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So I just saw Newsies Live and it was the best thing that ever happened. The camera work was super impressive. The close ups really allowed for smaller details to come through. The singing and audio was absolutely amazing. The cast album has nothing on the live recording. Nothing. Their voices have all matured so much and the difference is so noticeable. 

Jeremy Jordan is an angel. He brought a new depth to the that might have been harder to see on stage. His facial expressions really shone through in the close up shots. His Santa Fe also made me want to cry. The last note was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. 

Ben Fankhauser was also incredible! His Davey really develops as the show goes on. The acting was so perfect. His speaking voice is also so amazing. It’s so quietly determined but so clear, and when he shouts it makes you want to cry. 

Kara Lindsay was so good! Her voice had really developed since the original recordings. It’s not quite as shrill - something that really came through in Watch What Happens. Her acting was stellar - the perfect balance between sassy and determined, and just a little bit unsure. Her and Jeremy really brought a whole new level of romance. All there interactions were so adorable. 

Andrew Keenan Bolger was amazing as usual. I never knew Crutchie was so angry!! His acting really was great and you felt so much when Letter from the Refuge came on. He was perfectly balanced between innocent and young, and also an experienced newsie. 

 Also Ben Tyler Cook is possibly my favourite person ever. His voice is so high!! He really brought a sense of humour to the musical and his dancing was spectacular. King of New York was definitely a highlight and all of his lines were well executed and brought just enough lightheartedness to make you laugh. 

 All of the chorus were amazing. They’re all such high energy performers and every minute they were onstage you really felt like they were living the story. The dancing was so good and Seize the Day was the best. Also they really went all the way with the fight scenes. It doesn’t normally look that impressive in theatre but the jump cuts in this version really added to effect. There was some really excellent camera work going on. Some of my fave moments include: 

- all the harmonies! The audio quality was great and you could hear all of the lines. The harmonies were so beautiful 

- in Seize the Day they added some more dancers and turns and stuff. It was so together 

 - when Crutchie was taken away Jack looked so heartbroken 

 - when Katherine was revealed to be Pulitzers daughter there was a massive gasp from my cinema. It was so funny.

- after Jack shakes Roosevelt’s hand he freaks out with Davey in the background.  

- “poor GUYS head is spinning" 

- Katherine laughing at Race when he says erster

- “it’s a compromise we can all live with”

- ben fankhauser’s voice is so pure

- HD spitting 

Overall it was so great and you notice all these subtle thugs that weren’t really visible before. When one character is saying something important they often cut to a reaction shot of another character which really adds more depth to all of them. It was a really enjoyable show and I encourage everyone to go watch it or buy it when it’s released on dvd.


Klaus Voormann’s various interpretations of the Beatles throughout the Years. I love how George is always front and centre of each with his entire features drawn, perhaps a small giveaway that he was Klaus’s favourite Beatle (and human ever). :-)

“George Harrison was my favorite person, I loved him more than anything.”

“He was an independent person who once played in a band called The Beatles. George gave me a lot of humanity and I’m still profiting from that today. He was my best friend.”

“I will never be able to describe in words how much he meant to me and how much I will always miss him.”

 - Klaus speaking about George.

- quotes and translations courtesy of the lovely and brilliant thateventuality

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We can finally gush over Ever Since New York studio version...he's so soft and precious I think my favourite song and person ever. I can't decide wether I like the studio or live version better but I love it I love it I love it

It’s one of my favorites! I figured out that I love it so much because it’s kind of got a Ryan Adams vibe who’s one of my favorites from way back. His voice is so vulnerable. Harry really has a talent of coloring his voice with whatever he’s feeling. I can’t get enough.

What are everyone’s faves? Or what they least expected? All I wanna do is talk about this album!

SO I finally came out to my best friend

We were standing in a club toilet decked out in Halloween costumes and he was rubbing MD on my gums and I was like “oh shit waddup your boy is bisexual.” and he was like “oh cool man I’m so proud and happy you told me.” Then the bouncer knocked on the door and said “what’s going on in there. How man people are in there” and my friend said “one” then the bouncer said “I SEE 4 SHOES!!!” and I started pissing myself laughing and said “WE’RE SHIFTING CAN YOU FUCK OFF” and he did. 

So yeah… that’s probably my favourite coming out experience/story ever.


This guys, is my favourite person ever. He may be gone, but not from my heart.

Fuck customers, praise coworkers

An older gentleman (50s-60s) walked into the store and he immediately looked unhappy. I approached him with a smile and Di my usual greeting, asking if he needed something in particular.
He needed a fuel filter for his car. Now the way we look up parts is through a system where we enter the car details (make, model, year and engine size) and select the part we are looking for. Went through my usual thing of looking it up, found it and gave it to him. He went off on his merry way and I continued to tidy the store.

30 minutes later he storms in saying it didn’t fit and that it was completely wrong. The only way I can give somebody a part is by looking it up in the system, if they have a sample of it or they know the part number. I tell him that the filter I gave him was the one listed on my parts system and asked if he had a sample or the number. He completely ignored that and asked to see the parts book. I showed him my screen with the parts systems and he stormed off up the front.

Now bless my coworker who is one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with. He starts asking what was wrong with the part (standard procedure). Well, Mr Happy Pants starts ranting and raving about how “(store) needs to hire people who actually know what they’re doing because that idiot girl gave me the completely wrong part. (Rival store) is better because they hire MEN who actually know shit about cars”. He asked about our employment practices because “women don’t know shit about cars so why the f*** are you hiring dumb bitches for?” Etc etc.


My coworker defended me saying “Well I trust (my name). She’s been here the longest out of all of us and she knows her stuff, better than most of us. But if that’s not good enough for you sir, here’s the address of (rival store). I’m sure the guys there will appreciate your business a lot more than our majority female staff will. Have a wonderful day” and walked off.


How Holmes and Watson constantly praise each other

Holmes’s praise for his Watson; he also calls Watson “invaluable” several times:

The Red-Headed League

You could not possibly have come at a better time, my dear Watson,” he said cordially.

I was afraid that you were engaged.”

So I am. Very much so.”

Then I can wait in the next room.”

Not at all. This gentleman, Mr. Wilson, has been my partner and helper in many of my most successful cases, and I have no doubt that he will be of the utmost use to me in yours also.

So Holmes prefers Watson to his work and has no qualms whatsoever admitting that in front of a concerned client. In fact, it seems like a case is not really a case for Holmes until Watson joins his investigations, like here.

A Scandal in Bohemia

I think that I had better go, Holmes.”

Not a bit, Doctor. Stay where you are. I am lost without my Boswell.”

Apart from the fact that this is a huge compliment for an author, Holmes yet again does not care if the client (in this case, the King of Bohemia) is comfortable with Watson there.

The Hound of the Baskervilles 

But you are a conductor of light. Some people without possessing genius have a remarkable power of stimulating it. I confess, my dear fellow, that I am very much in your debt. […]

My dear fellow, you have been invaluable to me in this as in many other cases. […]

You will see how impossible it is for me to go to Dartmoor.”

Whom would you recommend, then?”

Holmes laid his hand upon my arm. “If my friend would undertake it there is no man who is better worth having at your side when you are in a tight place. No one can say so more confidently than I.”

The proposition took me completely by surprise […] The promise of adventure had always a fascination for me, and I was complimented by the words of Holmes and by the eagerness with which the with which the baronet hailed me as a companion.

And this all comes withing a couple of pages. Holmes was in an effusive mood that day…

The Three Garridebs 

You’re not hurt, Watson? For God’s sake, say that you are not hurt!”

It was worth a wound–it was worth many wounds–to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask. The clear, hard eyes were dimmed for a moment, and the firm lips were shaking. For the one and only time I caught a glimpse of a great heart as well as of a great brain.

This is marvelous. Holmes will later state that he would have killed the shooter had Watson died.

The Retired Colourman: With your natural advantages, Watson, every lady is your helper and accomplice

This is Holmesian for “you are very good-looking indeed, my dear Watson”.

Watson’s for his Holmes; just about a hundredth of the material – here come my personal favourites:

The Final Problem: [He] whom I shall ever regard as the best and the wisest man whom I have ever known.

Thor Bridge: [T]he man whom above all others I revere

The Man With The Twisted Lips: Watson once admires aquiline features, and this is how he describes Holmes: In the dim light of the lamp I saw him sitting there, an old briar pipe between his lips, his eyes fixed vacantly upon the corner of the ceiling, the blue smoke curling up from him, silent, motionless, with the light shining upon his strong-set aquiline features.

And…both: The Devil’s Foot

It was that vision which gave me an instant of sanity and of strength

I dashed from my chair, threw my arms round Holmes, and together we lurched through the door, and an instant afterwards had thrown ourselves down upon the grass plot and were lying side by side, conscious only of the glorious sunshine which was bursting its way through the hellish cloud of terror which had girt us in. Slowly it rose from our souls like the mists from a landscape until peace and reason had returned, and we were sitting upon the grass, wiping our clammy foreheads, and looking with apprehension at each other to mark the last traces of that terrific experience which we had undergone.

Upon my word, Watson!” said Holmes at last with an unsteady voice, “I owe you both my thanks and an apology. It was an unjustifiable experiment even for one’s self, and doubly so for a friend. I am really very sorry.”

You know,” I answered with some emotion, for I have never seen so much of Holmes’s heart before, “that it is my greatest joy and privilege to help you.”

NB: Sproutingpotato has written a meta about Holmes complimenting Watson, if you are interested! 


The Maine - Growing Up LIVE HD

In which John gives a short speech about how thankful he is for still being able to play music









COULDN’T FUNCTION FOR LIKE 10 MINUTES AND WHEN I SNAP OUT OF MY HAPPY BUBBLE, MY PAPA SAYS "You’re like the Steve to my Bucky, I’m with you ‘til the end of the line Pal.“





mi papi es el mejor del universo


Happy 29th Birthday, Chris Hemsworth!
What an amazing year you have had, and here’s to some more fantastic years. Congratulations on everything you have achieved, not just in your work life but in your personal life too. But most of all, thank you for being somebody that I can constantly look up to and admire. You are a lovely, charming, and talented person, you deserve everything great that has come to you so far. Happy Birthday!