he's more fabulous than you

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Happy SNS week everyone!! 

EXO reaction when they see you with make up

I was literally waiting for something like this! It’s so cute! I love you all guys! Admin A~

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Chanyeol: *When he sees you going down the stairs he melts right in front of you. He thinks you are beautiful but he didn’t expected seeing you looking this good with make up* “Y/N… What is this?”

Kris: “You can forget about the party babe… you are coming with me”

Sehun: *GIF*

Tao: *Loves you but you look more fabulous than he does*

Kai: *Smiles when he sees you* “You are beautiful Y/N” *Proud boyfriend*

Xiumin: *Astonished* “You look… wow”

Baekhyun: *Runs out of breath* “That’s my jagi..”

Luhan: *He is really surprised by your beauty* “You are making me blush Y/N”

Chen: *You make him nervous just by thinking you’ll be at his side all night*

Kyungsoo: *Waits for you like any sassy boyfriend would do* “Now we are the perfect couple” (You have to admin that he has style!)

Lay: *Not functioning*

Suho: “Well bitches she is my girl, so stay away from her” *Sassy Suho*