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ok so this wasn’t on my list, but it was requested a while ago and i recently got inspiration for it. so, this will probably be another series (that i’ll finish perhaps ??)

anyways….. enjoy! this is the first part of coffeshop!17

  • so jeonghan’s family has owned this cute little cafe since like forever so he’s pretty much grown up running around the shop being helpful and occasionally stealing pastries when the employees weren’t looking
  • once he actually started “working” at the shop everyone loved him because he’s really personable and sweet to the customers
  • esp the older women and teenage girls
  • he’s really oblivious though, so he doesn’t notice all the phone numbers scribbled on the napkins that are given back to him
  • or if he does find them he’ll give them to jun like “i think these are for you” and jun doesn’t say anything but is secretly like r e ally
  • but yeah jeonghan is an A++ barista and probably the most helpful person working there
  • he usually does whatever he’s asked when it comes to the cafe because he likes to help out in any way that he can, so he’s usually stuck training the newbies and taking the shifts that no one else wants to work
  • really close with the cute lil waiter jun and flirty cashier seungcheol
  • jeonghan is sorta the middle man when it comes to them though?? like their personalities are very outgoing so jeonghan has to be like “chill” when they’re all together
  • his uniform is always really neat except for his name tag which can never seem to stay straight… it’s always so crooked
  • once hoshi told him customers were leaving because they kept finding hair in their drinks and he got so embarrassed
  • no one ever saw him with his hair down again rip
  • always really graceful and calm behind the counter, even when the whole cafe is in chaos during rush hour
  • very very smiley all the time (which attracts more customers)
  • overall just great for business
  • sooo ok the first time you met jeonghan was outside the cafe. he was running late and you were walking super slow with your face glued to your phone and……..… you know what comes after that
  • you didn’t realize you crashed into an actual person until you opened your eyes and jeonghan practically had you in his arms
  • both of you sorta stood in that position for a few seconds until you were like !!!! what o m g ! because he was super attractive and holding you so close
  • he apologized like fifty times afterwards and even offered to buy you coffee but you kinda brushed him off because he interrupted your mobile disney movie marathon
  • but he was also v v cute and made you all flustered a few seconds ago so you eventually told him it was ok
  • a few days later you had to start your new job at this really quiet and cute cafe despite knowing nothing about working in a coffee shop
  • aside from that u found out that it is a really cool place to work and you quickly become friends with the other newbie mingyu
  • after working at the cafe for like two weeks you notice how much the other employees talk about how amazing the owner’s nephew is and you’re honestly so confused because you’ve never seen this “angel barista.” does he even exist???
  • anyways because you’re a newbie who has no say whatsoever your schedule got changed around so that you’re working some of the cafe’s busiest hours (also due to the fact that you embellished a little too much on your application)
  • you met jeonghan for the second time when you started working during rush hour and you kinda freaked out a little after seeing him
  • but he didn’t seem worried about it and all he said was “ah……you look familiar.” when you guys met again and you were just like ??? what ?
  • your first day working rush hour was really chaotic and every time you turned to look at jeonghan he was so calm and you couldn’t believe it hOW did he do it.……… but once he saw that you were struggling he tried his best to help you and kept asking if you were ok,,,, you can do the tables if you want
  • is surprisingly patient with you………… like he didn’t even get mad when you broke the blender
  • everyday he asks if you need him to walk you home but you always say no because you can’t !! you get really awkward around him and being alone with him would be too much
  • one day it started raining really hard after your shift and you tried your best to stall after you clocked out because you really didn’t want to walk home in the rain. jeonghan noticed and was like… do u want me to walk you home and being a scaredy cat you said no,,, it’s fine you’ll just end up getting wet too BUT SURPRISE he has an umbrElla. you couldn’t say no to that so you guys walked home in silence for like the first five minutes until jeonghan started talking to you about the cafe……… the convo got deep really fast bc jeonghan brought up the fact that he really wants to become a singer but he has his family to worry abt and you told him that u weren’t sure if your advice would help him since you’ve never been in that situation before
  • he was like no!!! i really value your opinion !! with that smile of his and you sorta just melted right there
  • after that you didn’t say no to him walking you home again
  • you didn’t really notice but he was v v protective over you when you guys walked… like he would casually switch places with you if you were walking too close to the street and if it was raining he had to bend down a little to stay under his umbrella because he was holding it closer to your height than his
  • as the two of u get closer he starts complimenting you often.……… but they’re always really subtle and out of the blue which leaves you v confused all the time
  • you’re always hanging out w jun and seungcheol now bc apparently “they come with jeonghan, deal with it”
  • BUT IT’S SECRETLY BC THEY’VE DECLARED THEMSELVES JEONGHAN’S WINGMEN and they have to make sure he’s not being weird around you but they’ll also awkwardly leave you and jeonghan alone at random times ????
  • oops the secret is out jeonghan likes you
  • and he’s always tripping over things when you’re not looking bc you make him CLUMSY
  • once at the employee picnic jeonghan kneed you in the stomach while you were playing soccer and he spent the next two hours apologizing and checking up on you
  • also the employee picnic was the first place he tried to confess to you… it was when you were cleaning up and he suddenly got really serious so you asked if he was fine and he opened his mouth to say something but mingyu came in like HEy guys wh- o shit and jeonghan didn’t talk to him for like two weeks
  • the second time he sorta confessed to you was at the cafe where two high school girls kept trying to get his attention by “accidentally” spilling their drinks or getting a water cup fifty times. they eventually just went up to him and started talking (u were listening in tho dw) like two minutes into their convo you got bored so you stopped but all of a sudden one of them asks if jeonghan had a girlfriend and he was like no, i don’t. then the other one asks if he likes anybody. he didn’t reply immediately so you subtly peeked up at him and when you looked up he was staring RIGHT at u looking straight into ur soul or sum and just went “yes, i do”
  • you avoid him for the rest of the week bc what was he thinking??? how could he do that !! to yOu!
  • he confronts you about it with a box of heart shaped cookies (jun: “hyung this plan is foolproof she’ll totally fall for you, i made these cookies with loove) and actually manages to get a confession out before you get the chance to tell him off abt earlier
  • you accept the cookies but you tell him that he has to make you coffee if he wants you to accept his confession as well
  • he does it in like .03 seconds and at this point you’re a smiling mess because you happen to like the sweetest boy in the world (and he likes you too)

Jensen pretending to be a bartender and Jared giving out markers. [fancam]