he's made of kittens i swear

Some more MMPR 2017 headcanons and you cannot fucking stop me.

Some headcanon discussions i’ve had with @waltersandmurdock

  • As well as being 5′0, Trini has teeny hands and the team love to tease her about it, calling her ‘kitten-hands’ which leads to them being thrown to the ground. 
  • Surprisingly, Kim is the worst when it comes to swearing. Girl has a very bad mouth. 
  • She’s also taken her master Queen Bee shit-talking skills and applied it to her ranger duties. She made Rita cry.
  • Alternatively, Jason does not swear. Like, at all.
  • He grew up in a very christian house-hold so swearing was off limits. He says things like ‘Gosh Darn it.’ and ‘That just boils my parsnips!’
  • When he does swear, everyone will stop and stare at him, mouths gaping open.
  • Billy: You know you fucked up when Jason says a swear word.
  • The team are really, really protective of Trini? Not only is she the youngest (only by a couple months), but they know Rita targets her constantly because she’s deemed Trini the weakest link. 
  • So whenever Rita targets Trini, they immediately form the safety sphere around her because no green crystal candy alien bitch is ever hurting Trini and getting the fuck away with it. 
  • Sometimes hours before they’re dropped into battle in their zords, The team will just lounge in the cockpits of their zords, doing their nails, reading magazines stashed away under the seats.
  • Or in billy’s case, do his god damn homework like the nerd he is.
  • Billy manages to set up a mini radio station that plays music through the zords so sometimes during battle in the zords very fitting battle music will play.
  • Sometimes the team get to pick what they listen to. Someone picks Avril Lavigne (Spoilers, it’s Zack)
  • Jason and Trini are tied for most cuddliest in the team and Billy is designated little spoon. 
  • For someone who axed her hair with a pair of school scissors, Kim is weirdly good with giving undercuts.
Cuddles with Michael would include;
  • Him being the big spoon because the only time he’s the little spoon is when he’s crying.
  • The blanket pulled right up to your chins.
  • The sneaky tickles off him.
  • “Michael stOp!”
  • Lots of giggling.
  • “Michael I swEar to gOd.”
  • Him kissing your cheek repeatedly when he knows he’s made you ‘mad’
  • “I’m sorry kitten.”
  • Him tucking you both into blanket burritos.

This is my first blurb type thing, if you like it be sure to let me know <3