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Run. Seriously, just run. Run and do not look back, ever. Get the hell out of there. It’s not sweet, it’s not romantic, and it’s only ever going to get worse. RUN.

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Can we get a huge nut for daddy J-Hope

👌😩🙏 NUT FOR MY MAN🙏😩💦JUNG HOSEOK💦💦😩 🙏🙏🙏ALWAYS😩💦💦OUT HERE💦😩 🙏nngnhhuiuu🙏💞💦💦👌🙏🙏WORKING HARD👌💦💦👌DANCING 💕💞💓💗 USING HIS BIG STRONK👌👌MEATY LEGS💯💦😩😩😩👌NNNKMMMM☀️MM☀️🙏🙏🙏💕☀️☀️☀️SUNSHINE☀️☀️☀️💦💦☀️👌👌👌👌LOVE😩🙏🙏😩💦💦LIGHT💦😩 nmmm💞💓💦💗HOPE💦🙏🙏I;M BUSTIN FELLAS🙏🙏💕💗💕🙏💞💦💦💓💗👌🙏🙏👌💦


Uh-oh. Manila folder time.


The 10th Kingdom (extra) Character Aesthetics (x)::: The Singing Ring

I know I’ve recently been gripping about wanting a starter upgrade but it’s because these new story quests have me craving to do more with my starter……..but I can’t take him seriously the way he is now. Darkbeam has never been my first choice (besides the time I only had him and a pony) and it always has to do with how he looks. Emotionless, blocky, stiff, ugh. I imagined him as a newly upgraded horse with facial expressions, eyes moving and blinking like the new animations, heck his normal idle animations could stay the same, I just want him smoothed out and more lively looking when running (the sketch that Siri Moonbear did HERE is what I wish they would look like if they got upgraded!) and I got the idea that he would be the one in the barn who would keep things in check (Rebel, looking at you). He’s the more experienced horse and loves trailing all over Jorvik (especially in the more magic areas cause he can feel all powerful and is ready to do more epic quests!). After being a lease horse and going from person to person, he’s so happy to finally have found his true rider and will do anything for her. I got that small bit of personality just from imagining him as an upgraded horse, but I can’t put that to how he looks now, no matter how hard I try. Some people like their starters and that’s cool. Others would like to be connected to their starter but just can’t get over the looks. It’s becoming more common for people wanting to see our precious starter horses revamped. Because not only are our starters are getting left behind with the new horses and their animations, they’re also getting left behind and aren’t considered anymore among most

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part 20 of my draw-all-sans-au-challenge~!

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“There’s a force that attempts to overthrow the World Government”

Did I ever say I absolutely love the Revolutionaries designs? well now you know~ 

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