he's my idol



Billie Joe Armstrong does not deserve to be put down by the media for the things he’s done in the past. Yes, he’s made mistakes and admitted that he was wrong. They were in the past, people should let that go and focus on the present. Billie Joe Armstrong’s lyrics come straight from his heart: no matter what song it is, you can always tell exactly how he was feeling-whether it be ecstatic, depressed, alone or outraged. His music is constantly saving lives, he cares so much about his fans and after his last big mistake (which shall remain unnamed because if you know him you’d know) he was absolutely terrified that he had let his fans down. Billie has said “I mean, the kids are writing letters saying ‘I almost committed suicide, your song got me out’ that’s what matters.” so don’t, not even for a second, tell me that Billie Joe Armstrong doesn’t care about his fans. His fan Kyle had a serious illness and his wish was to meet green day, Billie had tweeted him “@BJAofficial: Hello Kyle. Just want you to know we’re thinking about you. Fight the good fight little brother. Rage and love Billie Joe” and afterwards called him on the phone and talked to him, after-which he tweeted “@BJAofficial: Just talked to Kyle on the phone. I talked to his father Oscar too. Beautiful family. And they’re Raider fans! Yes! I love that kid!”. I know for a fact, some rockstars would never do that. Billie has inspired many people, including myself. he’s the person that got me into playing guitar and I can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done. Billie Joe Armstrong is an amazing idol, hero, role model, and a very inspiration, strong man. He battled alcohol abuse, and drug use-all while promoting the release of the band’s trilogy (¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré!). I could not be more proud of the man I call my idol, and I will continue to defend him as long as I have to because he deserves it. Thank you, Billie Joe Armstrong, for everything. Rage and Love x
“To do something that you feel in you heart that’s great, you need to make a lot of mistakes. Anything that’s successful is a series of mistakes” -Billie Joe Armstrong


“When we first started, i have many doubts about us as a group as we came from a small agency and less popularity. 7 years together, in the same house, hours of seeing each other, accepting each other’s flaws and also learning from our mistakes. But over the years, over thousands of practices, many tears shed, laughter and memories made, i came to see that there is a reason why we are called INFINITE. It means endless limits and constantly improving. Now i cant barely see myself without them. Even during my solo promotion, i feel lonely without them. Inspirits has made us where we are today. We can never make it without them.” - INFINITE’s leader , Kim Sung Gyu.

sometimes i remember that gavin started off watching rvb in a tiny bedroom in england and like, he’d listened to geoff’s voice and had no idea that he’d end up being friends with him

he was this lanky, skinny kid with long blonde hair and now he’s got fangirls 

he’s worked on major movie productions and interacted with people he’d have never imagined would know he existed

he’s working with people he’d dreamt of meeting and he’s part of a new family. he’s not in that little room in england anymore

and it just makes me emotional ok