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Lock and Key (Jonerys Fanfiction)

Summary:  The evening before they set sail for White Harbour, Jon needs air to think. He comes upon a sight which melts him, and unlocks the depths of his heart he promised he’d never open again.

Notes: Thank you @ferosa for the prompt! This was a fun write. 

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11961618

Jon needed to get away from everyone, the crowded hall of the painted table was not where Jon enjoyed being, especially after the Dragon-pit fiasco. Tension was palpable in the castle and Jon needed to get away. Now it was much cooler on Dragonstone, the outdoors had more appeal to him than the inside of Dragonstone castle ever had. On the following morning; himself and Daenerys would be leaving for White Harbour and he wanted to have a clear head. He’d been spending too much time with the Dragon Queen that he found his judgement was getting clouded. 

Why did he announce his loyalty to her then and there at the dragon-pit in front of Cersei? Why had he even suggested that he and Daenerys travelled together? On a restricted boat for a 3 day journey with the one woman who wouldn’t leave his mind. It was going to be the toughest time those three days with nothing to do, his mind wandering like it had been doing…

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❛ you inability to learn complicated handshakes is tearing this gang apart ❜
❛ i hope no one lowkey hates me. highkey hate me. hate me with every fiber of your being. go big or go home ❜
❛ my style isn’t even my style, i can’t afford my actual style ❜
❛ i feel like everyone has a teacher from high school that they’d 100% fight ❜
❛ i don’t mean to interrupt people i just randomly remember things and get really excited, i’m sorry ❜
❛ sir, you cannot name your son ‘Papa_Roach_Scars.mp3’ we just won’t allow it ❜
❛ if you asked me what my sexuality was, i couldn’t give you a straight answer ❜
❛ i just wanna wear lingerie, smell like lavender, and have soft skin ❜
❛ yabba dabba done with your shit ❜
❛ 5 years ago i was a fucking mess and now i’m a fucking mess but at peace with it and with a cooler fashion sense ❜
❛ the only reason i’m staying in school is so i can provide for my future ❜
❛ occupation: sleepiest girl on the planet ❜
❛ true friendship is willfully making someone’s emotional devastation over fictional characters worse ❜
❛ (not so) breaking news: i’m sad again and everyone’s tired of hearing about it ❜
❛ my new year’s resolution is to stop ❜
❛ people keep posting ‘what’s REALLY in your food’ articles like i’m gonna stop eating whatever it’s about lmao listen, death is coming. death is coming. pass me a hot dog ❜
❛ do you sometimes wonder why you have weird friends but then you snap and realize that you’re as weird as them ❜
❛ have you ever met someone who’s smile looks like it could make flowers grow ❜
❛ is ‘no’ an emotion because i feel it ❜
❛ i wanna be the one girl who looks really cute but also gives off the vibe that she could snap your neck if you disrespect her like is that possible for me ❜
❛ concept: me, having friends and being liked by people ❜
❛ the human body has 7 trillion nerves and some people manage to get on every single fucking one of them ❜
❛ replace my heart with another liver so i can drink more and care less ❜
❛ i need a hug and six months of sleep ❜
❛ good morning i’m obsessed with being loved ❜
❛ don’t come back when you realize that i’m rare ❜
❛ i’m stuck in between ‘i really wanna meet new people’ and ‘why can’t everyone leave me the fuck alone’ ❜
❛ can you believe some people meet each other and just hit it off right off the bat and just… date??? and fall in love? ?? that sounds fake ? ? ? ❜
❛ painfully average looking with a great sense of humor and always down to get drunk ❜
❛ people are always like ‘are you a morning person or a night person’ and i’m just like… buddy, i’m barely even a person ❜
❛ you ever talk to a stupid boy to pass time? ❜
❛ don’t talk to me or my 78 insecurities ever again ❜
❛ i’ll always have a soft spot for you ❜
❛ i hate being tickled. i do not think it’s cute, i do not think it’s funny. i will kick you in the fucking face ❜
❛ you inability to learn complicated handshakes is tearing this gang apart ❜
❛ there’s no blood in my veins anymore it is coffee and broken dreams ❜
❛ i’ll pay you $7 to have a crush on me ❜
❛ i’m a hopeless romantic… emphasis on hopeless ❜
❛ i deal with my personal problems the same way i study for tests… i don’t ❜
❛ half of me is a hopeless romantic and the other half of me is, well, an asshole ❜
❛ my biggest problem is i don’t like, do shit ❜
❛ how am i supposed to be productive when netflix just automatically plays the next episode for you? ❜
❛ a girls sleepy voice is probably the cutest thing that has ever existed on this earth ❜
❛ at like a really specific time at night i feel like i wanna fall in love or some shit but then i wake up and i’m ok again ❜
❛ i’d really like to be taken out tbh. in a date way or a sniper way. i have no preference ❜
❛ i don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions ❜
❛ i want to be one of those people who does yoga and eats berries for breakfast, but i’m one of those people who stays in bed until 4 pm and eats pizza ❜
❛ why are there waiting lists for preschools?!?! babies are small!!!! 800 could fit in one room, just stack them ❜
❛ raise your hand if you are scared shitless about the future yet couldn’t care less at the same time ❜
❛ i hate being the stereotypical emo bitch, but life sux, my dude ❜
❛ i wanna learn how to throw knives so i can throw ‘em like real close and graze somebody to let them know to shut the fuck up ❜
❛ my heart says yes but my mom says no ❜
❛ if we are ever invaded by aliens and they wanna destroy earth and whatever that’s fine, but leave old friends senior dog sanctuary out of it ❜
❛ i don’t want to get involved in the drama, i just wanna know 103% of the information on what happened ❜
❛ if i had the power to control time i would probably just use it to sleep more ❜
❛ guess who got shit done today….. not me lmao but congrats to somebody out there ❜
❛ i promise i’m a lot nicer than my ‘walking to class’ face would lead you to believe ❜
❛ why spend money on booze when i can get fucked up by conspiracy theories for free? ❜
❛ binge watching is great until you run out of the show and have to start watching it weekly like some sort of medieval peasant ❜
❛ merry crisis, everyone ❜
❛ my whole life is the one episode of friends where ross drinks all those margaritas and keeps telling everyone that he’s fine when he clearly isn’t fine ❜
❛ i’m a huge supporter of things which annoy misogynistic rich white men ❜
❛ kinda wanna go on a date, kinda wanna get hit by a truck too ❜
❛ do i even have a sexuality at this point or is it literally just ‘oh yes i’d kiss you’ ❜
❛ not interested dot com forward slash you ❜
❛ napping together is my kind of date ❜
❛ i’m trying to stop being a hater but it’s just so hard when there are so many things that need my hate ❜
❛ i need to stop imagining things i’d say in interviews if i was ever famous because i am not ❜
❛ guess who got their life together!!!!! …not me, but someone probably has ❜
❛ concept: the worst is over. everything’s gonna be okay now ❜
❛ me, giving your eulogy at your funeral: ‘we are gathered here today to mourn a friend, a relative, a companion and a loved one, and to kinkshame them one last time’ ❜
❛ one day i will take a really good selfie and you will be sorry….. you will all be sorry ❜
❛ i was so ugly in 2008 because i didn’t care about my looks, i cared about the jonas brothers ❜
❛ i’m the whole package: bitter AND petty ❜
❛ my life is that awkward walk/jog you do in front of a car when you’re crossing the street ❜
❛ i use sarcasm because flat out telling you you’re a fucking moron is considered inappropriate and is frowned upon and i was raised better than that ❜
❛ my aesthetic is looking really tired even when i’ve had enough sleep and having a lot of bad habits and responding poorly to criticism ❜
❛ yes you’re allowed to have other friends, you just have to love me more ❜
❛ i just want to be somewhere warm and making questionable decisions ❜
❛ i don’t have plans for tonight or the rest of my life if you want to have a drink or get married ❜
❛ screenshots don’t scare me, i know what the fuck i said ❜
❛ ‘you’re kind of annoying’ kind of? kind of??? excuse me. excuse you. i am fully annoying. i am very annoying. there’s nothing half-assed half-hearted ‘kind of’ about it ❜
❛ *jumps over hole in sidewalk* yeah you could say i’m pretty fucking athletic ❜
❛ i don’t ‘dress to impress’ i dress to depress. i wanna look so good that people hate themselves ❜
❛ sorry, i couldn’t hear you over my internal monologue ❜
❛ valentine’s day is coming up, i don’t know what to buy myself ❜
❛ you’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because i think about kissing you all the time ❜
❛ ‘dude, i’m wasted’ and by wasted, i’m talking about my wasted potential because i’m a lazy piece of shit ❜
❛ i may be a terrible person but at least i say please and thank you and use my fucking blinker ❜
❛ is it too late to try to be myspace famous ❜
❛ ask him if he’s good with his hands, then when he comes over, make him put together ikea furniture ❜
❛ if a woman’s hand is steady enough to put on winged eyeliner then it’s steady enough to stab you in the heart ❜
❛ please don’t get tired of me ❜
❛ finals? fuck a final. gone girl myself. ❜
❛ i really thought quick sand was going to be a bigger issue in life when i was little ❜
❛ i’m so tired of not being a multimillionaire ❜
❛ why must the cute ones (me) suffer ❜
❛ nasa actually stands for ‘not any straight aliens.’ gayliens are real and out there ❜
❛ not to be bitter or anything but i hope everyone that has ever hurt me is absolutely miserable ❜
❛ my mind says college, but my heart says isolated sheep herder in iceland ❜
❛ i am an adult oh god make it stop ❜

( you can find the other three parts here: 1, 2, 3 )

chemistry, part 3

Originally posted by stilesstilinski37

pairings: teacher!dylan o'brien x student!reader.

warnings: cursing.

a/n: took me long enough, but it’s out! I really hope you’re enjoying this series as much as I’m enjoying writing it.

word count: 3,6k+

part one - part two

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Diabolik lovers Lost Eden: Ayato Sakamaki [Ecstasy Epilogue] ~translation|traducción+Touch~

-Ayato’s monologue-

It’s been a few days since I left the Sakamaki Castle,
and I finally arrived to the Vibora Castle.
There is something I have to do as soon as I get inside the castle.
I have to apologize for everything that happened to my brothers.
And then… … ask them to forgive me.
To be honest, I don’t feel very confident that they will listen to me.
But it’s something I have to do.
For their sake… … for hers.
And for my sake too.

-End of Monologue-

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Arthur laughs, and the next thing I know, he’s wiping my glasses. He puts them back and stares at my face to make sure they’re not slanting. “There you go. That’s better.”

I push them against the bridge of my nose. “Thanks.”

He pulls his hands from the warm pockets of his jersey jacket and wraps them around mine. It’s hard to hate him when he’s like that.

I wish Arthur will let me sleep. I wish he’ll take me by the hand, drag me home, toss our clothes on the floor, and curl up under the sheets until the sun comes up. But he has other ideas.

Street lamps cast halos in the fog, which I’d describe as heavenly if I’m not exhausted from following Arthur around the city while he gets plastered at stupid o’clock in the morning.

“Hey, Alfred?” He looks above his shoulder, his words coming out with mist. His nose is red. “You alright, mate?”

I nod.

Arthur laughs, and the next thing I know, he’s wiping my glasses. He puts them back and stares at my face to make sure they’re not slanting. “There you go. That’s better.”

I push them against the bridge of my nose. “Thanks.”

He pulls his hands from the warm pockets of his jersey jacket and wraps them around mine. It’s hard to hate him when he’s like that.

“Did you enjoy the show?”

Three parties, two fucks, and a bajillion drinks later, I forgot we went to see a band we’ve been dying to see for ages.  

“Loved it,” I say, keeping my eyes on the floor, “Felt like Sziget all over again, don’t you think?”

He chuckles. “Well, this one was completely mental, but Sziget was something else.

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They’re Better Than You Are P.2 (Rob Benedict x Reader)

A/N: I didn’t mean for this to turn into three parts but here we are. 


Summary: You and Rob are married, but you’re going through a really rough patch. You play Metatron on Supernatural, (female Metatron), and the time has come for the two of you to film “Don’t Call Me Shurley”.

Pairing: Rob x Reader

Word Count: 1,938

Warning: Angst, Fighting, Emotional Hurt, Fluff


I looked down at the opened package in my hand.



Written by

Robbie Thompson

Directed by

Robert Singer

“God dammit.” I said, slamming my fist against the kitchen counter. I’m an idiot, a God damn idiot. I pulled out the schedule in the package, along with the given plane ticket. Thank God I was scheduled to fly out tomorrow.


“Rob Benedict! How are you doing man?” said Bob Singer, reaching out to shake my hand.

“Bob Singer, doing just fine. Honored to be back, sir.” I said, shaking his hand. I glanced over his head, trying to see if Y/N was on set yet. It had been almost two days and I still haven’t heard from her.

“Okay, so you’re gonna sit in this booth here, and Y/N’s gonna come around from here to start the scene.” said Bob. I looked down at my “costume”, a white and green t-shirt, jacket, and jeans. I nodded, showing I understood.

“You don’t happen to know where Y/N is, do you.” I asked.  

“Oh, I would imagine you haven’t seen her yet today. She’s been filming a scene in a dumpster for most of the day, but she’s on her way back now to start filming here.” said Bob, walking behind the camera moderator to finish setting things up.

I sat down in the booth of the bar, not really sure what to do for the time being.

“Okay, Bob, this dog is quite literally the best dog I have ever worked with on a set before, and that’s saying something.”

I turned around at the sound of Y/N’s voice, seeing her walk in carrying the small dog that was a part of this episode.

“Good he’s being a good dog, Y/N.” said Singer, laughing a bit.

“Ready to shoot?” Y/N nodded, looking around the set, eyes falling on me. The second they did, I could see the light just leave.

I’ve really messed it up this time.

“Okay guys, we’re gonna start with the scene with Metatron flying back through the doors. I want to get the stunt out of the way first. Y/N, you good to get hooked up with the wires?” My eyes went wide.

“Holdup, since when do you do your own stunts?” I asked, getting up from the seat and walking towards the two of them.

Bob looked at me, confused. “What are you talking about, Rob? She’s been doing her own stunts the entire season.” I looked at my wife, surprised she would keep that from me.

I guess Bob could feel the tension.

“Um… I’m gonna get the harness set up correctly.”

Y/N turned towards me.

“If you think you have the right to get me to stop doing stunts, you can shut it, Benedict.”

“Y/N, please I just want to talk-.”

“Rob, you lost that right a long time ago.”

“Okay! We’re ready!” said Bob.

I sighed, turning around to get on my mark as she got hooked up to the harness. It was gonna be a long day, I could tell now.

“Ready guys?” asked Bob, getting into his director’s chair. Y/N and I both nodded.


“-think we’re finally getting somewhere.” I said, getting into Chuck immediately after 6 years of not playing him.

“You started writing the second she came back, didn’t you?” This was the first time, obviously, that Y/N and I have ever acted together. I stuffed my hands in my pocket as Chuck, ready to keep going.

“No wonder you’re on a deadline! Now I understand why you’re masquerading in that sad, little meat suit! For the same reason you created this nostalgic bar to write your masterpiece in- you’re hiding!”

“Okay. First of all, this gift-.” I pointed at my face. “Is super cute. Secondly, I’m not hiding. I just like the ambiance in here.”

“You said… the safest place ever created. Created by you… to keep safe from Amara! She can’t touch you in here, can she?!”

“You’re upset. I-I understand. And it’s good to let it out.” I turned around, walking back to the booth like it said in the script, but my eyes went wide, realizing just how big the parallels are in this script, comparing it to our own life.

“But, uh, let’s focus on, uh, finishing my book.” I clapped my hands, pretending to type on the computer. I knew the next line coming, and I knew how much Y/N was actually going to mean it.

“You know, I was a crappy, terrible god. My work was pretty much a lame, half-assed rewrite of your greatest hits. But at least I was never a coward!”

I pulled myself together, ready to watch her being flown back through doors. I didn’t want to do this. I didn’t want to hurt her, real or fake. I didn’t want to fight anymore.

But I also needed to do my job.

I stood up, turning around to face her, making myself look as furious as I could possibly look in this situation. As soon as I faced her, she flew back, flying out the door. Knowing the camera was on her, I closed my eyes, just trying to keep it in character. She walked back in.

“There he is. That’s the guy I know, the guy I love. I remember the first time I saw you. All the angels were terrified, but I wasn’t. The feeling of your light was… was just beyond measure. And then the unthinkable. You picked me to help you with your tablets.”

This was way too hard.

“You were just the closet angel to the door when I walked into the room. There’s nothing special about you, Metatron. Not then… not now. Now… I’ve been called many things- absentee father, wrathful monster. But, coward… I am not hiding. I am just done watching my experiments’ failures.”

“You mean your failures, Chuck?”

How did Robbie Thompson write something so close to our lives right now? I sighed.

“You want to watch? Be my guest.” I turned, gesturing to a set of TVs that weren’t there yet.


I let go of a breath I didn’t realize I was holding, leaning down against my knees. I turned to look Y/N, just to see she was in the same stance as I was. At least I know she was feeling the same as I was.

“Good job guys, excellent really. Just give us a minute to set up the different camera angles, alright?” I nodded at Bob, turning towards Y/N.

“Y/N, look, please we need to talk. What can I do to get us that far at least-.” She held her hand up, cutting me off.

“Not now. Please, just let me concentrate on working today. I can’t handle anything else. Please.” I nodded slowly, backing down.

A long day it was gonna be indeed.


“Ready guys? Second to last scene of the day before we continue tomorrow.” said Bob, again in his director chair.

“Yeah, I’m ready.” said Y/N. We’d been on set for hours, yet she’d been able to ignore me all day.

“Yeah, I’m ready.” I said, facing her and the computer they had set up in front of me. We were both sitting in the booth of a bar, ready to film Y/N’s big scene towards me.


“You know, you really are a terrific editor, Metatron.”

Y/N chuckled, chuckling in character. “Well, I was a terrible writer. A worse god. It’s good I’ve got something good for me.”

“Yeah, you know. I have to say, I didn’t see the whole evil-turn thing coming.”


“Why did you try to be me?” I said, keeping the scene going as Chuck.

“That was just a sad, pathetic cry for attention.”

“Whose attention were you trying to get?”


My jaw dropped, but my jaw dropped as Rob Benedict, not Chuck Shurley. Her words, the words she said to me before leaving for Vancouver replayed in my head.

“You know what Rob? I’m done trying to get your attention.”

Y/N went on with her monologue.

“You are light… and beauty. Creation.”

I leaned back in my chair.

“Wrath. Damnation and Salvation.” All of a sudden, tears started escaping her eyes. It wasn’t written in the script for Metatron to cry, not written at all.

“And I don’t care if I was just the angel nearest the door.” Y/N’s voice cracked as she went on.

“You picked me. Your light shined on me- Me! Oh, and the warmth. But then you left me. You left all of us.”

I forcefully tried to hold my own tears in as her words from before kept replaying in my head.

“-but you better open your eyes and realize you need to be here to fix it.”

“It wasn’t just the saps who were praying to you. The angels prayed, too. And so did I- every day.”

“I know.” I know now. I know how long she had been fighting for us. I know how long I hadn’t been answering.

“You want to sell the best-selling autobiography of all time? You explain to me- Tell me why you abandoned me. Us.”

I didn’t want to say my next line. I’ve never hated myself more than I do in this very moment.

“Because you disappointed me. You all disappointed me.”

“Then why do I feel like such a disappointment?” I was there to hear it. I was there to hear her words to Matt. But she didn’t know that.

All of a sudden, Y/N stood up, advancing towards me to say her next line. Another thing that wasn’t written in the script. She was sobbing by now, but holding it back just enough to keep going on with the scene. The tears flew down her face.

“No, look. I know I’m a disappointment, but you’re wrong about humanity. They are your greatest creation because they’re better than you are.”

I bit the inside of my lip, trying to keep myself from crying too. This was going to be a lot harder than I thought. Y/N kept going; I could tell we both just wanted this scene to be done.

“Yeah, sure, they’re weak and they cheat and steal and… destroy and disappoint. But they also give and create and they sing and dance and love. And above all, they never give up! But, you do.”

“I’m done dealing with the fact that you’ve given up.”

My face fell, but the cameras were still rolling. The tears kept rolling down her face, but I put the glasses back on, cleared my throat, and turned back to the computer.


“Holy shit.” I said out loud. It was the best acting performance she had ever given. I turned and looked at the crew behind the cameras; their jaws were dropped just like mine was. I turned back to look at my wife.

She had broken down completely. Y/N sat there, her head in her hands, sobbing her eyes out. I just couldn’t believe I had done this to her.

Bob Singer took one look.

“Y/N, do you need a minute before the next scene? I think we can be done with this one now.”

Y/N nodded, jumping up and walking away, I’m assuming to her trailer. I stood up behind her to follow.

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persecate  asked:

Please, please do Maize and Flannel !!

oKAY !!

maize - share the weirdest encounter you’ve had with a stranger on the street.

oof, tough. strangers talk to me a lot (like, A LOT a lot, I must be really approachable/non-threatening) and I’m sort of desensitized to it at this point??? I did once get asked if I was in town for a supermodel convention. I told them I was the keynote speaker and they were like… oh so you’re a nerd ok

flannel - have you ever gone on a bad date? 

lol so this is going to sound crazy because I’m actually going to tell you about my best date ever, which was my first date with mr blake. but it was ALSO an extremely stressful date because it went on for… 10 hours?? yeah, I think 10 hours. here’s why it was stressful:

  • I have really bad facial recognition, so I was worried I wouldn’t recognize him when he came to my door. this is a super weird concern probably but I was really really nervous about it?? I was stressing about it ALL. DAY.
  • I was ALSO stressing because I had just moved to Chicago and didn’t know anyone and the chances of him getting away with murdering me were thus v high
  • I didn’t know how old he was and I have previously been out with much older men before by accident (I went out with a 30 year old when I was 21 not knowing the gap was that significant and he kissed me and then cried all over me that he was cheating on his girlfriend and I was like ???? so that is actually probably my worst date but it’s not a fun story so anyway onwards). I got in the cab and blurted out “HOW OLD ARE YOU” and he told me and I was like oh thank god
  • also, in the cab I asked why he moved to Chicago and what that big scar on his head was from and he said “I can’t believe you just hit on the two most crucial pieces of personal information I have and we’re not even to the restaurant yet”
  • at the restaurant we had this amazingly fancy table on the balcony and I was like omg he is a REAL ADULT and I am a FRAUD (turns out it was coincidence, the nicest table just happened to be available) and then he asked me to pick out a bottle of wine and I panicked and let the waiter advise me, which is ALWAYS A MISTAKE (a year later, mr blake confessed the wine had been $87 and it was his first time ever drinking wine in a restaurant so he was like ‘hm, guess that’s how much wine costs’)
  • he took me on a walking tour of Chicago by the river and he was so wonderful and charming and delightful and I kept trying to pose in flattering lights and pause and sigh romantically but he was frustratingly unfazed and un-allured
  • this went on for SEVERAL HOURS. he told me all about his life while being stupidly handsome and funny and brilliant and I told him all my secrets and flipped my hair and batted my lashes and yet he still wouldn’t kiss me so I was like okay guess we’re just going to be friends now that’s cool I could use more friends idk (inner monologue: 😩😩😩😩😩)
  • then at 3 am we got kicked off the river walk and went to have pancakes
  • then I was like omg it’s 4 am and we’re eating pancakes I’m in love and he clearly thinks I am terrible, this is doomed, I am going to be alone forever but at least I have a new friend omg I hate me immensely
  • eventually he gets me to my door and I’m fumbling with the key like
    • omg omg omg what did I do wrong HOW DID I SCREW THIS UP
  • and then he goes WAIT and grabs my arm and pulls me in for a really really startling kiss
  • and then goes okay bye text you in the morning
  • and I’m staring after him like
  • …..
  • …………..
  • …………………
  • and later I told him I thought he just wanted to be friends and he was like “oh lol no I was just waiting until the end of the night but it was hard because you kept standing in really good lighting”
  • and I was like
  • I knew I knew what good kissing light was

Autumnal Asks

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden: Ayato Sakamaki [Ecstasy prologue] ~translation|traducción~


Place: Eden.

Ayato: … I don’t trust in anyone.
Ayato: (I’m alone…)
Ayato: I’ll stop thinking about my brothers. That was my fault too, but…
Ayato: (Yui is… she was the only one…)


Yui: Ayato-kun…
Yui: Everything is fine. I will always be your ally.


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Apartment 5108 // 10

Apartment 5108 — ft. Oh Sehun

// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language — in later chapters

A/N: This chapter contains content for mature audiences. If you are under 18, I am not responsible for the imagery you will read. :)

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Headaches spur off as a little prick. They’re small, tiny, and insignificant until they start to spread throughout the entire left side of my brain. What was nothing in the beginning is evolving to feel like a rhinoceros on a rampage, trying to crack through my skull to escape its cage. Headaches are similar to love. Falling in love starts off minuscule and then it grows, expanding with no control or intention of being contained. It wants to flee, breaking away from its prison to consume my entire being. I find it difficult keeping myself intact when I am so close to crumbling into broken pieces due to my feelings for this particular man. 

I don’t even realize I’ve fallen until it’s too late and there’s nothing I can do but to surrender to my futile emotions.

It’s a terrible fate to fall for Sehun.

But it doesn’t mean I’ll give up on him.

To prevent myself from completely shattering, I will work harder for what I want.

My words from the few nights ago weren’t meant to imply I will leave Sehun immediately or at all. It was meant to show him I will first help him as I’ve promised. I will aid him in overcoming his love for Jiyul–although it pains me to realize I can only help so much. I can only do so much for a person if they are unwilling to do half of the work in return. I don’t know where he stands with her. I don’t know if he is any closer to his end goal or even farther away from it.

What I do know is I’m not at her level. The affection he has for me is not at the same peak as Jiyul stands and this specific fact alone is where one of the largest cracks has formed in my heart.

I care for Sehun. I care for him more than I ever allowed myself to care for another and it brings about a fear of losing this special person. I don’t want to lose him. I want to help him but I’m afraid it will come to nothing. In the end, there is a probability he might be no better off from when he first asked me to assist him in moving on from Jiyul. 

Coming up with whatever else I can do is continually making my headache worse and perhaps if I really examine my well-being, I believe my heart is possibly going down the same destructive path.

My ailment hasn’t subsided and is transitioning into an excruciating migraine, matching a level 8 earthquake on the Richter scale. The radio in the background dimly plays as Sehun drives us to a restaurant upstate to meet his family for their annual Christmas Eve dinner. Minus the music, the car ride has been silent (which should alleviate my headache but instead it has a rather countering effect). The quietness is making my headache worse. It is unlike Sehun to not talk. He always knows what to say–he always has something to say. When he doesn’t talk, his actions speak. But lately, he has kept a distance. 

I’m accustomed to his lively and amiable attitude. I’m used to his sweet words filling my ears but after the night in front of my parent’s grave, he chose to stay away. He’s withdrawn but doesn’t completely ignore me. He replies when I ask questions. He still greets me in the morning and at night but there is a wall. There is a barrier he has put up and it is identical to the one I had installed when I first moved into the apartment. It is as if Sehun and I have switched places and this time he is the one with the inner struggle in which he can’t bring up the courage to speak about to me.

“Pick a color,” I state, despairingly attempting to ignore the pulsating throb pressing down against my skull. 

“Why?” His languid monotone voice is not missed.

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Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S4, Vol. 3

After dabbling in double-features and recaps and whatever this was and memes (MEMES), we are back in it, back to good ol’ NOTES. Back to VOLUME is what this means, awwy yeah [greedily gathers more and more DS9 episodes into arms, snuggles them]

4x10 ‘Homefront’
- Dax: “For all we know the Bajorans are right: maybe it is a message from the Prophets.”
  Dax & Sisko: [walk past a group of Bajoran priests]
  Priests, bowing: “Emissary.”
- um, pls tell me Jadzia really is pulling pranks on Odo with Quark?
- Odo: “It’s the fourth time she’s done it this past year. She breaks into my quarters while I’m regenerating and moves all my furniture out of alignment. Shifts one piece three centimeters to the right, the next four centimeters to the left. Not one object in my quarters is where it’s supposed to be!” THIS IS AMAZING.
- well now that Odo is talking openly about Dax’s “perverse delight” in messing with him, it does occur to me that I have not gotten to see much Dax and Garak together — Wish List
- Jadzia Dax IS the most humanoid person on this station. I could hardly tell you what that means exactly but I can vouch for its Truth.
- imagine a bomb not going off on Earth for over 100 years


the affectionate Sisko Men just warm my darn heart

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Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Ayato Sakamaki [Maniac 9]  ~Translation-traducción~

This translation was made by @vampiretsuki

Place: Kino’s Mansion

Reiji: Nevertheless, Ruki. This was something truly unexpected.
Reiji: The fact that you go against one of our father’s wishes….
Ruki: Well, it’s true. Even I myself am surprised.
Ruki: While day by say Eden was devastating, I was thinking “ Is it okay to leave things like this…?”
Ruki: When I took the decision, I received a report that Ayato had destroyed the mansion… ….
Reiji: and that way of expressing it, Besides Ayato leaving there was another reason, right?

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Betrayed- A Sehun Angst

Part 1, Part 3

You parked outside D.O’s apartment, and for a couple of minutes, you just sat in your car, with your forehead against the steering wheel, wondering how everything came to be, wondering what you had done so wrong in a past life to deserve to be hurt this way.

You couldn’t erase that image from your mind, Sehun’s naked body, his bare back glistening with pearls of sweat, as he hovered over your friend. You tried, and tried to forget about it, but it was etched onto your memory, as if it had just been burned into your brain with hot iron. Your phone vibrated again, with an incoming text from D.O.

“Are you here yet? You are making me worried.” You knew you had taking twice the amount it normally would have taken you to arrive at his house, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to face anyone, the humiliation was too great for you to be able to look into the eyes of someone who pitied you, someone who was actually friends with Sehun in the first place.

You wiped your tears, and held a tissue to your eyes, trying to remove any smudged make up. You fixed your face with whatever you had in your car, and with a deep sigh, you ruffled your hair, and walked out of the car. D.O knew you better than anyone anyway, he would see right through your attempts of trying to make yourself seem stronger than you actually felt at that moment.

You knocked on his door, trying to cover your face as best as you could with your hair, just in case there was someone there with him still. After a couple seconds of waiting, Kyungsoo opened the door, with his precious large eyes opened wide with concern. He didn’t even give you enough time to say hello, he engulfed you in a bear hug, with your face resting on his shoulder. You felt the walls of faux-strength crumbling around you, but you couldn’t cry just yet.

“Oh thank God you are okay. I thought something had happened on the way here.” He mumbled, pulling you closer, inhaling the scent of your shampoo, before pulling away, and dragging you to his living room. He sat you down on his sofa, grabbed a blanket, and put it over your shoulders, as he handed you a cup of hot cocoa, just the way you liked it best.

“What happened Y/N?” he asked you softly, words barely escaping those precious pouty, heart-shaped lips of his, as he patted your head gently, comfortingly. A loud sob escaped your lips, and his body ached with the need to wrap you in his embrace again.

“I-I… I found Sehun… Sehun… cheating on me, with my best friend.” You sobbed, as you barely managed to get the words through your throat. You took a sip from the hot cocoa shaking in your hands. D.O froze on the spot, he felt rage bubbling inside him, slowly growing to a boiling point, but he managed to keep himself calm, although every fiber of his being was telling him to break all of Sehun’s bones.

You heard a loud clatter in the kitchen, and you both turned to see a furious looking Kai, with a bowl still rolling at his feet. You gulped, you’d never seen anyone look so angry in your life. Where was the cute boy who talked to his dogs and called them his babies?

Kai didn’t even give you time to question his behavior, he excused himself, and walked straight out the door. You were a little ashamed that he had heard what just happened to you, it was shameful to admit you had just been cheated on. After you both heard the door slam behind Kai, Kyungsoo turned to you with a saddened expression.

“Are you sure he was cheating on you?” He asked gently, trying to fix the shattered pieces of the situation as best as you could. You hissed.

“OF COURSE I AM SURE HE WAS NAKED OVER HER WITH HIS PENIS INSIDE HER!” You yelled at him, and Kyungsoo winced. You felt terrible immediately, it wasn’t his fault and you had no right to lash out at him like that, he was just trying to help as best as he could.

“I’m so sorry Y/N… I’m so sorry… I can’t believe he would do that. I trusted him to know better than that… You can stay here for as long as you need. You know you have a home here. “ he told you, his large eyes beginning to water, as he gently embraced you.

“Thank you so much Soo… I need you right now. I really do need you.” You told him, as you cried on his shoulder, and Kyungsoo’s heart broke just a little bit more.

You meant so much to him, and watching you suffer like that genuinely hurt him. Inside him, rage was boiling, he couldn’t understand Sehun would ever waste a chance like this, he couldn’t believe why he would ever go with another woman when he already had the best one in his arms.

Inside your apartment, Sehun was pacing back and forth, running his hands through his hair. Why had he done that? Why did he cheat? It wasn’t like he didn’t love you anymore, he wasn’t mad at you, he didn’t hate you, and it wasn’t like you had neglected him in any way. So why?

Simple, because he thought he could get away with it. He liked feeling wanted, and he liked the feeling of something prohibited. Your friend had come onto him when you were out, and although at first he had rejected her, he liked the feeling of being desirable, he was hypnotized by her purrs of “no one will know” and “it’s our little secret”.

He never thought things would turn out like they did. He never thought you would find out, and most of all, he never expected you to leave him empty and broken inside.

“Sehunnieee! Come back to bed!” He heard her call for him, and for a second, he cringed. He couldn’t stand the sound of her voice. He couldn’t stand the sound of his own voice, he couldn’t stand the tic-toc of the clock, and most of all, he couldn’t stand the silence you had left with your absence.

Your things were left intact, but the house felt empty, you weren’t there, your aura of happiness and warmth wasn’t there to make it even feel like home. He felt like a stranger in his own apartment, and it unsettled him. For once, the bratty maknae hadn’t gotten away with what he wanted.

A loud knock on his door shocked him, making him jump straight out of his internal monologue. He walked over to the door, hopeful, his brain praying for it to be you, coming back to him, to where you belonged. But instead, he was met with Kai’s black eyes.

“Kai-“ Sehun started, meaning to ask his bandmate what brought him to his house, but he had no time to finish his sentence. Kai was pushing him inside the house roughly.

“What do you think you are doing asshole?” Kai snarled at him, pushing him again. Sehun tripped over a table, and fell on his butt. He stared at the older boy with fear in his eyes, not understanding what was happening.

“How could you cheat on Y/N? How could you?!” Kai screamed at him, kicking a chair to the side, making it tumble and fall.

“What is wrong with you? Why are you like this?” Sehun asked him, trying to crawl back somewhere safe.

“Get up. I won’t hit a man who is on the floor.” Kai growled, kicking at Sehun’s foot.

“Kai, you can’t be serious.” He stuttered, too shocked for more words.

“GET UP!” He yelled, and Sehun scrambled to his feet, his heart beating harshly in his chest. He was terrified. What was wrong with Kai? Just as he was on his feet, Kai’s hand collided with his cheek, once, twice, three times. Sehun was left on the floor, his mouth bleeding and his eye bruising.

“Kai… I thought we were friends…” Sehun stuttered with tears in his eyes, as he struggled to stand up again.

“I’m not friends with cheaters.” Kai replied coldly, before leaving the room without a second look. Sehun’s world shattered around him. He was losing everything, everything because of his selfish needs and desires.

He didn’t think about you, when he kissed your friend, he didn’t think about your heart when he took her clothes off, he didn’t care to imagine the pain you would be suffering, the tears you were crying. He just wanted to enjoy himself, to have his own way, he didn’t care to put a thought on the person he would be hurting, breaking, with his actions. And the worst part, he didn’t understand why it was so much of a big deal. It was just sex.

At Kyungsoo’s place, you had managed to cry yourself to sleep on his couch, with your face pressed against his chest, as you watched yet another Disney movie. He knew they were the only source of comfort you could find at times like these, because for a moment, they made you forget about real life, about being an adult, about responsibilities and about heartbreak, because in Disney movies everything is possible and there is always a happy ending.

He brushed the hair out of your face lovingly, chuckling at how cute you looked as you slept, with your mouth slightly open, and your lower lashes tickling your cheeks. He couldn’t understand how anyone could give you up.

His eyelids were growing heavy, and he wanted to take you to his bedroom, so he could tuck you in, and let you sleep comfortably in his large bed, he had no intentions of staying with you in it though, you were too pure, too good for any filthy thoughts his male hormones could muster.

But the moment Kyungsoo moved his body slightly, your hands gripped onto his t-shirt tightly, and a frown creased your perfect forehead.

“Don’t go.” He heard your sleepy voice whisper, as your hold on him tightened. He smiled, and checked to see if you had woken up, but the even movement of your chest was a clear giveaway that you were still asleep. He smiled to himself, and closed his eyes.

Maybe he was a little bit uncomfortable, maybe the position was awkward, but just watching you on him, sleeping so peacefully, brought him great happiness. So he let sleep take him to Dreamland, and for the first time in a very long time, he no longer had to wonder what it felt like to fall asleep with you in his arms.

Okay, so I’m posting that fic.

Basic summary is: Komaeda lives through chapter five (see here for how) and once they get to the tail end of chapter six, Enoshima turns Hinata into Kamukura, revealing the true mastermind and a different final battle between hope and despair.

Pairings: Komahina, implied Komakura but you can definitely see it differently. There’s in general a lot of wiggle room in this fic for things like that. Different ways you can interpret things. Like the end of the real game, I wanted it to be vague and heavily symbolic.

Words: 4206

Warnings: Might seem OOC for some characters for people. I want to stress that I don’t think Komaeda could actually get to this point in the game without developing somewhat, and again reading the linked fic will help, since they take place in the same verse. Also, I have very specific headcanons for Izuru, and they might not match up with what you think. I hope I managed to capture him, though. I’m really nervous about this one, but I  really hope people like this, because I poured a lot of effort into it. I hope there’s at least one aspect you enjoy.

As for serious warnings, there’s nothing major in terms of CWs.

Hinata was so bright, as ever. It made him happy he survived this long, didn’t have a chance to go through with his plan. Glad Hinata stopped him.

Even amidst the despair of knowing the Tragedy, even the despair of all this death, and lies, this fake world made up to trick and entrance them, he shone like a star against the despair. Komaeda truly believed he was watching true hope be born.

Hinata-kun said I could find hope within myself, but he was wrong. Hinata-kun held that hope inside him all along.

If it hadn’t been for Hinata’s brilliant hope, how he pushed forward, Komaeda would have shattered at the revelation that they were all Ultimate Despair. He would have tried to do something reckless, something that the previous him would have thought was a sacrifice in the name of hope, for the birth of absolute hope.

This was exactly the ending he had wanted, why he’d kick started the killing. Hinata wouldn’t understand, but if he hadn’t gone through all that death, betrayal and despair, he wouldn’t have become hope. He wouldn’t have risen up and shown him such a beautiful light. Even Enoshima’s vengeful voice didn’t catch his attention at first, he was so distracted.

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Episode 9.  Saionji gets a third try.  What a special boy!

Kendo is not a good way to prepare for an actual swordfight, particularly one where the goal is to knock a rose off of someone’s chest rather than to cave their skull in.  No wonder the fencer (the one who isn’t 12) never loses.

The action proper opens with Saionji yelling at the monkey whose body had until recently housed his soul.  He shows Chu Chu his true power [again, kicking] and talks smack with Utena for a while.  Saionji is awfully sweary for a student council nerd.

We learn that Touga is Saonji’s shining thing (or eternal thing, as he styles it), although due to Saionji’s overwhelming masculinity this manifests itself as a competitive rather than a carnal desire.  Saionji is laboring under something of a misapprehension re Touga’s access to eternity, but let’s put that aside for now: Touga was still a brave enough boy to push open a coffin and get the girl, and Saionji wasn’t.

If that’s not a recipe for a lifelong inferiority complex, I don’t know what is.

Utena doesn’t get a face in this flashback, which is probably because Saionji doesn’t know that she was the coffin-dweller, but – if you’ll let me reach – it’s also because there’s no humanity in her at this moment, for him. She’s pure symbol, Girl in Coffin. Getting the girl out of the coffin is a magic trick, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.  Saionji wants to be magic, and he wants to use people as his talismans, as the symbols in his thaumaturgical alphabet.   That means that he can’t see that Girl in Coffin and Irritating Tomboy are the same person, even though there’s nobody else for miles around with pink hair.

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anonymous asked:

Karasuno+oikawa+iwazumi+kuroo admitting to their partner that they still love their ex-girlfriend. (Im sorry not sorry, i love angst ;-;) nice job with the blog btw, i will leave more prompts dont worry :P

(To be honest, we were both a bit confused by this ask for two reasons: firstly, we don’t think that any of them would start a new relationship if they didn’t feel like they were over their old one yet. Secondly, we weren’t sure if you were asking for concrete scenarios or something like interior monologue, so I apologize if this isn’t what you were hoping for. Due to the first reason, I’d also like to apologize if any of the boys seems terribly ooc. Q.Q)

Intro: He should have know it was a bad idea to start a new relationship, because seeing his ex-girlfriend still made his heart throb painfully, just as he was still unable to delete their pictures from his phone, or give her back the sweater she had left at his place, which had been sitting on top of his own sweatshirt pile ever since. But here he was, standing in front of his new partner, feeling horrible, ashamed and guilty – as though he had lead them on, although it had never been his intention to do so.

But Sawamura knew he had to tell them, and there was no use in trying to avoid the unavoidable. So he looked up from the white knuckles of his clenched hands, and straight at their face. “I’m sorry, but I can’t be with you anymore. I am still in love with my ex and I don’t want you to carry this burden.” His voice sounded calm. Almost too calm. And even as his partner broke out into tears in front of his eyes and fled the room without uttering a single word, he wasn’t able to move, or to call out to them. All he could do was stand there motionless, the only thing pointing to his inner turmoil the fists trembling at his sides.

Sugawara took their hands in his, holding them so carefully, it almost seemed as though he was afraid they might break under his touch. His face was serious, not the hint of a smile gracing his features, and when his partner’s own ever-present smile slowly faded, he knew they had caught on. He knew they had realized something was wrong, that this conversation would not end well. Tightening his grip on their hands, he finally said: “I can only hope for your forgiveness, but I don’t expect it. I still love my ex.” They inhaled a shaky breath and pulled their hand away from his in a jerky motion to cover their eyes, which were shrouded in a veil of tears. He put his own hands to his forehead, not daring to move and wondering if this really was the end of their relationship, or if time would make things right, and make it possible for him to love them with the same undivided sincerity as they loved him.

Surprising himself with his actions, Asahi just blurted it out. As if keeping these words from his partner had put such a heavy burden on his shoulders that he simply caved in under its weight. “This is impossible for me, after all. I can’t forget my ex. Please forgive me.” Not a moment passed before he felt a stinging pain on his cheek. He kept his head to the side, not able to look into their eyes. Their voice sounding choked, angry and pain-stricken, as they shouted angrily at him, as they asked why he had started dating them in the first place if he was still hung up on his ex-girlfriend. But it was impossible for Asahi to answer them. He liked them, he really did, but even so, their relationship had never quite been able to mend all the shards of the broken heart his ex had left him with.

Of course, Ennoshita didn’t want to hurt his partner’s feelings, but he also knew it would hurt them even more if they eventually found out the reason for his hesitant behavior towards them by other means. So he bowed down deeply, and in a serious voice told them: “It was never my intention to hurt you. I should have told you sooner and I’m sorry I didn’t. I’m still in love with my ex-girlfriend.” His partner’s eyes filled with tears, and a sad little smile appeared on their face as they touched his shoulder and motioned him to stand up again. They didn’t quite meet his eyes as they croaked out: “I know. I’ve known it all along, I had just hoped my love would be enough to make you forget.

Tanaka probably would have ignored this lingering feeling, more or less confident time would take care of his troubles. It was his sister who convinced him to tackle it head-on. She had walked in on him when he found himself, once again, flipping through his ex-girlfriend’s old messages, with his teeth clenched and holding his cellphone in such a tight grip his knuckles turned white. In an uncharacteristically stern voice she had told him he needed to have a talk with his current partner about his true feelings. As they now looked at him with a questioning gaze, wondering just what could have happened to boisterous Tanaka that he almost seemed at a loss for word, they reached out their hand and lightly grazed his hand, jolting him out of his stupor. A pained expression appeared on his face when he finally came out with it: “I never meant for something like this to happen, but I don’t want to keep this from you. I might still be more in love with my ex than I want to admit.” His partner pulled back their hand, their eyes turning blank. So that was it. That’s why they had always felt like something wasn’t quite right. Slowly, they nodded their head and finally said: “You can let me know when you have sorted things out. But don’t expect me to wait for you forever.”

Nishinoya clung to their hands for dear life. He knew he had to tell them, but for once in his life, he was scared. Completely and utterly scared. He didn’t want to lose them, he wouldn’t be dating them if he didn’t like them after all, but at the same time it was impossible to keep going on like this. So, he took a deep breath and finally said the words he had been dreading to utter: “I like you, _____, but I still like my ex as well. But, we can still make this work somehow, right? Right?” His partner wrestled out of his grip and when he, with trembling lips, reached out to take their hands in his once more, a hard expression appeared on their face. They slapped away his fingers harshly, and as they spoke up, there were many emotions layering their voice, yet, the only thing he could hear clearly was fury. “Don’t touch me. Go away. Just go away and never talk to me again.”

As soon as Hinata realized why he was feeling somewhat tense whenever he was with his partner, he knew he had to tell them. He wasn’t one to keep something as important as this from them and if it was the other way around, he would have expected the same sincerity from them. Of course, he felt terrible. After all, he would never have started going out with them if he had noticed early enough just what exactly this uneasiness that kept a firm grip on his heart was. Therefore, with tears pooling in his eyes, he admitted: “I don’t really know how to put this, but… I-I still have feelings for my ex.” His partner took a step back and stared at him wide-eyed. This was a joke, right? A bad joke… No. The tears threatening to spill over were real, just like the tremble in his voice and the look of regret in his eyes. They could feel a lump forming in their throat just as Hinata suddenly was nothing more than a blurry silhouette in front of their eyes.

It wasn’t unusual for Kageyama to be lost in thought, but even he had to admit that lately, he had been out of it a bit too much. And the worst thing about it was, that he knew exactly why. His thoughts always revolved around the same thing: the break-up with his ex-girlfriend. It had been a while ago, yet he found himself replaying the scene in his head over and over again, even when he wasn’t alone. No. Particularly when he wasn’t alone. Whenever his new partner was with him, he couldn’t help but ask himself why he was doing this to himself and to them, when he knew very well he wasn’t over his last relationship. So when they had asked him why he always shut them out, why he always made them feel as though he was out of their reach, why he treated them as a friend rather than his lover, it just broke out of him: “I-It’s not that I don’t care about you, but I still, I-I still like my ex.” A sad smile crept on their face as they shook their head, vainly trying to fight back their tears. In a voice heavy with emotion they said: “I guess I should have known it was too soon for you.”

Yamaguchi still couldn’t quite believe this was really happening, much less that this was happening to him. But as he looked in their eyes, which were gazing at him anxiously, waiting for an explanation to their question as to why he had been so absent-minded and gloomy lately, he knew he had to be honest with them. He owed them that much, because even if his heart was still beating for another person, this was the one he was in a relationship with. With a face as white as a sheet, he finally opened his mouth and stuttered: “I-I feel terrible, but there is something I have to tell you. I’m… I’m still in love with my ex-girlfriend. I’m sorry. I am so, so sorry.” When the first tears rolled down their cheeks, he clenched his hands in his lap, completely at a loss of what to do. His whole body was shaking and he could feel tears springing to his own eyes as they covered their face with their hands and started sobbing uncontrollably.

As Tsukishima looked at their big, questioning eyes, he could feel something else well up inside him. Regret? Or was it pity? Maybe that was it, because he knew soon the only emotion visible in them would be hurt. Now that this moment had come, he wondered why he had thought it would be a good idea to accept their confession so soon after he and his ex had broken up. Maybe there had been this sliver of hope inside him that being with them would help him get over the feeling of emptiness she had left in his heart. After all, he never would have started dating them if he hadn’t liked them. His plain was a failure though, and he knew he had to sort things out. Now. With his hands hidden in his pockets, he tried to make this as quick and straight-forward as possible. He wanted to get it over with. “I still like my ex.” Their reaction was exactly how he had thought it would be. Their lips started trembling and their eyes filled with tears, which didn’t take long to spill over. “Does that mean you’re breaking up with me?” Their voice was barely above a whisper and Tsukishima had to turn away, unable to look them in the eye, as he curtly nodded his head.

Oikawa knew there was no use in beating around the bush. It was only fair to let them know how he really felt, even if it meant hurting them. He would have expected the same honesty from them, after all. He ran his fingers through his hair, and tried his best to ignore the sinking feeling, as he caught their eyes, which were watching him intently. “I dread saying these words, but I have to. This isn’t working, _____. I still care about my ex. Too much.” He had expected them to do anything – start crying, slap his face, even beg him to try and make this work nevertheless – but they reacted completely different. Their whole expression suddenly turned hard, almost cruel, and in a voice as cold as ice, they said: “Why should I have expected anything else from someone like you?” The words resounded in his head, paining him far more than any slap in the face could have. They straightened their back and flashed him one last look, disgust and disappointment palpable on their features, before leaving the room. Only when their steps was but a faint sound at the end of the hall, did he hear a sob escaping their lips.

Before he finally had to admit to himself it didn’t, Iwaizumi had believed he really could make this relationship work. He liked them and the time spent with them was something he treasured deeply, but there had always been this nagging feeling inside of him when they were together, that feeling that something was missing. And now he fully realized what it was. It wasn’t something, but someone. Although he had tried his hardest to push those feelings away, they always came back to wash over him like a relentless, all-consuming tidal wave. And now he had reached the point, where he just couldn’t ignore it any longer. “I wish I could say it in a less hurtful way, but it’s impossible. I can’t be with you, because I still love my ex.” Their eyes widened slightly before they turned their head away and got up. Their posture was rigid, and their lower lip trembled suspiciously. Yet, they didn’t say a single word as they brushed by him to leave the room.

Kuroo hated the fact that lately, every time he kissed his partner, all he could see was the face of his ex-girlfriend in front of him. This wasn’t right, and he couldn’t make it right, because he found it impossible to fight off the feelings that still clung desperately to his heart. When he looked into his partner’s face, there was no grin tugging at the corners of his mouth, and every hint of the usual mischievous glint in his eyes was gone. Their breath caught in their throat, because they immediately knew something was up. Something bad. And their suspicion was proven right but a moment later. “I hate to tell you this, but I still have feelings for my ex. I don’t think we can go on like this. _____.” As soon as the words left his mouth, he could see their expression darken. They furrowed their brow, their lips set into a tight line and their eyes glazed over with such an icy look, Kuroo almost shuddered visibly. A bitter laugh rolled from their lips, before they practically spat at him “I hope you enjoyed your time with me, you little piece of trash.” As they walked by him, they gave him a forceful shove and stalked out of the room, not once looking back.

~ Bekki


This will be a quick post….I think( I mean I hope…I pray.  I have trouble with that).

So, I was exploring the lay of the bleach land, more specifically the Kuchiki Rukia tag and I stumbled on a post or six of bleach fans falsely tricking themselves into believing their own artificially crafted ‘wisdom’ and getting too big for their britches.

Among the vulgar things I read. Ya know from insulting her looks (oh so creatively), to erasing her need in the story(”B-but Kubo could have picked anybody else!” OMG OF COURSE! But then why didn’t he dumbass? That’s all that needs to be said to turn that argument to dust), to mocking her past and putting it up in comparison to other characters(because sizing up pain is so easy and Rukia barely suffered through any right?), etc, etc.

^I’ll get to all the points listed above in later posts,but today I want to talk about what stood out the most.

This happened namely for arguments in defense of their ship (a common thing from all ships in the fandom).

But honestly, if your gonna bash Rukia to hell to keep her away from Ichigo and then shove her with Renji and preach “QUEEN!”…spare me. You’re transparent.  Ichigo and Rukia are partners, they were created to complement each other so I should assume Rukia has that locked down in power as well.

 “Rukia’s power is literally chucking ice!” or “What’s so impressive about shooting columns of frozen water?” or “Her powers are pretty much useless but FTW QUEEN OF BLEACH! Hypocrites.”

Firstly, you’re stupid.

Secondly, I must also be stupid for taking the time to make this post, but you know I think I can make myself look a little better than you can. Rukia is my precious QUEEN OF BLEACH FTW!!

Remember Shreiker? This S.O.B.

He had a bounty of 5000 on him (Ch.12 or 13 I believe if you wish to cross check facts). He was worth something. He was a threat to the shinigami, no mere anything gets put in a bounty book w/o significant threat.

I bring him up because remember when Rukia fought him off literally by just kicking and punching bare-knuckle brawler style type shit.

Forming silly plans of attack with Sado (that worked to some degree and let me move on before I rant about how strongly I feel for them as a brotp).

Shooting off kido (weak at that time as it may be I firmly believe she shouldn’t have been able to use it at all given :

  • SHE WAS IN A GIGAI (remember the MAJOR restriction of it folks),
  • Her body was cramping up,
  • Her muscle coordination and strength were stiffening
  • Her power was being sucked to zero.
  • Shreiker attacked with will to kill (”You smell so good shinigami.. you’ve got a very tasty scent…let me eat..that soul of yours!”)
  • She’s with human limitations at this point and Shreiker says what?

Oh But He DIDN’T KNOW SHE WAS A SHINIGAMI AT THAT POINT! To that I say: “Shed your human shell.” Rukia is at the limitations of a human, not a naturally super human like Sado(immense strength w or w/o powers).

  • Also peep her subtle flexibility, endurance, and stamina throughout the fight please.
  • And her ability to take damage without so much as an extra gasp,pretty please.
  • And the fact she starts beating him up, running, stalling, and outsmarting relatively effectively (btw she’s also NOT USED TO BEING IN A GIGAI! SHE’S DAMN SURE NEVER FOUGHT IN ONE!)

All proven by rereading this fight that starts Ch.8 and ends about Ch.13. Via inner monologue, visiting Urahara, Ichigo, etc.

Next few are easier to analyze.

  • Well versed in Kido
  • Has good ability to heal even in gigai
  • Just about a one-shot kill of D-Roy Linker
  • Froze Grimmjow’s ass for a nice amount of time
  • Remember Rudbornn Chelute? That police hollow that had ‘roots’ and could create never ending warriors (exequias) from them? The one blocking Ichigo from Ulquiorra until Rukia showed up? Yeah. Rukia outsmarted and beat him (Sado and Renji failed to do that), with a killer look and a “you should have never displayed that power in my presence.”
  • Defeated  Aaroniero Arruruiere,while being an unseated officer, while going through IMMENSE physical and mental trauma, guilt, and her opponent knowing of her and her powers before the fight because he ATE her beloved mentor + focusing on Orihime (and company).
  • Recovered from those injuries and w/o a second thought to herself or the trauma beat into her continued on to fight Yammy and Rudbornn.
  • As Nodt. Previously annihilated Kuchiki Byakuya and many many many other shinigami. Folks, the Fear was terrified. I don’t think this bitchin’, amazing, layered fight of development of self and power needs more than that.

Even so, let’s talk about this fight a little. But, the reason I even thought of this was because of gunnerpalace who has a much better analysis (read not just this one but all of the posts. please do yourself the favor. Also am I allowed to just link the post like this? PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU WANT ME TO TAKE IT DOWN).

Ok so Rukia reaching absolute 0 is…incomprehensible. It’s impossible.

For perspective, reaching absolute 0 is the equivalent to reaching the speed of light. It’s not a normal thing ,it’s not an easy thing, it’s not a casual power, it’s not simple ice, it’s not possible to anyone else, and perhaps only a small population can ASSUME how it works.

Absolute 0 is a concept that has no way of being reached or tested. Yet, Rukia reached it. Rukia understood her power and how to use it with it’s deeply complex, likely physics roots, and with no grand sources of knowledge to go by, Rukia figured it out and rode that path all the way down to mastering it. She put it  into action against a terribly powerful opponent and won… before Bankai.

We know such a little fragment of Rukia’s bankai, but with what’s been presented she’s scary. As in I doubt Kisuke or Mayuri or Aizen could know what to make of her in the 4 seconds they have to act. What about her Bankai? Rukia destroys everything she wants to in her vast space. Ice doesn’t tend to do that. Ice covers and preserves, Rukia’s ice has always shattered her opponents and now it seems to disintegrate them.  As Nodt just kind of …. turned to dust. Something like the effects of an atomic bomb.

Hitsugayas for sake of comparison, has to cover the opponent and take conscious effort (i.e. another sword slash) to break and sever the opponent. That or he impales them (naming the ABSOLUTE basic basics of his powers). In theory since he is shown to manipulate water as well, he could essentially run the water through the opponent before freezing it.

  • Rukia was a lieutenant and is now a captain. Not much more to say.
  • Rukia is skilled with her (superlative)zanpaktou/ sword-to-sword/hand-to-hand combat. As a captain must be.
  • I assume strong willed, exceptionally smart, excels in adaptation, will power, sensory/perception skills of the highest caliber (see finding Ichigo while having no relation or connection or clue about the vizards, comforting Orihime, understanding why Sado was upset when Ichigo essentially told him to get lost in the D-Roy fight, seeing through Aaroniero, understanding Ichigo in general really,etc.),  et cetera is common knowledge yes?

Don’t doubt Kuchiki Rukia, kids. This is at the top of my head. Deep, deep analysis of her will ruin this fandom.

Diabolik Lovers Subaru Maniac 8

C H R I S T M A S  T R A N S L A T I O N S



Subaru Maniac 8. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! So I’ve been seeing a lot of “follow forever” things and since I’m so antisocial and no one likes me, I couldn’t make one of those. o3o So I decided to translate a scene for all the brothers (and nearly killed myself doing so. nothing like spending Christmas Eve with a bunch of vampires translating their lines) So that’s my Christmas present to you. Hope you enjoy them. And thanks very much for following my translations. (no matter how bad they get)

And for your Christmas gift for me…go eat lots and get fat so I won’t feel bad. c:

now, about the scene: when you enjoy the monologue the most, you know there’s something wrong with the scene. All my information is second hand, so this scene was like D8 I’m really really sorry if I made a fool of myself and the translations are terrible. Please tell me so I fix it! Because I really had no idea for some parts. :x

Happy Holidays~ 

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