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Is This The End?

Prompt: I’d just like a Making Up After a Big Fight fic. You can include the fight itself if you want, but I mostly want them making up. There can be a lot of clinging to each other and kissing through tears and bone-deep relief. Like, each of them were worried the other would break up with them. That kind of epic fight. (Not caused by cheating or anything like that, please.) I want them to talk and I also want them to be desperate for each other and all fluffy.

This came from prompt-a-klainefic on tumblr.
Part 1 of 3

Chapter 1

The Blowup

Blaine had been living back at the loft for months now and everything was going well. They had made a conscious effort to talk about everything no matter what, and Blaine changed his classes so they both were doing their own thing, with the exception of one class. And he even gave Kurt some uninterrupted time when they were home, choosing to take a walk or go for a run if he noticed Kurt was getting anxious.

But today they’d overslept and were both rushing around, complaining about how late they were. Kurt blamed Blaine for their oversleeping because he’d specifically asked him last night to make sure their alarm was set. His entire day went downhill from there.

He did end up being late for his first class and missed a pop quiz and then Blaine got the highest grade in their only shared class, which just pissed Kurt off even more. He was usually so supportive but today he couldn’t even bring himself to smile at Blaine who was apparently the teachers pet now the way she went on and on about how wonderful his rendition of At Last.

He is usually happy with his job at Vogue too but the big boss was in town and it made everyone on edge and stressed Kurt out even more. So by the time he was on his way home, he was exhausted and pissed off beyond belief. All he wanted to do was take a hot bath and go to bed. He definitely didn’t feel like dealing with his “perfect” fiancé tonight but instead of texting Blaine and warning him, he just stormed into the loft and slammed the door, as much as you can slam a sliding door.

Blaine was nowhere in sight, and as much as he hated to admit it, he was glad. His joy was short lived though when he heard Blaine’s voice coming from the kitchen.

“Babe, is that you?” He seemed to be quite perky tonight, which made Kurt’s anger boil even more.

“Who else would it be?” He growled slipping his shoes and jacket off.

Blaine peeked his head around with a big smile on his face.

“Bad day?” He asked, oblivious to the anger burning inside of Kurt. He turned back to his task and if Kurt had been rational at that moment, he might have realized that Blaine was in the process of making his favorite meal, but Kurt was beyond pissed and could only see red. When he let out a humorless laugh, Blaine turned back around, a tentative look in his eyes.

“You want to talk about it?” Blaine asked, his voice usually soothing to Kurt now just made him want to scream. “I made dinner. We can sit down and eat and you can tell me what’s bothering you. Sound good?”

“I’d rather claw my own eyes out.” Kurt hissed, making Blaine spin around quickly. “And it’s you, since you want to know so badly.”

“Oh, one of those days. Ok.” Blaine sighed and turned off the oven and the stoves. “I’ll just grab my coat and take a walk. Give you some alone time, ok?” He said, his face softening and he tried to smile encouragingly. “And what’s me?” He asked, not sure what Kurt’s last comment meant.

“YOU. You are what’s bothering me. You make me late for one class, show me up in another and you’re always here, getting on my freaking nerves when I just want to be left alone.” Kurt was almost out of breath by the end of his rant and he was too blind to see the hurt that crossed his fiancés face.

Blaine took a step back as if he’d been slapped. He knew he’d made a mistake this morning when he though he’d hit snooze and accidentally turned the alarm off, which is why he had come home and fixed Kurt’s favorite dinner. He’d also run him a hot bath, knowing Kurt would want to soak after his long day, but he’d never expected this.

Kurt continued to glare at Blaine as he backed up toward the bedroom. He was trying to hold it together but inside, he was dying. All the insecurities he’d had when moving here all came rushing back and his hands started shaking as he reached for his coat.

“I’ll let you have some alone time.” He said gently as he walked past Kurt, who still hadn’t moved but continued to glare at him. He knew how Kurt could get sometimes and granted, this was the worst he’d ever seen him, but he knew he needed to keep quiet and not start an argument. “I’ll be back later, ok?” He said turning around to look at Kurt once he’d opened the door.

“No, don’t bother coming back.” Kurt said, pushing Blaine’s chest, making him stumble backward. “I’m done.” Kurt said in a cold voice before closing the door. Blaine’s felt a cold shiver down his back when he heard the lock slide in place. It sounded so final. He stood there and just stared at the door wondering what the hell just happened.

Blaine wasn’t sure how long he stood there and stared at the door, willing it to open and for Kurt to tell him it was all a joke, but that didn’t happen. Blaine knew Kurt well enough to know if he didn’t leave and give him the time he needed, things would get a lot worse, so he turned around and went for a walk.

He wandered around for about 3 hours then decided to get himself some coffee. He decided to text Kurt and see if he wanted him to bring back coffee. Hopefully he’d calmed down enough that they could talk, but when Blaine texted Kurt, he didn’t get a response. So Blaine stayed where he was and had coffee alone. It was pretty cold and Blaine knew he should head back home but he usually waited to hear from Kurt before he returned, so Kurt didn’t feel like Blaine was crowding him.

After 30 minutes of silence, Blaine called Kurt, but his call went straight to voicemail. His insides were churning and his chest hurt. The last time Kurt had been this mad at him was after his stupid mistake last year. Since they’d gotten back together, things had been going well. Did Kurt really want him to not come back?

This reality hit him like a ton of bricks. He suddenly couldn’t breathe and started gasping for breath. He didn’t realize tears were streaming down his face until the barista came over and put her hand on his shoulder and asked if he was alright. She looked so concerned, it knocked him out of his panic.

“S-sorry, yeah, yes. I’m fine.” He mumbled before stunning out the door and into the street. The cold air hit him hard, causing him to draw in a deep breath. He leaned a hand on the brick to steady himself and waited a minute for his breathing to calm down. What was he going to do? Should he go back to the loft or go to Sam’s and crash? His thought were swirling around making him actually dizzy. That, combined with his uneven breathing caused his vision to go black and suddenly he was falling.