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The Doctor Donna

victor was thinking about retiring out of despair and loss of inspiration, but all the while he was choreographing two short programs he was torn between for his next season, and those were Eros and Agape

and he almost certainly choreographed them both after meeting yuuri

victor nikiforov met yuuri and couldn’t decide whether Eros or Agape suited his feelings on the matter better

this boy met one (1) cute energetic drunk and was immediately a starstruck, lovestruck marshmallow who was willing to fly across the world without so much as a confirmation email or a goodbye to his coach

and then he got there, realized the situation was not what he thought it was, but he stayed anyway, worked with yuuri anyway, and gave the programs he’d created from the bottom of his heart to kickstart yuuri’s career (and yuri’s by extension) with his own legacy without asking for compensation or reward other than seeing them succeed

and if you think that doesn’t explain victor nikiforov’s character, i don’t know what to tell you

jikook fic recs: eh, a/b/o oh

a compilation of fics containing alpha/beta/omega dynamics

pour up (body party) by astrochild

Prompt: Jungkook and Jimin are spending their first Christmas together as mates. Thinking that they would have the whole day to themselves, Jungkook and Jimin are surprised when the boys drop by their apartment. Though Jimin is welcoming, Jungkook is disgruntled that he can’t spend any time alone with Jimin, and he does all he can to get some quality time with him whilst the boys are around.

(alternatively, the abcs of alpha boyfriends being, well, boyfriends.)

if i get in, i might just drown by fatal (cumrich) 

fucking jimin has always been jeongguk’s favourite hobby. ruts just made it that much more special.

leave your mark by snarcsics

The first time Jimin meets a gaunt, small beta boy named Jungkook in the examination room of Namjoon’s lab, he can’t seem to take his eyes off him. The second time he sees Jungkook it’s because he refuses to eat without him. The third time they meet, Jungkook is more teeth and claws than Jimin can handle.

good boy by boyish

a fucking alpha.

park jimin.

the guy who looked like he spent his time talking to old ladies and cuddling with golden retrievers.

jeongguk couldn’t believe his rotten luck.

grown boys and their toys by snarcsics

The day before Jimin’s birthday, Jungkook strikes up a deal with his boyfriend. If he wins, he’ll be given free rein of the alpha himself, if he loses, well, he doesn’t really lose much.

registered alpha by Little_Dimples

Jimin has to order an alpha online. It’s required that every unmated omega order an alpha during their heat so nothing dangerous will happen to them. Jimin honestly doesn’t want one but he’s turning 20 and his heat is scheduled to come in a couple weeks and there’s nothing he can do. When his alpha gets there, Jimin doesn’t know if he can handle him.

the omega revolution by PinkBTS

“Loving you was like going to war,
I never came back the same.”

-Warsan Shire


There are things Jimin loves. There are things Jimin hates. In the middle of a shifting world, Jeon Jeongguk manages to be both.

we’ve never burned so bright by developments 

Jungkook has a habit of looking for fights. Jimin is (un)lucky enough to watch one firsthand.

everything under the sun by annafeu

Jungkook is spellbound by the south tribe’s beautiful omega, Jimin, but Jimin, for some reason, is reluctant to return his affections.

the boy who cried wolf by Kookie_andCream

Jimin doesn’t know what’s become of his life lately. Being an orphan and getting hit by the ahjussi, he’s used to. But being run over by a scarily hot brick wall named Jungkook, finding out that he’s a wolf, and joining a pack?

Not cool. Not cool at all.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons for an autistic keith? Im autistic myself & keiths a very relatable character & it would be really interesting to see how other interpret him!

Oh heck yes, nonny. I love the idea of an autistic Keith; there are so many possibilities to it and it can fit so well with his character! (I may or may not have accepted it as personal canon.) Since autism so wide and varied, I’m aiming for general autism headcanons rather than any one specific kind of autism (like Asperger’s).

  • Autism is largely defined by difficulties in social interaction and communication, both of which Keith seems to struggle with. He’s a loner out on the edge of the desert, after all, and got kicked out of the Garrison for discipline issues (read: probably started a fight). He didn’t seem at all worried about being isolated from the rest of the world and even seemed a little miffed that these strangers tagged along with him when he rescued Shiro. He didn’t originally want them there. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least bit either if Keith was a loner even as a small child and seemed disinterested in the world.
  • A lot of the ‘duh’ stuff is not ‘duh’ to him. It doesn’t register to him that when Pidge’s tone of voice changes or her fingers start twitching that she’s exhausted and he should be careful about what he says, or that when he says something that he really means, it pisses Lance off. He doesn’t censor his words or thoughts when he speaks them and it can slide right past him that often times those are fighting words. And he doesn’t actively try to do it; it just doesn’t register to him. Why shouldn’t he say what he’s really thinking? Shiro picked up on this really quickly when he first met Keith, as did Hunk. Both of them usually help him realize when he goes too far or when he misses a subtle social cue.
    • (My brother is the same way. He doesn’t realize that if he makes a joke that’s super blunt and rude, people are going to get mad at him. He kind of feels like the whole world is constantly mad at him for being himself. I would imagine Keith feels exactly the same way every time he gets into a fight or in trouble.)
  • Hunk and Shiro help the others realize that they need to be more explicit and honest in what they say to Keith. Lance struggles the most with this since sarcasm is his shield and weapon against the world and his own emotions, but he does give it a try for Keith’s sake. He’s slowly getting better. They don’t mention it to Keith but the change in the way they talk to him is noticeable and it helps him handle and adjust to the group better.
  • Public school was a nightmare for Keith. There were so many people and so many noises that it became too overwhelming and he shut down. He’d pull his hoodie up and lay his head down on the desk to try and block out the world, or put his headphones in and turn up the volume so he could drown out the noise. His teachers didn’t understand why he would ignore them in class or why he would suddenly detach himself from everything. It was all he could do to make it through school some days. It got somewhat better at the Garrison since there weren’t as many people and it wasn’t so loud.
  • Keith keeps a lot of his thoughts and feelings to himself. Combine this with his disinterest in the world, it can lead people to think he’s arrogant or rude. In reality, he doesn’t know how to share his thoughts or emotions very well. He’s not like Lance, who’s always bubbling to the brim with emotions and energy, or Shiro who’s able to express himself clearly and accurately in a few sentences, or Hunk with his huge heart and great empathy. They get stuck somewhere from his brain to his mouth and it can frustrate him to no end. He usually ends up bottling everything up until it explodes, which doesn’t help his social situation. Shiro and his parents helped him realize that fighting could be his physical outlet for these frustrations, hence the reason he trains so much.
  • Keith knows some sign language from when he was a child. He didn’t speak for a long time and became frustrated when his parents didn’t know what he wanted, so he would scream or hit them to try and convey his message across. They realized that he was trying to talk to them so his mother taught him basic signs like “hungry”, “thirsty”, “tired”, “scared”, “listen”, etc. He was so excited the first time he signed “hungry” to his father and he understood. He could finally talk to the world and be understood. (His speaking abilities eventually came along.) He’s kept those signs throughout the years and the rest of the lionsquad learns them, which actually becomes super helpful when they’re out in the field or they need to make covert conversation with each other while visiting foreign planets. Pidge picks up on it the quickest and they have full-blown conversations.
  • Keith could talk for hours about flying and flying dynamics. He knows pretty much everything he could get his hands on about aerodynamics, weather, aeronautics engineering…you name it. It was the subject he excelled at most in school. As a child, he about made his parents’ ears bleed from how much he talked about it, but intense teasing and bullying over the years and their death taught him to not talk about it. The one he talks to it about the most is Shiro, and he’ll become a completely different person. His eyes will sparkle and he’ll wave his hands around and make grand gestures as he talks about plane designs or wind speeds; it’s a rare side of Keith that not many see and Shiro loves to see him break out of the mask he’s placed on himself.
hunk and lance friendship hcs
  • Hunk and Lance knew each other before the Garrison and have been bffs since childhood
  • Hunk and Lance didn’t meet in the same preschool nor did they ever go to the same school (until the garrison) but met each other in a nearby playground where they continued to meet up for the next 8-11 years of their life, they usually let off steam about the shit that goes down in their schools.
  • “Like, if you’re going to steal something from the mall -” “Don’t wear your uniform?” “EXACTLY. God, that guy was so stupid.” “Agreed.”
  • “Then… then he KICKED the guy’s nose!!! He was bleeding, Lance! He needed to be taken to the hospital!!” “Oh my God, and then what?” “A girl was crying the whole entire time and -” the stories they share go on and on.
  • Lance’s mom and Hunk’s mom are interested in the same things so their sons r bffs and so r they and their moms drag them off sometimes to do grocery shopping but Hunk and Lance are aways ‘can’t we just stay at hoooommmmeeee?’ ‘no you’re going to help me and hunk’s mom buy groceries for our party’ ‘what party????’ ‘a joint family party!!!!’ ‘??????? !!!! A JOINT FAMILY PARTY ????’
  • Hunk’s family and Lance’s family are really close buds now
  • It’s almost surreal how much the two families are alike to interests???
  • Hunk and Lance meet up after graduating middle school and decide to finally enrol in the same school. Both of them couldn’t have been anymore excited and happy.
  • Hunk is Lance’s only tether to Earth because Hunk is childhood and playground days, fighting off bullies and staying up at night under covers and pillow forts, charting stars while laying on muddy grass after rain, stealing cookies when their mothers aren’t looking, and making stupid jokes together as the sun went down – all of their world, quiet and soft and sound.
  • Lance loves Hunk and Hunk loves Lance. They’re best friends, because water breathes life on Earth and what is water without it’s Earth?
ruin the friendship / tom holland x reader (part III)

Originally posted by catovl

do all the things on our minds
what’s taking us all this time?
let’s ruin the friendship.

part III / ? 

song for this part: movements by pham 

warning: smut smut smutttt :)

their bodies slammed against the bedroom door of the house they had rented for him while he was in Atlanta filming. their lips were finally meeting. they knew that this probably wasn’t a good idea, but they didn’t have a care in the world anymore.

he let out a groan as her hands found his hair and tugged at his curls. their teeth clashing, tongues pressing. she really wished he could just open the damn door. and within seconds, the door was pushed open before he closed it with his foot, making a slam ring through the house.

he made his way over to the bed, the both of them still kissing each others lips like they’ve always imagined. he placed her down on the bed, hovering over top of her immediately before biting and sucking at her neck. she let her fingers roam his hair, tugging on it and guiding his head to all the right spots.

her body was on fire, as was his. she reached down and found the hem of his shirt before tugging it off of his toned body. she tossed it to the floor before flipping them so that she was now on top. she leaned down and pressed kisses to his collarbone, each one making him want her more. 

he grabbed her waist, squeezing. she leaned down and kissed his body. each kiss making her want to rip the rest of his clothes off. she contained herself for now, as this was the first time they’ve ever had sex together. she let her hands roam as she made her way back up to his swollen lips before planting another kiss on them. he kissed her back with just as much passion, maybe even more. 

her hands traveled to his arms as he flipped her back over, taking dominance once again. he reached down and tugged her shirt off. he threw it with his shirt before looking down at her, his eyes wandering her chest as she leaned up and reconnected their lips. his hands found her waist, bringing her into his chest as her back rose from the mattress. he found the clasp of her bra before unhooking it, tossing it behind his head. 

his mouth slipped from hers before making his way down her jaw, kissing her neck before making his way down to her chest. his wet, swollen lips traveled along the valley of her breasts, making his way down her stomach, reaching the waistband of her black, tight fitting jeans. 

they’d been so busy kissing, that neither of them had said a word, until now, when he was the one to break the silence.

“are you sure about this?” he asked, looking up in her eyes, his full of concern. he wanted to make sure she was comfortable with everything they were about to do together, something they’ve done before with other people they didn’t truly love. and now that they were doing it together, someone they truly love, they were down to do anything. 

“yes, Tom, i’m sure.” she said, assuring him to continue. he nodded before pressing a kiss to her lips, his hands finding the zipper on her jeans and tugging it down. he undid the button before pushing the material down her legs, she kicked them off before his mouth met hers once more. he slightly pulled apart, letting her take a look at his face. he soon unbuckled his belt, tossing it to the floor. 

soon after, his pants were on the floor. her hands found his bicep, giving it a squeeze. he reached down and slipped his hand between the material of her panties and her skin. he dipped his head down into her neck, just below her ear before pushing them off of her, tossing them to the side. he nibbled at her neck before reaching up to her lips once more. their teeth clashing once more, she bit down on his lip as he pulled away, dragging it out. 

he made his way down her body before finally kissing the insides of her thighs, his tongue pressing against the sensitive area of her skin, making her grow with more and more anticipation. he slowly made his way down to her, kissing her core before slowly dipping his tongue inside her. she moaned loudly as she reached towards his hair, pulling it between her fingers. 

his tongue lapped at her core, the only things coming from her mouth were the moans of his name. it drove him crazy, his name the only thing coming out of her mouth while he went down on her. it’s something he’d imagined, but he never thought it’d come true. he had every flashback of the times he’d picture her moaning at his touch, which only drove him crazier.

after a while, she had came undone. she felt her chest rising and falling quickly as he kissed the inside of her thighs, trying to calm her down. he pressed kisses to her shoulder, her face, everywhere, in attempt to sooth her, make her nerves calm down. 

“you good, baby?” he mumbled into her neck and she nodded before flipping the two of them over, her hands traveled down his chest as she slipped her hands between his skin and his boxers. she left hickies all along his neck and collarbone before kissing down his abs and his v-line.

he let out a moan as she pulled his boxers down. his head was laying back against the pillows as he watched the sight before him, the girl he was utterly in love with, hovering over his naked body, doing the things he’d only see her do to him in his dreams. 

“no teasing, darling.” he said, grabbing her body to pull her close to him as she gave him a confused look,”i just want you.”

she licked her lips before leaning in and kissing him again. their mouths moving in sync like they had been before. she felt her insides bubble with nerves. she wasn’t sure how to go about this since she doesn’t know what he likes. but as she’s always said, turn nerves into excitement, so she did just that. 

she straddled his hips as she felt him press his hands into her waist. she moved her leg over the other side of his hip, straddling his waist. she felt his arms, her fingernails dragging down his muscles as she lowered herself down onto him, the both of them letting out moans. 

she started grinding her hips down on his before he slowly lifted her off of him as she nuzzled her face into his neck, a moan escaping her lips. his hips raised up to meet hers halfway. she grabbed at his hair before moving back to his muscles, digging her fingernails into the skin, almost breaking the skin. 

she left kisses along his shoulder, encouraging him to keep going as the both of them got closer and closer to their highs. she bit down softly on his shoulder, suppressing a moan as they got to their breaking points. he met her hips one last time before the both of them came undone together. 

they both took a minute to catch their breath. their bodies hot and sweaty. he raised her off of him before placing her on the bed next to him, pulling her into his body. 

“why didn’t we do this sooner?” he asked, letting out a chuckle. she laughed, looking over at the boy she now had fallen madly in love with. she pushed his sweaty curls off of his forehead before looking in his gorgeous brown eyes. 

she smiled at him as he smiled at her. she rested her head on his chest. he kissed the corner of her mouth, making a smile form on her lips. she was finally happy with him, and he was finally happy with him.

“so, what do you want to do tomorrow, love?”

she looked up at him,”hopefully this again.”

he laughed,”anything you want.” he nuzzled his face in her hair. she smiled as she rubbed the arm she left scratches on. she kissed his shoulder before responding.

“i don’t care, you’ve got me for 2 weeks.”

“thats it?!” 

she laughed,”sadly, i have a life too, you know.”

he frowned, tucking his head under hers,”don’t leave me.” he whined. she felt her heart race as she had always wanted to witness this side of him. the cute, needy boyfriend side of him that she knew he had deep down inside him. 

“so, what are we?” she asked,”you know, friends with benefits? banging buddies?”

he laughed at the second term,”as tempting as banging buddies sounds,” he said, a smile still on his face,”i’d like to be a gentleman and take you out on a nice date with nice flowers and then hopefully convince you to be my girlfriend.”

she smiled,”trust me, you don’t have to try hard.” she pressed a kiss to his cheek. he smiled as he intertwined their hands together. 

she loved him, and he loved her. and they’ve been like that ever since they were 18.

introduction  part I   part II    part IV (four?) 

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let me know if you want to be in the tagged list!

What Are You Waiting For?

Prompt: My heart belongs to you, if you want it.

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2541

Warnings: swearing, angst, sorry y’all it’s another wedding fic because i don’t know how to stop.

A/N: is is for @just-some-drabbles writing challenge, congrats love. ir’s another au, real surprising i know

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Behind the Scenes of The Runaway Bride (Part Four)

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s interview with David Tennant in DWM 378

BC: Now that you’re not only famous but also very rich, do you go mad with extravagance at Christmas?

DT: Yes, I do. I’ll be reclining on a bed of money, having champagne drip-fed to me by a harem of scantily-clad witches. I’d imagine that’s how I’ll spend Christmas.

BC: What are you hoping for from Santa?

DT: I’m not sure. Um - I know that lots of children are hoping for Cyberman heads this Christmas, so maybe one of those. On Boxing Day, thousands of kids will be running up and down the streets talking like Nicholas Briggs. He’ll be everywhere!

BC: Is that a good thing?

DT: Possibly not.

BC: I suppose we’d better mention The Runaway Bride

DT: I’m still thinking about Nick Briggs.

BC: What do you make of the script?

DT: I love it. Actually, ‘romp’ is a good description of it. Or caper comedy. It’s got something of that about it, which is a good thing at Christmas. If it were a 1950s movie, it’d star Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn.

BC: Which one are you?

DT: I’m Katherine Hepburn, obviously.

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Kobra Paige & Tommy Karevik

Kim & Briana meet and greet

So I know what is said at meet and greets is supposed to be sort of kept there. I would never relay something that seemed private or personal. But Kim & Bri spent most of the time talking about their current projects with so much energy and enthusiasm, I wanted to share with you guys to keep the excitement about Wayward Sisters amping up.

About Wayward Daughters:

Kim reiterated AGAIN how none of this is because of her and/or Bri. It’s all the fandom. She talked about how she feels such a strong obligation to the fandom to deliver every single time, whether it’s on stage at cons or on screen. She knows what it’s like to pinch every penny and knows how much cons cost and wants to give us everything. Plus she talked about how much she gets back from us with the love we pour her way. 

Then she and Bri both talked about how things are going for the new show. Right now they are mostly in training mode - learning lots of cool fighting techniques so they can be badass! They got a new fight choreographer from the show Lucifer (I think). He has a different method which the girls both really like. Before he began anything, he met with them and talked with them about the characters and how they thought their styles might be. Kim said her thought about Jodi is that this lady has seen it all. She’s a cop, is a little older, and is just over bullshit so she’s not going to stab or punch if she can just shoot. There was also a scene where she was supposed to scratch a monster’s face and they talked about it and decided Jodi is a puncher, not a scratcher (and they also discovered that Kim is a horrible kicker LOL). He also does this thing where he has stunt men film the whole fight scene first then the director edits and the girrls can watch it before they ever have to film. It helps to get a great end product and keep everyone safe. 

I asked about the writing and if they got any familiar writers. They, of course mentioned Bobo. They also said there have been a bunch of people on the SPN staff who are so excited about what this new show is doing, they have expressed interest in moving over, which really says a lot if they are willing to leave a very secure job and take a risk on something that may or may not even get picked up. We also all (including Kim & Bri) fangirled over Robbie Thompson and sent up a collective prayer to the universe that he decides to write for Wayward Sisters.

We also talked about how the casting is coming along. We all already knew about one of the regulars being the granddaughter of Missouri Mosely. They are also developing a native American character who’s character and story line is integral to her heritage. They didn’t want diversity to be a check box. They wanted an authentic and new perspective that we haven’t seen before so bringing in the supernatural aspects of native American culture should be really cool! They kept talking over and over again about how they are working on an authentic story while really trying to deliver on what the fans want. In fact, Kim acknowledged that the whole Charlie debacle actually made TPTB take a step back and rethink. She talked about how much fans care about these characters and their stories and especially someone like Charlie who felt like a representation of us and to kill her in a cheap way just for man pain was a poor decision that really backfired. They are trying to not make the same mistakes for WD. 


They talked about how incredibly hard gishwhes was and that they couldn’t believe the creativity and work that people put into it. Kim talked about one of the items she did that was her favorite even thought it broke the rules. It was the toy item and she had a ball making her toys do all sorts of naughty things that were too risque to submit. She said she kept thinking she should be able to submit them because every one of the bad behaviors was based on something Misha has told her he has done. ROFL!!!!

Briana’s album:

I asked Briana about her kickstarter. She lit up and told us that she never ever thought that making an album would be in her future. But after having the courage to step out on stage at the SNS, she couldn’t believe how much support she got from the fans. Then Jason Manns told her he would help her record an album. She is working on selecting songs now. It will be mostly covers that highlight her voice and that she can perform over an over because people will want to hear them. He is also encouraging her to write at least one of her own songs. 

Their whole m&g was pure joy! I will 100% splurge for this again next year if they are at PittCon. I just love these ladies so much and let me tell you, the feeling is definitely mutual. 

anonymous asked:

Hi I LOVE your work and you totally don't have to write this but like you know the au where people's hair color change with their emotions what if like it was like that in a muggle au for wolfstar!

hi I’m so sorry I hate to be annoying! but I’m the anon that sent in the hair color changing au and I kinda just realized how cute it would be for jamesxteddy :)(again you can totally just ignore this I’ll understand, I’d hate to be a bother!)

You’re definitely not annoying! Thanks so much for your prompt(s)! I have a load of others in my inbox but this really appealed to me and I just had to write it and I was actually able to write all of it in one day whereas so many others I was only able to write half! Anyway this is my first james x teddy fic and I changed the ages a bit (teddy’s a year or two younger and all the other next gen kids except Victoire is well about a year or two older because I wanted to age gap to not be so big)

So yeah I went with the James x Teddy fic because I think that’s what you wanted in the end so I hope you like it! 

Being a metamorphmagus was something that Teddy honestly loved about himself.

As a child he loved changing his face into animal faces like a duck’s or one time he even gave himself a giraffe neck and almost stuck his head through Harry’s kitchen ceiling.

Once he got to Hogwarts he would impress his dorm-mates by showing them how he could make his fingers any length he wanted and how he could make himself taller than the others and make his voice deeper, managing to make his friends ever so slightly jealous but also intrigued.

It made him likeable but Ginny always said it wasn’t being a metamorphous that made him special, it was the things he chose to do with it.

Like turning into Professor McGonagall and pretending to give a lecture just to make a first year Slytherin laugh after she’d been crying, it was turning into Harry and telling Granddad Weasley made up facts about the muggle world until he was caught.

Harry once told him that Teddy used his gift that his mother gave him to continue his father’s legacy and that was what Teddy loved the most about himself. How he was equally both of them, even if he had never met them.

But unfortunately his gift had a price.

He could change anything about his body just by thinking of it except for his hair on his head. 

For some crazy reason, his head hair was controlled to his emotions; well there was some actual logic behind it as other metaphorphmaguses had the same condition, apparently Hermione and Percy had researched it when he was a child but Teddy didn’t really care why it happened, he just wanted it to stop but unfortunately there was no way of doing so.

He’d tried dyeing it in third year after he was left mortified when his hair turned a shade of pink when he saw a sixth year boy shirtless in the quidditch locker room.

Pink he realised on that day meant he had a crush and that wasn’t good because now everyone could tell he had a crush on someone.

However dyeing it didn’t make one bit of difference, he’d walked down from his dorm with his newly dyed brown hair and the second his friend laughed and made a comment about what happened in the locker room, his hair turned orange, orange which was for embarrassment.

For about a year and a half after that Teddy decided to just not have crushes on people but that turned out to be rather difficult being a bisexual teenager surrounded by attractive people every day at Hogwarts.

The worst part of it was when he started dating and a few times even though he and the other person said they were casual, Teddy could tell the other felt hurt whenever their eyes flitted up to his hair and it was blonde for friendship or fondness and not pink.

So after that he decided beanies and hats would become his new best friends. He’s seen a few photos of his dad wearing hats and found a few of his old ones. His mum had a few eccentric ones too so he wore those on his rebellious days but he preferred his dad’s old beanies because they covered all of his hair.

He started taking them off during the breaks though ever since he came home for the summer holidays and saw Harry’s worried frown at the train station.

That was an embarrassing conversation in which Teddy had to insist he wasn’t ashamed of who he was, he just didn’t like the whole world being able to tell what he felt at any moment.

But Teddy knew it worried Andromeda and Harry slightly though they tried their best not to show it and realistically it was rather stupid wearing beanies during the summer holidays so he didn’t wear them outside of Hogwarts.

But everything changed during his seventh year and the summer before it started.

That summer he’d spent a lot of the time with Andromeda and weeks here or there with the Potters and Weasleys. He loves all the Weasley cousins and thankfully several are in Hogwarts now so they’re all really close.

He’s always been the closest with Victoire though as she’s only a year younger than him but there was never anything romantic between them, the only small moment they had was at King’s Cross at the beginning of seventh year when he kissed her to make her ex jealous and they laughed about it afterwards.

Once he’d calmed down enough and looked around to see if the ex saw their kiss, he was at first happy on Vic’s behalf that he did but instantly he felt his heart plummet to his stomach when he saw James staring at them with wide eyes.

James Sirius Potter, Victoire’s cousin who was starting his fifth year that year.

James who Teddy had spent the summer laughing with, playing pranks on James’s cousins with and talking about everything with.

Because Victoire was great but Teddy just always felt he and James could talk about anything with each other.

In that moment James and Teddy looked at each other for what felt like eternity, Teddy saw hurt in James’s eyes and put that down to James thinking Teddy liked Victoire, maybe that they were even dating and that he’d never told him, even though they’d sworn that summer that they’d told each other everything.

Teddy takes a step forward, forgetting about Victoire beside him, wanting to talk to James, explain himself and the situation, anything to rid himself of the tightening knot of guilt in his stomach.

James merely shook his head, turned and ran from him to where his family were standing around Lily who was starting her first year at Hogwarts this year.

Teddy swallowed down his feelings and forced himself to turn back to Victoire and smile, pretending he’d been listening to her words of gratitude.

Teddy was Head Boy this year so thankfully he was too busy giving talks to the prefects and organising patrol schedules on the train to think about James’s heartbreakingly sad brown eyes but once the feast started and James ignored Teddy’s silent invitation to sit beside him, Teddy couldn’t stop thinking about them.

While the first years hurried up the steps one by one to be sorted and as the headmistress and the sorting hat gave their speeches, Teddy thought about the times he spent with James that summer.

He thought about all their late nights on the roof of the Potter’s house under the stars.

He lets himself remember the one talk in particular that he’s been trying to forget all summer.

The night when he told James more about the loneliness he feels without his parents than he could ever dream of telling Harry or Andromeda.

He remembers James repaying in kind, revealing how he hates how people look at him as the son of the Boy Who Lived and one of the greatest chasers the Holyhead Harpies ever had and how he sees himself as a disappointment because he struggles to pass his classes and can’t play quidditch if his life depended on it.

Teddy had looked at him and reassured him that he was the farthest thing from a disappointment and that he was so proud of him and he knew Harry and Ginny were too.

James had smiled, that dazzling white bright smile of his and Teddy had felt his stomach clench but not in a bad way, instead it was in a weirdly happy way.

He didn’t understand it until a second later when James’s eyes flickered up to his hair and he whispered into the night, “Why is your hair pink? What does that mean?”

Teddy’s eyes had widened in horror, he’d given some feeble excuse that he couldn’t even remember now and soon insisted he was tired and they should go to bed.

The next morning Teddy came down to the kitchen in a baseball cap and wore one for every day that summer regardless of what the others said.

After every conversation Teddy had with James, or after James so much as smiled at him, Teddy would find the nearest mirror, close the door and take off his hat and sure enough his hair would be pink.

But over the summer the pinkness turned into a light red shade and Teddy knew what that meant, he didn’t even need to look it up in one of Hermione’s books.

He knew it stood for romantic love.

And that was something Teddy really couldn’t handle in his final year of Hogwarts.

But then James had looked at him with those wide, sad eyes and he just wants to run over to the Gryffindor table and tell James that the kiss didn’t mean anything, not that James would care who he kissed but still he has a right to know.

Teddy wants to find James after the feast more than anything but he has to lead the first years back to the dorms, give them the usual speech and give everyone in Hufflepuff house the password so he doesn’t get a chance to talk to him.

The following two weeks are extremely busy too; he has to manage his own timetable while helping out the first years and balancing his patrol schedule and tutoring group at the same time so he rarely gets to talk to his friends in his dorm let alone his cousin in another year and house.

But in the middle of the last week of September, Teddy decides he has to try so he goes out of his way to see James, learning his timetable and waiting outside his last class, eating near him at the Gryffindor table at the feasts, thankfully inter-house unity is common now so this is normal but whenever Teddy approaches James, he won’t even look at him let alone talk to him.

James just skilfully avoids eye contact and talks to someone beside him or walks in the other direction and every single time Teddy’s pace falters and he doesn’t need to take his hat off to know that his hair has turned blue.

James succeeds in his avoidance techniques until the end of October but it’s not Teddy or James that brings this to an end, instead its Emma Bones, the sixth year prefect of Gryffindor house who Teddy used to tutor last year for her OWLs  

It’s at the end of their second prefect meeting when she lingers behind and asks to talk to him.

“Look I wasn’t going to say anything but I thought you’d want to know because I know how close you two are.” Emma starts, her eyebrows are drawn together but her eyes stare fiercely at him.

Teddy smiles and tries not to be worried, “What’s going on Em?”

“It’s probably not a big deal but it’s about James.”

Teddy frowns and stops packing his stuff away, focusing his full attention on her now.

“James? Is everything okay with him?”

“Yes everything’s fine, he’s just been getting into a bit of trouble recently. And I know that’s something you or me or any of those cousins are partial too but” Emma sighs,

“I don’t know it seems off, he’s doing stupid things like staying out late in stupid areas where he’d surely know we’d catch him on patrol. I think he’s been giving back cheek to teachers which isn’t really like him, he’ll banter with them but he never disrespects them so that’s why this is so unusual and he just seems so angry all the time. He’s gotten five detentions already and a letter’s going to be written home soon if it hasn’t already so I just thought…maybe if you could talk to him then he might settle down a bit?”

Teddy blinks twice, frozen in place and unsure of what to say.

Emma is right, Teddy can certainly be rebellious at times, and he was definitely partial to sneaking out here and there when he was in James’s year or even when he was younger but being disrespectful to teachers is another thing and as for being angry a lot, that’s definitely not who James is.

“I’ll talk to him” Teddy says eventually, “I will and thank you, I appreciate you telling me this, I really do Em.”

Emma smiles and nods before slipping out of the room and leaving Teddy alone with his thoughts.

The next morning is thankfully a Saturday and when he goes down to the Great Hall for breakfast he’s glad to see that James is there already, slowly eating his eggs and bacon like every other tired student who managed to drag themselves out of bed for breakfast.

Teddy sits beside Victoire at the Ravenclaw table and makes small chit-chat with her as he quickly eats some cereal and all the while he notices James’s eyes on him. He wonders how long James has been secretly watching him and why he won’t just talk to him or at least let Teddy talk to him.

From the corner of his eye, Teddy later catches James standing up to leave and Teddy knows that he needs to talk to him right now or he mightn’t get another chance so he politely excuses himself from the table and follows James out of the room.

He waits until they’ve both left the Entrance Hall to slide into step beside him and it’s rather fortunate that there’s nobody else around for James to talk to or anywhere James can run off to this morning.

“We need to talk” Teddy tells him softly.

James lets out a long breath that Teddy can’t differentiate between a sigh and a huff,

“Look I’ve lots of studying to do so if you don’t mind I’d rather-“

“James come on” Teddy says, coming to a halt and putting a gentle hand on James’s arm, causing him to stop too and face him, “What’s going on? You haven’t talked to me at all since we started term and I…I miss talking to you, can’t you just spare five minutes? Please?”

James finally meets his eyes and his eyes are a mixture of emotions, ranging from guarded, hurt and defiant, “Can’t you just go talk to Vic? You guys are dating now right so why-“

Teddy shakes his head clearly, “No we’re not.”

James stops talking and his mouth drops open, “What? What do you mean? Then why did you kiss her at King’s Cross?”

“She wanted to piss off that twat of an ex-boyfriend of hers.”

“The one that cheated on her?”

“Yes Jamie” Teddy says, a smile playing on his lips, “We’re definitely not together. I was just helping her out.”

“Oh” James says, his voice is soft and Teddy didn’t realise James’s shoulders were tensed until they drop and relax, “I didn’t…I didn’t know, the cousins, well they were all saying you were together.”

Teddy snorts, “I love Rose and Albus to pieces but how reliable are they for information, really?”

James laughs and Teddy forgot how much he missed that sound, “Yeah that’s true.”

Teddy smiles broadly now, “Look can we talk? Actually talk, please?”

James nods, “Yeah, yeah sure okay.”

They head down to the kitchens even though they just got food and spend an hour passing jokes back and forth while helping the house elves clean up from breakfast and then they sit side by side on a table, their shoulders touching and Teddy’s hair most definitely changing colour under his beanie.

“What’s going on with you?” Teddy asks softly

James’s eyes are focused on his fidgeting fingers that rest on his knees,

“Nothing, I’ve just been busy.”

“Jamie I’m head boy, I hear about all the kids getting in trouble, especially ones with five detentions for disrespecting teachers and getting caught after curfew.”

James scoffs but there’s no meaning to it, “Like you never did it.”

“James I know you. If you wanted to really rebel, this wouldn’t be how you’d do it and if you wanted to sneak out at night you wouldn’t let yourself get caught! I know you’ve your dad’s cloak and the map your grandfather and my dad made. So what’s going on? Why do you keep purposely getting into trouble?”

Teddy watches the varying emotions flicker on James’s face as he stares at his fingers that have stopped fidgeting to rest on his lap.

“I…” James whispers “Do you remember our second night on my roof at home last summer?”

Teddy nods, the night he rarely lets himself think about, the night of revelations and stupid pink hair.

“Yeah of course I remember” Teddy replies, his voice just as quiet as James’s, “Why?”

“Afterwards, about a month later when you were back at your gran’s I…well I borrowed one of Uncle Percy’s books and I found the part on metamorphaguses and those whose head hair are connected to their emotions, it’d been bookmarked I think he’d used it when they realised you were one of them. I…well I looked up what it meant when they…when you have pink hair.”

Teddy felt his breath catch in his throat.

A hundred thoughts, worries, fears and hopes ran through his mind but the main thought screaming in his head right now was ‘shit, shit, shit, shit’.

He wants to apologise, to lie and make something up, anything that could possibly explain this situation. He racks his head to remember what he told that sixth year in the locker room all those years ago, at least if he said that, it would be something but he just can’t remember.

James still doesn’t meet his eyes but Teddy is shocked to see a small smile on his lips,

“I thought…well I thought at first that…well that meant you liked me, that you had a crush on me.”

The words, ‘you thought right’ linger on Teddy’s lips but Teddy can’t find a voice to speak them.

“But I wasn’t sure you know?” James continues his voice surprisingly casual for this conversation, “I thought you could have been thinking of someone else, you could have been daydreaming of someone completely different and that’s why you were so embarrassed when I pointed it out, it would explain the rubbish excuse you gave. So I was going to wait until you came back to see what your hair was like” He laughs, “I even studied and learned what each hair colour stood for, I mean most of them I knew of course but some I didn’t but anyway then you came back wearing that stupid baseball cap that you never took off, not even that time we went swimming in the lake! I wanted to ask about it but…I guess I was just afraid.”

“What were you afraid of?” Teddy finds himself asking, even though his words are barely audible

“That your hair turned pink for the realistic reason, you were thinking of someone else. I didn’t, I didn’t want to hear it because I’d liked you for so long. And then, well, then I saw you kissing Victoire and I knew you didn’t like me and that you liked someone else, her to be exact and I was…sad and angry even though I had no right to be. I did all those stupid things to get your attention, hoping one day it would be you who caught me on patrol. I couldn’t just talk to you like you wanted, anytime you approached me I just felt guilty or annoyed or hurt so I just avoided you and kept getting in trouble to catch your attention, maybe to get your attention more than Vic, it makes no sense I know that but I…I don’t know, I didn’t know what else to do.”

Teddy opens his mouth to say something but he knows if he tries to talk, all that will come out would be a squeal of joy that James liked him back. So instead he reaches up to his head with one hand and takes the Hufflepuff pride beanie off his head.

He doesn’t need to look into a mirror to know that right now his hair is a light shade of red.

James finally looks at him and when he sees Teddy’s hair, his beautiful brown eyes widen and his eyebrows rise to his hairline.


“Romantic love” Teddy answers for him, unable to resist the grin spreading over his face, “I…James my hair turned pink that night because I liked you, I had a crush on you because you were open and honest with me and I liked that James, I liked the real James that you showed me that night. I swear I never liked Vic, I never told you I was falling for you that summer because I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, we grew up together, your cousins see me as another cousin and I thought you saw me like that too so I said nothing. The last thing I wanted was to make you uncomfortable or to hurt you and I’m sorry I did.”

“I’m sorry too” James says, tearing his eyes away from Teddy’s hair to finally meet his eyes, “I should have come to you sooner, I should have talked to you whenever you tried to talk to me. I acted like a ridiculous child I know.”

Teddy smirks and lets himself kiss James’s forehead, “Maybe a small bit” and he laughs when James lightly hits his arm.

“I love you too, you know?”

Teddy does know that now but he can’t deny that his heart soars when he hears James say those words.

“Yeah I do”

James smiles that perfect wide toothy grin and hesitates only a minute before closing the space between them and kissing Teddy on the mouth.

It’s good for a first kiss, really good and it’s the best kiss Teddy has had in his entire life simply because it’s with James.

He knows there’s a lot they need to talk about and think about but for right now Teddy’s perfectly happy to keep kissing James on an old table in the Hogwarts kitchens and relish in the feel of James’s soft hand in his as their fingers intertwine.

One thing’s for certain though, Teddy’s not going to be wearing any hat, beanie or baseball cap for the next while, not if this is the reaction he gets from James at seeing his hair.

Maybe having hair that was attached to emotions wasn’t as bad as Teddy originally thought.

just stop your crying, have the time of your life

Summary: He had met Nico di Angelo at a frat party.

Also on AO3.

Title is from this song that came up on the radio when I was editing this. I guess you could say it was a… Sign of the Times. (For real, it was the first time I heard that wonderful song and it fit the story like a glove.)

I hope you enjoy it!

(Nico di Angelo/Will Solace, fluff, teen and up audiences, 3045 words.)

He had met Nico di Angelo at a frat party. Both of them had been dragged there by friends, both of them were tipsy, and both of them were only dancing because of the alcohol in their systems.

They had started talking because Nico accidentally stepped on Will’s foot, which had him apologizing profusely. Will had laughed it off — he hadn’t even felt anything.

Looking back on it, it hadn’t taken them long to start kissing at all. Maybe ten, fifteen minutes after meeting each other, and Will was gently pressing Nico against a wall, caressing his back with his fingertips, and exploring his mouth as if he had all the time in the world to do so.

He had never thought he’d be confident enough to flirt with a stranger, much less with a boy with unknown sexuality, but this felt like a night for firsts, and so he decided to enjoy it.

“I should probably go.” Nico murmured at some point, and it made Will inexplicably sad — maybe because of the alcohol.

“Just five more minutes?”


They kept kissing for much longer than five minutes. Once Nico really had to go, they parted with a goodbye and a peck on the lips, and Will was pretty sure he’d never see him again.

They met again at another party.

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Unrequited | I.M

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Anonymous said:Hi~ I’m new to your blog :) I love all of your scenarios. Can I request an angst scenario for I.M where you’re his bestfriend and you introduce him to your sister. You liked him for a long time and you gained courage to confess but you saw him and your sister kissing and telling you they hid their relationship to you? Thanks alot!

Y/SN = Your sister’s name

“Come on, Changkyun!” You whined pulling his arm toward your family’s front door.

He laughs at your enthusiasm. As Changkyun is your best friend, he’s been over several times. He’s also no stranger to your family. Over the years he’d gotten quite close to your mother and father. The only person he hadn’t met is your sister. Both of them are quite important to you, so wanting them to meet is only natural. Of course, Changkyun is your best friend, and your relationship with your sister has always been a good one. Although she’s two years older than you, the two of you had always been close growing up. She left the state for college 3 years ago, and only visits periodically now. You’d tried to introduce them during her last visit, but the timing never seemed to be right. Changkyun and your sister canceled more times than you could count, excuses coming from both ends. Eventually, you’d given up, vowing to have them meet the next time she was in town. Which is now! Her plane had landed less than 2 hours ago, while your parents went to pick her up from the airport you worked on talking Changkyun to come over for a visit.

“I actually have plans a little later.” He stated. Oh no. No bailing this time.

“This won’t take long! You can meet her and go if you want!” You’d pleaded.

Not one to withstand your puppy face, Changkyun gave in pretty easily, and that’s how you two ended up here. With you pulling him toward the door so he could meet the only other person beside him you considered to be important in your life,

“Y/SN!” You called in a sing-song tone once you’ve entered. Changkyun laughed from behind you.

“Y/N!” Her voice called before she jumps into sight.

Her eyes widened in shock as she saw Changkyun behind you, but she was quick to fix it, plastering a smile on her face and launching herself toward you. You wrapped your arms around her and returned her embrace. After a few shrieks and squeals, you pulled away and turned to Changkyun.

“This is my sister Y/SN. Y/SN, this is my best friend Changkyun.” You smiled.

They held their hands out to one another and shook, “It’s great to finally meet you, Y/N speaks really highly of you.” Y/SN says.

“Likewise.” Changkyun smiled.

“You two go on the porch, go talk!! I’m gonna grab some snacks.” You beamed and left before either of them could reply.

You quickly grabbed whatever snack within your reach. The dorky smile never left your face as you waddled towards the porch with the snacks and drinks tucked firmly in your arms. You saw Changkyun just casually talking to your sister, looking serious, but you just brushed it off since he always looks so serious. 

“Yeah, but she can-..” You barely heard your sister reply to him as he cut her off. 

“Y/N! You’re gonna drop something!” Changkyun sighed with a quiet whine as he stood up and walked up to you. Taking some stuff out of your arms, you two walked out onto the porch. You sat in the middle, your best friend on your left and your sister on your right. You glanced in between the both of them as the awkward silence grew. 

“So, what were you two talking about?” You asked, trying to start a conversation, but as soon as the question rolled off your tongue, the two began to quickly say different topics. You looked at both of them, the confusion clear on your face. 

“O..kay then?” You squinted and shrugged. Between the three of you, small talk came and went. At one point, you kept trying to find excuses to leave, but before you could say an excuse, Changkyun beat you to the punch. 

“Uh, I gotta go. I have practice.” He quickly mumbled and tried to walk off quickly. 

“Wait!” You exclaimed and stood up. “You’re still sleeping over right?” You saw him visibly tense up. 

“Um, are your parents okay with that?” You heard him sigh softly before turning around to look at you. 

“Yeah, they’re always okay with that. Plus, they have a dinner party to go to so they won’t be home till late.” You explain with a hint of disappointment and confusion in your voice. 

“T-Then yeah. I’ll come.” He gave you a small smile before looking towards your sister and sighing. You and your sister saw him walking away, running his hand through his hair. 

“What was that about?” You ask, turning to look at your older sister. You expected a reply but you only got a shrug. Sighing, you two spent the rest of the afternoon together. 

A knock on the front door made you pause the video game you and your sister were playing. 

“Give me a sec. It might be Changkyun.” You say, not hiding your smile. You went and opened the door only to see him carrying a duffle bag, most likely having pajamas, movies, and different snacks. He greeted you with a small wave and a smile. You returned the greeting with a tight hug. 

“So, what have you done all afternoon?” He asked as he walked into the house with you by his side after closing the door. 

“Nothing much. Just some casual competitions between sisters.” You say, looking towards your sister. She looked up from her phone and looked towards your direction. She and Changyun held eye contact for a split second before he turned to look at you. 

“I’m gonna put my stuff up in your room, okay?” He asked, not really expecting an answer and walked up the stairs. You shrugged and continued your game with your sister. Changkyun came downstairs in the middle of the game, just quietly sitting beside you. You groan at the TV and lean your head back. 

“I win! Again!” Your sister flaunts. Changkyun, on the other hand, looks at how you’re being a sore loser and takes the control away from you while laughing at your pout. 

“My turn.” He smiles and starts playing with your older sister For the rest of the night, the three of you kept playing until your sister yawned and stood up.

 “It’s getting late, we should all go to bed.” She smiled sleepily at you. 

“Awe, one more round?” You asked, with a smile. “Tomorrow, promise. The both of you also should go to bed.” She chuckled started to make her way up the stairs. 

“Okay, mom!” You teased and lowered the volume to the TV. Only to continue playing until both you and Changkyun started to feel sleepy. Yawning, he helped you clean the living room a bit before the both of you walked up the stairs to your room.

“So, it seemed like you got along with Y/SN.” You smiled as you sat down on the edge of your bed, looking at your best friend, who had his back to you as he changed. 

“I guess.” 

“Why do you say that? You two acted like you guys known each other for a while now.” 

“I just acted like that so I won’t make you upset.“He said, raising his voice. 

"Make me upset? You’re the one that sounds upset.” 

“I’m just tired, okay?” He said, trying hard to raise his voice again. 

“Fine.” You sighed and grabbed your pajamas then went to go get changed in the bathroom. It wasn’t unusual that you and Changkyun had an argument. You two have multiple arguments because you both have strong personalities. But it did surprise you that he suddenly got so defense over the simple subject. Sighing, you got changed then walked back to your room. You saw Changkyun sitting against the foot of your bed, texting on his phone. 

“Who are you texting?” You ask softly, Changkyun barely even heard you. 

“Um, Hoseok.” He hesitated before mumbling and putting down his phone. “Hey, I’m sorry for acting like a dick, kind of. Before you left.” He stood up, leaning against your bed as he apologized. 

“Forget about it. Let’s just go to sleep, yeah?” You turned around and gave him a small smile so he doesn’t continue to think that you’re mad at him. 

“Okay.” He sighed and went to go lay down as you turned off your light. Then you got to think about the argument again. Yeah, the fight was stupid. If you could even call it a fight. You turned your light on, making Changkyun groan because he was about to fall asleep. 

“What?” He whined. 

“Why did you tense up when I asked to make sure that you were staying the night? And why did you and my sister always make awkward eye contact?” 

“Because I just met her.” He mumbled and turned away from you, hoping you would just leave it there. 

“I know Y/SN was dating someone but she hasn’t told me how it is.” You point out. 

“Are you saying that I’m the one dating her? I just met her!” He sat up on your bed. 

“I was-…” He cut you off before you could finish. 

“I don’t know why we’re even having this conversation.” Changkyun stood up and shook his head. 

“Where are you going?” You asked as he made his way out your bedroom door. 

“I’m going to sleep downstairs. Goodnight.” He said kinda angrily and shut your door, harder than he should’ve. 

You sighed, knowing that you most likely should’ve been smarter about everything. You were tempted to go downstairs and apologized, but it would’ve made things worse since he was still angry. You shook your head at yourself and turned off the lights. You didn’t fall asleep right away but soon enough. 

The next morning, you woke up a little on the later side, but you knew you still needed to apologize. You basically sprung out of bed, as you got dressed, you started to think: “I should tell him how I feel. But it could make things worse. The chances anytime would 50/50. Might as well just do it, huh?” You fixed your hair quickly as you made up your mind.

You’d had a crush on your best friend for quite some time. It started off completely platonic. In fact, in the beginning, you’d found him undatable. He was mostly quiet and extremely awkward, which you found off-putting. It almost seemed as though he didn’t want to be your friend. After taking the time to get to know him you couldn’t help but be attracted to him. He was kind and childlike. He made you smile with lame jokes.Your heart skipped a beat with every encouraging word that left his lips. He was everything a good boyfriend should be, but he wasn’t your boyfriend. Yet… With any luck, your confession would go over smoothly and it’d be a happy ending for the two of you. The prospect of finally dating Changkyun made you giddy with glee. You’d rationalized why the confession needed to happen now, over and over in your head, before yanking your bedroom door open and stepping out into the barren hallway.

Walking out of your room, you took so many deep breaths, that you couldn’t even tell if it was helping to slow down your rapid beating heart. You heard some quiet talking, but since you were standing in front of your sister room, you assumed that she was just on the phone with a friend. You walked downstairs, slowly trying to think of a simple way to explain everything to your best friend. Midway on the stairs, you were about to call out to Changkyun, but what you saw in the living room made you want to run out of your house instead. 

“So I was right.” You said loud enough for the couple to hear and not your sleeping parents. Changkyun, who was basically making out with, the only other person you trusted, your sister, pulled away quickly as soon as he heard your voice. 

“I can explain!” He exclaimed quickly as he saw the tears in your eyes. 

“Don’t. I get it.” You sighed shakily, and rushed out of the house, slamming the door behind you. You weren’t really at them, more at yourself. You felt so stupid that you couldn’t see their relationship. You had the signs, so why couldn’t you see it? At this point, tears were streaming down your cheeks, your mind was running with all of these hints that were making their relationship obvious. You heard Changkyun yelling your name behind you. Not wanting to see the only person that broke your heart, you ran faster than turning around the corner, losing him behind you.

Hope you enjoyed!

- admin Dawn (with bits from AJ)

Remus Still Remembered

Remus looked down at the picture in his hands.

The photograph showed Remus, Dorcas, Lily, James, Alice, Sirius, Marlene, Frank, Emmeline and Peter, it had been taken at Marlene and Sirius’ apartment, during a celebration.

Remus still remembered the night vividly, even though the vast amounts of firewhiskey consumed. He had received an owl from Marlene and Sirius earlier that day, asking Remus and Dorcas to come round to theirs later, they had news or something, there would be others there and so on, the usual message they sent if there were no events to celebrate but they wanted to have everyone round.

Remus still remembered how he and Dorcas had stood on the doorstep, and little Doe turned to Remus and said, “I thought Marlene and Sirius had broken up again?”

Remus still remembered Marlene opening the door to them both howling with laughter, after they had joked about Marlene and Sirius’ relationship and some other stupid thing, but any chance to laugh was gladly accepted in those days, and laughing felt so good.

Remus still remembered sitting with his friends, drinking firewhiskey and Marlene’s vodka. He was sat quietly in the corner, as he watched everyone be themselves.

Remus still remembered Marlene sat on Sirius’ lap, a very strong drink in one hand that both her and Sirius were drinking from because everyone knew that those pair could outdrink any of them anyday, her teasing him in her tight black pencil skirt that she knew drove him round the bend and eye contact with Emmeline across the room when they both knew what she was waiting for.

Remus still remembered Sirius with the blonde on his lap, the only girl who could play him at his own game, and he loved it so much, with his records on in the background and his leather jacket over the arm of the chair in his element.

Remus still remembered James chatting away about quidditch with Emmeline, holding hands with the redhead that he loved more than he could ever explain, answering questions about quidditch that he had answered hundreds of times before to the girls, but never got sick of answering and talking about his mother and father because they were still fresh in his memory and he couldn’t believe they were gone just yet.

Remus still remembered Emmeline laughing loudly at James spilling his drink on himself, and rolling her eyes, making sarcastic comments to everyone and stealing the bottle of vodka that Marlene had stashed under the chair Sirius was sat on, that Marlene didn’t know was gone yet and asking to order pizza and making eye contact with Marlene waiting for Mary to walk through that door because there wasn’t anyone Emmeline missed more than Mary at times like these when everyone was with someone, well apart from Peter but he didn’t count and she couldn’t quite believe that things were changing.

Remus still remembered Lily jumping into and out of conversations with James and Emmeline and occasionally Dorcas, because she didn’t understand all of the quidditch talk, only some of it, and when Sirius would drag her into his arguments with Marlene that she would quickly diffuse because they were both so goddamn stubborn, before being chatted to by Alice and Frank, who would ask her to pour more drinks because they were both so clumsy and didn’t want to spill any more on Marlene’s sofa, but “Don’t even worry about it Alice, I’ve done things to Marlene on that sofa tha-”, Lily interrupting Sirius because, “We just do not need to know Sirius.”

Remus still remembered Alice laughing and being so grateful for her friends, playing with Emmelines long blonde hair as she sat in front of her, never quite able to sit still as she threw bits of paper at Sirius when he stared at Marlene for a little too long but she loved it, and she crossed her legs and agreed with Emmeline, yes they should so order pizza, and who cares if she already ate pizza today.

Remus still remembered Frank chatting to Peter about the ministry, and things that had happened over the last couple of weeks, telling Peter more funny stories about his mother, because he loved hearing about her so much, and his childhood, and his and Alice’s plans for the future, because Frank loved Alice so much, his arm wrapped around her, constantly checking she was okay, smiling when she smiled, laughing when she laughed because Alice had such a sweet laugh.

Remus still remembered Dorcas leaning on him, with her feet in Emmelines face, much to her protests, her fluffy socks that Lily had given her on show, Dorcas giggling like a little girl, with Remus’ jumper on because that girl was always cold, and snacking on some of the chocolate that Remus kept in his pocket, because Dorcas loved chocolate almost as she loved trying to talk to James and Emmeline about quidditch, but she really didn’t understand it but they loved sweet little Doe, with her harmless questions and french plaits that made her look so young.

Remus still remembered Peter fascinated by Frank’s family, that he was so jealous of, listening to every word, asking question after question and handing out some of the cookies that he brought with him because Peter could bake so well, and Lily loved those cookies, she took three because she had asked him to make them especially.

Remus still remembered Emmelines face when Mary walked through that door, it lit up in disbelief, more happy than Remus had ever seen her because he knew that the girls had broken up a few months ago now and yes they all had difficult relationships but the rest of them bounced back, Marlene and Sirius could be thrown from the top of Big Ben and Remus knew they would bounce back together, James and Lily had stood the test of time and rarely argued but quickly made up if they did, Alice and Frank never letting things get out of hand because they hated arguing and being apart, and Remus and Dorcas only ever falling out about him hurting her but she told him she didn’t care that she loved him and it hurt her more not being with him and he couldn’t stand little Doe crying or being hurt. But Emmeline and Mary had struggled to hold it together for one reason or another but they both loved each other so, Remus knew it and he had met them both in their months apart and it was so terribly sad to watch them be alone, wishing the other was there.

Remus still remembered Emmeline jumping up and kissing Mary in front of them all, pulling her into a hug and promising she would never let her go again and everyone was so happy, and little Doe was crying she was so happy because she knew they were supposed to be together. And Peter pulling out a cake to celebrate and “How the hell did he know?” and Lily of course had spoken to Mary, gotten her to come around and visit, “just like old times” she had told her and of course convinced her.

Remus remembered people drinking more and more and it was past midnight now but nobody cared because they were so happy to be together and then “Lily why aren’t you drinking?” someone asked and she blushed crimson and said she didn’t feel like it and Marlene fell off the chair, screaming and everyone was so concerned and then Lily whispered “Merlin she knows,” under her breath to James and Remus was the only other person who heard and Marlene was speechless looking directly at Lily and all Lily could do was nod, a smile spreading across her face and Marlene ran to hug her friend and then “Why didn’t you tell me?” Little Doe was so confused but then Emmeline clicked and pointed at her friend, “Oh my god!” She jumped up and one by one the girls clicked somehow, and Doe realizing what was going on and crying tears of joy and the boys sat there confused and Alice was the only girl who wasn’t stood up but boy she was red.

Remus remembered what happened next to vividly he could almost relive the moment, because Lily looked down at Alice, who had her hand rested on her stomach, and looked at the drink and realized she hadn’t seen Alice drink all night either and Lily just asked her how far along she was and Alice hadn’t even told Frank yet and Frank was asking what was going on and Remus leaned forward and all the girls were quiet waiting for one of them to catch on, and Sirius was pale and Remus knew that he knew for sure what was going on because Marlene had had so many scares before and Remus told them, “I think Lily is pregnant? And I think Alice is also pregnant?” And the room had erupted.

Remus remembered so many tears of joy and Marlene pouring shots, “two each because they’re both two months pregnant!” But only her and Sirius were up for consuming even more alcohol so they did two shots for everyone and somehow they could speak afterwards, how Remus would never know. Frank crying when Alice turned to him after hugging Lily and telling him she was sorry but she hadn’t known what to do and was he okay? But Frank was so happy, so beyond happy that he picked Alice up on the spot and hugged her so tight. Remus shaking hands with James because there was going to be a little version of him and Lily running around soon and god help them all, and everyone being beyond ecstatic.

Remus remembered the look on Dorcas’ face that made his stomach turn because he knew exactly what she wanted, but he couldn’t make her live a life with him, he just couldn’t pin her down and he would never have children because what if they had his condition and he was so sorry that he couldn’t give her what she wanted so desperately because everyone knew Doe would be the sweetest mother anyone would ever know. Marlene saw Remus sitting alone in the corner and sat down next to him, she told him to stop thinking what she knew he was thinking because they had had this conversation before, Remus had tried to push Dorcas away for so long and Marlene had talked sense into him and please just consider it, imagine how happy she would be if you proposed? And Remus considered it on the spot, because he could so easily spend the rest of his life with her, and he imagined her in a wedding dress and tears came to his eyes and Marlene had hugged him tightly. He had turned to Marlene, the strongest person he knew and told her, God knows what Sirius would do without her and she just smiled and told him she knew.

Remus still remembered celebrating with his friends till the sun rose but little Doe was asleep on his knee, too tired to continue partying but she was so happy, she couldn’t stop giggling.

Remus still remembered going into the kitchen with Sirius and having one of the most serious conversations he could remember because Remus told him right there that him and Marlene were meant to be, couldn’t he see that and of course Sirius could see that and as they watched Marlene chat with Lily so happily in the other room Sirius just smiled and told Remus he couldn’t imagine his life without her now, they were getting somewhere you know? And boy Remus was happy for them, so beyond happy. And Remus told him, he was going to propose to little Doe because he loved her so much, and if this was what she wanted, and would make her happy he could do it.

Remus still remembered the look on Peter’s face as he watched his friends, and he knew something was off, Marlene had expressed concern for Peter a while ago and Remus had brushed it off because it’s Pete, he will be fine he’s adamant he doesn’t need a girlfriend but this wasn’t about a girlfriend, something else was going on, he recognised the distracted look in Peter’s eyes, because he used to see it in his own.

Remus still remembered Emmeline and Mary snuggled up in Sirius and Marlene’s bed, and nobody had seen them sneak off but Marlene and Remus had found them and oh Marlene didn’t even care they were in her bed because they were so cute that the pair turned right back around and shut the door quietly behind them because Em had been so sad without Mary, so lonely and finally she stood a chance at happiness again.

Remus still remembered Alice and Frank leaving, the sun was now up, and the first cars were moving outside, hugs were exchanged and Frank asked how him and Doe were, he warned that she loved him like he didn’t already know but Remus realized some time later Frank was reminding him not that she loved him but that she also needed him because Doe was like a little girl at times, and the group all tried their best to protect her from harm and Frank was doing that because hearing that someone loves you from someone else can make it all seem so much more real and Remus promised him that he was going to look after her.

Remus still remembered the perfume that Lily had on when she left, too tired to think anymore, but with a huge grin plastered on her face and James oh James, he hadn’t let go of her hand yet and all he said to Remus was I told you so and oh he did, but Remus was so happy and once again Lily hugged him tightly and told him that they would see him soon, bring Doe round they said, Remus promised he would.

Remus still remembered Pete leaving on his own, telling the others he had to be somewhere and Remus remembered wondering where but he left Pete to it because Pete was so harmless he was probably visiting his mum and as he waved goodbye Remus could have sworn he saw a tear roll down Pete’s cheek as he waved goodbye from across the road, but he was probably imagining it so he let it go.

Remus still remembered Emmeline and Mary emerging from the bedroom, Marys cheeks flushed red embarrassed that they couldn’t slip out quietly because it was only Remus, Dorcas, Marlene and Sirius left now. But they all hugged as Doe lay asleep on the sofa and congratulated them on getting back together and Ems smile followed up to her eyes again, for the first time in a long time and although Mary was still friends with them all being older than the rest of them they didn’t know her as well as they wanted to. And they waved goodbye and watched the pair leave.

Remus still remembered Marlene sitting with Sirius when everyone had gone and he was waiting for Doe to wake up, because nobody liked waking her when she was asleep. She sat between his legs and leant back onto him, as he wrapped his hands around her waist.

Remus still remembered how normal they looked, and it hit him right there how much they really loved each other because he had never really considered it before, they were Marlene and Sirius of course but he could see it now, he could see the dependence on each other and he smiled to himself but of course Marlene saw it and asked him and he told her: “I just never realized how much you loved each other.” Simple as that.

Remus still remembered them both going red, embarrassed, also something Remus had not seen before but they didn’t deny it, and that was a big step for Marlene and Sirius.

Remus still remembered Sirius kissing Marlene’s forehead gently.

Remus still remembered noticing her wearing his shirt.

Remus still remembered Marlene asking about Doe, and he smiled and looked at Sirius, who just nodded.

Remus still remembered Marlene grinning at him and telling him that she didn’t miss a trick, and telling him how happy she was.

Remus still remembered the moment he realized he was as happy as he could imagine.  

Remus still remembered Doe waking up and reaching for him, wanting a cuddle.

Remus still remembered Marlene and Sirius laughing, because who would have thought that Remus could ever have someone so loving.

Remus still remembered leaving with Doe and telling Marlene and Sirius to call around soon.

Remus still remembered arriving home with Doe to an owl saying her brother had been killed last night.

Remus still remembered her breaking down.

Remus still remembered baby Neville and Harry being born the following July of 1980.

Remus still remembered buying the ring for Dorcas, but being too nervous to propose.

Remus still remembered the pit in his stomach when he found out about Frank and Alice, and poor baby Neville left without his parents.

Remus still remembered Marlene being killed in July 1981, 4 months pregnant with Sirius’ child.

Remus still remembered the ring he had in his pocket when he found out Voldemort had killed Dorcas in the September of 1981 and his world came crashing down around him.

Remus still remembered the ache in his heart when Lily and James were killed and betrayed in October, leaving little baby Harry with nothing.

Remus still remembered Sirius being set free all those years later only to have his life snatched away from him for the last time.

Remus still remembered Emmeline, but she was killed too in 1996, after all those years he had found it too painful to speak to one of Dorcas’ friends.

Remus still remembered the good old days with his friends, laughing, drinking and smiling.

But most of all Remus Lupin remembered Dorcas Meadows and her love for him, that he didn’t quite get to show her in time.

Kenneth Kogane and the single fatherhood

When Keith was born the hospital was silent, Kenneth Kogane became a single father. By no means was he a good father, half the shit he did was off some mom blog titled “The McClain Fam” that archaic meme language from his childhood caught his attention, dont patronize him.

That and Adelida McClain was an experienced mother with five kids and one on the way, her blog had tips on baby care, recepies, job sources, help groups and helpful advice on how to keep Keith calm, even with his adhd. Also how to deal with kids questions in a calm healthy manner.

When Kieth we six Kenneth decided to adopt, this brought Takashi Shirogane into their lives, the ten year old was snarky and intelligent (he was also a little shit, dont let those angel eyes fool you); he also enjoyed working on the farm as much as Kieth did. Which means not at all. When Kenneth had to haul some shit into town, or barter with old siles down by the edge of town for more trade offs, Shiro would stay behind and teach Keith about all kinds of things.

Adelida says it’s normal for the elder sibling to take control sometimes, she also recommends family meals and to have The Talk early

Kenneth was, a he used to say, shook.

The Talk was awkward, he covered all bases, the LGBT+ outline, the gender spectrum, how sex worked. Kenneth swote he’d never do shit like that ever again, everything was so awkward.

When Shiro was accepted into the Garrison the whole town celebrated, such a miracle to happen in the middle of nowhere; when Keith was also accepted the town rejoiced and partied again.

Then Shiro went missing, and everyone mourned, Kenneth read passages of Adelida’s blog about the morning process during parenthood, Kenneth made sure to call Kieth daily, wether it’d be a check up or to tell his son about something that happened.

Kenneth wasn’t told Kieth was kicked out of the Garrison, until he went missing along with Pidge Gunderson, Kehlani “Hunk” Garret, and Lance McClain. Then everything went to shit, the town looked at him with such pity it pissed him off, even though they were trying too help.

Kenneth wasn’t a religious man, but by the seven seas did he pray. Every morning, every night he prayed during lunch he begged any deity for a sign. For his sons, for those other kids; with no success after three years he almost cursed any and all religion in its entirety

Until one day, a giant castle came from the sky and five multi colored lions came flaunting out, all zooming off in different directions, two of which came to his farm, fucking up his damn wheat fields, his sons came home.

They each got a smack on the back of the head for not sending some fucking message, but they were safe; well mostly safe, Shiro had a metal arm and serious ptsd (what the fuck was up with the white hair?), Kieth had scars and a wary disposition that put people off (his mother’s knife hung in a holster by his hip).

Kenneth met Shiro’s boyfriend Lance, and holy shit was he not the cutest thing this side of the montana river, would it be bad if he threatened his son rather than lance?

He also met Allura, Kieth’s “friend”, and if that ain’t a damn lie. They both had that Disney look in thier eyes, Kenneth wanted to expose them both and drink the tea.

He met team voltron, and, the best part

Lance McClain was the son of Adelida McClain, Kenneth was shook. It is also to be noted that he singled handedly planned two fucking weddings at the same time. Both were a success by the way.

The Hill - Jamie’s perspective.

Sooooo a rather popular request has been seeing the moment Jamie and Claire shared in The Very Bones of You. Now this fic has expanded quite a bit and now has several installments. So in order they go:

Here is the sixth installment. I hope you enjoy it :-) Thank you so much for all your likes and re-blogs and support. Han xxx

Jamie woke with the smell of heather still in nose and the sound of his wife’s pleasure echoing in his ears, the sound distant but distinct like listening to the ocean through a curved shell.

He was dimly aware of the quilt pressing uncomfortably against the insistent swell of his erection and moved his hips impatiently trying to free himself.

Beside him Claire snored gently and he stilled his hips, carefully reaching beneath the covers to lay his cock flat against his belly.

Jamie closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on sleep. It had been a long day and Claire had been ill for most of it, unable to keep down much beyond a dry bannock and water, the babe within seeming to repel all other food, Jamie didn’t want to wake her now.

As his body relaxed once again, his mind wandered unbidden to the hill. Since marrying Claire and losing his virginity nearly twenty-one years previously, Jamie had tried a great many sexual positions in a great many unusual places, and many of them he would not have previously thought possible, yet it was the afternoon on a wee hill in near Lallybroch that his mind kept returning to.

Perhaps it was not the coupling but the fear that had gone with it following his confession to Claire of his second marriage and her offer to leave him and return to her own time … Jamie shuddered and rolled over onto his side, pressing himself against his wife’s back, curling around her and inhaling her scent deeply.

Aye, maybe it was that which woke him in the night. He had lived so many years without fear, for what was there to fear when he had nothing left to lose? Of course he had feared for Jenny and the bairns after Culloden and then for William and the scandal Jamie’s presence might bring about for the lad, but they had been fears for others, not for himself. It was not until Claire returned and her kiss breathed life into him that Jamie had once again feared for himself, for he knew that if he were ever forced to live without her again, he would die and die longing.

But there was more than that – fear alone could not make him wake in the night with a raging cockstand and blood pounding through his veins like beasts in stampede!

Jamie traced the curve of Claire’s hip, his finger barely touching the fabric of her nightgown. The soft rhythm of her sleeping breath, almost like a child’s in it’s depth and sweetness, would bring tears to his eyes if he allowed it to. The way her hand rested on the pillow beside her face, fingers lightly curled, nails smooth and clean, the delicate bones of her wrist so small and fine and yet Jamie knew what those hands were capable of when woken.

They had the skill to heal with a blade, to draw seeds into herbs which cured sickness, they could pull a newborn child into the world and cradle it so tenderly, but they could also strike with a fierceness Jamie would not have believed had he not felt it himself and the hill had been no different.

Stay with me.

Those were the words he had thrown at her, his voice cracking under the desperate weight of them. Christ! The effort it had taken him not to kiss her, to try and force her to see the truth of his feelings and the depth of his love.

She had stared at him, her chest heaving and her face so lit with fury it could have blinded him. But she had stayed. Unblinking and immovable as the granite rocks around them, she had stayed and he had matched her stillness with his own, terrified to even breathe.

And then she had reached for him, her hands raising to wrap themselves in his hair, pulling him down to her, pressing her lips against his hard enough to bruise them both and he had met her in kind, his teeth scraping hers and his fingers tearing at the laces of her bodice. She had bitten him hard enough to draw blood and slapped his face before yanking his shirt over his head, her fingers going to the buckle of his belt whilst he tried to free his arms.

As she yanked it free Jamie wondered if she meant to strike him with it, to work the leather up and down his body until her arm grew tired and in his fear and fury and lust he had welcomed it, but she had thrown it aside.

Jamie snorted in the darkness, she had known even then that she needed no tool to punish him, nor any help in bringing him to heel.

He had born her back against the earth, lifting her skirts and dropping his breaks to his knees before climbing atop her. My God! How he had wanted to own her, to make her cry out his name and to know that she loved him still. He had sucked viciously at the tender skin of her throat, leaving angry purple marks and she had repaid him in kind, raking her nails from buttocks to his nape, making him gasp and whimper, before growling for more and pressing fierce kisses to her breasts, heedless of his stubble rasping against her swollen nipples, flicking over them with his tongue until she arched her back and finally, finally cried out his name, taking him over the edge with her.

He had wept at that, tears of relief and of shame and asked her forgiveness. She had soothed him tenderly, stroking his hair and the welts her teeth and nails had left on his neck and told him there was nothing to forgive.

Jamie remembered touching her throat feeling her pulse flutter beneath his finger-tips, feeling it slow from racing and resume it’s steady beat beneath the bloom of colour his ardour had left at the surface and asking her if she felt it between them still, the bond of love which had endured so very much.

Perhaps that was why he kept returning to that day, because it had confirmed so solidly that what had once been between them was there still. The ability to be overwhelmed but still survive it, to strengthen from it … the ability to love unconditionally without reservation or regret.

Everything he had known they had, everything he had felt for his Sassenach and believed she felt for him, confirmed in one gasped breath on a chilly hillside.

A moment that clarified the rest of his life’s devotion.

In all that he was and all that he would ever be, there was Claire and knowing it was like seeing all of mankind’s achievements and failures stretched out before him in a never ending line and knowing that he would not see them all, but that he had what truly mattered, all that had truly mattered, right here beside him.

Jamie kissed the soft cloud of his wife’s hair and closed his eyes, sighing contentedly.

What do we do now?

Claire had asked him as they lay entwined on the earth, and he had no clear answer for her then but he did now. Now they were to live as they had always meant to. Together.

This is Wrong

Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: I got you bb c; High-school reader btw!

Prompt: “I am craving something scandalous! I’ll leave the idea up to you ;) thank yOU I LOVE YOUR WRITING!”

Word count: 788

Warnings: Swearing, age-gap relationship, angst, heartbroken raphie

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3


Ping! Ping!


Raphael’s left eye twitched as the constant text tone rang through the lair. Movie nights were his favorite, and yours too, but apparently tonight you weren’t really interested in anything that was on. Your eyes were glued to your phone as a permanent grin was fixed on your face. That grin had been there for weeks now, unwavering and strong. He should be happy, that you were so happy. But he had nothing to do with that smile, and it made him feel useless.

He grew up in a loved environment, but he never believed he could never love or be loved by any one other than his family. Then you came along, and your strength lit him up, and a fire burned inside him that could put the depths of Hell to shame. How was he going to watch you smile like that, and know he wasn’t the reason why?

Ping! Ping!


“Y/N give me the fucking phone or turn it off!” his voice bounced off the concrete walls, as he reached out for the phone. Your reflexes were fast enough to move your phone, diving it under a cushion next to you on the sofa.  

“It’s away! Chill out!” your face was a deep red color as you bashfully stared at the television in front.

“What’s your problem recently?” you ignored the question, eyes fixed on the screen as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ continued to play.

He shouldn’t have, but his curiosity got the better of him and his fingers tapped the passcode out on the illuminated screen. You’d fallen asleep on the couch next to him, head on one of the many scattered cushions.

Just unlocking the phone made his heart sting. What used to be a photo of the two of you; was now one of the generic preset backgrounds.

What were you hiding?  He saw a name: ‘Jack’. In messages, the conversations were long, and your replies detailed and flirtatious. His chest tightened and he squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. He forgot of his weight though, and the fidgeting made you wake silently, and your eyes pierced into the darkness, at Raphael’s illuminated face.

“What the hell, Raph?” your voice was a groggy whisper, but he heard it and when he did he dropped the phone next to you, it landing right side up and a photo of you with ‘Jack’ shined up at the ceiling.

“Who’s Jack?” the name was spat out, his fists clenched. The anger didn’t come from you having a boyfriend who he didn’t know of, but the man himself.

He was older, probably in his late 40’s, and from what he could tell, you were not supposed to be in a relationship with him. 

Getting up from the sofa, you breathed out, your heart feeling heavy. Shouldn’t you be angry that he had gone through your phone? Shouldn’t you be yelling at him? But no, the feeling of guilt weighed you down as you rocked slightly.

“Raph…” You reached out to hold his arm, small tears pricking at your eyes. As strong as you may make yourself out to be, you were fragile, and you did care about what your loved ones thought of you. He picked up your phone, flashing the bright screen at you.

“This. This is wrong. You’re young, why’re you getting yourself involved with him?” His voice was a lot calmer, having seen your scared expression when the light hit your face.

To say you had daddy issues was an understatement. You’d met Jack in your science class, he was your favorite teacher, and had been since you were 15. You’d grown with him, and he had with you. He was married, with two children. You’d met both of them, and one of them: your best friend. You’d see him in school, after school and even after you’d come back to your best friend’s house, trashed from a party. You’d gotten into a mess, and your feelings were far to deep to get out.

“Please Raph, sit down, and I’ll explain everything.” So, very much unlike him, Raphael sat back down on the sofa, and you explained everything to him. Pouring your heart out to this heartbroken terrapin. Tonight wasn’t a good night for either of you, and it was beyond wrong but you fell asleep in his arms that night, and you felt okay.

When asked, Abe Takaya would launch into a passionate defense about why he preferred Hero Support class over Hero class and why anyone with half a brain would realize that Hero Support was by far the better choice.

He was usually not asked, though. He usually launched into said passionate defense with only the slightest provocation, because people were stupid and he was so tired of having to correct them all the time but since someone clearly needed to set them straight, Abe was going to be that person.

“But, like, Hero Support is for sidekicks,” Hanai said on their first day of Nishiura Hero Preparatory Academy. “It’s for people who, you know, can’t actually make it as heroes because they don’t have superpowers.”

Hanai, who had sneered at their Hero coach for being a woman, was clearly an idiot and needed to be educated. Abe tried to count to ten, because he’d been informed that people didn’t always listen to him when he shouted at them, but then he ended up shouting anyway.

“Without Hero Support there would be no heroes!” he yelled, causing quite a few startled looks his way. “Do you know what the city destruction rate was before Hero Support was an organization? Nearly 68%,” he didn’t wait for Hanai to reply, because most people didn’t know about the statistics, “That means over half of the nearby environment was destroyed just to stop a single villain. Great, woo hoo, a bad guy is in jail, but that’s not exactly a consolation to the people whose homes are destroyed, now is it?”

And because once he started, he had a very hard time stopping, he continued on with his well-established lecture, despite the fact that Hanai was currently edging away from him. “Not to mention all the people who were hospitalized because of falling debris. A Hero is only good as a weapon, it’s Hero Support that does all the strategizing and coordination involved so that a villain is not only stopped, but stopped intelligently, with very little collateral damage. Hero Support is on the ground helping out civilians and minimalizing the damage. Hero Support are the people who see the big picture and tell Heroes where they need to go and what they need to do in order to bring the bad guys down. Without Hero Support there is no order and there’s certainly not a rescue. Hero Support are the real heroes. The people in capes are just—fire trucks. Guns, shields. Things you point in the right direction to stop the bad guys.”

At this point, Hanai, (and most everyone else around), was resolutely pretending he didn’t know Abe, so Abe stopped ranting. It never failed to make him angry. Heroes were flashy. They were good for a big bang, so people adored them and aspired to be like them.

But Abe, he wanted to make a difference. He actually wanted to help people. And Hero Support was the best possible route to actually get things done.

Mind you, he did recognize that he needed a Hero. All the best Hero Support started by forming a partnership with a Hero-in-training. The only way to attract the notice of Hero Support companies for internships and possible careers after graduation was to make sure he attached himself to the number one hero during high school.

After his disastrous partnership in middle school, Abe had very strict guidelines for what he was looking for in a Hero partner now.

Number one, he needed someone who would listen to him. He hated Heroes who tried to call the shots (they were always, always the ones who caused the most collateral damage. Heroes who didn’t listen to Hero Support got people killed. End of story.)

Number two, he wanted someone in control of their powers. While the flashy destruction powers were great for calling attention, Abe couldn’t stand people who couldn’t use their abilities properly. What was the point of even having superpowers if you couldn’t control them properly?

And finally, his number three priority was to find someone who could be the best. If Abe was to be recruited by the best Hero Support companies after graduation, then his Hero (and, by extension, Abe) would have to be number one while they were high school. Abe was fairly certain that as long as he found a person who fulfilled criteria one and two, he could make that person be the best, no matter what. But he acknowledged it would help in the long run if the potential was already there.

It was a fairly tall order. He knew that. (Aaaaaand he was even willing to admit, privately, that he was most likely not the easiest person to work with. On account of the yelling. He’d been told that most Hero Support aspirants maintained a soothing, calming sort of personality, to better keep a clear head in crisis and manage their Heroes. Abe had tried that for all of five minutes before realizing it would be much easier to find a Hero who was used to being yelled at).

He was prepared to wait a few months, maybe even his entire first year (although he’d hate to lose that much time) before he could properly vet out a Hero who would be able to meet his exacting criteria. He was prepared for the wait; the right Hero to be his partner would be worth waiting for, as long as they met his criteria.

His dad had told him that such a Hero didn’t exist—that Abe was going to have to bend and adapt because the ideal partner didn’t exist anymore than the ideal spouse. If you went into any kind of partnership with certain idealizations, Abe Takashi had said, then you were only bound for disappointment. And anyway, Takashi had continued on to say, there was no way he could respect a Hero who did everything he wanted.

Abe had replied that he didn’t need to respect his Hero, they didn’t need to be partners, nothing mattered so long as the Hero listened to Abe.

Then he met Mihashi Ren, who would end up proving both of them wrong on all accounts.

A/N: This is for @mrs-luigi-vargas who also won a runner-up prize for the Will You Ever Write Giveaway and requested AbeMiha Superhero AU! Sorry it ended up being mostly set up instead of the actual AbeMiha, I had this idea and ran with it and now seriously, it might need to be a longer thing because I really liked the concept. I’m going to file this away as another thing to return to after finishing other projects =D


Ignis is undergoing psychological training to further prepare him for the role of chief analyst and right hand to future King Noctis. This is very different from anything I’ve shared with you all! I honestly don’t know where it came from, I was reading another fic (who I’ll tag in a moment) stopped mid sentence- and feverishly began writing this. I hope you enjoy….? *gulps


 TW: Mental torture (?) Thriller. 

 Today he was in his parents’ house. The house where he’d grown up in Insomnia. His mother and father were both aging beautifully, and they welcomed him with open arms, beaming with pride at their son. 

“I’m making your favorite, my dear!”, his mom said in her usual chipper tone. “Mother,” Ignis began to protest, yet knowing all the wiser. “All these years of making me things, why not let me make you something for a change, hm?” “Where do you think you got the love of cooking from young man” she playfully retorted.

 “Yeah, let the woman alone!” his father chimed in, cracking a smile. 

 His parents. The only people he’d humor enough to let take care of him even for an instant. He did it mostly out of respect. He wouldn’t dare put up a real fight with his mother (she’d raised him better than that). 

“Father”, he nodded, finally being able to greet him while his mother was in the kitchen, humming to herself as she prepped the kitchen. 

“Come sit with me, my boy”. He gestured to the seat next to him on the couch, his words, full of warmth. Ignis joined him, his chest tightening, swelling with love for the man he hoped to be half as great as one day. His father took his hand, simply beaming at his boy, and the man he’d become. It was softer than Ignis had remembered, his grasp lightened with age. 

“Ignis, i’m so very prou- 


 Ignis’ heart shot out of his chest, the following scream he heard could only be that of his mother. He whipped his head around to reveal that she was trapped under part of the roof that’d come crashing down in the explosion. Shots rang out from overhead, and flying Niflheim tanks littered the sky. 

“We’re under attack!!” Ignis ran towards his mother who lay on the ground, oven mitt still on her hand. Another shot rung out crashing through the living room when he heard his father shout in agony. He was hit, and was bleeding from the gut. 

 “Ignis, sweetheart!” he heard his mom pleaded with him to help her. 

“I-ignis…” his father managed to mumble, blood spurting from his lips. After a moment’s hesitation, the cinematics slowed around him, waiting for him, allowing him time to make his choice. 

“I- I…” he looked down at his mother cradled in his arms. 

“STASIS”, he yelled. A wreck, and shaking. His mother disintegrated in his arms, and the room reset to it’s default of sickly white, with slightly flickering fluorescent lights that only added to the abysmal mood of the room. 

 “Mission objective: f a i l e d”, rang through the room. A different tri-tone voice came over the loud speaker, preceded only by the sound of a button being pressed, followed by a faint crackling silence. 

 “You’ve now exhausted your hault stasis for the month, Mr. Scientia.” 

“I know”, he said. Slumped on the ground where the image of his mother lay dying before him was, not only a minute prior. “I know”, he repeated. This time, defeat hung on his words. Anger building where fear had been, he began to kick himself internally for being too weak, too indecisive, and too slow to complete the mission. That was the third time he’d been unable to complete his Rapid Deduction test. He knew he needed work in this area. Hostage Negotiations VR had been relatively smooth, and gone without a hitch. Same goes for Strategic Planning VR, but his Rapid Deduction reasoning brought him to his knees every time. 

How was he to know which life he should save? His mother or his father. Who thinks about that kind of thing? Except, he knew the answer. It was him. He was expected to think of these things, to test him, and his mind. To make life changing decisions at a moment’s notice. 

 “That’s…enough, for one day” he finally said, bringing himself up to his feet. He heard the sssshhhhss sound of the air tight lock release on the sliding doors, and he left the virtual reality room without a second glance back. Tomorrow would be another day. Who knows what the scenario would be, but tomorrow, he’d be ready. 

Sometimes he wished his strength lie in the physical realm like Gladio. He has it so much easier. Physical labor- he’d take that any day, over his plot. Lift 1,000 lbs total, a day? Sure. Anything to escape an instant of the mental torture he’s put through. Similar to physical strength, he knows mental strength builds over time. “It’ll come”, he whispers to himself, walking to his car getting ready to drive home. “But i’m going to have to increase my stamina, and to do that i’ll need to be alert, awake, and at pique functioning capacity”.

 The next morning, he set out for his usual coffee place. “Ah, Mr. Scientia! Room for cream and sugar? Same as always?” chirped the cute barrister, brown ponytail bobbing.

 He paused, deep in thought.

 “Just black- thank you”

 “Ohh, something new today, I see?” she giggled. “Alright-one ebony it is! You betchya- coming right up sir” and she bounced away to prepare his cup to go.


 The tri-tone voice came over the intercom again (if he ever found out which of the Kingsguard was behind the two way glass..he’d..he’d…. )

He was never able to really finish the thought, seeing as he couldn’t really do anything to the Kingsguard, but if he could..it woulda been something bad.

 “Shall we begin again, Mr. Scientia” the familiar tri-tone voice rung out through the intercom, filling the VR room. Ignis met the voice with silence.


 “Shall we begin again, Mr. Scientia.”

A bead of sweat dripped from his forehead, and landed on the ground. How long had he been watching his loved ones die at this point. Three? Four? Five hours? 


 The press of the button filled the room, followed by the predictable crackling white noise, and the tri tone voice once more.

“Shall we begin again Mr. Scientia.” Ignis exhaled sharply through his nose, his hair clinging to his forehead, matted with sweat. His shirt, soaked through, revealing the muscles of his lean torso, and his heaving chest.


Noctis had been knocked unconscious. Gladio’s pelvis had been crushed by the red giant and he was now bleeding out from the massive wound. If Ignis could just get him the high elixer in time…but Prompto can’t survive against the giant foe for long on his own. He’s wasted too much time in thought. 

“Mission: F A I L E D”

 There had to be a way to save them both. There had to be. What was he missing, what clue was he missing. He knows he needs to move faster. No- think faster. Each time he tries to save them both he’s met with the same outcome. 

 “Mission: F A I L E D”

 Hot tears begin to cloud his vision, his eyes, feral, darting from one friend to the other. Wetness leaves his eyes having to watch his friends cry out for his aid and die over, and over. This simulation…it was becoming too much for him. He felt his mind begin to seer, and bubble underneath his skull.

 “I CAN’T”, his eyes going wild behind his glasses. “You bastards. I know you can hear me!”, demanding that someone from behind the double glass, covered by the running simulation have mercy on him.

 “Someone” he pleads. 

 Click. The tri-tone voice came over the intercom. 


 Mustering all the composure he had, and speaking through gritted teeth, eyes fixed on the floor “If…I could only have a glass of wat-”

 “Shall we begin again, Mr.Scientia” the tri- tone voice rang out once more. He wished desperately he’d not used all his halt stasis for the month. Gods, did he need them now. A soft “yes” managed to escape his lips. The words heavy with defeat did not carry far, and were almost immediately lost to the vast space of the room. 

Click. “Shall we begin agai-” 

“YES!!” his fists slammed into his legs in a hot fury. “YES. For Gods sake, yes.” Click. “Composure, Mr Scientia” the trill tone voice rings out, monotonously. 

Ignis, takes his glasses off and rubs the bridge of his nose, clenching his jaw together. He unbuttons his shirt, sweat pooling in the nook of his collar bones. “Proceed” he says sternly. A newfound determination, forming within him. He could save Gladio, but would he be happy without his lower body? Would he be able to find new meaning in life, no longer being able to live up to his father’s legacy? His entire family’s legacy? No. Ignis decided, you just can’t be sure. You can’t make decisions by what people might do. To save Gladio would mean leaving Prompto, who was basically a civilian. Not just any civilian. He just so happened to be Noctis’ closest friend. Ignis thought back, his mind racing, deducing, cycling through possibilities and probable outcomes of his actions in his mind’s eye. When Prompto had joined them in training for fun, he’d needed help on ¾ of the missions. That’s a 75% chance that he can’t survive without the assistance of at least one other person. Ignis’ eyes were darting around from Prompto, to Gladio who was in desperate need of that high elixr, back to Prompto, who couldn’t last much longer on his own. How would the King survive without the company if the one person who keeps him grounded? Prompto’s friendship is paramount to Noctis’ mental stability. Amicitia is of nobility though. His family, and his purpose practically bred into his DNA to protect the king, to train him, make him stronger. Gladio is an indispensable resource just with knowledge of combat alone, Ignis thinks. Noctis needs Gladio’s knowledge to be able to protect himself. 

Friends come second to the will of what the burden of the throne commands. 

 “Iggy, man! Prompto’s needs help! Ngh-” Gladio’s eyes rolled back in pain. Ignis turned away from Prompto. 

“I-Iggy? Iggy, buddy! Iggy!” Prom screamed, desperately trying to bring his friend back to his aid. Ignis’ choice marked the point of no return. He could feel his heart, ripping in two while he administered the high elixr to Gladio, only to be met with, “What in the Gods name is wrong with you! I could have handled this pain! Prompto! Ignis-” Gladio yells through his tears, “Prompto is dying!”

Red Giant still at large, Prompto laid on the ground, having suffered a final rib crushing blow to the chest. His eyes glassed over, a vacant expression on his face, mouth slightly parted, a tear falling over his star dusted cheeks and Ignis broke.

 “Objective: c o m p l e t e” rang through the room as it reset to its standard sickly white walls, and flickering fluorescent lights. He’d watched the look of betrayal color his friend’s eyes as they died by his actions a thousand times. A thousand times he’d have to choose what life to save, and when. Calculating who survives and who doesn’t if the time came down to it, and weighing one against the other. 

 Regis or Luna.

 Luna or Noctis.

 Prompto or Luna.

 Gladio or Iris.

 Iris or Prompto.

Time after time he’s met with incomprehensible combinations of loved ones. His heart shredding apart with each simulation. He learned not to show emotional weakness, and keep up his prim and proper image in the presence of others. If he couldn’t keep himself in check, how would he ever be able to keep the affairs of a king in order? Before long, he’s mastering almost any scenario, achieving the best possible outcomes, despite seemingly insurmountable odds. His training served him well throughout his journey with Noctis, Prompto, and Gladio on their way to the wedding in Lestallum. Ignis managed to keep the group alive, through otherwise fatal encounters. “Iggy!”, the prince would say, having exhausted all his resources. “I’ve got just the thing!” he’d reply, coming up with the perfect remedy in the heat of battle to defeat whatever foe blocked their path. During the fall of Leviathian, he’d been tasked with evacuating the citizens as quickly as possible. In the stampede of people rushing through the flood gates, a mother and her three children were making their hasty escape, her arms already already tied with two infants, her 5 year old had no choice but to run by her side. However, the influx of people managed to separate her from her oldest child. What’s worse, is that Niff soldiers were descending on the crowd, and the child found himself face to face with a Magitek trooper in the chaos.

 Ignis protested against his automatic thoughts, that were saying self preservation over the lives of a civilian. No. This is wrong. He thought. This is wrong. He managed to force one leg in front of the other, bursting into a sprint, his nerves on fire in rebellion against his conditioning. Mission failed rang through his mind at a maddening pace growing louder in his mind the closer he got to the child, when soon his mind’s voice was screaming MISSION FAILED. He didn’t care, this wasn’t a VR mission. This was real life. 

He pushed through his thoughts as he pulled the child to safety, he felt the slice of white hot iron to eyes. He’d been struck. 

 “Thank you! Thank the gods for you!” the mother managed through her sobs, clinging to her child. “Thank the gods for you! Thank the gods for you!” she said to Ignis, while littering her son’s face with kisses. His knees gave way, and he was taken under by the searing pain as his body met the blackness of the asphalt. 

His final thought before succumbing to the pain- objective complete.