he's looking pretty strong but he has to be for Kaneki

What I’m really looking forward to in Tokyo Ghoul:re, besides Kaneki seeing Touka and Hinami again, is how Akira is going to react when she finds out that Kaneki ‘killed’ Amon. I mean, as it stands, they seem to have a pretty strong bond as student and teacher..

… and he seems to admire and respect her as a superior. At the very least, they can be called friends. But that doesn’t change how she felt about Amon or her hate towards ghouls.

The worst part is that she’s already lost so much to ghouls and clearly has no mercy against them, but still sees Haise as a human, even in his sadistic ghoul form.

“Take a rest for a while, Haise”

Even though her directive in this situation is to eliminate Kaneki, she’d rather suppress him and bring him back to being Haise. So how will she look at him when she finds out he’s behind Amon’s 'death’.

Oh, and there’s still the issue where Touka killed her father and if she finds out, she’s probably gonna want revenge. Which Kaneki probably wouldn’t allow but let’s save that for when it gets here.