he's lived for over 150 years


this looks like jackson is the chosen one to save the world and humanity and mark is the wise man who guides him through this battle and has 150 years old but stopped growing old by the age of 24 and now jackson is losing his faith and being insecure about the burden he has to carry and mark is trying to motivate him by being aggressive and putting even more pressure over him: “i… i cant do this” “there’s no ‘i cant do this’ jackson, dont you understand? the lives of these innocent people are in ur hands! dont let them down! dont let me down!”

So you may remember a post speculating about when Rukia received the  Hōgyoku.

Aizen is strongly suggesting here that it was placed in her soul over 100 years prior and he knew as much then. (The emphasis on “the location” suggests that it didn’t change in that time period.) Whether that’s an accurate translation is an open question. At any rate, that suggests that it was not done during her first mission to the Living World. So that theory’s done.

So is the theory that Rukia is far less than almost 150 years old.

In other words, Rukia wandered around Rukongai for up to 90 years before meeting Renji with a magic wish-granting rock in her soul that was put there by a mad scientist, and Kubo decided none of that was important enough to explore.

Fuck this guy, man. What a shitty author.