he's literally the cutest thing to ever exist

Boyfriend Series - BTS: V


- Cuddly to no end just because he likes the feeling of you in his arms

- Kisses your cheek and forehead and the back of your hand the most

- Never let’s you stay upset if he can help it

- Will literally do whatever he can just to get you to smile and/or laugh

- Loves to see you smile more than anything else because he thinks it’s the most adorable thing to ever exist

- Will be serious when the situation requires it

- Talks to you about everything that way you guys never go through the problem of a lack of communication

- Tries his hardest to always make sure you know that he loves and cares because he loves you with all his heart and seeing you hurt would probably break him

- Smiles all the time when looking at you

- Loves resting his head on top of yours

- Tries to cook for you and clean for you whenever he can

- Sings for you

- Gets excited for you when something good happens at work or school

- Will sit and have movie marathons and sing to every song even if he butchers it

- Falls asleep on your shoulder or lap

- Calls you because he likes your voice and just wants to hear you say something like ‘hi’, 'goodnight’ and 'I love you’

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what if Ji talks in his sleep tho?? like bc he's multilingual sometimes it makes no sense at all and is just like a jumble of random words but other times it's really cute heartfelt stuff like, "nooo I love leo" in a really firm voice or like "ur so cute daddy" and then pats his face in his sleep. leo just listens with a really big smile

Okay but Leo just thinks it’s the most adorable thing ever and always records it whenever he gets the chance.

On particularly bad days he likes to play the videos and just the sight of his boyfriend cuddling a teddy bear mumbling how much he loves him instantly makes Leo forget about everything bad in his life because Oh my god I’m literally dating the cutest person in existence