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Kurt Looking at Jane vs. Kurt Looking at Nas

Kurt’s heart eyes for Jane are the stuff of legend. So I was thinking back to some of the Kurt/Nas scenes we’ve had this season and wondering if we’ve ever seen the heart eyes at Nas. So, let’s take a look:

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                                         i want to go to your house. okay.

Silent Book friend

(A/N): Can I just cuddle Kurt and read to him??

Warnings: None

Originally posted by majinkura

    Kurt had been going to Xavier’s library for quite some time, desperate to gain a knowledge on all things of this world. That boy was constantly reading, which meant he was constantly spending his time in the library. He was sure he had memorized the entire place by now, from the very top of the ceiling down to all the books the library had, that meant Kurt had a good understanding of the library and everything in it, including the people. 

   It was always the usual group of people, most of the time it was more of the “nerdy” mutants that came around, discussing books they’d read or movies they’d seen in the theater. Really they were the only ones who were ever there so when one day Kurt looked up and he saw- them, sitting on the other side of the room, very in tune with their reading he was more than a little surprised.

   Kurt never ever saw anyone else in the library, it was only ever him and that few select group of students, never this person who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Sure, it was a little silly to be surprised, after all he wasn’t the only student at this school who liked to read so it was plausible that some other people would eventually show up too. But it wasn’t just the fact that they were there, reading, it was almost as if they were always there when Kurt was, maybe that’s why it was so shocking to him. Kurt would be sitting there reading in absolute peace and when he’d look up they’d be there, in their usual spot reading peacefully. It’s not that he minded, in fact he liked the silent almost company this person brought, as weird as it sounded. They were just this silent little book friend he had, just keeping him and the library company when no one else was around. 

    Their silent hours spent together dragged on, whenever Kurt was there so was this mysterious person, just reading some book in their little nook of the library. 

   They never really talked, not really, there was one time that they looked up, locked eyes with Kurt and gave him a warm smile and In that moment Kurt was damn near sure he’d never seen anything more beautiful than that mysterious person smiling at him. Kurt had smiled back, albeit a bit nervously before walking over and taking his usual spot on one of the many couches the library had to offer. 

   After the smile the two often found each other staring at each other, occasionally catching the other staring at them from the corner of their eye. It never failed to make both parties smile and blush just a little bit. 

   This little pattern of stolen glances and flashed smiles continued on for weeks, that was until this mysterious person had gotten up the nerve to get up and finally talk to the blue mutant. 

   The library had been nearly silent, just the two mutants happily reading away, occasionally stealing a glance here and there. Nothing was out of the ordinary, this was their usual pattern of things, that was until said mysterious person rose from their seat instead coming over to take a place by Kurt on the couch. 

   Kurt was…thoroughly surprised by this turn of events, he had never expected this person to actually truly acknowledge him and yet here they were, sitting directly beside him. 

   “I see you in here all the time and you’re always reading books I really like and I thought it was time we finally talked to each other,” Kurt smiles shyly, his cheeks dusting a light shade of purple. His tail flicks happily behind him, something he unfortunately couldn’t control, it was just something that happened when he was happy or excited. 

   “I’’m glad ve are on zhe same page,” Kurt murmurs softly. The person gives him a warm smile, one that made their eyes twinkle and their nose crinkle and meine gott Kurt thought it was adorable. 

   “My name’s (Y/N), what about you?” 

   “Kurt. Kurt Vagner,” (Y/N) smiled a bit more and stuck their hand out, awaiting Kurt to shake it. Kurt was more than happy to oblige, reaching out to gently shake his new companion’s hand. 

   “Glad I could finally, officially meet you,” (Y/N)’s voice is shy and quiet and Kurt could melt at the sound of it. This (Y/N) character (although he had just officially met them), actually seemed like a wonderful and great person and he most definitely wouldn’t mind spending more time with them.

   “Me too,” 

   “So…um…” (Y/N) trails off, biting their lip shyly. “I couldn’t help but notice what you were reading and I just wanted to tell you it’s one of my favorites,” Kurt smiles as he looks down to the book he had in his lap, the gold calligraphy standing out on the brown cover. 

   “I am quite enjoying it myself,” Kurt murmurs as he looks back up to (Y/N) who was smiling fondly at the blue mutant. “Zhe story is so riveting and I appreciate all zhe character development,” (Y/N) smiles widely, a different smile than before. It was brighter and lighter and their entire demeanour changed at his comment. 

   “I think we’re going to be great friends,” 

A Virgin - Charles Xavier x Reader

Requested by anonymous

Prompt: "Did you really think I would love you less because you’ve never had sex before?“

A/N: I’ve been gone a long time because I suck, SORRY. I hope this imagine isn’t total trash and that you guys will actually enjoy it. It’s a little bit short…oops..I love you all

Originally posted by pr0paganda

You were taking quick strides down the corridors of the Xavier Institute, hoping and praying that you wouldn’t run into a certain psychic. Rounding the last corner, you saw your bedroom straight ahead, but to your horror, he was in the middle of the hallway speaking with one of his students. You tried your hardest to go unnoticed, but luck was not in your favor.

“Y/N?” His soft voice asked. 

You attempted to avoid eye contact and gave an awkward smile, immediately looking to the floor.

He turned back towards the young mutant. “Kurt, will you please excuse me?”

“Yes sir, Professor.” He replied in his thick German accent.

Your stomach flipped as he wheeled towards you, a charming smile on his face. Although he seemed happy to see you, something in his eyes seemed like worry. “May I speak to you in private?” His voice sounded more nervous than usual. Your cheeks heated up and you nodded. After a few moments, you realized your feet were still planted in the same spot.

“Er…to your room, then?” He mumbled.

“Right, sorry,” You hurried past him and headed to your door. He followed you inside and you peered out the doorway, making sure no one saw the two of you before you closed it.

You thought about how you would rather die then have this conversation. Filled with dread, you dragged your feet towards the bed and sat down on the edge of it. He wheeled himself closer and sat across from you, looking at you with concern.

“Do you want to tell me what happened last night?”

“I would honestly rather not.” You anxiously played with your fingers.

“You just ran away, (Y/N)…and I want to know why. Was it something I did? Something I said?”

You rolled your eyes and sighed. “No, Charles. You didn’t do anything. I just…” You trailed off and embarrassment washed over you, making it impossible for you to finish your sentence.

“You just what?” 

“Things got a bit…heated and I didn’t want to give you…false hope.” 

He looked at you in confusion.

You took a deep breath. “I’m just afraid that you’ll get bored with me because…well because I’ve never had sex before and it’s just so humiliating how nervous I am about it. And even though I’m falling in love with you, I still don’t think I’m completely ready.” You held your head in your hands, not daring to meet his vibrant eyes.

To your surprise, he started laughing. Feeling hurt, you looked at him in a mixture of anger and disgust. “What the hell is so funny?” You raised your voice.

His laughter faded but a prominent smile remained on his face. He reached out and pulled your hands into his lap, running soothing circles over them. “Did you really think that I would love you any less because you’re a virgin?” 

“Well…you’re obviously not one so I figured you would want someone experienced, okay?”

“How do you know I’m not one? I am paralyzed, you know.” He chuckled.

“I can read minds, you know.” You shot back. “And with those thoughts, you’re definitely not one.”

He chuckled and pulled you towards him, gesturing that he wanted you to sit on his lap. 

You sat dow and leaned your head back on his shoulder. “(Y/N), I love everything about you. And this doesn’t change my feelings for you at all. You being a virgin is so…” he trailed off, searching for the word, “hot.”

You laughed and leaned your head up to look at him. “You really don’t mind waiting?”

“Of course I don’t. If anything, it makes me want you more. I’d love to be your first.” He squeezed your waist. You blushed and leaned back into him. “Because I love you and you’re so very special to me. I know it’s important to you and I would never rush you into anything you’re not ready for.”

You smiled and reached up to kiss his cheek. “Just be patient with me, Charles.”

“No worries, my love.” He pressed his cheek to the top of your head and gave you another tight squeeze. 

i wore a kurt cobain shirt to work today & my manager asked me if i liked him. i answered yes, of course i love kurt & he tells me a story of when he won tickets to a listening party nirvana was having & when kurt walked in, he looked at the ppl there & said, “wow, all u motherfuckers came to listen to my music.” the crowd laughed & he said he never forgot that moment until this day. i almost cried :’)


“Could you stop staring at me? It makes me uncomfortable.” Kurt says when he catches you looking at him.


“I know I may look weird to you.”

“I was actually looking at your tail. That’s so cool, can you grab things with it?”

“You…what? Yes I can.” He furrows his eyebrows, not sure what you’re thinking, “So you don’t think I’m strange?”

“Oh you certainly are strange but your appearance isn’t.” You smile at him, “You look awesome and that whole teleportation thing is great.” You had been really excited to meet him, always thinking he had one of the most interesting abilities. They were similar to your own as well so you hoped he could help you out a bit.

“Thank you.” He replies with a shy smile, blushing a little. Luckily you couldn’t see that.