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Desc: Reader is a newly turned vampire struggling to control their hunger and heightened feelings for Kai.

Blood sharing & smut included

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“I’m so hungry,” you growled softly, a network of veins crawling to life beneath your eyes. Your whole body ached with a hunger only blood could satisfy, your fangs piercing lightly into your dry tongue. 

You stood in the forest, surrounded by bright green trees, your boots sinking into the rich soil beneath your feet. It smelt of pines and fresh air, but all your mind could do was spin with the urge to feed. Rays of feeble sunlight trickled from the dark clouds that hung low in the grey sky. You tried to be good because you didn’t want to hurt anyone, but you were a newly turned vampire, and animal blood only soothed your cravings slightly. You’d promised everyone you had everything under control, and they’d all bought it. Everyone except-

You heard the whoosh of somebody appearing behind you, and turned to face a cocky looking Kai.

“You can always try the human diet,” he offered. “Running away from me won’t make you any less hungry.”

His lips twitched slightly, forming his familiar & smug smirk. His blue eyes glimmered, his defined cheeks rosy, brown locks smoothed perfectly atop his head. He was stunning, yes, but…

“Kai, you hurt people, and I can’t do that,” you replied firmly. 

“Oh don’t play so innocent,” Kai teased. “I know you’re not the perfect girl you pretend to be.”

You felt your heart miss a beat momentarily, and you swallowed the lump in your throat with a little shake of your head.

“Leave me alone, Malachai.”

“But you’re so much fun, princess,” he smiled, licking over his pink lips.

You rolled your eyes and turned away, waiting for Kai to leave.

“Look, I know why you might not trust me,” he started softly, with genuine concern.

Your eyes fluttered closed, while you tried to block out the sound of his voice.

“But I promise you I can help you through this. I won’t tell anyone that you’d been lying to them, (Y/N). Just, please…let me be the good guy for once.”

You took in a deep breath, the veins under your eyes fading momentarily. 

“You don’t get to be the good guy, Kai. Because you’re not a good guy,” you hissed under your breath, refusing to look at him.

In a second, you were thrown backwards, your back thudding roughly against the sharp bark of the tree behind you. You yelped out, Kai pinning you firmly in place, his aroma overwhelming you, his eyes dark with anger.

“You know what, you’re right,” he breathed over, his voice low. “I’m not good, but neither are you. And don’t give me any of your bullshit, because I know the girl you are, the one you’re scared to show to anyone else. You’re a vampire now, and vampires kill. And as much as you might deny it, I know your pretty little mouth wants to be engulfed with the flavor of warm blood, and with your emotions heightened, you must be dying to try all the dirty little things you’ve never tried before,” he purred huskily.

Your chest rose heavily, eyes flickering over Kai’s annoyingly perfect features. It was impossible to think straight with his chest pressed so hard into you.

“You’re wrong,” you lied.

“Awh, really?” Kai murmured, his blue eyes drinking you up. “So if I did this,” he said, trailing his slender fingers between your thighs, “you’d feel nothing?” 

It was insane how much electricity you could feel through just the whisper of his fingertips, and how you noticed each individual goosebump arising under his touch.

“N-no,” you stammered, with little result.

“And this?” Kai hummed, his hands firm on your waist as he brought his lips gently to your neck. His mouth grazed over your skin, tongue gently swiping over your exposed flesh. Something inside of you stirred, and you involuntarily released a quiet moan.

Kai stopped, squeezing your hips lightly, his lips coming to your earlobe.

“That’s what I thought,” he whispered.

He released you at once, his blue eyes alight with lust. Without a word, he moved to leave you, his point proven. You vamp sped up to Kai, grabbing his wrists from behind, and slamming his body straight into an oak tree before he could react. His back hit the tree trunk hard, but he wasn’t phased at all, the look in his eyes knowing. Your hands trembled slightly, strands of your tangled hair toppling across your eyes. You stared at the malicious bad boy, feeling stupid for the way he made you crumble so easily. You bent forward, touching your forehead to his, eyes locking with his blazing blue ones. You breathed in Kai’s overpowering scent, dark veins crawling across your face as you inhaled. Your heart thrummed loudly, the only thing you could focus on being Kai’s fresh warm blood.

“Do it, (Y/N),” he dared, as if reading your thoughts. Kai raised a wrist to your parched lips, and your fangs sprung back out at once. “You know you want to.”

Without a second thought, you seized Kai’s wrist, bringing it straight up to your hungry mouth. Your fangs sunk deep into his flesh, and the taste of him instantly flooded through your lips. Both your hands came up to pin his arm harder into you, and you groaned in pleasure, your hands trembling from the need for more.

Kai brought his right hand up, and pushed your head gently into the crook of his neck, where he held you lightly. You could feel his cool rings against you as he brushed his fingers through your locks softly, cooing, “that’s right, sweetheart, keep going.”  

You nuzzled into him, the taste of his blood like a drug, the hunger inside you somehow only growing, not yet satisfied. Kai’s mouth hung open, and he let out a soft moan, the sight of your fragile form in his arms too much for him. His eyes grew dark with hunger, veins crackling beneath them. You whimpered against Kai’s wrist before releasing him, your eyes black, his blood leaving a red mess all over your mouth. Kai looked over you with adoration, a lopsided smile on his lips.

“Are you hungry?” you asked him when you saw his eyes.

“Not for blood,” he grinned, his tongue flicking over his fangs.

Kai seized you by the waist and flipped you onto the leaf strewn forest floor, so you grabbed his ankles, throwing him down beside you with a laugh. You whooshed onto his chest, straddling his body and bending over his lips to kiss him before he could react. He responded at once, hands flying up to grab your ass, tongue sliding into your mouth and fighting for dominance with yours. Kai sucked the excess blood from your mouth, a growl emanating from his throat as his lips worked with more force. His faint stubble brushed over your skin, and he squeezed your backside roughly as his lips molded perfectly against your own. You could feel Kai’s large bulge growing beneath you, and your hands instantly reached for his belt buckle. You tossed Kai’s pants off, and then literally ripped his shirt from his chest, your mouth peeling from his to dive into his rippled front. You trailed your tongue down across Kai’s chest before leaving sloppy kisses all over him, brushing your fingertips teasingly across his boxer line. Aggravated by your control over him, Kai flipped you onto your back, peeling off your own clothes, his breath heavy as he delved into your breasts. His name toppled softly off your lips, your head rolling back as he squeezed, sucked, and bit at your flesh. His lips attached around your nipple, and your hands went sliding into his hair as you held him there. The knot in your stomach grew tighter, the wetness between your legs increasing with every second. Every little thing he did to you was filled with so much more intensity as a vampire, and it felt good. Kai removed his mouth, leaving little kisses all down your belly and to your underwear. He hooked his teeth around the lace, removing the fabric easily before taking off his own boxers. Your eyes drifted down to his length, your eyes widening, the lump in your throat growing. Kai caught you staring, and did another one of his smug smirk’s. 

“Ohhh,” Kai sighed, two of his fingers rubbing circles gently against your clit. “I’ve wanted to fuck you senseless from the moment I laid my eyes on you.”

You trembled slightly, eyes flickering over Kai’s sculpted features, “so do it.” 

Kai’s eyes flickered back to your face, and he chuckled with delight. “And I bet you’ve wanted that too,” he purred.

“Please Kai,” you begged with impatience. “Just-”

“Just what, babygirl?”

“Just fuck me,” you pleaded, mouth watering at the sight of him.

Kai smirked, looking pleased, “I’ve broken you, haven’t I? Why haven’t you shown me this side of you before?” he asked seriously.

You closed your eyes, “I-Kai…”

“Tell me,” he whispered.

“I’ve been dead for three weeks now, and your somehow the only one who made me feel alive. I didn’t want to let those darkest parts of me feel for you, but I just…can’t,” your voice cracked at the end. “I need you so much, Malachai Parker.”

He looked you over, his eyes softening with adoration. And then, slowly, he gave you what you wanted. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as he entered you, his length stretching you wide open. Kai’s hands moved to your hips as he began to mercilessly slam his hips into you over and over again. You cried out in pleasure, a layer of sweat gathering on your forehead. 

“You’re-so-” Kai panted, “tight for me.”

Just the sight of him and sound of his voice was enough for you to want to go over the edge. Kai dragged out the next thrust, pushing into you at an excruciatingly slow pace, his mouth hanging open as he groaned your name.

“More,” you begged.

Kai moved one of his hands to your clit, rubbing vigorously as he began to quicken his pace again, finding your spot in no time. Your hands flew to his back, nails dragging across his flesh as you bounced harshly beneath him. Your breathing got heavier, body convulsing as your screams hit a high, your words ragged.

“FUCK,” Kai groaned, his head falling forward as he gave a sloppy final push, his come instantly emptying into you and filling you up to the brim. Your juices mixed with his, your body still shaking. Kai moaned and pulled out, diving into you at once to clean up the mess. His tongue gave little kitten licks to your heat, his head burrowed between your open legs. Kai dipped his tongue gently once into your folds before releasing you, his chest heaving. He flipped over onto his back, his arms sliding under your body and pulling you close into his chest. You curled up against him, arm dipping under his protective hold as you listened to the strum of his heartbeat. Kai mindlessly started playing with your hair again, his eyes always on you.

“You probably think I’m weak for giving into you so easily,” you said after a long silence.

Kai’s eyes crinkled sadly at this. “No, (Y/N), you’re strong, and that’s why I admire you. You spent so long avoiding me because if we ever got even a little close, it would mean that somewhere inside of you, a part of you felt something for a monster like me.”

“What does it mean that my weakness is you?” you asked softly.

“I don’t know,” he said. “What does it mean that a ‘psychopath’s’ weakness is you?”


now w the rest of the boys (minus their drummer)

inspired by x


“I am a human too!”

He took her note out of his pocket and read it again for the seventh time that day. As he did, he grew exactly the same smile as before.
“Thank you for making me hungry and I’m not talking only about food; you make me hungry in so many wonderful ways.

Jonathan Carroll

Sick - Request

Requested by @buckybarnesaddicted:  Hey can I have a request ? 😄 I have a cold at the moment and feel like reading a one shot where “Sherlock is taking care of you when you’re ill ” if you attached any gifs it would be awesome !!!

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 2,763

Warnings: None.

A/N: Ugh, I need this right now but in real life. Also, I suck at adding gifs, my apologies.


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Have you ever gone underwater and tried to listen to the conversation being held on the surface? Well, that was how (Y/N) heard everyone that day. Distant, confusing, overwhelming.

Have you ever smelled something so disgusting you instantly feel like fainting? That’s how (Y/N) felt that day, even if there was nothing to be smelled because her nose was blocked.

Have you ever been hung over and trying to act normal? Go to work, talk to people, even going outside to the sunlight. It’s annoying, like a hammer hitting ones skull every time a noise can be heard, and the sunlight feels like burning one’s eye orbs and just the thought of living feels like a nightmare.

Have you ever been so tired you feel like you can’t move? That was (Y/N). It was almost as the invisible elephants had tied invisible weights to her limbs just so it was harder for her to move. Or even more logically, like a prisoner who gets to carry the black berry around for a whole day.

But she coped with it. She followed John all over London, making questions, doing research, chasing after people and stopping to have something to eat in between all of that. She did it without complaining, only because it had to be done.

To be a Doctor, John was very distracted – or too much into his job – to notice she was sick. Maybe because in London the weather usually gets healthy people to have red noses – without mentioning the massive amount of makeup (Y/N) had tried to avoid looking like a character from Zombie Land – or maybe because (Y/N) wasn’t complaining, but either way, John had no idea she was sick.

Eventually, their work finished with a black eye on John and a few dollars less from (Y/N)’s bag. The two friends said their good-byes and went to their own ways. John returned home to his wife, and (Y/N) went back to Baker Street to give Sherlock the information they had gotten.

“You look terrible.” Sherlock commented without looking up from the files on his hands.

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me: i love reading Redwall so much, wow my soul feels so content right now and nothing could disrupt the tranquility of this moment with just me and this book–

brian jacques: “… so btw it was like being in the center of a delicious dream. Cauldrons of fresh vegetable soup steamed savory aromas around new oven-baked bread shaped into biscuits, batches and loaves. Haha, I heard your tum rumble. Anyway, did I mention the cheeses, ranging from deep yellow to pale cream and studded with nuts, celery and herbs, that were placed between heaped trays of woodland salads? No? Well I did now. Small tarts showed the rich hues of damson, apple, blackberry and greengage through their pastry-latticed tops. Yeah, you’re picturing them at this very moment. Add to that the jugs and pitchers of ale, fruit cordial and cold mint tea being brought to the tables by the servers…”


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It was so hard for me to choose because I have made over 1000 gifs of Leo alone (say whuuttt!!!) and I gotta choose between smexy, stripper, if looks could kill, cute and fluffy etc etc. Anyway you get my point and so I chose Hamzzi coz Leo + Food = OTP!!!

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||Beautiful|| Theo Raeken Imagine *Smut*

{Requested: Could I request a smut with either Isaac or Theo in which y/n is having a hard time feeling confident in her body and he finds out, so he takes the time to show her how much he loves her and how beautiful he thinks she is? I’ve been struggling with confidence lately, and I think that this would make me and others like me feel a whole lot better. I love your blog, btw! You’re an amazing writer!!}
*Warning: Smutty smut smut*

I stared at my reflection in the mirror, how could someone have so many rolls and fat on their stomach? I felt hot tears trickle down my cheeks as I pinch the fat, wiggling it. I glare at myself, how could someone, let alone Theo love me if I can’t love myself?
“(Y/N), are you ready?"My mom screamed from downstairs.
"Not yet!"I yelled back.
I grabbed a somewhat lose shirt so my rolls wouldn’t be as prominent and skinny jeans. I walked downstairs and saw Theo eating pancakes my mom had made for him and I.
"Good morning babe."I whispered as I pecked his lips.
His lips tasted like syrup.
"Morning baby."He mumbled, covering his mouth.
"Mom I’m not really hungry, could I have strawberries instead?"I asked.
"Sure honey."She answered.
I grabbed a few strawberries and washed them before eating half of it. I left the rest in my plate and walked with Theo to his truck.
"You ate like eight strawberries, get back in there and eat pancakes."Theo ordered as he dragged me towards my house.
"I’m not hungry Theo."I mumbled, making him tilt his head.
"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (Y/N)-”
“Theo I said I’m not hungry, now could we please get going before we’re late to school."I muttered, making him sigh.
The whole day at school, I had tried to avoid Theo’s touch. He always had this thing with touching me, my back, my thighs, my arms, and my belly. I couldn’t stand the idea of him being disgusted with me, I didn’t want him to be disgusted with me like I was. Theo noticed which made him ask questions, but of course I dismayed them. Lunch had came, he and I sat together as usual, but I didn’t eat lunch. This went on for days, for a week until Theo had enough.
”(Y/N) don’t underestimate me, I will shove food down your throat if you don’t eat. It’s not healthy.“He spoke up, making me clench my jaw.
"I’m not hungry-”
“You can’t lie to me, I can hear your stomach growling. You’ve been starving this whole week and you’ve barely ate anything. Why are you doing this?"He asked, making me look down at my stomach before looking at my hands.
"Is this because of your weight?"He asked, making me freeze.
"It is, isn’t it? (Y/N), you can’t stop eating because you feel fat-”
“I don’t feel fat Theo, I am fat!"I snapped, tears brimming in the corner of my eyes.
"You’re not fat. Besides, if you were fat, that wouldn’t make you less attractive."He stated, making me scoff.
"Of course you would say that, you don’t understand Theo. You’re fit, your body is a masterpiece, it’s art at its finest."I spat.
"You’re art at its finest, you’re priceless."He whispered as he began kissing my neck.
"And if you don’t believe me, I’ll show you."He muttered before pulling me up from our table.
Theo stormed off, dragging me with him to his truck.
"Where are we going?"I asked as he sped off.
’‘My house, where I’ll show you exactly how beautiful you are."He answered, making a smile creep up on my face.
Once Theo and I made it to his house, Theo carried me into his room upstairs and threw me on his bed.
"Have you ever heard the phrase, 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’?” Theo asked as he stripped me of my clothes.
I nodded, I’ve certainly read it before.
“Do you know what it exactly means?"He asked, making me shake my head.
I’ve always wanted to know, but never had the time to find out.
"It means, beauty cannot be judged objectively, for what one person finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal to another."He answered.
"And I find you breathtaking (Y/N)."He whispered as he stared down at my nude body.
His thumb lightly ran over my lips, making me nervous.
"Your lips, plump as can be. You’ve got very attractive lips, and I’m not just talking about the lips on your face."He stated as he looked down at my throbbing core.
He let his fingers rake down from my lips to my neck, immediately stopping there.
"And your neck, I don’t know why but your bare neck just gets me hot. I feel like leaving soft bites all over it."He continued before he attached his lips to my neck.
I moaned at the pleasure I was starting to receive. After awhile, he pulled away from neck. I didn’t have to look to know that he had left purple-reddish botches on my neck.
"Your breasts make my mouth water, they’re quite large. Who doesn’t love large breasts? I certainly do."He mumbled, massing my left boob with his hand while he suck on my right boob.
I could feel myself starting to get wet, I had a weakness when it came to the feeling of my nipples being sucked. I grabbed a handful of his hair, slightly tugging at it. That was one of his weakness, he loved hair pulling. Theo immediately let go of my breasts and let his hands run onto my stomach.
"Your stomach is beautiful, it’s absolutely beautiful because it belongs to you."He whispered before leaving a trail of kisses from my stomach to my core.
I tensed up as he placed a soft kiss on my lips.
"God, do I even need to explain how beautiful your lips are? I absolutely love the feeling I get when I’m inside you, the taste of you when I go down on you."He muttered as he let his tongue glide against my folds. I pulled tighter as his tongue worked magic on my dripping core. He kept going at it until I reached my climax, screaming in pure bliss. He grinned down at me as he helped me sit up, my body still trying to come down from my high.
"And you’re eyes are warm and filled with love, just like your smile. As much as I love your looks, I love you’re pure heart. There’s a light inside of you that makes me drawn to you. I love everything about you (Y/N)."He whispered, caressing my cheek with his thumb.
"You’re beautiful to me, and if I have to, I’ll keep doing this to remind you how beautiful I know you are."He stated, making me grin.
"I wouldn’t mind that."I spoke up, making him grin.
"Good because I intend to keep reminding you just how beautiful you are.”————-
Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. I hope you enjoyed it! Have a wonderful day/night!

Don’t Play With Me, Boy | one

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Taehyung is the love of your life. Or so you thought.

Word Count: 818

Warnings: none for now

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: fluff, slight smut, celebrity!reader au

Song: Blackpink’s Playing With Fire

A/N: BOi this fic is gonna kILL ME and aLL OF yOU

one | two | three | four

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frozen-passion-fruit  asked:

(The way you draw Matt is absolutely adorable! Honestly this is a 10/10 blog and I'm happy to finally follow it!) Is it possible to ask how are mornings like for Matt?

hes too sleepy in the morning to have the effort to be grumpy or happy so hes just kind of chill and he doesn’t really do anything until hes hungry) also thank you that makes me so happy ah))

Pairings- Mitch Marner

Originally posted by willynylanders

Y’all. I had this all written out then of course my computer decided to be a jerk and didn’t save before it crashed. Katie cried. So I picked myself up and rewrote it to the best of my memory! Anyway! Enjoy!

Warning: none!

Anon Request: Hey I was wondering if your request are still open I would love a Mitch Marner one where he gets his first NHL goal and the two are best friends and he tells tells her how he feels about her after the guys bugging him after the game I love your writing your an amazing writer when ever you update I have to read it right away and take all the time you need on it i don’t mind you get it done when you can!


              You sat in between Mitch’s parents in your matching Marner jersey.

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Have these??? I was kind of experimenting with the style I wanna draw like, in a chibi-like way. And used (one of) my fav OCs bc I’ve missed drawing them ;v;

(also click for better quality I didn’t have the patience to try and work the size out properly bc I used a different size canvas than I usually so >.>)

Can you do an imagine with Harrison? Fluff or smut will do :)

Thank you to the wonderful gif maker @tomandharrisongifs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“What do you want to do today?” Harrison asked, coming up from behind and placing his hands on my shoulders as I sat on the couch. I shrugged.

“I don’t know honestly.” I sighed, bending my head back to look at him. His blue eyes crinkled into a smile.

“What?” I asked. He just continued smiling.

“Whatttt.” I asked again, turning around and sitting on my legs, looking up at him. He pulled me into a hug and my head rested onto his stomach. I took in his scent and laughed when I heard his stomach growl.

“You’re an idiot.” I said, pushing away from him.

“How else am I going to tell you I want food.” He chuckled.

“Uhm an ‘I’m hungry’ would have been nice.” I said crossing my arms. He pulled me back up, bringing me to sit on the back of the couch and he leaned against it. He cupped my face and rubbed my cheek with his thumb.

“We’re going out to eat soon?” He asked. I rolled my eyes and smiled.

“Yeah I guess.” I sighed.

“Oh you guess huh.” He said, knocking me down onto the couch and sitting on top of me.

“Harrison!” I scowled as he sat on top of me, pinning my hands above my head.

“I guess I’m just going to have to sit on you until you say we can leave.” He says, a smug look on his face.

“Harrison come on.” I said, trying to get my hands loose.

“Nah uh. I want food. Tell me we can leave now and I’ll let you go.” He says. I groan.

“But it’s too early to leave.” I say.

“Then I guess we’ll have to waste time.” he says, kissing my neck.

“Harrison. Now is not the ti-”

His lips press into mine, soft and hungry, making me loosen up a bit. He lets my hands go slowly and they find their way to his face, one hand rubbing his ear lobe and the other tangled in his hair. His hands roam my sides, slowly and making me want him.

He kisses my neck to my ear, pulling the lobe with his teeth softly, making me bite my lip and arch my back. He lets out a chuckle and kisses my shoulder blade, back up to my lips.

I bit his upper lip, making a small moan escape.

“No fair.” He whines, looking at me.

“I’d say it is fair.” I smirk, as I help him with his shirt.

“I’ll show you fair.” He mumbles, taking my shirt off and biting my neck.

My hands fumble with his pants but eventually they get off.


I’m wearing one of his button ups and some skinny jeans, brushing my hair out as we get ready to go and eat.

“You look good in that shirt.” He says, appearing in my mirror. I smile.

“It’s yours.”

“I figured. It fits you a tad big though.” he chuckles. I shrug.

“I couldn’t find your hoodie.” I pout, knowing his button up wouldn’t keep me warm.

“Well have you checked your closet? That’s where most of my clothes go.” He smirks.

“It’s not going to be in there.” I sigh, opening it up and looking through it.

“I bet a kiss it is.” He says. I roll my eyes.

“You’re going to loose because it’s not-”

“Told you.” He says as I pull out his hoodie.

“Oh shut up.” I say, unbuttoning my shirt and putting the hoodie on.

“I believe you owe me a kiss.” Harrison says, pulling me to him.

“Do I really?” I say, my hand on his chest. He nods and I roll my eyes.

“Don’t you roll your eyes at me. I won. Now pay up.” He smiles. I peck his lips and move away but he pulls me back, cupping my face with his hand and kissing me.

“That’s… a kiss.” He says as he pulls away. I roll my eyes again and he huffs.

“Let’s go. Im hungry now.” I smile.

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Flashes of the Future (Part 7)

Summary: All James and [Y/N] are looking for at the end of a tiring day… is to turn off their minds and unwind.  

Pairing: James Buchanan Barnes x Reader

Words: 4633

Warnings: swearing, descriptive 18+ smut, probably not the most ‘responsible’ setting…

A/N: Penultimate chapter. Enjoy it while you can. See the Masterlist for more information and/or Series Masterlist for other stories.

Originally posted by a-frappuchino-world

Chapter 7: A Flash of Desire

Brisk footsteps paced through the hall. Shaking her head from side to side, [Y/N] cleaned her hands on her apron and stepped outside of the kitchen for a second to reprimand her children.

“Alex! Steven! What did I just tell you?” She said into an empty hallway that led to their bedrooms.

“Sorry, ma.” Both of them hummed, and silence took over again.

She returned to the kitchen to put the casserole in the stove, then turned back to the pile of used utensils that would continue to grow and add to her disquiet, if she did not do something about it instantly. What she loved about casseroles was that the preparation of the evening meal required very little of her attention once she closed the door of the kitchen stove. So now she could already get started on the cleaning rather than having to do a much more arduous job after dinner. It was a small victory, but one she was very thrilled about. One after the other, she grabbed the dirty bowls, knives, saucers, cutting board, and spatulas, and wiped off the refuse then piled the items on top of one another in a specific order, and placed them on the counter next to the sink to wash. She sighed. If only they could afford a second radio. She would have enjoyed listening to some fun tunes while she was doing her domestic work, but for now she would have to be her own recreational fun. Humming the melody to All My Love, she grabbed a dish pan, placed it in the sink, and turned on the faucet until the pan was half full of water. All my love, I give you all my love. After turning off the faucet, she removed the soap from the top cupboard, where the children could not reach, and added it to the boiling hot water. All my sighs will disappear at last. First, she rinsed and dry-polished the glasses the children had used that day, then came the cooking utensils with remains of food on them. Now that you’re here at last. These would require a bit more effort, so she added more soap until the dish pan was filled with soap suds. Soap suds seemed like a lot more fun to her when she was a young girl who got to help out her mother. You thrill me—.

“Oh, that smells great. What’s cookin’, good lookin’?” [Y/N] turned her head and saw James standing in the doorway of the kitchen. He was all smiles, looking like a kid who just walked into a candy store, with bills and letters in one hand while the other had already begun loosening up the top buttons of his shirt.

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