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The Hardest Goodbye

Request: ‘You should write a reggie x reader where they’re dating and Reggie has to leave riverdale for good because of school or something and its really sad, like a homage to Ross Butler. Make me cry’ 

Pairing: Reggie x Reader

Warnings: none, this is the fluffiest shit I’ve ever written

Word count: 3316

A/N: I really tried with this one, I knew I needed to write this as soon as I got the request. P.S Ross Butler will always be the best Reggie Mantle

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(also before y’all come for me I know this gif’s from 13 rw, but I thought it was cute ok)

I awoke this morning feeling as grey as the cloud covered sky outside my window. The day had finally arrived, the day I’d been dreading for weeks. It was the day Reggie Mantle would be moving away from Riverdale, for good. 

It was exactly 1 month and 3 days ago when he told me he’d been offered a place at a prestigious football based school. I was over the moon for him, I remember feeling so proud. My boyfriend was going to be a famous athlete.

 That was until he told me that this school happened to be halfway across the country. Then the pride was replaced with a feeling of nausea, and it had stuck with me every day since.

I tried my best to be supportive and not let him know that with every passing day my heart broke a little more, I became an expert at putting up a front. I did this because I could tell how much he really wanted to go by the way his eyes would light up each and every time he spoke about it. Sometimes I’d slip up with my facade and he’d always be able to tell. “Don’t worry Y/N, we’ll skype every day and I’ll come visit you. I promise”. He would say over and over again. I’d always just nod and smile and pretend that this would be enough.

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Random question! Can you list some of the reasons why you love Bokuto?


He’s happy go-lucky, silly, carefree, all while still being super serious about volleyball. He’s competitive without ever being a sore loser, he invites first years to practice with him, teaches them things and is shocked and proud when they actually work. I love how he’s just so fucking loud all the time and doesn’t even care. I find his constant need for validation super endearing and also DAMN RELATABLE. I love how he has this strong personality but is so hard on himself, he gets his silly mood swings and is down for a bit but with the help of his team is back to 100% Bokuto in no time. I guess in a character-design sense I just really love his design, he’s got hair that’s so dorky it’s almost cool, pretty golden eyes, he’s almost always smiling when he’s not in dejected mode. Basically he’s a loud, happy, relatable owl dork and i love him a lot.

Oh and did I mention we share the same birthday (≖ ͜ʖ≖) Back when I was just kind of a casual fan I found that out and it kind of solidified him as my favourite character. It was meant to beeee.

I don’t know what else I can honestly say dude without just listing everything about him. I know he’s not everyone’s favourite character, and I’m cool with that but I get suuuuper happy when I come across a fellow Bokuto fan. He deserves the world.

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So I just needed to share this idea I had with someone creative and so: Karate Instructor Derek. Like the pack don't know his day job and they follow him one day and they see their grump alpha helping 8 year olds break boards with the biggest smile and Stiles just melts and yeah

Can you just imagine though????

He probably brings them all treats for after class, and I’m not talking about sweets or candy but actual prizes. He prints out certificates and when someone does something well or manages to do something they couldn’t before he writes it down on the certificate and makes sure to give it to them at the end of the day and tell them what a good job they did. 

For the kids who tried really hard but couldn’t manage to do the stuff, he always makes certain to high five them and tell how awesome they are doing if they’re sad - which naturally Derek can sense with his wolfy nose - and lets them choose a prize from ‘Mr Hale’s Goodie Bag’.

When little Jack from his teeny bopper class shyly confesses he has a crush on him Derek smiles and in the nicest way tells Jack he’s maybe just a little too old for him but he’s glad Jack told him and that liking other boys is always okay and he can always come and talk to Derek about anything. 

When Lacy from his slightly older class comes in one day and tells Derek the only reason she’s there is because her parents work until late and can’t afford a babysitter and she really doesn’t like karate, Derek talks with her parents and tells them Lacy is welcome to come and sit in with him free of charge Monday - Friday. Every day Derek talks to Lacy about the stories she likes to write and starts bringing in gold stars so he can give her one every time she finishes a new story. 

No one ever fights in Derek’s class because Mr Hale’s disappointed face is devastating. No one ever likes to see Mr Hale sad, especially because he doesn’t have a mommy or daddy. They all found this out on Mr Hale’s birthday (because every single one of his classes are really nosy) but they guessed it was okay because he kept getting texts from someone called Mr Stiles all throughout the day and that seemed to make Mr Hale very happy and go all red in the face, like a tomato.

It’s not until Thanksgiving though the pack finds out what Derek does as a day job. A couple of the kids’ parents had to work on the holiday so Derek asked if he might throw them a little dinner. He got a big projector to watch movies on, a turkey and some mac and cheese for Jack who is a vegetarian and really loves pasta. The pack (or should we say Stiles and Erica) are really adamant they can’t have Thanksgiving dinner without Derek, so they track him down and once they do, well…Erica declares she is never going to let Derek live it down because he currently has paint on his face and is in the middle of telling some ridiculous story - complete with funny faces - when Erica and Stiles walk in. 

Stiles, on the other hand, is trying not to freak the fuck out because he just managed to talk himself into finally trying to get over Derek yesterday. So much for that plan, especially when a little girl pulls on Derek’s hand and points at Stiles and whispers (see: stage whispers) it’s the really pretty boy from Derek’s phone he always talks about. “Are you dating Mr Stiles? Are you going to let us meet your boyfriend? Are you going to kiss him at Christmas???”  

All the while Derek is blushing like mad and doing his best not to frown because he loves these kids and he really works hard at keeping a smile on his face for them. 

(Not that he has to try hard for long. Not when Stiles comes over and takes Derek’s hand, waggling his eyebrows, says, “gee, I don’t know, if Mr Hale gives me some pie I could be persuaded to go out with him”. Naturally, the kids all offer Stiles their slice of pie on behalf of Mr Hale because they all want Mr Hale to be really, really happy and have tons of babies and puppies with Mr Stiles because then Mr Hale will be happy always and they’ll all get to hold the babies and pet the puppies and be happy always too.)

Dirk loves social media, even though he’s new to it. His favourite is Instagram because of the aesthetic and tries to be aesthetic himself but is just kind of a mess of memes, dogs, cats and Todd. anyway, he and Todd have been engaged for a year and every month, Dirk would make a post saying ‘i’m marrying my best buddy in x amount of months’. Todd sees this and smiles to himself every time because his fiancé is a dork but he loves him. anyway, on the day they get married, Todd posts a picture of them kissing with the caption 'i finally got married to my best buddy’ and has the ridiculous love-sick teenager tags like #blessed #solucky and Dirk would see it and cry a little because neither of them have ever been this happy

bonus : they keep their surnames but Todd refers to Dirk as Mr Brotzman and Dirk calls Todd Mr Gently


He collapses when you pay him compliments, or come near him, or touch him, and he can’t string sentences around you at all. This massive dork, omg. His route was fun♡ But, also, think of the possibilities with messing with him Ψ(☆w☆)Ψ

His endings were kind of obvious…? Including the White World Bad End, because come on it had to be him >.> My favourite endings were probably the two Good Endings, because I’m a sap and I wanted these two adorable idiots to get together. But also that Black World Bad End CG was A+, I’m totally here for it♡

By the end he’s still a dork, but can manage to string sentences together (most of the time at least). I love him. He’s adorable, and his sub stories are cute af.

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2, 16, 18 and 23 for daeron :D

Thanks my poochy lover ;//; ♥

2 - describe his smile

Daeron has one of thoose angelic smile, you know, and this kind of person are often dorks lmao. (he usually smirks tbh)

(I see you Curly wink wonk)

16 - describe his dreams


Sometimes he gots dirty one, it’s his favourite. 

But usually, he dreams he is drowning. That’s why he hates sleeping alone, he hates to wake up in total panic and anguis, alone.

18: describe how he sleeps

Hahaha! One word : nacked.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

23 - describe how he acts when he’s sick

(sighs deeply) He is such a drama queen. It can be a little headache, he would be already complaining too much!

Introducing Charles Xavier: a few of my favourite headcanons:

❄ Charles is socially awkward without his telepathy.

❄ Charles is not a morning person, he can hardly function before 10 am and likes to get up at 9 am.

❄ Charles’ depression hits him hard every now and then.

❄ Charles is best friends with Tony Stark

❄ Charles loves it when Erik strokes his head. Lots of blood there due to his telepathy so it’s kind of an erogenous zone for him. 

❄ Charles’ blog is called Cerebro. 

❄ Charles can be quite sloppy when he’s alone and there’s no one to keep appearances for. 

❄ Charles is a big dork but can sometimes hide it by putting on his ‘public face’ - the face he puts on for people he doesn’t know. 

❄ Charles is overprotective of Raven, feeling more like he’s her parent than her brother. 

❄ Charles is quite flirty although in a weird and clumsy way. 

❄ Charles is an introvert, pretending to be an extrovert. 

❄ Charles loves to read. 

❄ Charles has a PhD in Psychology as well as Genetics. 

❄ Charles is not a great cook but he can prepare a few weird things that he likes to eat.  

❄ Charles’ favourite book is The Once and Future King by T.H. White.

❄ Charles is born on January 3th, 1932 ((the year varies depending on the AU))

❄ Charles is an amazing kisser.  

❄ Charles smells like lilac. 

❄ Charles has a hard time getting over people leaving him because of his telepathy and how he gets very attached to their minds.  

❄ Charles is good friends with Steve Rogers and although Erik would never admit to it, Erik’s really jealous. 

❄ Charles is very flexible.

To be continued…

// Erik Lehnsherr //

jlzimmermann fic rec friday

Alternate Universe (AU) Fics

Positive Image by twentysomething 

Summary - When Bittle first showed up at a meeting with management, sitting next to Sara with wide, scared eyes, Jack didn’t think he had a chance in hell. Sara hired new assistants all the time, most of whom barely made it through a season.

Why - Its a Bitty as the falconers PR person, with the bonus of twitter a snap chat story and our two favourite dorks falling in love.

Every Now and Then  by sunfair

Tumblr - thisishowlivesgetruined

Summary - Eric Bittle is a successful pop-country recording artist. Jack is an NHL player and a big fan.

Why - Jacks fangirling and in love, its kind of precious, ah my giant robot child. Also Twitter.

Boxers or Briefs by petersnotkingyet

Summary - The first thing Jack noticed was that the building didn’t look like it was on fire, but he figured it could have been in one of the apartments without windows. The second thing Jack noticed was his neighbor. They had never actually spoken, but the guy was tiny and kind of cute in a way that made him memorable. Usually, he was pretty well-dressed, but now he was shivering in his boxers. Just his boxers.

Why - Because every fandom need a the fire alarm went off at 3 am and now my cute neighbour is standing next to me in his underwear ! au and this fills the void perfectly. Just read it and thank me later.

Learn How to Use a Phone, Please! by stubbornjerk

Tumblr - stubbornjerk

Summary - Eric Bittle, nineteen years old, former figure skater, and in Samwell for Culinary Arts from Madison, Georgia. He receives a group text while lying on his bed one fine morning.Who couldn’t operate a simple group text? This guy lived in the year 2014.

Why - Because its great, I’m not joking this is one of those feel good fics that you find your self re-reading because you are always grinning like an idiot by the end of it.

Apple Pie Of My Eye by fmo

Tumblr - fmowrites

Summary - Shitty and Jack went to Harvard.This wasn’t the best decision. But the universe finds a way of working things out in the end.[In which Bitty gets cut from the team in sophomore year and gets a popular YouTube baking channel instead; Shitty and Jack have many conversations in Jack’s bed, to Jack’s chagrin; Ransom and Holster are totally in sync; literally everyone is onto Jack except probably Bitty; and baked goods play a large part, as always.]

Why - This is the Harvard!au you didn’t know you needed but you do. Contains Jack getting sucked down the youtube autoplay wormhole, Jack fangirling and the best reason behind Shitty’s nickname you are ever likely to read.

pictures in frames of kisses on cheeks by teaboytoaliens

Tumblr - thistidalwave

Summary - Kent : The cute guy in my class hurt himself and is on crutches. My first thought was “Good. He’ll be easier to take down.” Like he’s a gazelle and I’m a dick tiger. Jack : What’s wrong with you?

Why - If you like Kent but can’t be bothered to deal with the angst this is for you, its essentially a collage!au that has bought me way to much joy.