he's my fav rn

okay but how long do you think kev practiced that “you like the water? well i can introduce you to some fiya” line before actually saying it to chiron

My personal favourite visual is waking up in the morning to see Ignis lying beside you, hair disheveled and falling in his eyes, no glasses, just starting to stir. His eyes flutter open and focus on your face, the last thing he saw when he fell asleep and the first thing that greets him in the morning. He reaches over, his warm fingertips grazing along your jawline. And in a voice ragged from sleep, and a gentle smile tugging at his lips, he just says, “Good morning, my love.”

[Burnie turns and sees Michael spraying him with a fire extinguisher after Michael quickly switched over from his gun because Burnie asked who was shooting at the zombies — surprise, it was Michael] 

Burnie: Here, c’mere. [hits Michael] Take that.

Michael: You motherfucker! I’m gonna die.

Burnie: I know, good! All right, I got a—

[Michael comes up behind Burnie and kills him]

Burnie: I’m dead. Michael killed me. I’m out. Michael ran up and killed me.

Gavin: Why’d you do that?

Michael: ‘Cause he fuckin’ punched me in the face!

Burnie: I punched you in the face after I’m fighting zombies and you’re spraying me with a fucking fire extinguisher the entire time.

Gavin: You killed the only guy who knows goddamn what he’s doing!

Michael: Yeah, but I got his bullets at least.

[a few minutes later]

Burnie: [after being stepped on as a bug] Michael you stepped on me and killed me twice.

Michael: [laughing] Don’t be runnin’ under me! You’re a bug!

Burnie: Don’t be stepping in front of my fists!

Michael: You turned around and punched me in the face —

Burnie: Because you were fucking spraying me with a goddamn fire extinguisher!

Michael: — I didn’t step in front of it.

Burnie: Dude, yours was premeditated, mine was reactive. 

Michael: I premeditatedly did nothing to you! I sprayed you with a fucking fire extinguisher!

Burnie: You followed me down a hallway. You followed me down a hallway to retaliate to me.

Michael: Yeah, well, I mean, to be fair that’s like…

Burnie: That’s not fair! What’s to be fair?

Michael: I went blood thirsty.

Burnie: [laughing] I was blood thirsty.

Michael: You can get away with that in the court of law; be like, I-I snapped in the moment.

Burnie: You’re not in the moment!

[Michael almost immediately dies as a zombie comes up behind him and attacks, as if by karma]

A loud sigh echoed through the now-empty man’s bathroom. Thinking he was alone, Nathan rest his elbows against the sink, droplets of water pearling down his face to land on his shirt and allowed himself to curse. “Fuck…” he muttered under his breath, which was slow and steady – at least he tried to.