he's lost so much weight tho

Donghyuk is the member who cares the most for ikonics, he did dongparazzi only to make us happy and show us privat selfies, pics and polaroids of the members that we would probably never have seen without him. He is the one with the brightest smile and the warmest heart who dressed up as krunk so many times, sweating like crazy but he was still happy for us and was wearing that costume with a huge smile on his face. Donghyuk is the one that gives all his fans and members the feeling to be loved. Even tho he always smiles and tries to make everyone happy, he seems to be lonely. He lost his dad at a young age and tried to do his best to fit in the Korean beauty standards, he even said he lost weight for the fans so he can show US a better image of himself. But he doesn’t realize how much he already did and does for us just by existing. He always gives his 100%. Be it singing, dancing or just being a really good friend to everyone. He is the one in iKON who does aegyo to bright up our day and the one who visits Haru on his days off even tho they are so busy just because he loves children and wants to see them happy. I want Donghyuk to know that even if he can’t see it sometimes, he is one of the most wonderful, kindest and beautiful people I’ve ever seen. I love you dongdong and I hope you’ll always be healthy and happy and that your smile will never fade away and warm us whenever we feel lonely. And I hope that someday we can give you back what you gave to so many of us 🙏🏼💕

block b ny showcase 2014 fanaccount

i’m talking about the concert from start to finish + high touch so it is rather lengthy but i hope it is worth the read bc i talk about some absolutely cute as fuck things that block b does here ok omg (i’m repeating stuff from my twitter from last night but going more in depth so yes take a look if u want) 

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