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Overused Snape hater arguments

- Neville’s Boggart
- Hermione’s teeth
- Child abuser
- Outed Lupin
- Joined Death Eaters
- Told Voldemort about the prophecy
- Was okay with James and Harry dying as long as Lily lived
- Stepped over James’ body and ignored baby Harry to cry and hug Lily’s corpse
- Tried to put Sirius and Lupin in Azkaban
- Called Lily a Mudblood
- Only wanted to fuck Lily and was an asshole because he couldn’t
- Had a rivalry with the Marauders
- Couldn’t get over childish grudges
- Dropped a branch on Petunia
- Would have treated Harry differently if he was a girl and looked like Lily
- Wasn’t a hero or brave
- Racist
- Sexist
- Stalker

Snape fans have debunked these arguments enough, please try to be more original the next time you spew hate.

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Snarry friendship had so much potential !!! I like to imagine them bonding and Harry could have been a healthy support for Severus. :(

god i KNOW like harry and snape are rollinginthedeep.mp3 bc they have SO MUCH WASTED POTENTIAL (we could have had it alllllll)

harry could have learned so much from snape if either of them had managed to give even just a little. it’s frustating to me now to read the occlumency chapters bc it’s like…. the potential is THERE. it’s there but both harry and snape squander it. snape is too caustic, too wrapped up in who he thinks harry is bc of who he looks like; and harry doesn’t trust snape and doesn’t want to listen to him or even pretend to listen to him. if harry showed some respect snape might have responded - if snape had treated harry even an ounce more kindly, harry might have responded. but neither of them give, so their relationship dies. 

snape would have been an excellent mentor for harry and it ruins me AGAIN that we see this so OFTEN - in the occlumency chapters particularly, but also at the end of hbp (hell when harry works with snape’s book in hbp! see how harry learns from snape when he doesn’t know it’s snape teaching him?) when snape is giving harry all of these super vital lessons? teaching harry via dueling the way harry learns best? (he does that with occlumency too! at some point snape notices that harry is a physical learner - or just doesnt have much faith in his ability to learn from a book lmao.) he’s arguably the best versed in dark arts and their defense, he knows so much about voldemort, he’s obviously excellent at sabotage and strategy…. harry could have learned so much

and what snape needs, more than anything, is compassion. love. he is a plant withering and he needs some goddamn water and if there’s any character who could provide that, it’s harry j potter the most compassionate and kind character in the entire goddamn series. dumbledore’s relationship with snape is far more distant, too entrenched in war leader and spy to really blossom - so snape needs a relationship with someone, anyone, who can give him appreciation, sympathy, acceptance. and since they share so much history, since their backgrounds are so similar, is there anyone better suited than harry to give that to him?

perhaps snape could have healed, even just a little, by having a willing ear to listen to his past. god, look at how outraged harry is on snape’s behalf when he sees the marauders bullying - and that’s when he doesn’t even LIKE snape! can you imagine what kind of good that outrage could have done snape, who carries those seven years of humiliation with him like an open wound? how much that might have closed it, to have someone, anyone, acknowledge and even feel anger about the wrongs done to him?

listen there’s a reason harry and snape’s relationship comes up in fic again and again. there’s a huge amount of potential between them and it’s so frustrating to me that it’s so wasted in the books bc of the actions on both sides. 

cole sprouse really out here serving LOOKS 

first we got the young james potter 

next is pride and predjudice lookin headass 

lastly we got the beauty and the beast “no one gets those beauts like gaston” look

damn younger me was rooting for the wrong sprouse 

i can’t decide between quoting lucky i’m in love with my best friend and lucky we’re in love in every way from this song that resonates with this picture, and my feelings, perfectly

seamus and dean you guys

Professor Lupin


Harry and the little sleeping boy. 💛 

“We’re gonna sing, very quietly, You & I.”