he's measured the worth of his life and found it wanting against the loss of those he loves



“Alenko. Kaidan.”

It wasn’t the first time he’d ever received an unexpected package in his years of service with the Alliance, but it certainly wasn’t what he’d consider a common occurrence. More often than not, those few that had come his way had arrived in conjunction with adjusted orders or assignments. Sometimes a new piece of equipment or technology needed to accomplish the next goal would be sent ahead. This time, however, Kaidan had an odd feeling about it.

When the young clerk returned with a large envelope, the biotic released a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. It was paperwork of some sort, it seemed. Likely an encrypted datapad with some sort of vital information on it, he supposed. Once his identity was verified, the clerk cordially wished him a pleasant day and handed over the package.

Kaidan’s brow furrowed in confusion as he held the strange weight of the envelope in his hands. It was too light for a datapad and too heavy to be empty. He could feel something hard rattling around in the lower corner as he gently shook it, trying to identify exactly what it was he’d been given.

Something told him to wait until he could return to his hotel room, but curiosity got the best of him well before he reached his destination. Setting his bag down on a bench and taking a seat, he warily flipped the envelope around in his hands, searching for an explanation. It was a common sort of vessel for correspondence within the Alliance, he knew, but something about this one seemed so strangely unadorned and mysterious that it made his heart sink.


That was the only marking of note.

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