he's mad because he lost time

These Hands

So before Toei makes or breaks this, here'smy take on Vegeta’s worry over baby Bra.


Not even the aches of a vigorous workout could satiate his worry.

Vegeta huffed as he dropped to his knees, sweat creating a pool between his fingers firmly planted on the ground. He had overworked himself again, trying to alleviate his unease the best way he knew how.

It still wasn’t enough.

He couldn’t turn off the thoughts that raced through his brain. Once upon a time, he was able to block out his conscience, silencing the voices by way of purge and inducing fear, getting lost in the madness that was Frieza’s army.

But he didn’t have that luxury now. And they screamed at him relentlessly, forcing him to cover his ear with his palms, hoping to regain his sanity.

‘What if you fail for good this time? What if she hates you because of your past? When the time comes, can she separate Vegeta the father from Vegeta the sinner?’

They paralyzed him; creating a heavy weight that threatened to burst the vessels of his stomach open. He was already a father, and even though he was anything but parental in the beginning of Trunks life, his son was happy and healthy and strong.

But that was Trunks. A boy Vegeta had the luxury of meeting before the babe even drew his first breath. He was able to see his strengths and weaknesses, get an idea of his personality, a perfect combination of wit and pride.

But she was different, she was new. She was the magnifying glass on the person he had grown to be all these years later. She wasn’t going to arrive in the midst of battle; her father wasn’t lost in his own selfish vices of becoming the strongest in the universe. He hoped she wouldn’t know the taste of battle, he prayed to Dende that her skin never became scarred with battle wounds outside of childhood scrapes. He wanted something different for her. If Trunks was his physical form of everything he pride himself in as a Saiyan, she was everything he wanted to become in a man.

In a father.

It scared him shitless.

He rose to his feet, wobbling from exhaustion, and turned off the simulated gravity. He felt relief wash over him as the chamber returned to normal gravity levels, his muscles singing in victory as they relaxed.

His stomach yelled at him vigorously, betraying the plea of isolation from his anxieties. A quick lunch couldn’t hurt, followed by a shower. And then back to the gravity room to work out his pent up aggressions.

He hadn’t seen Bulma really, other than to check on her swelling belly and deal with her hunger cravings. He didn’t know what to say to her. The day she announced that she was pregnant, he simply nodded and went to train. He may have become a good man, something he still struggled with, but he was still Vegeta. And Vegeta did not feel comfortable expressing his inner most thoughts.

And those thoughts were currently a tornado of happiness and fear, patronizing him completely until he was nothing more than a flame haired mess of emotions.

He made his way to the compound, the sun beating against his sweat slickened back, and let his mouth water to the promise of left over steak that had been cooked the night prior.

And he just about blew the whole damn place up when he saw the meat being devoured by the third class.

“Vegeta!” Goku announced, juices from the steak pooling around the indents of his mouth, “Bulma said you were trainin’ pretty intensely, I didn’t think I’d see you this early.”

Vegeta scoffed and crossed his arms. Bulma sat across from Goku, smiling at him with that hypnotizing grin of hers, the same one that led him to being a father twice now, and he relaxed the tense lines of his jaw. She was glowing, bathing in the pregnancy glow that radiated around her as she massaged her massive stomach. Had she been so ethereal when she was pregnant with Trunks? The Vegeta of yesteryear was too busy trying to ascend to pay attention, but this Vegeta noticed and he mentally declared her to be the most beautiful he had ever seen her.

“Why are you here, Kakarot? ” Vegeta tore his eyes away from the sun that called itself his wife and glared at the messy haired Saiyan. “And why are you eating my food?”

“I came here to see if you wanted to train with me and Whis, ” Goku replied, his mouth barely functioning around the food that stuffed his mouth. Vegeta grimaced. In all of the years of knowing him, he hadn’t changed his immature habits. Vegeta wasn’t sure he even minded as much, at least he could say that he was more mature in that aspect.

Vegeta looked over at Bulma, running his eyes down her plump frame. He shook his head immediately, gaining a raised eyebrow from his wife. “Now isn’t a good time for that, if you haven’t noticed.”

“Well I was goin’ to ask you, but that was before I noticed Bulma’s condition. I can’t believe you’re havin’ another baby,” Goku leaned back in his chair, resting his hands behind his head, and whistled. “You sure have come a long way, Vegeta. Willingly havin’ another baby like that.”

“I don’t need you tell me that.”

“It’s interestin’,” Goku continued, his eyes innocently locking with Vegeta’s, “I was dead for so long before I found out about Goten, but we just clicked right away. Now you get to have a whole baby while you’re livin’. And you’re the strongest you’ve ever been while everythin’s peaceful. This new generation of kids are spoiled,” Goku laughed, wiping the corners of his mouth, “Gohan barely made it four before he ran into problems.”

“She won’t know any problems,” he retorted sharply, “not with me as her father and her brother as her protector.”

Bulma smiled radiantly, listening to her husband declare an unofficial promise to their daughter. Even she would be left in awe at the man Vegeta had grown to be. His dedication and strength had always enticed her, and it seemed like now he was using it for the greater good. Watching how he treated Trunks, both of them, had eased any doubts in her mind that he struggled as a father. He was good and she was grateful.

And she knew her little girl would love her father with the same admiration of her purple haired son.

“Well, thanks for lunch Bulma,” Goku stood, stretching and rubbing his stomach with delight, “it was pretty tasty. And Vegeta, maybe you and me can get some sparrin’ in after the baby comes? Maybe you and me can train her and Pan to be some strong Saiyan ladies.”

Vegeta smirked. Now there was a plan. “Better for you and I to do it. If it was up to Pan’s father, she’ll be in her twenties before she even ascends.”

“He he, ” Goku rubbed the back of his head and smiled, “ Gohan will get it together. I got faith in the guy. Speaking of which… ” Goku’s eyes narrowed in concentration, and then he pressed to fingers to his forehead before he vanished. Bulma shook her head.

“That guy. He still doesn’t know how to properly exit a room.” She ran her eyes over her husband, his delicious muscles bulging in his spandex suit. His face settled on the tiles of the kitchen floor, and Bulma stood to walk to him. He didn’t need to say anything for her to understand what was going on. He was nervous and anxious and wouldn’t tell her, couldn’t tell her. She let him train away his insecurities, hoping that he would be more at ease by the time the Princess of Capsule Corps arrived.

“I’m surprised you didn’t want to go train with Goku and Whis,” she said warmly, placing a hand on his shoulder, “that’s not the Vegeta I know.”

The Vegeta she knows. He grit his teeth as he marinated on that statement. Of his family member so far, his son and soon to be daughter had not witnessed the man that he kept in the back of his mental closet. But she had. She watched as he ordered the killing of her boyfriend, experienced terror with him, and because of him, on Namek. She had slept with him, for reasons he still didn’t understand, and put up with his dismissal of she and their child, welcoming him back when he came home with his phantom tail between his legs.

Perhaps his daughter wasn’t the only one he needed to prove anything to.

“Hey,” she squeezed his shoulder, voice honeyed, “whatever it is you’re thinking about, just stop it.”

“It’s none of your concern.”

She watched his eyes dance over something disheartening and frowned. She had seen many of her friends go on with their lives despite their evil deeds, turning everything around for the sake of love, family and friendship. Did he not deserve the same? Did she not convey how much he was forgiven? Was Trunks not enough?

Perhaps, she decided, but maybe he needed a push.

She grabbed his hand, relishing in the fact that he did not snatch it back, and placed over her stomach. Vegeta immediately looked down at her gesture, her fingers intertwining with his.

“Hello baby, ” Bulma spoke to their child, “ this is your mama and your papa. Do you feel that? Papa’s hand right above your heartbeat? Do you feel how strong and protective his hand is? Because I do, princess, and I can tell you that you are in great hands. Your parents and your brother can’t wait to meet you, especially your papa. He’s so excited. ” She winked at his blushing face and continued. “Go easy on your papa, okay? He doesn’t know how us Brief women really are, your mama only gave him a taste. But your papa will protect you and love you, just like he’s done for me and your brother. We owe him so much, you know,” she looked up at him and smiled, but his face was still studying the smoothness of her belly.

Their hands jerked and finally his eyes bore into hers, wild with astonishment.

“Was that…? ”

“It was!” Bulma squeezed his fingers, pressing them gently into her skin as it moved around again. She heard Vegeta suck in a quick breath of air.

“Is everything…? ”

“ She’s kicking, hun,” she responded eagerly, easing his premature worry, “she’s saying hello and she hears us.” She reached up then and grabbed his face, lightly caressing his cheek. She ran her thumb over his bottom lip before replacing it with her mouth, lightly pecking it. “And most importantly she’s saying everything will be all right, papa. Your hands must feel comforting to her.”

Vegeta looked back down at the swollen belly. Was that true? Had his daughter really tried to convey that, or was Bulma reaching? The stomach kicked again under his palm, and he set his mouth into a tight line.

He wasn’t sure if he would be the father she needed or wanted. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to make her proud of him, or if he would royally screw things up.

But he was certain of one key thing.

These hands, these calloused hands that had seen too much, done too much, would protect her. He would spend every breath he had making sure his princess was safe.

He swore it.

Don’t be mad that she came out and said one of her characters is gay. He’s gay. get over it. Many authors wont say all of the background details behind their characters because at the time her books would have lost A LOT of buyers due to the fact that homophobes wouldnt like Harry being taught by a gay man. But guess what he is gay and no one forced J.K. to say that. Gay people dont get any representation. Straight people whining about characters not being straight is ridiculous.

Cooking with Monsta X

/Based on my own imagination/


Cooking with him would be so cute because, first of all, he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. He’s so accustomed to other people making his meals that when you asked him to come cook with you, in hopes of teaching him something, he’s going to to be following you around the kitchen like a lost puppy. Just imagine him in an apron that says ‘kiss the cook’. He doesn’t know where any of the cooking utensils are and the type to ask you, “Jagi, am I doing this right?” And you encourage him even though he’s making a mess. You’d probably have to kiss him every time he get’s something right, which encourages him to try harder. He’s the type to accidentally get flour everywhere but you can’t stay mad because he’s so adorable. He almost burns himself a couple times, prefers to do the dishes and stay out of your way because he feels bad about not being able to do much.


Totally on board with the idea. Creates a playlist to keep things lively so that you two can thoroughly enjoy yourselves. Would really love it when you have a physical copy of the recipe with you because then he would feel like he knew what he was doing. Likes to stir things and makes up cute songs and dances whilst he does it. Lots of laughs because he makes stupid food puns that make you want to kick him out but you love him so it’s okay. He’s the type to completely forget that he put something up on the stove so it almost burns- because you notice and try your hardest to save it. Really into grating cheese. Needs to take a break every now and then because he can get overwhelmed too sometimes. The type to sit and flop himself over the kitchen counter because he’s 'exhausted’ from doing so much work. Would really appreciate it if you sat and had a drink with him to relax. Don’t trust him to cut vegetables though, he’ll slice himself just holding the knife. Forehead kisses because he tried his best to help you, he really wants to be acknowledged.


“You can’t cook like that you’ll get your nipple burnt off put your shirt back on!” You’ll have to scold because he’s just wearing his apron and pants. I’m just kidding, he’d want you two to have matching aprons though. Pictures before during and after the process. He’s the type that’s gonna linger behind you with his hands on your waist and his chin on your shoulder as you stir something on the stove. Tells you that it smells good even though it’s just started cooking. Cuts vegetables so carefully you would have sworn that he was defusing a bomb or performing some sort of surgery. He only does it that way because he gets nervous if he goes faster and would end up getting cut. Wonho is a baby so he would definitely cry if he got cut and would cling to you until you put a plaster on it and gave it a kiss to heal better. More interested in baking cookies and decorating a cake honestly, he just likes to get creative. Let him be, his concentrated face is so cute, how could you stop him? Hovers around you when you’re frying something because the oil is popping and he must be there to protect you regardless of if he’s scared or not. Peppers kisses around your face because he’s proud when you both finish, takes pictures of the food and brags and boasts with his members.


Unintentionally takes the lead when you two begin cooking and can come off a little strong and pushy but he realizes and apologizes. “Wait- No, you’re doing it wrong- you have to do it like this.” He’d proceed to pick at the things you did, wanting you to do it more carefully. Blushes really really really hard when he feels your stare on him while he’s preparing something. “Take a picture, it lasts longer.” Proceeds to never stay still enough for you to actually take a picture of him. The type to want to create something really complex because this is a special occasion and everything must be absolutely perfect. Is really specific about the types of silverware and dishes you use, therefore things must add up to his aesthetic imagination. He’s the type to not let you actually do any cooking on the stove because he’d rather be burnt than see you hurt, leaves the chopping and slicing to you but helps you out. Will sing to you whilst you’re chopping vegetables, takes a second or two to gently twirl you around. Kisses on your cheeks because he finds it so cute when you’re sitting like the queen you’re meant to be as he prepares your plate for you. Does his absolute best to make whatever you’re making really delicious. Secretly took a picture of you whilst you were nibbling a slice of carrot and staring into space and has it for his phone background.


“Are you sure you want me in the kitchen?” Cute, clueless baby wonnie activated. The type to really struggle with the rice cooker because he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. “Jagi, your handsome waiter is here at your service.” 10/10 would pose with the ingredients and distract you by asking to take pictures, is really shy when they turn out to be perfect. The type to hit his head whilst bending to take pots out of the cupboards. You’d have to cradle the poor wonnie mantis because he’d just stand there rubbing his head. Isn’t discouraged though. Thinks he knows what he’s doing but he can barely sift flour. Begs you to take the vegetables that he doesn’t like out of the recipe, threatens not to eat it but shuts up once you deadpan at him. Would probably hold the knife wrong and wonder why it wasn’t cutting the sweet peppers. Would definitely have to guide him by holding his hands and helping him out, totally red faced when you’re done because your'e so patient with him and it’s incredibly cute. Wants a snack break in between the jobs you assigned him and would love when you compliment him for being tidy or cleaning up after himself so well. Pouty kisses that turn smiley because he’s glad to spend time with you and he actually learnt a thing or two today.


Definitely wants a battle between you two but would regret it and ask for a truce because he’s scared of the stove- he’s so precious God help me. Twists his hat back like a badass because he’s about to murder this recipe with you. He’s gonna make a diss battle between the carrots and the cabbage if you take your eyes off of him. Would try to stand a mile away from the stove if he had to fry something if your hands were full and you asked him because the oil is popping everywhere and Jesus Christ it stings. Probably would want to fight the stove. Would probably scream if something falls, really careful with knives, cries like a baby when he cuts an onion. Likes to use and watch the mixing machines though because he doesn’t have to dirty his hands too much and the process really fascinates him. Totally down for making cupcakes. Do not break his concentration when he’s decorating one, he’d probably cry. Uses his aegyo voice to sing to you and the cupcakes once they’re done. Makes emoji faces out of them because he thinks it’s cute. Makes you both a heart decorated cupcake because it would strengthen your love. Would really want to try this more often because of the desserts.


​​​​​​​This manic really likes peeling things. “It makes me feel powerful.” “Wait omg Jagi they’re naked..” He’d whisper to you and point to the peeled fruit/vegetable. Sings really loud and off key when he’s cutting something. Ends up cracking an egg and struggling to take the eggshells out of it. Beats the eggs like his life freaking depends on it because he’s having his revenge for the shells falling in. “I heard eggs make your hair shiny-” “Changkyun no those are for the omelets.” He’d pout because he would really want to try it. Gets over it a second later because you let him be taste tester. Takes his job really seriously. “Jagi, it’s jut like me, it needs more love.” “Shut up.” Really into baking cookies, it gets him excited, would sit in front of the oven and wait if you’d only let him. Really wants to see the process. Gets side tracked really easily. You tell him to cut a carrot and he’s singing a love song into it two seconds later because it looks like a mic and he really couldn’t resist. Calls Kihyun instead of your mother if you’re uncertain about something. “You told me to call mom.” He’d complain when you smack him, gently of course because he’s an actual sweet pea just look at him. Cooking with him would be frustrating but really fun. Ends up laughing a lot because he can’t shut up and loves to exaggerate and story tell. Tight hugs of accomplishment, he just feels like he won an award for best chef.



I lost count at how many times I watch this episode.. the first one, Okita looked really sad but not because he believed Kagura died lol, he was sad that she was sick.

and then at the second one, “Rest assured, princess” but for me it looks like he said “Rest assured” for himself too.

The last one, on Okita’s hand there’s an angry symbol lol, he was mad that Kagura faking illness and death. Probably after just seeing her he knew right away that Kagura is fine. 

I love this pairing so much~ 


Late night secret date - Jimin

He wasn’t supposed to go outside with her, at least that was Bang pd told him, because “it’s too dangerous, what if someone recognize you, and follows you, or take pictures, fans would be mad” fans, he always did everything for his fans, he lost weight to be as perfect as possible physically, he would practice 3 times more than the others just to get the moves perfectly. He would do anything to please his fans, but this he just couldn’t. He loved her, and not being able to date her like any normal boy his age was driving him crazy. 

That’s why one day, he decided that for once, he would do something to please himself, he would take her on a date. It maybe isn’t the classic kind of date, like seeing a movie or anything, but it was the best he could do  for now. He went to her house late at night, holding a single white rose in his tiny hands and gave it to her, before taking her hand and leading her to his car. That night, they went to the Han River and watched the beautiful scenery in each other arms, they ran under the rain and hid in a Mcdonalds, just to end up getting outside again because there was too many people inside the restaurant.

It maybe wasn’t the best date, but at least, he was with her, outside, and it’s all that mattered 

lectorel  asked:

Bby Ahsoka insists on moving in with Skyguy. The crèche masters go insane trying to find a missing youngling. Anakin teaches Ahsoka games from Tatooine. And it takes Obi-Wan three weeks to realize Anakin is sharing his room.

Okay they don’t make it three WEEKS, surely, because that implies separating at some point. So actually they just make it until Monday and Anakin’s next class, which Ahsoka of course accompanies him to. As you do when you are a tiny sort-of time-traveler. 


Obi-Wan, meanwhile, realizes how rarely he has been in the apartment in the WORST POSSIBLE WAY, i.e., “while explaining to Yoda and Mace why he did not realize there was an extra youngling in his apartment that HALF THE TEMPLE was looking for FOR THREE DAYS, fuck his LIFE”. He was not previously aware Master Plo Koon had a temper but APPARENTLY MASTER PLO KOON HAS A TEMPER. 

Meanwhile-meanwhile, in the hallway outside the Council room, Anakin and Ahsoka are playing Tatooine clapping games and Ahsoka is giving Anakin half-remembered lightsaber-building tips that he is definitely going to cause Trouble with very very soon. >> 

glaringapollo replied to your post “glaringapollo replied to your post: …”

Genji tried pranking her when he noticed she’s always lost, but she countered the prank effortlessly like “well that was a nuisance” and he’S SO MAD BUT IMPRESSED LIKE GOD DAMMIT. She agreed to help him initially so that immediately after the prank she could tend to the prankee. Which annoyed him at first, because that’s not how pranking WORKS. His Hufflepuff friend doesn’t help (who he also met by trying to prank, that’s not how you make friends Genji).

This is so cute and I wrote a thing!!

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GENRE: Smutty AF. Sarcastic AF. Sassy AF. 

Word Count: 4549

WRITERS NOTE: I originally wrote this on my old blog, Bias Backlash. SO, if you are seeing this come around for the second time… welcome back? This is just a side note, so none of you fine people think I plagiarized this from the last time it came around. I’m just rewriting, replotting, and reposting it. My soul cried when it was lost with my last blog that got deleted.

You make a bet with your best friend Yoongi. It doesn’t quite go according to plan. Not that anyone ends up complaining. 

“You’re going to lose.” No. Shut up Yoongi.

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We stood there, looking at each other, saying nothing. But it was the kind of nothing that meant everything. In his eyes, there was no trace of what had happened between us earlier and I could feel something inside me break.
So that was that. We were finally, finally over.
I looked at him, and I felt so sad, because this thought occurred to me: ‘I will never look at you the same way again. I’ll never be that girl again. The girl who comes running back every time you push her away, the girl who loves you anyway.’
I couldn’t even be mad at him, because this was who he was. This was who he’d
always been. He’d never lied about that. He gave and then he took away. I felt it in the pit of my stomach, the familiar ache, that lost, regretful feeling only he could give me. I never wanted to feel it again. Never, ever.
Maybe this was why I came, so I could really know. So I could say good-bye.
I looked at him, and I thought, 'If I was very brave or very honest, I would tell him.’
I would say it, so he would know it and I would know it, and I could never take it back. But I wasn’t that brave or honest, so all I did was look at him. And I think he knew anyway.
'I release you. I evict you from my heart. Because if I don’t do it now, I never will.’
I was the one to look away first.” 
― Jenny Han, It’s Not Summer Without You

girlmeetssterek  asked:

Hey, I'm looking for this fic where Derek goes into heat and he goes on a site to find a heat partner for the time being so he and Stiles spend his heat together. (I think Stiles was human in this.) I don't remember much but I remember Stiles getting mad at him but then Derek calls him because his heat is in full force and he's in pain but Stiles comes to save the day anyway. I'm sorry if that's super unspecific, but if anyone could help, it would be very much appreciated, thank you. :)

Dinosaur March Madness continues to make me want to draw my OCs, and these three would DEFINITELY be bitter about getting outvoted in the first round.

You Get Lost and Your Phone Dies


He would be worried sick when you were late. You were supposed to come two hours ago, and you wouldn’t even pick up his calls when he tried to reach you. He would be pacing in the living room, worried that you were mad at him or something. When you finally get to his house, he would just pull you into a hug, not asking any questions.

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Jin Jin:

You would be completely frustrated and tired by the time you finally got home. After taking a couple wrong turns, you had ended up in an unfamiliar neighborhood, completely lost. A nice old man had pointed you in the correct direction so thankfully, you got home safe. After telling Jin Jin your story, he would laugh at you, but when you got mad at him, he would apologize and heat up some of the food in the fridge for you and feed it to you because you were too tired to eat yourself.

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Cha Eunwoo:

When you didn’t show up at the spot you two were supposed to meet, he would wait for an hour or so, and call you a few times to see if you were still coming. When he realizes he can’t reach you at all, he would quickly leave to find you. Walking through the streets, he would finally find you, shivering as you made your way down the street. Running up to you, he would quickly wrap his jacket around your shoulders and lead you home, picking up some food on the way so that you could eat when you got home.

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Moon Bin:

He would greet you as you walked in through the door, laughing and asking if you had been run over by a car or something, you looked absolutely terrible. But when you frustratedly tell him your story, he would hold you close to him and make you go take a bath so your muscles could relax while he called in some takeout for the two of you.

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When he hears the front door open, he would rush out to you, ready to yell at you for not picking up his calls. But, when he sees your distraught face, he would lead you into the kitchen and make sure you’re sitting comfortably at the dining table before he quickly puts together a warm meal for you.

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When you finally come home, shivering from the cold, he would cover you up in a mound of blankets and hand you a cup of hot chocolate as you talk to him about your horrible day. He would go out the next day and buy you a portable charger so that even if your phone dies, you have a way of reviving it and calling him for help.

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please consider Ushiwata

big, socially awkward, kinda scary and intense Ushiwaka with his small, optimistic, friendly boyfriend and they just look so odd together but? they work?? everyone’s so confused as to how but at the same time it kind of makes sense in a really strange way

maybe they met after one of their matches and Watari’s still mad because duh, they just lost in the finals, but then he runs into Ushiwaka and Waka compliments his skills as a libero which is the thing Watari expected the absolute least

but they get along really well somehow … turns out Watari’s a pretty good gardener so they bond over that and volleyball, and it just kinda grows from there. like a plant. how ironic

when Oikawa finds out he doesn’t speak to Watari any more than necessary for a week or so because how could you do that to me Watacchi didn’t I teach you to stay away from evIL

and they’re the chillest relationship ever, except when they’re on the court, but there’s never any hard feelings afterwards, despite the obvious frustrations over losing.

in Watari’s third year, national youth player and super ace Ushijima Wakatoshi can be seen on the sidelines, cheering (with a very monotone voice and only the tiniest of smiles but it means the world to Watari)

anyway Ushiwata is a good and pure ship please consider it

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"How was I being dumb?" And he doesn't even know where to start with those questions. Makes another face and reaches up to push a hand through his hair. "It's just an expression. As in the only way I'd put up with that level of bossing me around is if I had a ring on my finger, and I don't, so stop telling me what to do. If you think my fighting was that shitty, then maybe you should look extra hard at yourself, because last I checked, you lost to it." Really, how many times can he say it?

“When you took what I said literally and didn’t think it through.” But never mind that. Tilts his head a little, only half paying attention to where he’s going and their surroundings enough to make sure he’s not about to run into anything. Lets a subtle wince cross his features at your tone more than that jab, “I wasn’t– Is that why you’re mad at me? ‘Cause you think I was sayin’ you’re not good at fightin’? I didn’t say that though, and I wasn’t tryin’ ta tell you what to do either. If you weren’t good at fightin’, I wouldn’t wanna fight you. And neither of us woulda survived at least half the things you went through. I said you got lucky and I’m still sayin’ that, but I didn’t mean it ta sound like I was discardin’ your abilities.”

RIP JACK DAVIS 1924-2016

This has truly been a sad day because the Usual Gang of Idiots has lost their last founding member.

Jack Davis was an artist who appeared in the very first issue of Mad Magazine in 1952 and even if he had merely continued as a staff member there he would have left an incredible legacy. But Jack didn’t just help shape the most popular satire magazine of all-time - his work sprawled into every corner of pop culture, from trading cards and candy to comic books, rock & roll, sports & monsters. If you were a kid anytime in the last half of the 20th century his work was all around you and likely left strong impressions.

Modern AU headcanon for a couple characters in One Piece and Pokemon GO

•All over the place with it, he fucking loves this app.
•Never observant and never takes those warnings.
•Their crew had the pull him away from danger a couple of times.
•He got mad because he couldn’t catch a Pidgey, which he just calls “Pidgeon guy.” Close enough.
•Probably didn’t know about Pokemon until that app came out.
•Ace showed him and then Luffy showed his crew.
•His player level is probably over 25.
•Starter: Charmander because it reminded him of Ace.
•Team Valor

•Says he hates it but secretly plays it.
•Everyone knows he plays it.
•Constantly getting lost, like usual.
•Plays it when he’s alone, but the fact he tells the others how to find a specific Pokemon was enough to tell everyone he plays it.
•Luffy and Chopper are the only ones who can’t seem to figure out if he plays or not.
•Probably played Pokemon as a kid, learned about Pokemon GO on social media.
•His player level is about 20.
•Starter: Bulbasaur the pick was random.
• Team Mystic

•Only plays it because he saw women playing it once.
•Has no idea what Pokemon is.
•One of the few members NOT addicted to it.
•His player level is only 3 because he plays it so little.
•He wonders what they would taste like in real life.
•Starter: Bulbasaur because it reminded him of a salad bowl. He named it Moss Head and never uses it in battle.
•Not in a team.

•Plays it all the time.
•Probably the strongest Pokemon trainer of the crew because he’s constantly leveling up six specific Pokemon he randomly picked.
•He likes certain one because they look cool.
•Loves all the Pokemon he catches.
•Except he gets rid of any duplicates.
•Player level is probably about the same as Luffy’s
•Starter: Charmander because it looked cool.
•Team Instinct

•One of the few who are NOT addicted to the app, much like Sanji.
•He builds things most of the time, but when he’s board, he’ll play it just to keep himself entertained.
•He’s been frustrated with how much the servers are crashing.
•He named all his Pokemon SUPER. All of them.
•Character level is only 5.
•Starter: Squirle because it’s blue and, of course, SUPER.
•Team Mystic

•Loves this app
•Literally keeps finding all the rare Pokemon, but no one believes him.
•His nicknames his Pokemon after his friends.
•Lies about his character level and amount of gyms his took over.
•He hasen’t beaten a single gym and his character level is only 6 because he doesn’t want so many duplicates.
•Didn’t know about transfer until Zoro told him.
•Zoro also told him about the cp system.
•Starter: Pikachu because he wanted to se if the Easter egg was true or not. He found it on social media.
•Team Instinct

•"What’s Pokemon?“
•Downloaded it, but forgot about it when he gave up on signing up. The servers kept crashing.
•Luffy has been bugging him about it.
•Zoro told him what Pokemon was.

•Doesn’t play it.
•Says it’s stupid.
•Would probably get addicted to it if she actually bothered to download it.
•Calls the others stupid when she finds them playing it.
•Is the on stopping Luffy from getting into danger because of this app.

•Plays it every now and then.
•Only because most of the crew was playing. So she wanted to check it out.
•Dosen’t really know what Pokemon is, but finds it a little fun.
•Her character level is only 2 because she spends more time reading than chasing virtual animals.
•Starter: Squirtle because it was cute.
•Helps Nami keep the boys from danger and consistently reminds them of the warning screen.


•Oh yes, he plays it.
•Secretly though, no one knows.
•He was the first in his crew to find out about it.
•Penguin was the second, he told Law about it, but he brushed it off. As he left, he opened up the app and resumed catching Pokemon.
•His character level is 10, he still studies his books and stuff.
•Starter: Squirtle because it’s a water type.
•Team Mystic

•All the fire types.
•Catches nothing but fire types and occasional water and grass types.
•He’s a god damn nerd with this.
•Probably played Pokemon as a kid up into adult years.
•Garp was the one who told him about it before it came out.
•Character level: Higher than anyone on this list.
•Starter: Charmander, do I even need to state why?
•Team Valor

Louis Walsh: “Simon Cowell has lost control of One Direction”
The veteran judge says he wouldn't let his band air their dirty laundry in public
By Zoe Shenton

Louis Walsh reckons Simon Cowell has lost control of One Direction following Louis Tomlinson’s recent Twitter spat with Naughty Boy.

Last week Louis and the music producer became embroiled in another a very public war of words, which eventually saw ex-band member Zayn also wade in.

Louis, who has managed some of the UK’s biggest bands, said he’d never let his own boy band HomeTown air their dirty laundry on social media.

“I would have given them a good b**locking – they would know never to do anything like that. I would probably sack them.”

He added: “You don’t air your dirty laundry in public. Simon made this band. They would be nowhere without Simon Cowell. Let’s get that straight. He put them together, he pressed the buttons, he made it happen. Without Simon they’d be nothing.”

The latest row prompted Zayn, who quit the band in March, to write to pal Louis: “Remember when you had a life and stopped making bitchy comments about mine?”

But while Walsh predicts the band will be together for another few years yet, he says X Factor boss Simon has “lost control”.

“I think he’s lost control of them and that’s what happens with bands. They get too big and don’t listen to anybody and then it’s all over, and then they think ‘why didn’t we listen?’.”

“Meanwhile Louis, who is working in partnership with the O2 to 'big people’ up, said he always listens to Simon if he needs someone to big him up and make him feel better.

“If it is management or professional advice Sharon Osbourne is very good because she’s always very blunt and very honest with me. Simon is always honest too and I talk to Simon an awful lot.”

I was just looking at Killian’s headstone in the graveyard, with only his name and no years to mark when he came into the world and when he left it.

On the one hand, it’s sort of hilarious. How confusing would it be for someone decades from now to pass by it and to see his centuries laid out on a stone. Would they think it some kind of rather unfortunate, chiseled typo?

And on the other, it is sort of devastating because there have been no such acknowledgements of his birthday. He most certainly wasn’t allowed to celebrate it when he was an indentured servant, though I am certain Liam perhaps found small ways if he wasn’t so tired that he forgot. Does Killian, after so many mad, lost years in Neverland, even remember when it was? Would anyone in Storybrooke even have known the date to be able to add it?

That also might be one of the more beautiful things about getting gifted more time.

He has the chance for more birthdays now, real ones that can be celebrated in the quiet moments. He has the chance that they will be remembered, by Emma, and the family he gained with her.