he's made for snl i swear

Breathe, savor it, own it, I swear to
god if I’m hostin’ I’m makin’ the most of this moment and I am–

from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s opening monologue on Saturday Night Live

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You know what annoys me? Harry can apparently thank his interviewers (who are literally just doing their jobs) and has done so twice now but can't thank fans even once (you know, the people who are voluntarily supporting him - not even after they got him to number 1 in the uk)

Anon, you know I’ve been saying that for weeks! It’s so fucking rude. So rude to the very “teenage girls” he purports to support. (While writing songs about mothers dying and having five minutes to tell their infants to take over the world. Yeah OK.)

Should we brace ourselves for hendall 100.0 may be this time the yacht will be cannes for the festival.. cause why not

Yeah, I’d hope they’d find someone else, but hey.

I think what most annoys me about this whole thing is that the very same bloggers who were speculating we were going to get a coming out (in Another Man first, remember?) or at least a soft coming out or at least not stunting with girls are now like, “What did you idiots expect? He’s closeted!” I mean, I strongly suspected this was coming

But what pisses me off is several large blogs in the fandom acting like people who are upset are stupid when those same fucking blogs were pushing this idea that this time would be different. When those same fucking blogs would trash any of the other men for saying this. When those same fucking blogs pushed the Azoffs as saviors. Just like, admit you were wrong. Admit you don’t know things. Admit that your “sources” are all bullshit.

Or at least  admit that you think Harry is better than anyone else (including Zayn) and that he “deserves” all of the good he gets.

I also want to pull out some bits from an old post (Feb 10th, 2017):

[A]t some point–when they’ve all hired new teams, etc–you have to say “hey, they chose to hire those teams.” Celebrity is a job, and these are the people they’ve hired to help them do their jobs.


This also applies to Harry choosing my-metric-is-I-woke-up-and-continue-to-manage-to-breathe Jeff. Harry’s image hasn’t changed at all, so he obviously needs/wants/likes the “aloof hipster who doesn’t mention a single bandmate by name and makes it clear by side talking (in the AM interview) that 1D isn’t coming back” image.


These aren’t teenagers any more. They’re adults who know how the industry works. I know this side of the fandom likes to forgive the men for everything that we don’t like/don’t agree with, but they aren’t gods who belong on some pedestal. I’m too old to pretend that human beings are perfect, and that applies to all of the men.

C’mon folks. This isn’t Rolling Stone magazine making shit up. This is his image. It’s the same one that’s been cultivated for years.

Are people really that blind. Do they think Harry or his team has no say in what has been written in this magazine. Or its only harry who gets the benefit of doubt and the others are accountable for what are being said abt them. This fandom is swimming in a delusional world. Such a shame

Yeah, Harry is the only one who gets the benefit of the doubt. And the huge double standard (Harry can do whatever the fuck he wants and not criticized for it by the majority of the fandom) is part of why I started unfollowing a lot of the…more vocal and “connected” Larries who seemed to try and control how people reacted. It’s also why I checked my own behavior about Zayn.

The fifty year anniversary issue? Lol for days.

I actually saw a post about how he was the first to do SNL coast to coast, and this, and something else, all about he’s a history maker. Dude has good connections, I’ll give him that. Too bad they still haven’t made me like his image.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

But hey, I’m looking forward to getting my copy of Rollacoaster! I am crossing my fingers for a good interview and prepared for the worst.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE your writing, and was wondering if I could request a story about y/n is Harry’s absolute best friend. He’s talked about her in interviews and taken her to red carpet events etc. She’s famous herself, since of course she’s Harry’s best friend. News breaks and pictures surface of her boyfriend with another girl and Harry see’s while he is filming and tells her to fly out to him and things between them get smutty. 

“Coming up on Entertainment Tonight…Maxie Lawrence’s heartbreak.  The world watching while her boyfriend Will Sellers is photographed with another woman.  The hollywood power couple on the rocks?  We get the scoop from insiders on this couple and what’s in store for their future.”

Harry stood up from his seat.  He was infuriated, probably more than he ever had been in his life. Max hadn’t even said a word about this the last time he’d spoken to her and that was just a few hours ago.  

He glanced around the room frantically looking for his phone.  Dammit he hated that he’d become so cut off from everyone and everything.  He saw the screen light up under his covers and he literally dove to grab it.  He didn’t even have to look at the things he was tapping to know he was hitting Max’s name.  

He bit his lip nervously while he waited through each agonizing ring until she finally picked up.  He heard a sniff and then her shaky voice,

“Hey…”  She breathed out a breath.

“Max…”  Harry started, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I don’t know…”  She whined out following it with a strangled cry.  She sniffed again, “I thought it would go away.  I didn’t believe it at first.”  

Harry felt terrible for her.  When they were younger he could remember both of them listing all the things they wanted out of life.  He thought for sure when he’d hit it big with the group and she got discovered for a new movie role that there would be nothing but smooth sailing from here.  He couldn’t have been more naive.

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My Top 10 Favorite Things About The New Ghostbusters Movie

Because apparently I like telling Tumblr my 10 favorite things about nerd movies.

1.     Kate McKinnon. I mean, I could probably leave it there. But I no longer see her and call her “That one SNL girl”. Because she is queen. And seriously, her face. In every. Single. Frame. I swear her face is made of rubber. Like, her expressions are fantastic! I’ve finally found Buster Keaton’s opposite. And somehow I still love both of them.

2.     Chris Hemsworth being a dumb blonde. Okay, so I know I’m like, way behind on the times here. But I’ve honestly never really thought Chris was attractive. Like, I didn’t think he was unattractive I was just like, “Meh. Doesn’t do it for me.” And I swear I’m not attracted to his dumb-ness. I think I’m attracted to the fact that I saw him and was prejudice and thought “Buff, blonde, action guy. He’s got to be a tool.” But tools aren’t okay with making fun of themselves. And the fact that he’s literally playing a reverse-gender-stereotype-dumb-blonde makes me sort of love him. The glasses don’t hurt either. And maybe I’ve just discovered his smile. It’s not my fault! I was blinded by prejudice before!

3.     All the nods to the original movies and the cameos. Seriously, all the people who are mad that they’re rebooting Ghostbusters. Seriously? The original cast is behind this reboot! They support it. And they made all these nods to the old movies. They kept the movie sort of cheesy and goofy like the first two were and didn’t try to action it up to grab the attention of a modern audience. That movie is totally 80s/90s but with better graphics. And it was loaded with Easter Eggs. And I love them for that.

4.     Just Kristen Wiig in general. I mean, I already loved her. But this just made me love her more.

5.     All four of those little weirdos. I’m so glad they made these characters so real and relatable and dimensional. This wasn’t “Let’s make Ghostbusters, but with women!”. Because that would be cheap, and it would feel cheap and flat. And I would have hated this movie if it felt like they were pandering to a female audience to pacify feminists or whatever people think they were trying to do with this movie. They just made an awesome movie with flawed, crazy characters who just happened to be female. And it was awesome and flawless. It so easily could have been, “Ghostbusters but with women!” but it wasn’t. It was just “Ghostbusters”.

6.     The ghosts. I mean, I know they were cartoon-y but I loved them. The movie stayed sort of light and didn’t go full-on The Conjuring. And that made it feel like the originals :)

7.     The five billion one-liners. Particularly from Chris Hemsworth. And his inability to answer the phone.

8.     Kristen Wiig’s face every time Chris Hemsworth was in the room. And Melissa McCarthy attempting to rein her in.

9.     Patty being a genuinely nice, concerned human being. She wasn’t a scientist like the others. She just wanted to help out. And even in a crappy job where people ignored her, she still tried to be nice. And that’s so rare.

10.  Patty saying, “Nothing in here. Just a room full of nightmares.” About the room full of mannequins. Because FINALLY a character in a scary movie who does and says what any normal human being would say.

**And bonus. The scene after the credits :)