he's literally so pretty you cant disagree

So I have a question. Why do people care so much about Kale Parsnip??? Like this dude has barely even been in the comic and one of the most popular ships in the fandom is with him and a guy he has been seen with in literally one panel and Tater was literally calling him a rat.

Also he canonically is manipulative and abusive towards Jack. In the comic he has literally not once ever done anything good at all. I’m not saying hes the anti-Christ but like every single time he shows up he’s being kinda shitty. Like why the hell does this fandom worship him and act like he’s never done anything wrong?? Is it because hes a pretty white boy because i can literally not think of any other reason???

I cant even go on AO3 without 90% of the fics being about him. He’s not even a main character of that comic. Where are all the fics about Ransom and Nursey and Chowder???? I am 100% sure that if he wasn’t an attractive white boy, people wouldn’t be so quick to defend him all the time.