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Roommates (M)

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╳ Pairing: Jimin x Reader 

╳ Genre: (one shot) smut and kinda fluff & angst ??

╳ Summary: Being roommates with your best friend can be fun until one day you look at him differently. 

(this is something that I found that I had written months ago and just decided to post it!!)

The day you looked at your best friend as more than a friend, you knew you were screwed. It happened out of nowhere. You just woke up one morning and looked at him differently. You were never going to tell anyone, you weren’t stupid. That would just lead to Jimin being freaked out and nothing being the same. Risking your friendship with Jimin was not worth the little crush you had on him.

Deciding that you couldn’t fall back asleep, you got up to start the morning. Walking into the kitchen to get some breakfast, you didn’t notice your best friend standing there.

“Holy shit! Jimin, you scared me!” You yelled, clutching your chest.

“What’s gotten you so jumpy?” Jimin asks, laughing while opening the refrigerator

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(Draco Malfoy x Reader)  She Drew Me

        She draws. Oh my god she draws.

  That was Draco’s only coherent thought as he flipped through your sketchbook. As to how its in his possession; well, he didn’t exactly steal it per se. He just happened to be in the area when you dropped it and then he also just happened to pick it up and, uh, didn’t yet get around to returning it, yeah. 

  He is planning to return it of course but we mustn’t forget that he is also a Slytherin after all and you didn’t even put any wards on the thing so it’s technically your fault that he is now lying in his bed carefully examining each page.

  He’s got to admit that you have talent though. Each drawing seems to leap out of the page. They look almost real enough to be able to touch. As for what you draw, Draco hasn’t yet been able to discern any pattern in your objects of inspiration. You seem to draw everything; the Whomping Willow, the quidditch pitch, a hippogryff, a teapot?, a basket of fruit, treacle tart, a birthday cake etc. Turning to the next page he’s surprised to see a full body portrait of Blaise Zabini. 

 Ah yeah, they’re friends now, aren’t they.

  This is a development his isn’t all that happy about but seeing as he can’t seem to gather enough courage to talk to you himself there is literally nothing he can do about it.

  Something at the bottom left corner catches his attention and he realizes that it’s a caption:

  ‘This guy isn’t as funny as he likes to think he is’

  Draco raises his eyebrow in amusement and turns to the next page. This time he greeted with a very realistic Harry Potter and he’s already rolling his eyes before he can stop himself. Of course you would draw him, best friends and all that. This picture had a caption too:

‘Harry, your hair alone took me 4 hours. Fucking fix it’

  He snorted out loud this time and covered his mouth in horror. Mother would not be proud. All of the pages after that were drawings of people with little captions underneath;


‘The day you stop eating is the day Professor McGonagall dies her hair pink.’


‘When in doubt, go to The Hermibrary’


‘I will not apologize for saying I despise your frog, Neville.’


‘Please stop telling me that my head is full of wrackspurts’


‘Stop blowing things up my dude’

  There was even one of Pansy and the caption underneath made him laugh out loud.

‘I will never get back the full 40 minutes it took me to shade your cleavage, Parkinson.’

  The next page made Draco stop in his tracks and his eyes widen almost comically.

 She drew me. She actually fucking drew me. Holy shit holy shit holy shit.

  It was a simple picture. All he seemed to be doing was standing and staring off into the distance. He really doesn’t want to read the caption. What will it say? That he’s a git? That you hate his guts?

  After what felt like forever he managed to gather up his wits and like a true and proper Malfoy he looked at the caption head on.

  ‘I wish he would smile more’


Bewildered, Draco read it again. Smile more? Why would you want him to smile more? Malfoys don’t smile. At least not in public.

  Ignoring how abnormally fast his heart was now beating he turned to the next page and let out a noise that sounded suspiciously like a squeak because it was another drawing of him. This time he was in the library hunched over a book. His eyes flickered to the caption; ‘Well well well, he does study’

  He traced it with his finger. “Of course I study” He scoffed but his words held no bite. He flipped to the next sketch……. another drawing of him? 

  This one was of him in Potions class, carefully measuring out an ingredient.

  ‘He’s quite good at this class’

The next one was of him in quidditch uniform.

‘Fucking smile already, you git’

 Refusing to acknowledge the butterfies that now occupied his stomach Draco quickly flipped through all the pages. They were all drawings of him. He snapped the book shut and buried his face in his hands.

 Oh god oh god oh god. He’s definitely blushing.

 Up until now he hasn’t dared to let himself think about it. Hasn’t allowed himself to hope. But what if-oh merlin what if - no, it can’t be.

 Slowly, Draco reopened the sketchbook and turned to the very last page. His breath caught in his throat as he took it all in. It was a strange picture. The lines seemed rough and hurried as if you were in a rush when you drew it, in fact you seem to have given all the details to his face. His heart clenched suddenly when he saw why. In this picture, he was smiling.                         

‘He’s smiling. Took you a whole fucking book too, you prick’

 Draco let the book fall into his lap as he put his face back in hands his brain going a hundred million miles an hour because what if, just what if-

  What if she likes me too?


Should I do a continuation of this? Like one where Draco gives the sketchbook back or something…. I dunno. I don’t even know what made me write this hahaha.

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Do you have hcs for the worst injury each Batkid had? (Beside the ones that killed some of them)

(Because it’s almost too easy to hop on the angst express for this one… I’m gonna go with the “worst,” most embarrassing injuries each of the batkids has had. JUST BECAUSE.)

One of Dick’s favourite things to do in Wayne Manor (other than sliding down the bannister) was to swing on the grand chandelier in the ballroom. As a nine-year-old kid, the only risk this posed was getting a scolding from Alfred that “the lighting fixtures are not a trapeze, young sir”, and even when he did fall from it, the distance to the floor wasn’t enough to hurt him. 

When he was twenty-five, on a dare from one of his brothers, Dick decided to give it a whirl for old time’s sake… 

He forgot that he weighed at least a hundred pounds heavier than the last time he did it, and realised this too late as the chandelier came crashing down in a cacophony of shattering glass and clanging metal-work and breaking bones. It was rather miraculous that he walked away from it with only minor cuts and bruises and a sprained wrist, but remains the worst injury in his mind to this day.

Barbara grows to be very careful in her later years as Batgirl and again as Oracle, and is not exactly a natural klutz. But one of her first solo nights, she drove her motorbike off the pier at Gotham harbour and into the ocean while chasing Cobblepot’s lackeys. 

It’s kind of hard to beat dying in terms of injury… but Jason would rather talk about his death than that one time he literally shot himself in the foot. 


That is all. 

(Bruce laughed, actually laughed, for ten minutes straight when he found out about it. Then proceeded to use the idiom every chance he could get, grinning at Jason’s scowl.)

Tim has… far too many dumb injuries to just pick one, let’s be honest. He legitimately has a folder in the cave dedicated to them, entitled: “Stupid is as stupid does.” The highlights of said folder include: that one time Tim slipped on a grape and got a concussion, the time Tim pulled his arms and legs inside his shirt to ward off the cold then tripped and fell, breaking his collar bone; the time he spilled steaming hot coffee in his lap and was in agony for a week; and the time he poked himself in the eye with his bo staff. 

Formidable in combat, useless in day-to-day life.

Although Stephanie is notorious for being a dangerous mixture of clumsy and brash, leaving her with a collection of injuries that would put Tim’s to shame… there is one injury that she will never be able to live down and will yell at you in red-faced anger if you dare bring it up…

She once tripped and headbutt a guy she was flirting with. 

Let me clarify: she headbutted his pelvis and got a nasty lump on her head. 

He wasn’t too happy about it either.  

Cassandra’s stupid injuries are usually quite intentional… running into gunfire and the like. But her high pain tolerance is actually her downfall. She once bandaged a wound up poorly, didn’t notice it was still bleeding, and fainted from blood loss while eating Tim’s mini marshmallows in the kitchen.

Alfred patched her up. She was fine, but only just survived Alfred’s long lecture.

Damian once got distracted while feeding Batcow, and the cow accidentally bit his hand trying to eat. 

It was broken. 

Batcow 1. Damian 0.

And last but not least, we have Duke. Who absolutely did not set his clothes on fire during the fifth grade school science festival while trying to demonstrate his makeshift, DIY flux capacitor. 

Even if no one else was impressed at the story, he received a silent handshake of respect from Tim, which made his humiliation it all worth it. 

There are so many things I love about Room Where It Happens that I’ve never found time to mention, like:

  • The fact that when Burr narrates with no direct input from Hamilton, in this INCREDIBLY late-in-the-game “I Want” song (which shows how from Burr’s perspective, this is his story too- an “I Want” song is a protagonist’s song), he makes it essentially Hamilton’s villain song. “Roomhas a lot of bits and pieces here that really make you think big villain song, its positioning works for that and it comes the closest out of any song to fulfilling the role in the whole musical. (Jefferson’s “What’d I Miss?” just doesn’t do that, despite it being an obvious choice to go for.) But the bits that work as a villain song in terms of lyrical content absolutely go to Hamilton. He acts really damn sleazy in this song!
  • Like, listen to that (imagined) standoff towards the end about Hamilton’s deal. That’s the kind of pull-the-rug-out mockery you’d totally expect in a lower-key section of a Disney villain song, right? And then the ensemble picks up that what d’you want Burr over and over, and just the framing of Hamilton as a dismissive insulting figure at the start when he leaves… Hamilton doesn’t get a lot of direct say in this song, but through Burr’s description and the surrounding context, it’s essentially “Burr thinks Hamilton is an asshole: the song”.
  • Except Hamilton does all this by explicitly mimicking Burr’s behavior, which makes it Burr’s villain song indirectly. In the annotations of the libretto, LMM says that this song is where Burr becomes pissed that Hamilton succeeds by doing what Burr has always been doing to no avail; if Hamilton takes a leaf out of Burr’s book and suddenly that method is working, why the hell doesn’t it work for him?
  • This song is LITERALLY BURR BASICALLY TALKING SHIT ABOUT HIMSELF, even as he tries to make Hamilton look bad. Oh my god. You fucked up, ay-ay-ron.

anyway, can people please give Yousef some space. people were outraged he stole Sana’s ball, only to have it turn out that he was so annoyed at himself for doing that, he literally had to talk to Noora about it to get over it. he’s probably writing sad diary entries about how he’s failed once more as I write this, give the guy some space. he’s trying.

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Please talk to me about Daryl's special Carol voice Mod! I am little obsessed with how his tone changes whenever they are together and how this is one of the many ways he shows his feelings for her. I am sure you have lots of beautiful examples 😀

OMG I’m with you I could talk about this forever literally..

I mean we know that from the beginning he’s had this gruff, sometimes harsh tone to his voice, which I believe has always been, along with that glare, a way of protection for him. But he literally softens his voice to a lower level and loses the harshness and bravado that’s in it when he talks to her and it’s such a beautiful phenomenon and I sometimes wonder if Norman does this deliberatly or its some kind of subconcious thing he does when filming these scenes.  Because it’s something literally unique to their scenes.

I think the first time I remember hearing this was shortly after Sophia disappeared and everyone is trying to calm her down and we hear Daryl softly explaining the situation to her in a tone we had never heard from him. It was like he instinctively knew he had to softer, gentler in that situation. And Daryl always did best when he relies on his instincts. And there was just something about this woman that made him want to and need to be this way.

I mean when you think about it, the tone that Ed used to use on her and then listen to the way Daryl usually talks to her, it’s stunning.

I think about when he brings in the rose and there is this shy, awkward way about him like he’s never done this before and probably hasn’t. The whole time his voice and low and soft as he tells her that story and he’s just so quiet and sweet, totally different from normal.

Or like when apologizes for being a jerk in that same voice not long after.

Or when she visits him in his cell and every word is soft and he even smiles and eventually chuckles as well.

How about when  he sees her looking worried in ‘Infected’ and asks her if she’s ok.

Of course this too..

I think about the soft tone when he walks up on her to trying to leave and asks her what she’s doing. And when she admits she dosen’t really know he uses that same tone, not angry at all, just soft, and tells her ‘come on.”

Pretty much every time he talked to her in Consumed was with his ‘Carol’ voice but i was especially thinking of this scene..

And pretty much every word in ‘New Best Friend’ said in her presence had that same beautiful tone of softness in it.

Like underscored with hurt here..

And unable to tell her the truth softness.

I’m a firm believer that a tone of voice can say a lot of things. People tend to talk differently to the ones they love. Daryl is no different. His feelings are shown not only in his face but by his voice. He has a need to be soft and gentle when he talks to her. Barely raises his voice for the most part.  He dosen’t want to sound harsh or angry, He never wants to hurt her. He said harsh things to her once which i’m 100 percent certain her regrets and most likely apologized in some way for.

His love for her just shows so clearly in his voice, the soft inflections and words. He literally betrays himself every time he talks to her. Maye its the reason he can’t seem to say her name when he talks to her. Considering the way her name sounds when he says it to other people I have a distinct when he finally does say it to her it’ll be in that beautiful tone and he will not be able to keep the emotion out of it at all.

And this really is a beautiful though for me :)

See I told you I could go on forever..

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Oh Shit it's P5 headcanon time

Lets get this fucking show on the road alright wooo (Only the first 4 party members bc i only really have in depth headcanons for them. and i haven’t gotten much further past the second palace)

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Hannigram Prompt: Supernatural AU where Mischa’s ghost follows Hannibal around and Will can both see and interact with ghosts. 

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Re: pure empathy: when does Will realize that Hannibal is in love with him?

He asks Bedelia about it at the beginning of 312, “The Number of the Beast is 666.” 

There have been a number of discussions over time about why it wouldn’t have occurred to him earlier, or if it did, but he didn’t articulate it to himself in those terms…or if he just was in denial…or if he had considered it but didn’t have anyone to talk to about it until then…or whether there’s some significant difference between “love” and “IN love” in this particular scenario…or some combination of any of these. 

The evidence in the show is that Will clearly understands Hannibal’s fascination with him as love in 209, “Shiizakana,” with his dream about tying Hannibal to the tree and tightening the rope around him until he bursts. 

No one can be fully aware of another human being unless we love them. By that love we see potential in our beloved. Through that love we allow our beloved to see their potential. Expressing that love, our beloved’s potential comes true.

I think that’s in some contradiction to Hugh saying,

He’s never thought of Hannibal as being capable of love. ‘Cause like most of us he probably had love put off on a kind of pedestal, as an idea, a more perfect thing, as he made the awful realization ‘Oh crap, maybe this thing I’m feeling is like love’. It’s so dirty and awful and… you know… I don’t know. I’m basically making this up on the spot, but that would be my answer for why he might not have arrived at or realized that thought. Because look at Hannibal and you could be like… nice suits, great kitchen, great conversations, nice hair, you know, but you wouldn’t go anything like… ‘Wow, what a loving guy’. (x)


I think Will has probably in some way never conceived the possibility that Hannibal could be in love. I mean he’s got such a black heart. The awareness that they have this connection is something that Will knows and is probably in some way profoundly ashamed of, and is also, you know, he keeps coming back to and actually… kinda…. fills him with joy, as well. But I don’t think he’d ever give it the name love, ‘cause I don’t think he’d ever associate love with Hannibal. (x)

Hugh’s statements are not really carving out a semantic difference between “love’ and “in love.” Maybe Hugh is just overstating things with “I don’t think he’d ever associate love with Hannibal,” but as others have pointed out (ETA: found it here!), Will was able to conceive of love as something twisted and dark all the way back in the very first episode, with Hobbs’s love for Abigail, and by association, with all the other girls he killed. Will is able to grasp the concept.

My take on it has always been, and continues to be, that Will understood on some level–though he perhaps did not allow himself to fully grapple with the concept to the point of “in love”–that Hannibal loved him at least as far back as “Shiizakana.” He clearly felt toyed with at the end of “Savoureux” (”You were just curious” and “Wind him up and watch him go”), and it took him some calming down and listening to the way Hannibal spoke to him afterwards to get to that point, plus the experience of watching Hannibal shed the Chesapeake Ripper for the sake of getting him out of jail. But past that point, it’s mentioned so often, both directly and indirectly, that he can’t be just unaware.

I can accept that Will could talk himself into and out of the idea repetitively over the next four years given that Will could talk himself into and out of anything. Avoidance, denial, resentment, jealousy, heteronormativity, and fear could all play a part in that. So I don’t think that Hugh’s comments should be dismissed in terms of the sentiment or the psychology, even if it’s hard for his words to work perfectly literally. Will follows a similar pattern in “Primavera” when he talks himself into and out of accepting Hannibal’s love in the offering of his broken heart: 

He left us his broken heart.

How did he know we were here?

He didn’t. But he knew we would come.

He misses us.

Hannibal follows several trains of thought at once without distraction from any. One of the trains is always for his own amusement.

He’s playing with us.

Always. Still want to go with him?


Hannibal may be able to follow several trains of thought without distraction from any, but Will is distracted by all those trains of Hannibal’s thought, and it works him over a good deal. 

One thing that EVERYONE agrees on in this discussion is that Hannibal is a dick, and that surely affects Will’s feelings about it all. XD

And finally, this

Family Differences

((This is a shorter drabble I thought of a few nights ago when I got thinking about how people are related to their families in other timelines.))

Danny drifted past shelves lined with books and papers. He had thought everything would be old, but aside from the random bits of parchment here and there, everything looked new. From what he could read from the bits that were in English, they covered everything from theories on the big bang to the American Revolution, from the discovery of physics to new discoveries in biology and ghost mechanics. Clockwork had interesting stuff on his shelves.

As Danny aimlessly floated by, he suddenly noticed one book was apparently missing from the shelf. Danny glanced down and noticed a book on the floor a few feet below him. It was open. When he flew down, he saw it was open to a page showing what looked like a black ball weighing down a web. He closed it. The old blue cover read Black Holes: An Extensive Guide on How They Manipulate Space and Gravity.

Why did Clockwork have that kind of book? He was the master of time, not space.

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one day you will be king and you will understand


Snape Appreciation Month Day 26: Favorite AU

Boiiii, let me tell you.
I am so HERE for Mentor!Snape to Harry (and give me Slytherin!Harry and I’ll straight up die) because:

- think of how prepared Harry would have been for the war if he had Snape as a mentor
- i know expelliramus is sorta his thing but it was also a dead giveaway during the flight of the seven potters
- i do believe he would learn to excel at wandless, silent incantations
- occlumency?? part of the reason i believe he didn’t succeed (apart from not wanting to close a connection that could save lives) was because he didn’t trust Snape and opening your mind like that is such a vulnerable thing (you’d think it’d make him learn occlumency faster but my boy hp is a special case) and if he trusted snape, it would go along swimmingly
- once Harry masters occlumency, Snape wouldn’t keep him *as* in the dark because Snape didn’t like being kept in the dark and if he likes the kid, he’ll look out for him more
- potter would legit be lethal in the war against Voldemort
- but enough about potter. i want to talk about my fave severus snape
- he literally gave himself up to the war and it’s cause with nothing but a vendetta to keep him going
- if he and Harry were close just think about the deeper emotional tie he has to winning the war
- harry is such a kind hearted soul and if anyone could get the mean potions master to soften even the littlest bit, it’s my boy hp
- emotional support
- from both sides. like it’s hard as fuck and they’re both stubborn as hell, but they’re also both stubborn AS HELL
- where am i even going with this. it’s six am
- im sorry, it’s just that I really need someone there for Snape but Snape isn’t about to let himself be the vulnerable one in a situation, so put him in the “i have to be strong for the both of us” spot and he’ll do his job wonderfully and learn along the way that Harry healed him too without ever realizing
- I love this trope so much and I am so bad at words and what even it English

some of my fave fanfic things:
- harry having evening tea and talking to Snape about his day under the pretense of it being detention
- head of house = in loco parentis, which means it makes more sense that snape has a bigger say in what happens to Harry
- im rather fond of snep being furious when he finds out the truth about the Dursleys because he knows what it’s like
- im also really fond of Snape’s really terrifying and cold anger when he sees the scars on Harry’s hand from umbridge’s blood quill and how he almost always threatens to flay her alive
- snape being rather protective of Harry and ALWAYS excusing it as “I’m his head of house, Minerva. You would do the same” and refusing to let himself believe he likes the boy. He’s just doing his job, obviously. Any dunderhead with half a brain would do the same.
- not realizing how close he’s become to Harry until he has to say goodbye because the kid might be brilliant at occlumency, but he can’t risk anyone else know of dumbledores plan to die
- snape’s death scene becomes that much more heartbreaking and traumatic for Harry
- or he somehow manages to save snape because the man means so much to him in this timeline and he’s also really good at potions/magic in general this time around
- severus tries so hard to continue the “be strong for the two of us” card post-war but he is quite literally a broken man who watched to many people die and honestly thought Harry Potter was dead, so Harry sort of ends up taking that role because his guilt of believing snape traitor is insurmountable which annoys the fuck out of snape and makes him repress his feelings
- everyone is sad and miserable but they’re alive and slowly but surely, they all heal together

2 of my fav gay characters from video games are Arcade and Veronica from Fallout: New Vegas. Arcade ESPECIALLY because he just literally talks about himself for 2 minutes and then goes “now i know what you’re thinking: why hasn’t a man come along and swept this bachelor off his feet?” because like… that’s exactly how i tell people i’m gay irl. casually but pointedly

this is gonna sound so cliche but meeting frank iero is seriously like having a really perfect dream. when he talks his tone is soft yet his voice is still very audible and it’s like all the loudness of the people and the club are deafened by his airily calm words. and when he shakes your hand or puts his arm behind your back it feels like nothing but a very light pressure, like the weight of the world has suddenly disappeared and all you have left is this ghost of reality just sitting there, giving you a couple seconds to learn to breathe again. and when he smiles it’s clearly genuine and although light doesn’t sparkle off his teeth, there is so much brightness that the quirks of his lips have to offer. when he gives or takes things to/from you he does it gently and without rush, and he really does make you feel like the world has stopped for just a moment and it’s just you and him on the outer edges of reality and in your dreams if all you wish for is to be listened to or to be seen, please try and meet frank because he does all of that and so much more.

i’m genuinely just….baffled like.. hey gene why do people like their friendship so much, gene: “oh i guess for the same reason they would a heterosexual couple” like ok if u say so… goes on to talk about sex when noone asked, classic gene move. like literally noone asked but he can’t stop himself from talking about kirk and spock having tender intimate sex “just to make contact, to hold each other”