he's much nicer when he's a lion

Armistice (part 2)

Wow this took forever and i’m super sorry.

Warnings: None ???? Lotor is thirsty but ???

Word count: 687

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               Lance followed the coordinates Lotor sent with a heavy heart. He shut off Blue’s tracking, despite her protests. He didn’t want his team risking their lives just to save him. After all, they had a universe to think about.

               Lance landed his Lion in an empty hangar. He waited grimly for whatever would happen next. When a door opened, he watched as Prince Lotor himself approached.

               His long white hair framed his handsome face. His hands rested neatly behind his back. He looked clean, polished, and much nicer than he did on his transmissions.

               “Blue paladin!” Lotor called jovially, spreading his arms wide. “Come out. Let me greet you properly.”

               Lance pat Blue’s console – not as a goodbye, but as a promise for return – before joining the prince on the hangar floor. The Lion’s shields instantly raised.

               “So, where are you gonna take me? A cell? A torture chamber? Or are you gonna kill me right now?” Lance clenched his fists.

               Lotor chuckled. “Oh, no, my pretty kitty. I have something a little more, mmm… self-indulgent in mind.”

               The prince snapped his fingers, and one of the sentries stepped forward. It raised its gun, then jammed it into the side of Lance’s head.

               The paladin collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

               Soft and inviting were the two words that come to mind when Lance awoke. He opened his eyes, expecting the whole ordeal to have been some elaborate dream, but no such luck.

               Lance found himself on an overly-pillowed king-size bed. The silk covers were red and gold. Matching drapes hung down elegantly. Next to him was a nightstand, and even further to his right, a dresser. Across the room, a vanity sat against the left wall. Various cosmetics were laid out on top. Next to that, a wardrobe. In the middle of the room, a small sitting area was arranged. Two couches, some chairs, and a coffee table (Is it a coffee table if it’s in space? Lance decided it didn’t matter) was all it encompassed.

Upon closer inspection, Lance found that every vent hand been barred and the door was locked from the outside (which, in hindsight, was obvious).

               After seeing all there was to see, the silence settled around Lance. He may have been a prisoner, but it was the solitude that bothered him the most. Lance thrived in a crowd; in the spotlight. He grew up with a big family, so he always had some attention on him. The still quiet was almost suffocation.

               When the door opened, Lance’s head involuntarily snapped toward the sound. He recoiled at the sight of Lotor.

               “Hello, Kitten,” The prince purred.

               “Where am I?” Lance demanded.

               Lotor smirked evenly. He walked to one of the chairs and gestured to it. “Come. Sit. I’d love to get to know you better.”

               Lance brought a knee to his chin. “I’m fine here.”

               “I said: sit.”

               Lotor’s voice had a deadly threatening tone that made the paladin comply.

               Lotor stood behind Lance, then brought his face to Lance’s ear. He hummed in satisfaction as he ran his hands over the man’s shoulders and down his chest.

               “W- What are you doing?” Lance stuttered, trying not to squirm under the prince’s touch.

               “Surveying my prize.”

               The malice in Lotor’s voice was gone, but his eyes still held a deadly glint. The paladin sat stock still under that gaze, disgust in his throat.

               “This bulky armor simply won’t do…. Find something in the wardrobe and model it for me.”

               Lotor’s hands slid away, but Lance could still feel his light breath on his ear.

               “And if I refuse?”

               “You’re free to do as you please, you are my guest after all. But just know that I always get what I want one way or another.”

               Lotor placed himself at the couch across from Lance, smirking devilishly. The lust in the prince’s eyes was chilling and made Lance’s skin crawl. He swallowed, tightening his grip on the arms of his chair. It was best to just suck it up and endure, right? He had to.

               For his team.

               For Earth.

               For the universe.

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Vladimir Nikolayev is housed in one of Russia’s toughest prisons, known as the Black Dolphin. He is under 24 hour surveillance and is locked in a cell with three doors for the majority of his day. When he does get let out, he paces a tiny exercise facility like a caged lion in total silence. Nikolayev is a cannibal responsible for at least two murders. Whilst drunk, he beat a man to death and dismembered his body in the bathtub. For some reason, he then decided to eat him, stating that “I just thought I’d try it.” He cut off part of his thigh and boiled it, but he didn’t like the taste so he deep fried some more meat and found it much nicer. He was so impressed with the taste that he gave some to his friend and claimed it was kangaroo meat. His friend took it home to his wife who made a meal of dumplings and fed it to the family. With his next victim, he went a step further, grinding up the human meat and selling it to the local market as mince.

not sure how i feel about this shiro?? still dont think hes the REAL shiro, but what if he is?? he seems harsher and meaner than the og shiro, but what if it’s just a by-product of his captivity?? i really don’t know what to think other than i liked the old one better and i need answers

im only on ep 1 of the new season so maybe we’ll get some hints, but all his tension w/ keith and about the leadership roles just doesn’t seem right?? why would he give up his lion so easily after spending all that time to bond w/ it?? why would he be so jerkish to keith about being a leader, when he was dying at the beginning of s2 he was much nicer about the leadership issue, so why has that changed