he's like yay i can play this

wolfstar hcs
  • sirius flirting with remus even though they’re already dating
    • “do you have a name or can I call you mine?” “actually, my name is way out  of your league.” “why can’t you just play along?!” “because sirius, we’re already dating”
  • even though sirius seems like such a Bad Boy™ he wants to cuddle with remus 25/8
  • “study” dates
    • “sirius I actually thought I was going to help you study.” “let’s just study tomorrow rem, please?” “sigh fine.” “YAY!”
  • sirius always high-fiving remus when he raises his hand in class
  • sirius giving remus tons of chocolate
    • “wait, sirius did you steal this?” “how dare you accuse me of such things?! I would never!”
  • remus secretly loves when sirius has a man bun
  • james is wolfstar trash #1
  • everyone supporting their relationship 
  • having dates outside and looking up at the stars
  • surprisingly sirius always remembers dates like anniversaries and birthdays
  • remus stealing sirius’ quidditch sweatshirt
    • sirius finding it very attractive. 

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Yay! Eddie ships boi. Um i'm a Hufflepuff/Pukwudgie. But i consider myself an aggressive Hufflepuff bc i ain't afraid to fight with people who mess with my friends. I'm like hella insecure tbh. I play guitar and i sing when im alone. I want to study criminology and or maybe be on broadway bc i've always wanted to be in plays and stuff. Im also a huge nerd.

I ship you with Marius!

He loves the fact that you can be extremely sweet, yet know when you have to fight for the right reasons. He’s very much the same way in that regard. He adores when you sing, and of course will join in on occasions. And whatever aspirations you have, he is always there to try and help fulfill them.

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Zutara Month Day 6: Snowflakes

“Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama!”

“Yes?”  Katara asked, her voice thick with sleep.

“It’s snowing!”  Her son said happily before climbing up on the bed next to her.

“It does that in the South Pole,” she said before turning over in bed and trying to go back to sleep.

“Dad Mama’s not excited about the snow!”

Zuko laughed.  “Mama doesn’t like mornings like we do,” he said as he pulled his son into a hug.  “Plus she grew up here, snow isn’t new to her.”

“Oh.”  The boy played with the thick blanket on the bed.  “Can I go outside and catch snowflakes on my tongue?”

Zuko sighed.  “Wait for me to get dressed and go get your parka then we can go.”

“Yay!”  The boy hopped off the bed and dashed out the room.

“He’s too excited for this early in the morning,” Katara grumbled.

“He’s enjoying part of his heritage,” Zuko said as he kissed the top of her head. 

“He’s only up early because he’s a firebender,” Katara muttered.  “He should hate snow.”

“That’s funny, I know at least one firebender who doesn’t.”  Katara kicked her leg out to try to catch Zuko’s side.  “Sleep while I go take him outside for awhile.”



Jonathan & Ish-Bosheth + Of Kings & Prophets 1.01 ‘Offerings of Blood’ 

Such a naughty kitten part 2

part 1

Disclaimers: This is not meant to be taken seriously and do not get butt-hurt or kink-shame if this isn’t in your sexy list. I also do not write professionally again so if there are or is misspelled words then I am sorry not sorry.

Warnings: This is not meant for underage eyes but I mean I am underage by a year also. Daddy kink, kitten play, orgasm denial and more spanking yay.

This will be the final part of this smut fic and I might post an angst or start working on a series for this blog and what not.

It has been almost a week since Hoseok touched me last and I can’t even say that he was touching me. It was more like he was trying to kill me and make my life a sexually frustrated living hell. He has done so many things to tease me this past week and he would just leave me there hanging. Earlier this week I came in from dancing classes and he sat on the bed masturbating and moaning my name. I had to control myself from dropping my bag and running to the bed and fucking him but I knew that if I did he would punish more and make me wait longer. I also felt as if he knew I was there because he just opened his eyes, smirked and then continued, he ignored my pleading whimpers and it made me so frustrated.

“Baby, listen to me when I talk to you.”, he huffs bringing me out of my trace of frustration. Turning my head to side I widen my eyes innocently,“What did you say, Oppa?” He rolled his eyes and sighed, getting up. My eyes follow him curiously as he goes up the stairs and quickly comes back with a pastel pink box labeled ‘Kitten play time’. He smirks and sits back down on the couch,“Open the box, (Y/N).” I furrow my brows as he calls me by my actual name, he never does this unless I am in for a treat or he is angry at me. My hands shake as I reach for it and lift the lid revealing something he hasn’t brought out since a couple months ago. 

He chuckles as I gasp at the black kitten ears, collar and leash in the box,“A-am I getting played with tonight, Hobi?”, my voice shakes as I stare at him unsure. “You are princess.”, he pauses as he takes out the kitten ears and clip them into my hair,“Now go up into the room and wait on the bed for me baby.” As soon as I hear those words I run into the room and start to take off my shorts and tank top, leaving me fully nude because Hoseok doesn’t like when I wear panties and a bra around the house. I sit on the bed and clench my thighs together waiting for him to give me release and pleasure. It seemed as if it took five hours for him to come up the stairs. As he got to the doorway his eyes darkened with lust and need.

He took long strides and stopped in front of me, cupping my cheeks in his hands he bent down slightly to kiss me. It felt as if our kiss lasted for centuries but it was only mere minutes. I whimpered into our kiss as it got heated and rougher. My core was aching for him this whole time. I pulled away, breathing hard as I looked at him, his hair was going in every direction from when my hands pulled and were running through it,“Daddy, please touch me.” My voice sounded wrecked from not speaking for a while. He straightened his posture and pushed me back,“Spread your legs from me kitten, daddy is going to make your little pussy feel so good.”

I comply to his request and spread them for him, gasping as my heat is met with the cold air the room. He gets on his knees and scoots his face closer to my core, not waiting anymore his mouth is met with my clit. I whimper and lift my hips up to get closer to his face for. He put his hands on my hips to keep me from moving and squirming around. He moaned into my core as he tasted me on his tongue,“Kitten, you taste so fucking good to daddy.” I moaned as he muttered that onto my clit. His fingers slowly made their way to my entrance, thrusting one finger in he groaned at the tightness engulfing him. I arched my back in response to all the pleasure I was receiving. It doesn’t take long for the feeling of having to cum hit me,“D-daddy-”, I whimper not even having time to finish the sentence as he pulls away from me.

He gets up and licks his lips to clean my juices from them. This could have possibly been one of the most erotic scenes I have seen in my life. He pulls me up and pushes me down to my knees in front of his bulge in his basketball shorts,“Suck daddy’s cock baby.” I bite my lip and nod, my hands go to the front of his shorts and palm his length. His breath quickens and his hips buck into my hands. I look up at him with wide innocent eyes as I pull down his shorts and boxers to reveal his hard length in my face, “Daddy, you are already leaking.” I whimper as I look at the tip of his cock with pre-cum leaking out of it in front of my eyes, I gulped loudly and brought my hand up to hold his length still and lick off the pre-cum developing on it.  

“Fuck, baby you have such a dangerous tongue. I don’t know how daddy can take it.”, he groans as I engulf his whole length into my mouth slowly. His tip hits the back of my throat making me gag into him. He grabs onto my hair and guides his cock in and out slowly. He whimpers slightly and groans at the feeling. Tears slowly go down my face every time he thrusts back into my mouth. His hips pick up speed as he starts to fuck my mouth faster. With every thrust he maked it sent a tingle down to my core. My hand slowly traveled down to rub my clit as he fucked my mouth. He looks down and groans as he watches my eyes watering and my hand rubbing me where I need him the most.  

He pulls out of my mouth and pulls me up onto the bed, bending me over the edge of it. He rubs his hands along the dip in my back and to my ass. He massages it softly and spanks its lightly, making my thighs rub against my heat,“D-daddy please fuck me.”, my voice is gravely as I talk to him. “Is that what my kitten wants from me?” He chuckles as he hears my wrecked voice and weakened state. I nod my head vigorously and push my ass back against his hips. I grind against his cock and whimper at the feeling of it against my pussy. He groans and pushes me back into the bed,“Patience baby, all good things come in time.”

He drags his finger along my slit and slowly thrusted into me. He moves his finger in an agonizing slow pace. My moans are the only thing along with the sound of my wetness that are making noise in the room. After a while he pushes in a second finger and curls them up slightly to hit my g-spot. “Daddy please.”, I whimper more as I get impatient as I wait for his cock to get in me. He moves his fingers faster in me making me moan louder as I get close to my release again. My heat tightens around his fingers and he pulls out again only for me to whine and groan in frustration.  

He grabs his cock and runs it along my heat,“Baby girl are you ready for me?”. I nod my head again and sigh at the feeling,“Yes, daddy!” He slowly pushes into my hole and groans as he is fully in me. His hips move at a slow pace and slowly build up speed as he keeps thrusting into me. “You feel so tight against daddy’s cock kitten.”, he brings his hands up into my hair and pulls my head back so my back is against his chest. “Daddy, can you p-please go harder.”, I whimper and push my head back so I can kiss him. He slams into me as I bring my lips to his. I moan into the kiss and he pushes his tongue into my mouth. His tongue massages mine and he pulls back and bites my lip.

“Kitten, you look so good with swollen lips because of me.” He smirks and brings his head down to my neck. He slowly licks a small strip up and then opens his mouth to suck a mark into it. I moan loudly as if feel him mark all along my neck. His abuse on my neck gets me closer to release and I squeeze his cock. “Mm, if you do that again kitten you will make me cum.” His breath is staggered and he groans. I squeeze again and close my eyes as I am almost close,“Daddy I need to cum!” He chuckles and thrusts into me faster and harder than he ever has before.

“Beg to cum, princess.” His voice bellows into my ears. “Please let me cum daddy. I have been such a good girl for you and you are making me feel so fucking good. Your cock feels so good as it is pounding into me. You are so good to use me like a little fuck toy daddy.” I moan out my plea to him. He lifts up my hips and rubs my clit to have me orgasm faster. My breathing quickens and I let out long loud moans and whimpers as I clench around his cock and orgasm. My vision is taken over by white pleasure and it’s like nothing else exists in the world except for Hoseok and me.

Soon after I cum he pulls out and flips me onto my back. “Open your mouth for me, Kitten.” He strokes his cock quickly as he chases his release. I stick my tongue out and I look at him innocently. “Fuck (Y/N)!”, He groans loudly and cums in my mouth. The salty and musky liquid hits my tongue and I moan at the taste. After he finishes his release I swallow his seed,he stares at me in fascination. Soon after his fascination he falls onto the bed with me and closes his eyes,“I love you so much kitten.” I smile and blush at the endearment,“ I love you too, daddy”, I cuddle up to his body despite us both being sticky and sweaty. My eyes close as I fall asleep beside him.


Today in TTOI History: 18 December 2009

Horrible Steve Fleming Gets His Terrible Revenge

and poor Malcolm has a very VERY bad day.

(Poor Malcolm)

I wrote a very long metariffic commemorative post last year that I think still stands up, so I will just say once again that it would be absolutely unbearable watching Malcolm lose except that:

  • Everything is fixed in 308 Yay!
  • Malcolm is so incredibly sweet with Sam
  • Julius and Malcolm’s grabby doorway fight is the best thing EVER
  • Malcolm goes down swinging (even if he does fall to pieces as soon as he gets home and changes his clothes)

Looking at the list now, I see I really should have put The Return of Julius as its own item right at the top and given it a double Yay! – both for the happy (and completely unexpected) return of his big baldy head here and in anticipation of the role he plays in fixing things in 308. 

And since, like I said,  I don’t think I can add much to what I wrote last year, I will conclude these three days of Today in TTOI History by revisiting this bit of Malcolm praise from an unexpected quarter:

and adding this not-altogether-unexpected bit of Uh-oh-Malcolm’s-become-the-story from an entirely expected quarter:

(By which I mean The Sun in terms of it being a sex obsessed sensationalist tabloid, but really in terms of Terri and Ollie obviously being the biggest office gossips of all time.)

Two can play this game {Bucky x Reader}

Prompt:  “I want to know who thought it’d be a good idea to trust you with a knife.” (I saw it on @witterprompts and this popped into my head)

Words: 593 (ish)

AN: I hope you guys like it! Feedback is always majorly appreciated! 

Warnings: mild swearing, otherwise it’s just fluff fluffidy fluff fluff 

It was summer time and Bucky had been up early swimming laps in the pool. Since he finally had a few weeks off work and you hadn’t had time alone with him for a while, you were going to put on your new bathing suit and join him. He’s often away on missions so when he comes home you like to spend as much time with him as possible.

Before you head out to the pool, you decide to make some margaritas. After you finish assembling the two glasses, complete with a lime slice each and salted rims, you put on your bathing suit cover up and walk out to the deck, glasses in hand.

“Buck! I made margaritas”, you shout just as his head bopped up from under the water, waterdrops dripping down his relaxed face. He flashes you a lazy grin and motions for you to come closer to the edge of the pool. You bend down at the waist and reach out with his glass. As he’s reaching to take it, his face contorts in confusion. “[Y/N], why is there blood on the glass?”

Blood? What?

And then you see it, a trickling of blood dripping down the side of his glass. Shit. It must have been from slicing the limes. Your suspicions are confirmed when you tilt your hands to take a look and there’s a little nick on your thumb on your left hand, a bubble of blood welling up. “Shit. Must’ve happened when I was slicing the limes. Didn’t even notice.”

Bucky lifts an eyebrow at you, his face growing concerned. “Well, I want to know who thought it’d be a good idea to trust you with a knife.

“Ha-ha. Very funny.” You reply sarcastically. He was kinda right though. This was not the first knife related injury you’ve had in the kitchen and it probably won’t be the last.

He smirks at you. “C’mere, let me take a look at it.”

You reach your hand out towards his face and he grabs your thumb by the base and pulls it into his mouth and sucks. Fuck. The slight sting of your finger combined with his greyish eyes gazing up at you through his thick lashes is enough to make your body heat up, and it has nothing to do with the fact that it’s 90 degrees out.

He pulls your thumb out with a wet pop and examines it intently. “Hm, should be good to go, it’s not a deep cut, a band-aid will do the job just fine.”

Pretending like he’s completely oblivious to your blushing, he smiles up at you innocently. But you know he’d done that on purpose.

Which is why you give him a clueless smile, set your margarita glass on the ground, untie your cover up, letting it fall to the floor as your new bikini is unveiled. You had just gotten it for the summer and had yet to show him. As you swiftly turn and walk back to the house, you look over your shoulder to see his mouth agape. He doesn’t even notice you sneaking a glance, his eyes are glued to your ass. You can’t help but smirk as you put a little more sway in your step as you walk away. You hear him let out a groan just as you reach the sliding door and the shit-eating grin on your face couldn’t get any bigger than this. Besides, two can play this game.  


(yay i have most the things covered that i wanted to talk about in this chapter. what a surprisingly productive day xD)

The last chunk to :re 117 would be the CCG side but there isn’t much to say at the moment. Or. More like, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO THINK OF KIMCHI KICHIMURA FURUTA™ (who went from a nobody to the head of the CCG like wow well played) #ilovehimbutihatehim

Is he finally ready to show everyone his true face *insert troll face here*

I mean, poor Ui should at least now realize that he totally trusted the wrong guy? (Or maybe he’d just shout at him to “act like a proper adult” xD ahhh~ don’t we all miss Arima…)

Whatever that new organisational sytsem it’s gonna be bad for the CCG.

Who’s the leader of the Qs now?

And now I tend to believe that Matsuri is still alive (and butt naked).

so I noticed that i often get too carried away just thinking about how cute caejose is, or how tragic the ship can be. when i hear the word “caejose” i often think about joseph playing pranks and caesar blushing and turning away to hide his smile. but, imagine, joseph just sitting in his bed, thinking about everything caesar does, and he curls up because ohmygod that feeling of affection and hope is so strong, too much, and the pumping in his heart fills his ears and there is a pain in his chest because how HOW could he come to love someone so so much in such a short time???

he has so many feelings and he just wants to be with him forever. usually when we think about caejose, we always want to think about Caesar being in love with joseph because he was always a little more closed off, and he doesnt wear his heart on his sleeves. we know that caesar would be the type to think about joseph rather than proclaim his grand love for the world to see, but how come we never think about joseph? we know joseph will do everything in his power to SHOW caesar how much he loves him, but have we ever thought about joseph….. just thinking? loud, abrasive, hot headed joseph, just sitting in the dark and thinking. joseph feeling so much that there can be no room for words. joseph, so consumed with everything about his love for caesar that he cant even utter a thing, and all he can do is gasp for air but instead he swallows mouthfuls of ohmygod i love caesar ohmygod i love you so much i think i could die.

Imagine Joseph being in so much love with Caesar, his hands are shaking and his breaths are coming up short, but he can’t stop this growing trainwreck in his mind. Imagine Joseph trying to come up with reasons why he feels so much for Caesar, and his first reason is “obviously because caesar chan is cute” but then they all come crashing down on him in waves because there are too many and frick why why why, ohmygod i cant think they are all pouring out and he just lays in bed trying to keep his breaths calm and collected but failing so hard. joseph always talks about his thoughts and he easily shows his feelings in front of others, but sometimes he needs some quiet too and whenever that happens he just needs to breathe because when he takes the time to actually stop and think, the sheer amount of everything that is Caesar overwhelms him.

Imagine Joseph curling up in the dark because there is a certain pain in his heart for loving him just a little too much, and he wonders if Caesar really truly loves him back as strongly as Joseph cherishes him. Joseph finds himself asking, why does he care so much for Caesar? When did he suddenly start caring so much? When did he start asking questions such as did he have dinner, did he have enough sleep, was he cold, did he need someone to talk to? Joseph asking himself why does this have to happen to him? why did he have to fall in love now? because sometimes the feeling even hurts but at other times he feels so happy he could float off the ground and fly into the sun. 

think about 18 year old joseph just trying to understand why he is so overwhelmed. 18 year old joseph fighting for his life but he finds hope in love, finds another reason to actually keep fighting, because the reason is more than just his love for his family - it is also his love for caesar. think about 18 year old joseph imagining what it would be like to marry caesar. imagine him holding up his left hand and smiling sheepishly because he wants to know what it would look like with a metal band around the finger between his middle and his pinky. imagine joseph being so much in fucking love with caesar but all of him is so consumed in the process that he just basks in the glow and warmth of being able to BE in love.

Jfc I love thinking about Joseph loving Caesar.

Request: Family

Request: Yay it’s Sat.! Ok so, can you a SamxReader where the reader has two kids a boy who’s like 16 and a girl who’s like 7 and Sam is like a father to them and teaches the son to drive and he plays dolls or something with the daughter. And the daughter calls him daddy and the readers heart like melts? Thanks!

Word Count: 764

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<3

“Mom!” There are footsteps running up to you and you turn from the countertop you were cleaning to see your son apporaching you quickly, “Can I take your car out?”

“Uh…?” You look at him in slight confusion, to which he laughs.

“Sam says he’ll take me out for a lesson. Is that okay? Can I take your car?” He asks, and you nod – Sam’s been telling him that he’d take him for a lesson since he turned 16 last month, and apparently he’s following through with it. You laugh.

“Go for it. Keys are on the hook.”

“Got it! Thanks, Mom, you’re the best.”

“Whatever. Don’t crash my car!”

“Thanks for the concern!” He shoots back and you laugh again, going back to your cleaning. A moment later, however, Sam appears behind you. His arms encircle your waist and he presses a kiss to the top of your head, grabbing your attention.

“Hey, there, mister driving instructor.” You giggle, and he rolls his eyes before swatting playfully at your butt.

“Someone’s gotta do it. Thanks for lending your car.” He says, kissing your cheek as you turn. You shrug.

“Dean’s hardly gonna be impressed if we use his, right?” You laugh, bumping your his with his, “Have fun. Keep safe, okay?”

“I promise.” Sam assures you, pressing a light kiss to your lips before disappearing off down the hall.

Sam has all but moved in to your little house – having known the brothers all of your life, they were incredibly surprised when you escaped the hunting life nearly seventeen years ago – when you realised you were pregnant with your son. You’d stayed in touch, though, and after they’d turned up at your door, battered and bleeding, six years ago, you and Sam struck up a relationship. Recently, he’s been here more than ever, sleeping over most nights. You don’t mind, and neither of your children do. In fact, they like him a lot.


“Mom!” Your daughter pulls at the hem of your shirt, “Mom!”

“What’s up, sweetie?” You ask, looking down at her. Her curls bounce around her face and she smiles.

“Can I have some lemonade? Pleeeeeease?”


“'Cause I’m having a dolly party!” She explains, “We’re all drinking lemonade! Please, mom?”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to ruin the party!” You smile, “Bottle’s in the corner. Don’t drink too much, ‘kay?”

“Okay, mom! Thanks!” She takes the bottle and carries it through to the sitting room, where she must be hosting her party. After a few minutes, you head on in to see what’s going on, and the sight melts your heart a little.

Three or four dolls are propped up in a circle around a set of toy teacups, while your daughter pours one more out. She wears a pink feather boa and a tiara. At the other side of the circle, Sam sits, another tiara situated in his hair. You have to hold back a laugh as he notices, raising an eyebrow in your direction.

You mouth a 'very handsome’ in his direction, to which he chuckles, turning his attention to your daughter’s story about how one of her dolls had misbehaved, so wasn’t invited to today’s party. He nods empathetically, and you’re about to leave when you hear something which grabs your attention.

“This party is so much fun. You’re the best guest ever, daddy!” She exclaims, passing him a pink plastic teacup. Your eyes widen, and you look at Sam, who smiles wider than you’ve ever seen him.

“Thanks, kiddo. You’re a pretty good host, yourself.” He grins without missing a beat. You, on the other hand, find yourself with a lump in your throat and tears gathering in your eyes. You take a couple of steps into the room.

“I love you guys, you know that?” You say quietly. Your daughter looks up at you happily, and upon seeing you, she grins.

“Mom! Did you come to join the party?”

“Uh… sure.” You nod, “Am I allowed?”

“Of course! Go sit next to daddy, 'cause I know you love him.”

“Very considerate.” You laugh, taking a seat next to Sam. He wraps an arm around you as you’re passed a teacup, brimming with lemonade.

You can’t help but look around the little circle and be in utter awe at your little family that somehow, you’ve gathered along your path. You can’t think of a better place to be.

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OMF 117 with Gabriel (His hair just seems so floofy)

117. “Can I do your hair?”

“Can I do your hair?” you asked Gabriel when he sat down on your bed.
“What?” he burst out and looked at you like you were crazy.
“It just seems so floofy, I wanna play with it!”
“You’re adorable, you know. Come on over here then,” he said and patted the bed behind him.

“Yay!” you exclaimed and jumped onto the bed happily.You ran your hands through his hair and smiled. “Just as soft as I imagined,” you said.
“Oh you imagine what my hair would feel like, huh?” he teased.
“Yeah, I do,” you whispered and started kissing his neck lightly. He had a perfect neck.

“Seriously? Perfect neck of everything?” he asked and made a face.
“Hey! Don’t listen in on my thoughts,” you scolded.
“But they’re so cute when they’re about me!”
“That’s because you’re so cute,” you admitted with a blush as he turned around.
“I’ve waited ages for you to finally admit that,” he said and leaned in to kiss you.

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Irl tomlinshaw ahh okay I feel as bad as every emotionally stunted fic character I ever read about I fell asleep ON HIM yesterday (he made me watch LOTR with him omg it's so long) and I woke up head on his chest him playing with my hair and our other housemates just side eying us in a very Harry kinda way. Can my life actually stop being bad cliches??!(Also he just sat up with me to 3am trying to make me laugh bc I got some bad news today and couldn't sleep and I am a flailing pile of feelings)

I get these email notifications and I’m like YAY MY FAVOURITE WIP HAS UPDATED only it’s real life and it’s not my real life, but ANYWAY. I am sorry you got bad news but I’m glad you had someone with you, even if that person is someone you hate* but who will make you laugh and play with your hair**

* ”hate”


“Were you ever going to tell me?” (tfc dialogue prompt)
  • So Neil sprains his ankle during one of his late night practices w/ Kevin
  • “You need to put ice on that.” 
  • “I know.”
  • “We’re ending for today, you can’t play if your ankle is like that.”
  • “It’s just a little swollen.”
  • Neil,” There’s annoyance in Kevin’s voice.
  • “Okay, but don’t tell Andrew.”
  • Kevin nods. “When you come here tomorrow, you’re on the bleachers.”
  • Neil didn’t listen,,,
  • He makes it thru practice the next day without anyone noticing  (except Kevin; he kept glaring at Neil’s ankle)
  • (“Stop looking, idiot. They’re going to notice”).
  • And when it was time for night practice, Neil shows up with his gear
  • and plays.
  • “I thought we agreed that you were going to be on the bleachers. You’ve already exerted yourself enough today.” 
  • “Thanks for the concern, Kevin, but I’m fine.” (Kevin scowls at this).
  • (he was not concerned).
  • Kevin sighs but doesn’t argue with Neil
  • (after all he’s not Neil’s guardian).
  • (Plus, a little Exy wouldn’t hurt anyone, right?)
  • But Neil’s leg seems to get worse as days pass
  • “Did you really check in with Abby?”
  • “Not yet, but it’s okay.”
  • But it’s not okay
  • and eventually, Neil’s leg gives out and he falls during practice
  • “Neil! Are you alright?” Dan asks.
  • The Foxes look at Neil worriedly
  • “I’m f-”
  • Andrew’s hand covers Neil’s mouth before he can finish.
  • Right. There’s no point of asking him that.” Allison says.
  • The rest of the Foxes nod, and Andrew stops covering Neil’s mouth.
  • Renee runs off to find Abby.
  • “It’s a sprained ankle,” Abby says when she sees his leg. “But you’ve been exerting it.”
  • “I told you so.” Kevin hisses.  Neil ignores him.
  • “How long has it been since you’ve sprained it?”
  • “…A few days.”
  • //skip to after Abby’s done treating Neil’s leg (he’s going to have to walk on clutches & refrain from playing at all for the next few days)
  • “Were you ever going to tell me?” Neil hears, and looks up.
  • It’s Andrew.
  • “I don’t know,” Neil admits. “Probably not.”
  • Andrew’s grip on Neil’s hand tightens.
  • And Neil sees anger on Andrew’s face before his stoic expression is back. “You make it so difficult for me.”
  • “What?”
  • “I can’t protect you if you won’t let me.”
  • “Maybe I don’t want you to,” Neil says softly. “Not if you get hurt.”
  • “I hate you.”
  • “I know.”
  • “One hundred and eight percent.” Andrew replies.
  • and there’s an unspoken agreement between them: Neil won’t hide things from Andrew anymore and Andrew will let him fight his own battles (while still looking out for him).

lonyn replied to your post“My husband got the MEA trial but could only play it on my pc (as his…”

Now that’s true love <3

Yeah he’s one of the good ones ;) I am happy he liked it so much cause he was reading into a lot of the negative comments and reactions and was really disappointed but I convinced him to try it for himself and he really liked it so yay! Screw the haters! So now instead of playing ME3 tonight I’m gonna try and get my Ryders face a little more to my liking….Sorry I know I am just rambling now but I am like so excited its like 1 (ok more like 2) more day and we can play!!!!

So modern AU where Shikadai and Inojin play soccer together.

  • Sai played soccer when he was young too, Ino was in cheer back in high school, Temari played Volleyball in high school, and Shikamaru never played sports. 
  • Imagine Temari and Ino both being those moms that shout from the sidelines. Inojin always just nods and acknowledges his moms yells, but Shikadai is always visibly irritated at his mom. 
  •  Imagine Shikamaru showing up to one of Shikadai’s games with a shirt that says “yay sports” and “do the thing with the points”. Temari is like… What are you wearing and he’s just like I’m supporting my son alright 
  • Shikadai is a little inwardly jealous that Inojin and Sai can talk about and practice soccer together, while, no matter how much his parents learn about the sport, it’s not the same bc they’ve never played. 
  • Shikadai is surprised one day when soccer somehow manages to slip into conversation during a shogi game with his dad. They begin using the pieces as players and talk strategy, abandoning their game all together. Temari overhears and joins the conversation. Eventually they’re all discussing line ups and positions and strategies. 
  •  Shikadai isn’t so irritated at the next game when his mom shouts to him to take the ball up the field like they talked about and his dad gives him a thumbs up.
it’s (never) only play-pretend

“And so you thought getting a fake boyfriend was the perfect solution.”

Stiles scrunches his nose at him.

“When you say it like that it sounds like a terrible idea.”

Derek doesn’t say a thing, just looks at Stiles.

“He was supposed to back off, okay? Like a ‘yay, Stiles finally found someone desperate enough to date his sorry ass, I can finally retire from the matchmaking business’ thing.”

(Or: the one in which Stiles and Derek are the worst fake boyfriends.)

teen | 5980 words

read it here.

When Kai Plays Matchmaker

Request: can you do a scenario where Kai is your older twin brother, and Sehun is his best friend. You like Sehun, and Sehun likes you back. Kai keeps trying to set y'all up together but keeps failing at it, but in the end y'all end up together anyways.

Yay an Exo request! I wrote this in split POVs. It goes back and forth.

Kai’s POV

I regreted inviting Sehun over the second he walks through the door. I had invited over to work on our science project for school but as soon as Y/N, my younger twin, heard him we both got roped into watching a movie with Y/N. I was now in the kitchen making popcorn for the movie. I could see Sehun and Y/N sitting very close, knees touching. Sehun said something causing Y/N to burst out laughing, which in turn made Sehun smile. The microwave beeps letting me know the popcorn is done. I pour it into a bowl and return to the living room.

I contemplate where to sit, not wanting to sit next to the very flirty pair. “Jongin sit her.” Y/N commands, pointing to the empty space next to Sehun. “We want popcorn too.” Sehun says, grabbing the bowl from me and placing it in between him and Y/N. I sigh and sit. Y/N presses the play button and I attempt to focus on the TV, trying to ignore my best friend flirting with my twin right next to me.

The worst part of this whole situation was that neither Sehun nor Y/N would admit they liked the other. It was obvious they both had crushes on each other, but if you asked they would both say they were just friends. They needed to get together already so its time for me to play matchmaker. I spent the rest of the night working on my plan.

Your POV

“Y/N~ Wake up~” You feel your bed dip and a hand violently shake your shoulder. “Go away.” You mutter, pulling your blanket over your head and turning over. “We’re going out with Sehun today.” That woke you up. You immediately sit up and see Jongin sat on the edge of your bed, a smirk present on his face.

He knew that would get you out of bed. Jongin was the only person who knew about your secret crush on Sehun and often teased you about. “Where are we going?” You ask, rolling out of bed and walking over to your closet. You had to look good in front of your crush. “The little cafe by the park. Sehun said they have great bubble tea.”

You and Jongin arrive at the small cafe. Sehun is leaned against the wall, looking down at his phone. “Hey Hoon!” Jongin calls as you approach him. His face lights up as he sees you. You feel your face heat up, even though you were sure he was just excited to see Jongin and get some bubble tea. “Hey Sehun.” You say casually, hoping he doesn’t notice your blush. “Hey Y/N.” He smiles.

“What do you guys want?” Jongin says. “I can pay for my own.” Sehun speaks up. “It’s fine. I invited you.” Jongin turns his attention back to the menu. You and Sehun tell him what you want and he leaves you two to go order.

You stare down at your feet, feeling uncomfortable from the silence that came when Jongin left. “Let’s go find a seat.” Sehun says, placing a hand on your shoulder. You nod and follow him to an empty table near the window.

“Sorry it took so long. The line was huge!” Jongin finally comes over to the table, drinks in hand. You knew he was lying. The line had only a few people in it. but you shrugged it off and took a sip of your bubble tea. “Yum!” You and Sehun say at the same time causing you both to laugh. Jongin gives you both a strange look. "You have too much in common.“ He says, shaking his head. You make small conversation until Jongin’s phone began to ring. “I’m gonna take this.” He says, standing up from his chair and walking out of the café. You look at Sehun and Sehun looks at you, unsure what to talk about. You wait for Jongin to come back but he never does. You sit with Sehun, making small talk and drinking your bubble tea.

“He ditched us didn’t he?”

“He must have its been 20 minutes.” Sehun stands and motions for you to follow. You walk out of the café and into the parking lot. Sehun lets out a tired laugh. “He took the car.” You sigh.

“Come on. I’ll walk you home.”

“Sehun you don’t have to.”

“I want to.” You smile.

You were halfway to your house, when it started pouring rain. Sehun grabbed your hand and started running. You let out a loud laugh as you ran through large puddles.

 You finally made to your house, your clothes soaked. “Well That was fun, I guess.” Sehun says as he rubs the back of his neck. “Yeah, I guess.” You look down at your feet, suddenly shy. “See ya later.” He waves, leaving you standing at your front. 

”Did you guys get together?” You jump at the sudden. Jongin was stood in the doorway, with his arms crossed and smirk on his face. “No. You idiot. We’re just friends.” You slap him upside the head, hoping he doesn’t notice your blush. “What was that for? I’m just trying to help you.” You roll your eyes and push pass him.

Kai’s POV

I grab Sehun and Y/N’s hands and pull them towards the ticket booth. “Come on guys. I’ve been waiting to see this movie forever.” Since the first ‘date’ didn’t work I decided to try again. Movie are always great dates.

After buying the tickets, I quickly run ahead of the pair. Once I find seats, I take the seat next to the seat on the end of the row. Sehun and Y/N stare down at me as I point to the seats next to me. “Sorry I’m claustrophobic.” I send them a cheeky smile. Sehun shrugs and takes the seat next to me. Y/N pushes by me, stepping on my feet in the process. She was obviously aware of my plan.

The lights dimmed and trailers began to play. Occasionally Sehun would lean over to whisper to me. Something stupid everytime. Halfway through the movie I was tempted to just tell him that the love of his life was sitting right next to him and he was ignoring them. He should be saying stupid stuff to Y/N, not me. Luckily since it was dark he couldn’t see me roll my eyes everytime he spoke. He’d never let it go if he found out.

Your POV

“Y/N put on your nicest outfit. We’re going to musical and then dinner at a fancy restaurant.” Jongin announces as you enter the house. “Okay.” You make your way upstairs to get ready. You had learned it was easier not to fight him. You come back downstairs, ready to go. You see Sehun and Jongin standing at the bottom of the stairs. Sehun looks up at you and for a second his eyes light up. “You two look handsome.” Sehun takes your hand, helping down the stairs. Your face heats up and you hear Jongin snicker. You send him a glare while he sends you a smirk in return.

The musical was extremely long . You were pretty sure Sehun fell asleep and your stomach was growling very loud, which caused Jongin to constantly make teasing comments. After the musical ended, 3 and a half hours later, you all walked back to Jongin’s car. “We better hurry before Y/N eats one of us.” Jongin snickers, taking his seat in the front.

You had finally taking your seat at the restaurant and ordered your food. Jongin had, of course, made you sit next to Sehun. “I gotta go to the restroom.” Jongin announced, standing from his seat. You sigh as you watch him turn the corner.

“Maybe we should just tell him.” You say, looking towards Sehun.

“That we’ve been dating for two months.” He says before taking a sip of his water. 

“Yeah.” You answer, fiddling with your drink. “No. Lets wait a while. He’s paying for all these dates and I think that if we wait it out just a little longer, he will take us on a trip overseas.” You laugh and nod agreeing.

Sehun slowly leans in, pressing his lips against yours.

A rushed ending but I really wanted to finish this. I’ve worked on it for weeks. I hoped you enjoyed and please excuse any spelling or grammar errors.

Thank you~

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Kise, Kagami, Himuro and Takao having a day out with their wife and their child/children! :)

HIMURO: “Yes, exactly like that.” He smiled down at his daughter who was frowning at the huge basketball. You stood on the side, smiling down at the two of them having daddy-daughter bonding time. Your daughter curled her wrist as she threw the ball and harrumphed when it turned out to be an airball. “It’s okay,” he patted her comfortingly. “I wasn’t that good before either.”

“But this is boring,” she sighed. “I’d rather play something cooler like soccer.” She looked up at her father pleadingly, knowing he couldn’t resist the infamous puppy dog eyes. Those puppy dog eyes got her the new doll she wanted last week from you. He nodded, resigned. “Yay, can we get ice cream now, please please please?” She bounced on her two feet, tugging on her dad’s shirt.

Himuro, seeing his irresistible daughter, couldn’t refuse and just sighed, “Alright. Let’s go get ice cream.” She squealed and jumped on her dad’s leg. He looked at you and you just laughed and smiled. “Don’t look at me like that, she took after you.” You grinned, you always got what you want and you guessed that trait passed on.

KAGAMI: “Dad,” your son groaned. “Not like that.” Once again, your son rearranged Kagami’s fingers on the neck of the guitar, placing his fingers on various spots on different strings. Kagami stared at the instrument in puzzlement. Who the hell could even play this complicated thing? “See,” your son beamed as he showed his father who’s boss when it came to music.

Kagami growled, “Why this is so hard? Basketball isn’t even this hard.” He muttered and set the guitar aside. “And why is it so damn expensive?” He scratched his head, seeing the price tag. You snuggled up to him and grinned. Looking down at you, he knew that he had to buy the guitar. Kagami looked at his son who was grinning mischievously. “You owe me two extra hours of basketball for this.”

“Dad,” he groaned again. “Mom, please tell him.”

You only smiled up at Kagami, “Let’s not forget the price of your Air Jordans last week.” Kagami sputtered, “But that’s different!” You shook your head and kissed him on the cheek as he grumbled about his wallet but paid anyway because he loved seeing the look on both your faces.

KISE: Coaching your daughter’s basketball team was Kise’s side-job. Well, it wasn’t a side job but he just did it for the hell of it. “Mom, save me.” She squeaked as she stared at Kise who was jogging towards the two of you. “He’s embarrassing me again,” she whined and hugged you tightly.

“Hey, come on, join the rest of them for practice.” He beamed excitedly at your daughter who was shooting death glares at him. “What’s wrong?”

“You told everyone that I peed my pants two weeks ago!” She yelled. “My social life is ruined.” She held on to you and you suppressed your laugh as you raised an eyebrow at Kise. “It was at a haunted house so it doesn’t count!”

Kise stumbled over his words, apologizing over and over. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to embarrass you! Please come to practice again! I promise I won’t talk about anything else!” Your daughter gave in and followed her father. Five minutes later, she came running back, “He told my crush that I liked him!”

TAKAO: “Dad, hide me.” Your son placed himself between Takao and dragged you next to him, placing you side by side with your husband. You shot Takao a questioning look but he was just as lost as you. Takao peeked back to ask what’s wrong. “That’s her!” He pointed to the front, sneaking a look over both your shoulders. “The girl.”

“The one you like?” Takao whispered-yelled in excitement as his eyes lit up. He nodded behind the two of you and let out an aggravated sigh about how he wasn’t looking his best today. Boys. Takao lit up and may have gotten carried away as he jogged up to the girl. “Hi there, what’s your name?”

“Mom,” your son hid behind you this time and leaned his forehead against your back. “My chances. Down the drain. I’ll grow old with 200 cats.”

You giggled and whispered, “Don’t be so sure just yet.” Takao returned bringing the girl who was smiling shyly and gave a small wave to your son. Your son instantly straightened, trying to play it smooth and giving a cool ‘hey’. You watched your son and his crush get ice cream together. “You’re so proud of yourself now, aren’t you?” Takao grinned.

they made a google doc for this 7 second writing challenge and look what they wrote about

p - (flamingos)
they are pink i dont …

d - (artificial intelligence)
it will destroy the world we need safeguards …

p - (god)
god is on a cloud playing a flute he is everywhere or how?

d - (puberty)
the change is coming how embarrassing dont [???]

p - (cheese)
cheese is gross and gives you nightmares i dont like it

d - (penguins)
cold birds why can’t they fly so many movies why

d - (bees)
they are the friends of the flowers but like [???] yay bees

p - (meat)
meat is the life of animals and tastes nice

Hello love, would you do one where you play guitar in the streets & Jack walks by & is like ‘can you play something from ATL’ & you’re like ‘I can play every song, your choice’ &then he sits next to you & just listens for a while. You decide the end!

AN Sorry for the lack of update yesterday, friends. It’s hard to have dinner with a bunch of family friends for four hours I would probably die if I spent any moment longer in that room. But it exhausted me so I didn’t have the energy to write, but here I am! Yay! I really hope you enjoy it, there’s no conversation for this one :) Enjoy my lovelies xx

Your POV

Sometimes it can be rewarding to play on the street. Some people think it’s demeaning, but I think it’s quite fun. It’s cool all the people you meet while you’re sitting out here, rain or shine. They seem to like listening to me play and sing, but the best thing is when you get a fellow musician to hear you or compliment you. Both have happened.

I was strumming along to a tune in my head, not really paying attention to what I was doing. Mostly just zoning out, playing a few chords to the rhythm part of a song. I have yet to figure out which one I’m actually playing, but it’ll come to me.

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