on major movie productions and interacted with people he’d have never imagined would know he existed

he’s working with people he’d dreamt of meeting and he’s part of a new family. he’s not in that little room in england anymore

and it just makes me emotional ok