he's like yeah this is jennifer


[Emily goes to put her purse on Luke’s desk]
SR: That’s actually Luke Alvez’s desk.
EP: Really? It looks empty.
JJ: Uh, well, he, uh… travels light.
EP: Garcia said he was ex-Army? Came over from the Fugitive Task Force?
SR: Yeah. You’re gonna like him.

Jennifer Isabel

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can you write a imagine where reid and the reader have a baby girl and decide to name her jennifer in honor off JJ but she only finds out when she came visit them in the hospital?? pretty please

“She’s so beautiful,” I heard Spencer breathe from over my shoulder. I nodded.

“Yeah, she is,” I agreed. “She looks just like you.”

“No, she’s you all the way,” he argued.

“Whatever. It doesn’t matter, she’s perfect,” I said.

“You’re right,” he agreed. “She is perfect.” I traced my finger along my new baby’s cheek, and then looked up at my husband.

“What should we name her?” I asked. “None of the names we thought about before seem to fit her.”

“Well…” he began, and I could tell that he was trying to say something, but wasn’t sure if he should or not.

“Spence, you can suggest anything,” I said. “She’s your daughter, too.”

“Well, I was just thinking maybe we could name her Jennifer,” he said. “After JJ.”

“I think that’s an amazing idea,” I replied. “And a beautiful tribute to JJ.”


“Of course. How about Jennifer Isabel?” I said. He smiled down at our little girl.

“It’s perfect,” he said.

There was a light knock on the door of the hospital room, and Spencer called out a consent. The door opened and JJ came inside, followed by Hotch, Morgan, and Garcia.

“Hi,” JJ said.

“Hey,” Spencer and I chorused.

“Awww,” Garcia said. “Oh, my gosh, you guys, she is so completely precious.”

“Thank you, Garcia,” I said with a smile.

“(Y/N), she is gorgeous,” Morgan said.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“How are you doing?” Hotch asked. JJ was hugging Spencer off in my peripheral vision.

“I’m great, Hotch,” I answered. “Tired, but she’s so worth it.” He nodded, giving me a small smile that was tinged in sadness, and I knew he was remembering Haley.

“How do you feel?” JJ asked. I smiled at her.

“Exhausted and sore,” I replied. “But so happy.” JJ smiled knowingly.

“I know that feeling,” she said.

“What’s her name?” Morgan asked. Spencer and I looked at each other, and I nodded at him.

“We named her after someone who’s been very important in our lives, and who will be important to her, too,” he said. He looked up and met JJ’s eyes.

“Her name is Jennifer Isabel,” he said, and I watched as JJ’s face softened and her eyes filled with tears.

“Spence,” she said. “I don’t even know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything,” Spencer replied. “We wanted her to have a name that meant something to us, a name that would mean something to her,” he explained.

“I’m honored,” JJ said. “Thank you, both of you.”

“No need,” I said with a smile. “Do you want to hold her?” I asked. JJ nodded and took the baby from me, cradling her close as she smiled down at her namesake.

“She’s beautiful,” JJ said. “Hey, little one. Aren’t you a cutie? Yeah.”

Spencer and I just smiled at one another, surrounded by our little family and knowing we’d done something right.


14 years later, future!AU + THE KIDS

“The gang is back together!” Mike exclaimed as he eyed everybody in his apartment. It had been too long, everyone in the same place at the same time. “Plus one more.” Will remarked quietly, a smile growing as his eyes fell on the red-head he had known since elementary school, Miss. Jennifer Hayes. “That’s cool as long as she doesn’t replace any of us.” Lucas stated, eyeing his best friend before smiling widely. “C’mon, we won’t get an opportunity like this again! Let’s get the game out!” 

(inspo; x - x )


  • Adam in 2014: okay Colin, Jen, now remember Captain Swan is not officially happening yet so no spoilers
  • Jen: hmmm. Yeah. Hmmm. Well Emma has her friend... who's a man... sorry can't say anything else.
  • Colin: He loves h--uhm well he likes her, sort of, kind of, a bit. They go on a bit of a date, maybe, sort of a little. Or whatever.
  • Adam:
  • Adam: has anyone told you that you're bad at this
  • Colin: sorry. I mean Hook is definitely maybe I would say feeling some sort of true emotion towards Emma that's very... uh... true. Sort of.
  • Colin: you hired me!
  • Adam:
  • Adam in 2015: all right well it's canon now so have at it
  • Jen: TRUE LOVE
  • Adam: what have I done

Sooo…hoooo….since some CS and COLIFER Fans like to accuse Swen of bullying cause they ASSUME that JMo might be gay…let me show what is DISRESPECTFUL & borderline bullying….


Yep, read those screencaps and what is this? 

You guys literally accused Colin and Jennifer of dating! WTF?

He’s married!!!!

I know, I know - Outlaw Queen taught us “Screw marriage  - hole is hole!”

But hey - Newsflash: We exist in the real world!

So yeah! Jen called you all out, made clear she’s VERY UNCOMFORTABLE and Coffee is just COFFEE. 

And yet, you come and accuse us of bullying her?? HOW?

Cause some of us think she might be gay….and?

How is that exactly bullying? 

Would it be bullying if I’d assume that you’re straight? 


So please, next time check your facts and STOP BEING HOMOPHOBIC!

  • baby: f… f…
  • father: !! “father”? can you say “father”?
  • baby: f.. f….. Farkle Minkus is the pentagonist of Girl Meets World. He is the son of Stuart Minkus and Jennifer Bassett from Boy Meets World. Much like his father, he is a genius and nerd. Farkle is attached to and protective of both Riley Matthews and Maya Hart, and loves them equally. Much like his father, Farkle is shown to care a lot about his education and always keeps up with his grades in class, and could be seen as the teacher's pet. His best friend, Lucas, considers him as the most loyal guy he knows. Additionally, Farkle is often seen flirting with many girls, including Riley and Maya. He also has a habit of speaking in third person, usually referring to himself by his own name, as first evident in the pilot episode. Farkle is shown to be kind, thoughtful and understanding. He is always cheerful in almost all situations, and is fully confident in his capability of someday taking over the world. Farkle has shaggy brown hair that takes up his forehead. He has blue eyes and wears funky apparel. Usually, he dresses in colored jeans and multi-colored shirts over his trademark turtleneck sweaters. However, in the most recent episodes, Farkle has been sporting dark clothing and occasionally a beanie that sweeps up his hair. This change first began in Girl Meets Yearbook.
Reid: How about 10 pairs of shoes? I mean, that has to be enough, right? Ten?
JJ: Spence, it’s different with the ladies. We need them to match our belts, our handbags, our skirts, and the fashions change with the seasons.
Garcia: Yes. Boys are so boring. Pants, shoes, out the door.
Prentiss: Although, it’s not like men don’t have their things. I dated a golfer once. He had 12 putters in his closet. But this conversation is reminding me I need new boots.
Garcia: They’re having a sale at DeMille’s on those tall-shaft kitty heels. You like those. Do you want to go?
Prentiss: Yeah.
Morgan: You getting all this, kid?
Reid: No.
—  Spencer Reid, Jennifer Jareau, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan. Season 7 Episode 5. Criminal Minds quote of the day.
Anybody else think that in some interview at ComicCon, Colin is going to tell us the lift kiss was improvised?

“Oh, yeah, you know… Jen and I have this great working friendship and we just really trust each other, so in one rehearsal take I just decided to pick her up. The director really liked it, some kept it in.” *smiles innocently*


I’ve been a fan of Jennifer for years, but I don’t know if anybody on the x files fandom is as well a fan of hers. So, I’ll just leave this here ‘cause it’s really funny and cute! English is not my first language, so I’m sorry if I’ve made any mistakes!

interviewer:” …and you stopped everything and go back to school. You went to Yale!“

Jennifer:” Yes, yeah,”

I:” You where back at the same time Jodie Foster and David Duchovny where there?”

J:” Yes!”

I:” Did you ever meet either of them?”

J:” Yes, Jodie and I became friends and I used to see David on the street and ehm …he tried to pick me up on several occasions and I said - Uhm …I’m living with somebody!. - and then I end up taking this acting class in New York and who walks on the door but David Duchovny! And he’s like - I swear I’m not stalking you! - and we became really good friends and he’s a real sweetheart and when he was doing the x files he talked to me about doing that, but I think that Gillian was much better suited for that part than me.”


I was in New York, just watching street dancing, and this model scout asked if he could take a picture. I had no idea that was creepy. So I was like, ‘Yeah, sure,’ and I gave him my mom’s phone number. And then he called and said all these agents wanted to meet, and we were like, ‘Might as well.’ I was playing field hockey and cheerleading and wanted to be a doctor—but within 20 minutes, in the cab ride from the hotel room, I decided I didn’t want to be a model, that, in fact, I wanted to be an actress, and I would only sign with an agency if they would let me audition for commercials and act as well. I don’t know where that came from. And one of them gave me a script, to audition the next day, and I read the script and it was the first time I had that feeling like I understand this. This is the first time I’ve ever understood anything.

We’ve thought about, we’ve talked about that a lot, actually.  All the characters, in a way, are very relatable to the people that are playing them, especially for me and Jen.  We talk about it.  Jen has kind of been put in this spotlight…that’s not her personality, that’s not who she really is.  She’s obviously very outgoing and a comfortable person, but at the same time, she doesn’t like fame.  And that’s kind of Katniss’ plight too.  She doesn’t want this attention.  She just wants to take care of her family and have everyone be good and happy, and Jen kind of has that same thing of being pushed into this thing that she isn’t really ready for or doesn’t really want.  And so yeah, she related to her character in that sense.
—  When Josh Hutcherson is asked about how he related to Peeta’s fame and just immediately starts talking about Jennifer Lawrence as a “we.”
Yeah. We were just on the plane, and Josh [Hutcherson] was eating something that I don’t like—salmon or something. I was eating my own snack and he kept eating my snack. I was going to share with him because I’m not an asshole, but then finally I was like, “I can’t eat your snack. So it’s not fair that you’re eating my snack!” Our security guard just started laughing at us. And we were like, “It’s been a lot of years!” [laughs]
—  Jennifer Lawrence .
Prentiss: Hey, where’s Hotch?
JJ: Budget meeting.
Morgan: Maybe he’ll get us a raise.
Rossi: They’re cutting, not raising. I just hope they don’t take the coffee.
Reid: I’d quit.
Rossi: Oh, yeah. That’ll save ‘em, like, 50 bucks a week.
—  Emily Prentiss, Jennifer Jareau, Derek Morgan, David Rossi, Spencer Reid. Season 5 Episode 19. Criminal Minds quote of the day.
Yeah. We were just on the plane, and Josh [Hutcherson] was eating something that I don’t like—salmon or something. I was eating my own snack and he kept eating my snack. I was going to share with him because I’m not an asshole, but then finally I was like, “I can’t eat your snack. So it’s not fair that you’re eating my snack!” Our security guard just started laughing at us. And we were like, “It’s been a lot of years!” [laughs]

-Jennifer Lawrence 

Interview Magazine

Unfortunately, now our holiday tradition is catching crazy stalkers in our f***ing backyard when I go back to Kentucky. It’s awful! Yeah, I’ll go back to Kentucky. I’ll see my nephews. Christmas is much more fun when there are babies, because my oldest nephew is 4 years old now. He knows everything about Santa. We’ll dress up my dad as Santa and then we’re like, “Oh my God, Santa’s sleigh just crashed!” We run to the window and he’ll walk by. It’s fun! I’ll go home to Kentucky. I can’t imagine having a Christmas in LA. It would feel so “un-Christmasy.”
My mom makes great mashed potato. It’s like mashed potatoes with something spicy in it. It’s so good!
—  Jennifer Lawrence on her Christmas plans
United - Derek Imagine

Prompt can be found here. Note. Derek’s POV.

It hit him all of the sudden one day while doing his usual morning work-out. He barley caught himself in time to avoid landing face first.

“You okay Der?”

“Yeah.” He was more than okay. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt like this; happy. After Kate and then Jennifer, his encounters with relationships didn’t really leave him with warm and fuzzy feelings. He stopped looking for it, a part of him didn’t think he deserved to be loved. It was easier, and it kept him safe from more pain.

Or so he figured, then you came along and he was stumped. You did things your own way, and there was no one to tell you what to do. After all, you had the insane idea to basically adopt a pack of supernatural creatures. Of course, it wasn’t strange for there to be humans in a pack, his own father was human. But the reality was that they were weaker physically, and they didn’t have werewolf healing. So when keeping you out was no longer an option, he opted to do everything in his power to keep you safe.

What he never guessed in a million years, was how he’d fall in love with you. It happened gradually. Helping you train, impromptu meetings in the loft or surprise visits when he was alone and you’d sit and talk all night. He missed that, being able to open up to someone. Trust was something he struggled with the most, yet you had proven so many times that he not only felt like he could trust you with his life, but with his thoughts as well.

He told you about everything, Kate, the fire, his family. Things that he had never said to anyone. He struggled a bit to remember some things at first, like trying to describe his mothers laughter. But it was so nice to be able to talk about them with someone, to keep them alive in a sense. About the pranks he pulled on Laura, or his the time his little brother Andy fell out of a tree and hurt himself for the first time. Which also was the first time Derek got grounded for not watching him properly.

He couldn’t picture his life without you, the mere thought of it almost caused a panic attack. It was different for him, his wolf recognized you the moment you met, though he didn’t realize how important you were until a week later. Nothing special happened, everyone was gathered at the loft after successfully getting rid of a group of ghouls and he looked over to see you all covered in mud from head to toe, your head tilted back laughing at something Stiles said. He was torn between ripping the annoying teens throat out for interacting with his mate, or picking you up and kissing you senseless.

So he made up his mind, he would find a way to show everyone who you belonged to, and who had his own heart in return. Marriage wasn’t something werewolves typically did, though his parents were married for 18 years before they died. He still had his mother’s wedding ring, among the only things they managed to salvage from the fire. It was beautiful, white gold with a carving on the inside of the triskelion, the exact match to the tattoo on his back.

Now he just needed to find the right time to propose. Then again, nothing ever goes according to plan in his world, one crisis after another. He realized after the third chance came and went, there would never be a perfect timing.

It happened in the loft, because why not? He knew you were coming over later for date night and he promised he would cook something simple but delicious. Another thing most people didn’t know, he loved to cook. His mother used to teach him, giving him a book of secret recipes to try. He saved the special ones for the two of you.

After an amazing meal, and a few glasses you fell into a comfortable ease, curled up on the couch watching a movie. Or rather, you were watching, he was to busy looking at you, the light from the TV casting your face in a glow.

“You’re staring again. Watch the movie.” He reluctantly turned his head, sighing.

“Don’t give me that, you love this one.”

“No, I love you. You know that?”

“Of course Derek.” Grinning, he happily returned your sudden kiss. This is it, this is the moment. The ring was burning in his pocket, he needed to do this.

“With that in mind, I want to ask you something.” Hitting pause, you turned to meet his eyes, widening as you saw him on the floor, on one knee. 

“Oh my god.” He gracefully ignored it, though the wolf inside was howling.

“Y/n Y/l, you are my anchor, my best friend, my mate. I never thought I would have something like this, but there you came when I least expected it and frankly I don’t want to be without you.You make me want to be better, because you deserve it. I want to give you the world someday. But for now, all I can give you is this promise.”

“I will never stop trying to make you happy, to make you smile. Because that’s when you are the most beautiful, far prettier than anything I have ever seen and it takes my breath away. Knowing that you are happy makes me happy.” Tears were filing your eyes, assuring that he made the right decision.

“You have given me the greatest gift, and honor anyone could ever ask for already, but I have just one question left.” Exhale. He opened the box.

“Will you marry me?”

What ever you would be facing, you would do it together. United.

Saw that someone said “I love Krem (the ftm character in Dragon Age Inquisition), but I wish he wasn’t voiced by a cisgender woman”.
What an ignorant person.
The LGBT is about acceptance and being open minded.
And you’re going to bitch that the voice actor isn’t the right one to portray their character?
I’m sorry, but are the voice actors who voiced their characters space travelers, hobbits, dragons, Angels, demons, etc?
Are those humans really those things? If they aren’t, should they be discouraged from voicing those rolls?
Yeah, hope you feel pretty stupid now.
This is like saying “Benedict Cumberbatch voices a dragon. Is he a dragon? No he isn’t. Oh then maybe I don’t want him voicing a dragon because he isn’t one”
Common, really??
Jennifer did a great job at voicing Krem, cisgender or fucking not. So shut up and get over it.