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Kadota “I don’t even give a fuck anymore” Kyohei

You, Me and One Spotlight: Kota
  • Featuring: Kota Igarashi from Scandal In The Spotlight
  • Rating: Angsty fluff content.
  • Author’s Note: Part three! Check out the others. ;) 
  • Spotlight: Kyohei (X) | Iori (X)


Kyohei’s voice sounded over the video game, and Kota looked up. He would typically be disinterested in what Kyohei had to say when he was gaming, but there was a tone in his voice, one that Kota seldom heard. It wasn’t about work; they had just planned everything out half an hour ago. It certainly wasn’t going to be about leisure. They were friends, but they spent over a decade working together. He’d much rather spend his off days with his girlfriend or playing games. A small smile came to his face as he thought about you, even as he glanced at Kyohei. His next words caused Kota to jump up. No amount of health packs, medics or points would be able to revive him if his heart stopped beating.

“She got into a car accident.”

Why was the hospital so far away? Why was the traffic in LA this heavy when it wasn’t peak hours? Why did the red lights seem all that slower before they turned green again? The other members of Revance were with him in the car, but Kota wasn’t listening to the comforting words they were saying. They hadn’t gotten any details, just that you got involved in a car accident. His mind didn’t wish to go to the worst possible scenario. No, he wasn’t going to go there. He couldn’t. How could he?

Kota thought back to the last time he saw you. This morning, after you spent the night. He got you to wake up by tickling you, but not before running his fingers over your smooth skin. Not before he watched you sleep. Admittedly, that was creepy, but he adored the way you mumbled his name when you were asleep. He always wondered what you were fantasizing about. He’d ask, just to see the blood rush to your face, to see how flustered you got. Kota gripped onto the leather seat, thinking about how you wanted a goodbye kiss. But the guys were in the living room, so he let you go off without one. It was a good thing you forgot your script. Nagi suggested that you left it on purpose so that he’d chase after you. He might not kiss those lips again.


You were going to be okay. He was overthinking things. Your anniversary was coming up in a few weeks’ time. He was going to bring you out. Do something romantic. Nagito wanted your affections once, and that spurred him on to be more open about his feelings. Kota was never going to be like Nagi, but if you wanted someone like him, you’d have been with him from the start. You snuck into his heart and before he knew it, he wasn’t able to live his life without you in it.

Kota was out of the car even before it skidded to a stop. He needed to see you. Make sure you were safe. He ran into the emergency room blindly, his eyes darting around. He stopped when he found you, the front of your blouse soaked with blood. He recognised that blouse. He’d taken it off you more times than he could remember. Shit, why was that thought in his head now? He rushed over to you, heart pounding, and grabbed you by your shoulders, before realising that you could be hurt and let go again.

“Kota!” You exclaimed.

“Are you okay?” Kota asked, an anxious look on his face. You stared back at him and for a brief moment, he wondered if you had forgotten about him.

“I’m fine. This isn’t my blood.” You replied, a faint smile on your face. “Well, the doctor says I might have a slight concussion, so he wants me to stay overnight for observation. They’re arranging a room for me now, but it’ll take a while.”

You weren’t talking with your usual zest, which Kota supposed was to be expected. He let out a loud sigh of relief when he finally realised that you were alive and well, though shaken up. You were picking at the hem of your shirt. You had a few cuts on your hands, and a rather painful looking red patch on your calf. Without thinking too much about it, he wrapped his arms around you, hugging you tighter despite your protests about getting his clothes dirty. Who cared about that? He almost lost you.

“I had a fantasy that you swooped in like that great doctor character you played a while back and saved me while I was bleeding to death.” You whispered.

Kota couldn’t help the chuckle that left his lips. “Typical. Forever off in your fantasies…” He took your hands, which were trembling. “I’m here now. You might not be bleeding to death, but I’m here. You’re safe.” He planted a soft kiss on your lips before he heard a snicker that came from Iori.

“Looks like you wasted your time being worried,” Iori smirked.

“I-I wasn’t!” Kota huffed, even as everyone else began to chime in with their comments.

“He ignored us the whole ride over.”
“Ko was really worried about you!”
“He looked like he was about to cry.”
“This makes for a great idea for a song…”

“Leader!” Kota snapped at him, glaring at everyone else with a blush on his face. But in the next instant, he felt you squeeze his hand. He always told you his actions spoke louder than his words. But you liked hearing words. He gave your hand a squeeze back, turning away from his bandmates. “I was very worried,” He mumbled. “I’m glad I kissed you goodbye this morning.”

Your lips curled up, the smile he loved to see appearing. “It’s a good thing I left my script behind then.”