he's lived for over 150 years

Patater Week - Day 1

Feb. 6- Get Together – (Coraline-inspired AU, magical realism, 6.4K)
Soundtrack: [Exploration] + [Dreaming]

There’s a low, paint-chipped door in the corner of Alexei Mashkov’s living room in Providence.

His agent tells him that the door used to connect to the apartment next to his, a long time ago, when the structure had been one. The door leads to nowhere now, only a wall of bricks. Alexei has even seen the wall of bricks in person, when he requested the landlord open the door for fun. He’s always been curious, after all, and the old, rusted key that the agent picks out from the cabinets only added to that curiosity.

“You’ll get yourself into trouble one day, Lyosha,” his grandmother used to tell him. Alexei had been young, perhaps seven or eight, when she warned him. “Don’t ask so many questions, and try to be happy, or the spirits will see, and take you.” She had said, “Don’t go through strange doors, and don’t follow voices, especially if they sing to you.”

“What’s so bad about singing?” Alexei had demanded, in a petulant way only a seven-year-old can manage. “I sing.”

“Yes, love, but they sing to confuse you,” his grandmother had responded. “They sing of a life better than the one you have, so you want to come to them. You see? They want to trick you and steal you away.”

Of course, Alexei had thought her warning had been metaphorical, if not slightly cryptic. She’d been old then, and easily confused. If you take out the spirits part, the rest sound more or less logical. He figured that she doesn’t want him talking to strangers and end up kidnapped, so Alexei had merely nodded and promised her. No going in strange doors, no following the singing voice, not that there’d been any in his life. Until now.

The bricks are nothing special: the seams filled with cement, the corners dusty with cobwebs. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but there’s a draft that only Alexei can feel because when he mentions it to the agent, she only blinks in confusion.

“Why not lock it?” Alexei asks, when the agent pockets the old key and closes the old, wooden door.

“Why should I?” the agent says, smiling. “The wall is bricked up. Not like there’s anything that can come out. Now, let’s go to the kitchen. The structure itself is a little old, almost 150 years, but it’s been recently remodeled. It’s got a beautiful granite counter top—”

Alexei loves the house. But doesn’t know why he feels uneasy about the door. When he gets the keys to the house, he finds the rusted key again and locks the door. 

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this looks like jackson is the chosen one to save the world and humanity and mark is the wise man who guides him through this battle and has 150 years old but stopped growing old by the age of 24 and now jackson is losing his faith and being insecure about the burden he has to carry and mark is trying to motivate him by being aggressive and putting even more pressure over him: “i… i cant do this” “there’s no ‘i cant do this’ jackson, dont you understand? the lives of these innocent people are in ur hands! dont let them down! dont let me down!”

Creepypasta #1165: The Shrieker

Length: Long

I can hear it already. It’s barely dusk. It’s screeches are penetrating my walls, calling for a reaction. I can’t look, or it will know. Once it can see me, I can’t react. Can’t move. There’s nothing that can be done. I just have to wait until morning.

It all started when I was a kid. Seven years old, to be exact. I grew up right off of a small town. My dad was a farmer, so surprise, we lived on a farm. My family owned around 150 acres of land, most of which consisted of thick woods. I would often have friends come over and my dad would light a campfire and tell horror stories to us all. I remember one time he even made my friend pee himself, so we had to go in for the night. However, my dad never told me this one. Maybe because it wasn’t fake. Maybe he held onto this one because he was hoping I wouldn’t have to live through it. I’m sorry Dad, your effort failed.

One night, at the age of seven, I woke up in the middle of the night. At first, I didn’t know exactly why, but around 30 seconds after I awoke, I found my reason. I can’t forget the first time I heard it. I thought my ears would start bleeding. The yell was extremely high pitched… And so loud. It sounded like what you might imagine a young woman would sound like if she were being brutally murdered, except it sounded like her mouth was right next to my ears. 

I couldn’t hear myself think. It would screech for five seconds, then be quiet for 30. I was petrified, I couldn’t move. Remember when you were a kid, and you would hear something just out of your view, and even though you knew it was nothing, deep down you were still scared and couldn’t move? Well, it was kind of like that, except I didn’t know I was okay. I was scared, right down to my bones.

After a couple of minutes of the screeching, I finally started to get up. I was too scared to not know, and it sounded like it was coming from the edge of the forest. I sat up in my bed, and swung my legs over. I lived on the second story of my house, so in order to see the ground I had to be closer to the window. I started walking towards the window, another shriek caused me to wince and cower. Before I recovered, I was wrapped into a bear hold, a man’s hand covering my mouth. I tried to fight back, tried to yell, but the hand prevented my noise from being too loud.

My dad’s voice calmed me down as his hand began to loosen from my mouth. It was too late, though, It had heard me. I saw it then, on the edge of the woods. It looked kind of like a person, but it was much taller. At least 12 feet. It’s arms and legs were the length of people. Its features were hidden by the darkness, It’s silhouette standing eerily still in the moonlight, but its eyes… They were piercing, bright, vibrant white dots in the distance. They were looking right at me. 

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Gratsu AU where Gray is an immortal. It was difficult for him at first, losing the people he loves over and over but he got better with coping with loss as time went on.

And then he meets Natsu. He realizes a few years into their relationship that Natsu is it for him. Natsu is his soul mate. He loves him so much it scares him because an average lifetime goes by for him so quickly and he knows losing Natsu is going to hurt more than anything else he’d ever experienced.

Deciding to make the best of it, he lives the rest of Natsu’s life out with him and tries to give him the best of everything that he can. When Natsu passes away, it devastates him. He’s full of anguish, pissed off at the world and himself for being what he is. He’s convinced he will never love again.

Then he sees a pink haired man 150 years later with gorgeous, piercing green eyes. He doesn’t hesitate to shout his name across the park, “NATSU!” And to his surprise, the man responds. His cheeks flush and he all but sprints over to Gray, drawn to him inexplicably.

He tells Gray that he feels as though he’s met him before and Gray knows they have. This is his Natsu reincarnated. They begin dating and eventually get married. When Natsu dies this time around, Gray is still sad, but hopeful. Maybe Natsu will come back again.

After 20 years, Gray stares hard at every pink haired man he sees. It isn’t until another 50 years go by when he finds him again. It’s always his eyes and that toothy smile that give him away and the cycle begins all over again.

Composer John Williams to Receive AFI Life Achievement Award

Esteemed composer John Williams will receive the 44th AFI Life Achievement Award, America’s highest honor for a career in film, the American Film Institute Board of Trustees announced Thursday.

This will mark the first time the award will be bestowed on a composer. Williams will be honored at a gala Tribute on June 9, 2016 in Los Angeles.

“John Williams has written the soundtrack to our lives,” said Sir Howard Stringer, Chair, AFI Board of Trustees.  “Note by note, through chord and chorus, his genius for marrying music with movies has elevated the art form to symphonic levels and inspired generations of audiences to be enriched by the magic of the movies.  AFI is proud to present him with its 44th Life Achievement Award.”

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Williams’ credits include more than 150 titles over the course of seven decades. He is perhaps best known for his collaboration with director Steven Spielberg, his scores including those for “Jaws” (1975), “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” (1982) and “Schindler’s List” (1993).

Three of Williams’ scores landed on AFI’s 100 Years of Film Scores, including the “Star Wars” (1977) soundtrack. Moreover, Williams holds the record for the most Oscar nominations of any living person, with five wins and 49 nominations in total. He also received 22 Grammy Awards.

Other career touchstones include “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (1981), “Jurassic Park” (1993), the first three films of the “Harry Potter” series (2001-2014), “Tin Tin” (2011) and “The Book Thief” (2013).

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Williams will also compose for the upcoming “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens,” opening December 2015, and is set to reteam with Spielberg for “The BFG” in 2016.

He was born and raised in New York, but moved to Los Angeles in 1948, where he studied composition. After returning to New York to study piano with Madame Rosina Lhevinne at the Juilliard School, he went back to Los Angeles where he began his career in the film industry.

Williams also composed music for many important cultural events, such as the theme for the rededication of the Statue of Liberty in 1986, as well as themes for four Olympic Games. In 2003, he received the Olympic Order, the International Olympic Committee’s highest honor, for his contributions to the Olympic movement. Williams was inducted into the American Academy of Arts & Sciences in 2009.

The AFI Life Achievement Award dates back to 1973 and is presented to a single honoree each year “whose talent has in a fundamental way advanced the film art; whose accomplishment has been acknowledged by scholars, critics, professional peers and the general public; and whose work has stood the test of time.”

The 43rd AFI Life Achievement Award honored Steve Martin, and other recipients include Mel Brooks (2013), Tom Hanks (2002) and Meryl Streep (2004).

The Tribute will air on TNT and Turner Classic Movies in late June 2016.

Overwatch Catdads drabble

The working title is “Catdads on a roof.”  Don’t judge me. 

Reaper76. SFW.  Yes, this is a full-fledged AU now.  It’s @joasakura‘s fault.  She has yet to show any shame about this.

I feel like it needs more, but I don’t know what.  So obviously the thing to do is post it and discover new clarity via public humiliation.


Jack is a mountain cat.  Enclosed spaces always made him twitchy, even before Zurich. Vantage soothes him; he likes having options, the ability to see what’s coming and react.

He’s crouched comfortably on the broad cement parapet of a brutalist abomination of a skyscraper, staring out without much thought over the lights of Sao Paulo, when his superhuman hearing picks up the softest stir of gravel on the roof behind him.  One of his ears twitches toward the sound.  He doesn’t bother looking because he already knows who it is.

“I thought I’d find you up here,” Gabriel says.  “Bad move, Jack.  If I can figure out where you’ve gone, then so can they.”

Jack grunts in acknowledgement.  When Gabriel sits down next to him, he laces their fingers together.  Gabe’s wearing those silver claw-tipped gloves.  They scream Gothy McEdgelord, but they’re a damn sight less noticeable than Gabriel’s actual claws.  He has a hard time retracting them, these days.  Jack’s pretty sure it’s psychosomatic, considering they’ve spent the last few years either running or fighting for their lives.  Then again, if it isn’t pyschosomatic, it’s not like they have anybody they can ask about it.

Gabriel doesn’t say anything else, but Jack can feel him waiting.  Not pushing Jack to talk, but listening if he’s got anything he wants to air.

Jack lets the city smells wash over him for a while: ozone and car exhaust, roofing tar, the damp snap of impending rain in the wind. Rancid vegetable oil, cigarette smoke and seasoned chicken from the gyro vendor on the street corner 150 feet below them.  Human sweat laced with impatience, frustration, exhaustion, small fears and simple pleasures; safe herd emotions, nothing on the hunt or aimed at them.  Gabriel, who smells like cumin, stale coffee and home.  “I couldn’t stand it down there anymore,” he says at last.  “It’s like being at the bottom of a pit.”  

Man-made canyon walls, everywhere he looks, halfway to falling in on him if he makes the mistake of looking up.  Buried alive.  Cement dust and human ash a thick pudding in his throat like he’d been drinking mud.  Wondering if that was Gabriel he was breathing in.  Threatening heat inching constantly closer as he’d clawed at the rubble till his hands were bloody, trying to dig himself out.  He shudders and wraps his tail around his own waist.

“…Yeah.”  Gabriel edges closer till they’re touching at thigh and shoulder, and loops his tail around Jack’s waist too.  He’s warm in the cold wind that’s always blowing at this elevation.

fairytalesandcurls  asked:

Can you explain (as best OTP can be explained) Dworin? Especially Dworin M rated fanfic. They are cousins and I have so much confusion...

MY TIME HAS COME! *rolls up sleeves, cracks knuckles* I’m glad you asked (THIS IS GONNA BE FUCKING LONG IM SORRY YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE ASKED HAHAH)

To begin, It’s all about preference. To explain why I ship them romantically, I need to mention the ground reasons why their relationship is special before I can explain the rest. I’m sure most of you guys get this already bc it’s really obvious in the movies, but still, here it is: 

  • YES, they’re cousins, related through their great-great-grandfather. Which also means very distant cousins, so there wouldn’t be anything too incestuous happening between them because Durins are all related in one way or another. They share the same ancestor, Durin I, and if it was wrong then none of the dwarves would be able to marry a dwarf of the same line and I’m pretty sure that’s not the deal. Though, obviously you’re not gonna go marrying your brother or sister I mean there are limits.
  • Movie-wise they have been best friends ever since they were dwarflings. This was confirmed by both Richard and Graham and it’s logical, I mean, going by how they act together on screen. 
  • Dwalin [is Thorin’s] equal in all but name, his friend, his advisor, and his sparring partner.” - RA. This quote is so damn important. There is no ‘stronger’ or ‘weaker’ in their relationship. They’re one and the same, except Thorin gets to wear the crown. I’m convinced that Thorin would never consider ordering Dwalin around or holding himself above him in any way unless the situation really calls for it. 
  • Their trust runs deeper than the damn mithril veins in Moria.
  • They have had over 150 years worth of time to strengthen that trust. Dwalin was there when Smaug attacked - he shares Thorin’s pain and besides Balin he’s the only one who can truly understand just how much reclaiming Erebor means to Thorin. He was there for Thorin during the exile. No doubt he was there to help him carry the weight of his crown and to help him rebuild the lives of their people. This also means he must have played a big role in raising Fili and Kili too. He followed him on the quest that screamed suicide from the beginning, because he loves him and because he has faith in him. He has been by Thorin’s side for almost two centuries and he still stays true to his place, steadfast and ”loyal to a fault” as Bilbo would say.
  • Thorin doesn’t doubt Dwalin to ever fail to catch him if he falls, just as much as Dwalin doesn’t doubt Thorin would do the same. 
  • Another example of how much Thorin trusts him is Dwalin having permission to question him. And he does. He confronts him with his mistakes, he helps him see reason if he notices Thorin to stray from the right path (no pun intended). He makes Thorin a better dwarf and in return Thorin makes him a better dwarf too. He makes him more patient and less hotheaded. 
  • They complement each other in every way. Just look at their synchrony in battle or their movements in general. They understand each other better than anyone else. Every look one of them gives the other can interpret within a heartbeat. That’s how familiar they are with each other. 
  • Thorin shares everything with Dwalin. His secrets, his thoughts, his doubts and fears. And Dwalin’s quiet presence alone is what I think is enough to soothe Thorin’s raging mind at times. Because that’s how Dwalin works and Thorin appreciates it more than empty words someone else might give him. 

- so why do I ship them romantically then? - 


How often do you see a pairing with such incredible dynamic, who’ve reached a level of love, trust and loyalty where questioning either would be considered plain stupidity? Why settle with brOTP when there’s potential for so.much.more. I’m fairly certain that a good portion of the fandom is familiar with the idea of some dwarves having a One, aka a soulmate. Someone they love above all else and with whom they connect on every possible level. Well, the way I see it, Dwalin is Thorin’s One. To me, no one comes close to Dwalin in terms of friendship with Thorin. Not even Bilbo. Yes, he was there to share Thorin’s perils and they’ve formed a beautiful bond during the Quest, but Thorin’s bond with Dwalin was being forged for nearly two centuries during which he shared his perils and no matter what he followed and stayed true to him till the end. So, what is it that makes idk Bagginshield the more popular, more truthful ship? When, given the facts, it should be Dwalin more than anyone who has the right to hold the highest place in Thorin’s heart. Bilbo’s offered Thorin nothing more than Dwalin’s been offering for decades and decades. Some say it’s because Thorin sees Dwalin as family rather than a - in lack of a better word - boyfriend. I say it’s because we’ve never seen their relationship grow as we saw Bagginshield. We got the finished product and there was nothing ”interesting” going on between them anymore. People took Dwalin as Thorin’s bodyguard and drew the line there. The end. Very few people bothered to dig deeper to find out how they came to be who they are. Those who did I’m pretty sure ended up shipping them. The reason their relationship is not overly exposed on screen is because there is no need to do it anymore. What they have is there for all to see and interpret as they wish.

For me, their love shows in every look, every simple gesture, every scream of each other’s name when in danger. And just because I can’t hold anyone equal to Thorin’s character besides Dwalin is why I can’t also see him romantically involved with anyone but him. When you think about it, just try to imagine, what that first step in their romantic relationship would look like. Like it’s the most natural thing in the world. They wouldn’t boast about it, they wouldn’t look at it like an obligation, a necessity or something even slightly awkward. They wouldn’t even give it a name. Their friendship wouldn’t change one bit except for the fact that it would become more physical. That’s the beauty of it and something you won’t see in every ship. Their relationship comes in so many flavors but most people don’t bother to explore them. You can look at them as friends whose relationship doesn’t go beyond platonic, and that is amazing, really, anyone who doesn’t see at least that is seriously blind. You can think of them as friends with benefits if it suits you, it’s totally plausible. As two dwarves whose love is not allowed or is never talked about because there’s no need to take that one step further to seal the love on physical level. You can imagine them being violent, both in battle, in bed, in conversations and arguments, and you can imagine them being soft and tender. Taking care of and soothing each other’s wounds and offering comfort when it’s needed. They have spent so many years forging and perfecting that friendship until it’s become unbreakable. Even when Thorin threatens to kill him, Dwalin forgives him and is beside him again in a heartbeat. I mean…… COME ON! There are just so many reasons why their relationship is incredible and why it could totally work as a romance and I’d list more if i wasn’t starting to bore myself, let alone you who are reading this. 

Like I said, it’s all how you choose to view them. Most people settle for them being best friends, brothers in arms, family etc. which is totally cool. I used to see them as that for all of 30 seconds and then my brain supplied me with the romantic aspects of it and I liked it. It’s hella beautiful and you don’t have to agree with me, nor am I asking you to. The fact that they’re distant cousins means nothing to me. Totally insignificant.

I hope I provided at least a certain amount of insight on why people ship Dworin. At least I hope we share the same reasons. Wow ok this was long and I’m sorry. All the awards to you if you’ve reached the end without falling asleep. I can’t help it I’m just way too emotional about these two. ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

So you may remember a post speculating about when Rukia received the  Hōgyoku.

Aizen is strongly suggesting here that it was placed in her soul over 100 years prior and he knew as much then. (The emphasis on “the location” suggests that it didn’t change in that time period.) Whether that’s an accurate translation is an open question. At any rate, that suggests that it was not done during her first mission to the Living World. So that theory’s done.

So is the theory that Rukia is far less than almost 150 years old.

In other words, Rukia wandered around Rukongai for up to 90 years before meeting Renji with a magic wish-granting rock in her soul that was put there by a mad scientist, and Kubo decided none of that was important enough to explore.

Fuck this guy, man. What a shitty author.

anonymous asked:

why don't Palestinians want peace with Israel?

   Umm Palestinians want peace, but “Israel” doesn’t, do you really expect a terrorist entity like “Israel” wants “peace”?
Take me and my family for example, in 1948 “Israel” kicked out my Mum’s family from their ancestral homeland (Jaffa, Palestine) and then they took over their home and their farm that was planted by my ancestors, and made them become refugees and live in a refugee camp till this day.
Then they murdered my uncle and my cousin for no reason. Arrested many of my family members, physically and sexually harassing them. And falsely accused my uncle with fabricated charges, imprisoning him for 15 years until he was found not guilty.
And then they bombed my home to the ground and they uprooted my family’s farm in Gaza, uprooting over 1,800 orange and olive trees and some of them were ~150 years old.
And I’m barred from just VISITING Jerusalem and other Palestinian cities in the West Bank just for the simple fact I was born in Gaza, can you imagine how ridiculous it is that you’re Palestinian and you can’t visit Palestinian cities, while some tourist from Europe or “La La land” can? And even if I tried to enter the West Bank as a Canadian citizen, they won’t recognize me as a Canadian citizen and still deny my entry.
Now, think about the other 11,000,000 Palestinians every single one of them have their own story with “Israel”.

Hour Glass

  The simple sounds of the clock on the wall, ticking away. It reminded people of how much time was left for them to get their jobs done, to how much time was left until the sun was setting. How much time was there left for dinner? Lunch? Maybe a movie?

     Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock…

  The room was filled with beer cans, empty pizza boxes, a few carry out bags from Taco Bell, the place was nice, but a wreck for maids. It had a beautiful view over the city, a skyline windows that lead to a balcony where he was laid out on a tanning chair. In his boxers, he laid out, fresh scares over his skin to add to the collection. He had a joint to his lips, nothing he felt, but it was good to know he had been trying. The smoke left his lips as he watched the sun start to rise up.
    Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.
  Time meant nothing to him. What could time do to him that he hadn’t done himself? Friends didn’t last, lovers simply wasted away while he stood still, untouched by time. What was the point if everything just rotted anyway?
  He owned this building, no one thought the man living on the top floor was really 150 year old assassin that drank too much. People tried to make friends with him, to make him apart of whatever community they had going on in the lower floors, but he had seen this before. He had witnessed people echo on, move out, die in their sleep. What was the point?
  On the wall behind him, blood was splattered. Brain matter and pieces of bone laid riddled on the floor. A gun was sitting off on a small tray table next to his chair that had dried blood on the barrel. He had the cops at his place at least once a week. The gun shots did always bring an uproar. SHIELD and the X-Men normally covered his ass when it came down to the big stuff, but that never stopped him from doing it again.
  The joint was low and he simply pulled it from his lips after one last hit. He flicked it out over the edge of the balcony before picking up his gun again. He smoothed a scared hand over the metals before flicking the hammer back, aimed it up under his chin and pulled the trigger.

                          5 Minutes.

  His body had laid there, lifeless it seemed. Blood scattered against the back end of the wall, almost matching up to what had been there before. Fresh pieces of matter on the ground. It wasn’t until his hand twitched, did his finger wrap around the  arm of the chair. He lifted his body up with a small groan before he stood, picked up his gun shaking off the fresh blood on it. His head had healed. He wiped off the blood on his boxers from his gun as he tripped over the hoes. Cursing up a storm, he turned on the hoes and started to water down the paint job he had given the wall.

      Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

  Here comes a day of more adventures than he really wanted. He was sure SHEILD would be banging on his door trying to either recruit him or lock him away. They never could track him down to one place, he had too many boltholes through our the country and all over the world. He was good at keeping his money off the grid.   Wade took a beer from the fridge and some left over pizza before setting it all down on the kitchen counter next to his phone. He already saw the emails coming in for contracts and tether lines from past ones.    In the back of his mind, part of him hoped it would be the last run for him. He had given up trying to make his life for the better. Everything that had been good to him had been stripped by time. Now, it ran like sand through his finger tips. He did think, at one point, things would turn around, but that was a lie he told himself.