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Legends of Tomorrow | 2.13

Do I wanna know what these are?

my ass earlier ( this year) about ten minutes ago ,: tvd!? That shit! I’m absolutely done, like reaaally done with that show. I stil and will always love my girl bonnie and my baby stefan ,and yall know bonkai own my ass, But  l can’t stand julie poor writting skills so nah bro I’m good.

my ass, when l read chris’ interview:


Flint (barely) standing upright with Jack in the room and then slumping down with exhaustion once he’s gone 😭😭


GUARDIANS OF THE WHILLS Chapter 12 vs. Chapter 13

Me, before watching this weeks epi of LoT: This is super messed up that I am lowkey shipping Rip with the fucking AI of the ship. I guess this is my new low.

LoT: *gives Gideon a body for an episode and Rip kisses her after an emotional parting while also it being canon that both Gideon and Rip remember said kiss and liked it*

Me, after watching LoT: Throw me in the dumpster because I am hiGHKEY SHIPPING RIP AND GIDEON.


Speed paint for the night. I decided to jump start the color pallet with green, which is a color I don’t usually use as a motif. I usually work pallets around blue, purple, or red.

I haven’t drawn Shera in her lab coat in a loooonnggg while. As a last thought, I bet they work pretty well together. Very hands on folks…

Daily Reminder that Joseph Christiansen
  • Wanted to be a ship captain when he was just a baby
  • He likes beating his kids at Candy Land (ajdsjkshd he legit takes time out of his day to sit down with his kids and play board games together)
  • He carries around a bible (prob those like small ones)
  • He spends a lot of time wanting to be a better man (husband/father)

Some of my favourite moments from Call Me by Your Name (the novel) Part 2

1. Flirting over Bach. While Elio plays Bach on the guitar, Oliver has a “cutting” and “cruel” look on his face. Wounded, Elio stops playing. Oliver begs him to continue, but Elio teases him by switching to piano and changing the piece, refusing to play it as he played it before until he finally acquiesces:

“I knew exactly what phrase in the piece must have stirred him the first time, and each time I played it, I was sending it to him as a little gift, because it was really dedicated to him, as a token of something very beautiful in me that would take no genius to figure out and that urged me to throw in an extended cadenza. Just for him.”

We talk a lot about Elio’s thirst but he is a true romantic!

2. While Oliver was dating Chiara he and group of friends decide to go for a bike ride. They are one bike short so Oliver asks Elio if Mario can borrow his:

“I shrugged my shoulders, meaning, Go ahead, I couldn’t care less. But no sooner had they left than I scrambled upstairs and began sobbing into my pillow.”


3. Basically all of Monet’s Berm, but especially when Elio puts his hand on Oliver’s crotch and Oliver removes it in a gesture that’s described as “quite glacial”.

I see you Oliver ;)

4. Vimini:

“He likes you too—more than you do, I think.”

Captain of our ship!

5. When Elio takes Oliver to the bookshop and thinks:

“This is where I dreamed of you before you came into my life.”

My romantic son.

6. Vulnerable Oliver. As much as I love Elio’s teen angst, Oliver’s longing has a quiet pain that is very moving. The first night they sleep together he is “fussing awkwardly”:

“ ‘I’m so glad you came,’ he said. ‘I could hear you moving in your room and for a while I thought you were getting ready to go to bed and had changed your mind.’ ”

And later when he asks, “Can I kiss you?”

7. Oliver taking off Elio’s clothes:

“He was whispering, ‘Off, and off, and off, and off,’ which made me laugh…”

Cute, and cute, and cute, and cute.

8. Elio seeing Oliver wearing his bathing suit and calling it an “unbearable turn-on” which somehow leads him to the memory of Oliver coming on his chest… Have I mentioned that I love this book?

9. The entire peach scene might be the most human thing I have ever read, but especially Elio’s reaction while Oliver is actually eating the peach: 

“I was crying because no stranger has ever been so kind or gone so far for me…”

10. In Rome when Elio begins to contemplate life without Oliver:

“Would I be able to live without his hand on my tummy or around my hips? Without kissing and licking a wound on his hip that would take weeks to heal, but away from me now? Whom else would I ever be able to call by my name?”

I’m in agony.

11. Elio’s dad ripping out what’s left of my heart and handing it back to me:

“I never had what you had. Something always held me back or stood in the way. How you live your life is your business. But remember our hearts and bodies are given to us only once… I don’t envy the pain. But I envy you the pain.”

12. Oliver’s Christmas visit:

“I’d love nothing better than to take your clothes off and at the very least hold you. But I can’t.”

*flips table*

13. And when they meet again years later:

“…he was more me than I had ever been myself, because when he became me and I became him in bed so many years ago, he was and would forever remain, long after every forked road in life had done its work, my brother, my friend, my father, my son, my husband, my lover, myself.”

Congratulations, you broke me.

I said this before but I say it again: I get why Matt was on such a mission regarding Malec at SDCC2017. Boy…..

Okay, I was thinking about the finale (as if it hasn’t been the sole thing on my mind for the past 18 hours, let’s be honest) and I just realized something… 

Alex had the smallest, tiniest smile on his lips. That can only mean one thing: When he died, he saw Norma.

our posts about jim kirk are really funny but! at the same time idk i feel like the Softness and Mess of him gets to this weird exaggerated point where yall make it seem like he needs a literal baby sitter and its like! yall! hes a star ship captain like i get that a lot of them rely on exaggeration for comedy and like, ive been guilty of this too but its still like hes a goddamn genius and he loves and takes his job very seriously so sometimes i see posts and its just like,,, hes not literally five, even if he does like to have fun, he knows how to take care of himself, hes been through a lot, and frankly the most valid hes not taking care of himself thing comes from his sense of duty to the job before even the health of himself so idk yall. idk. im not saying stop making funny posts about silly jim kirk bc i live for them and i do think hes silly and occasionally a Mess, but at the same time theres this very prevalent joke of “jim kirk has 1000 bad ideas” when hes the youngest starfleet captain for a Reason

Sleeping Arrangements (2/4)

I’m a meanie butt, but after 12,00 words I had to conceded and admit that the last part needed its own chapter. My conciliation: I actually swear it will be up as fast as possible after the 30th. (I do have to write my CSBB)

Read Part One Here

When Killian Jones is six, he’s sharing a bed with the increasingly wide berth of his mother and all too happy to share it. He’s gathered they’re poor (vicious kids on the street, kicks from discerning shop owners, the way Liam sometimes knicks bread for them to eat) but his mother always smells of lavender and hums him to sleep. Her hands are still soft and everything about her touch speaks of love: the way she cards her fingers through his hair when he’s had a nightmare, the way she lets him clutch at his fingers when they’re at the market, even the way he used to snuggle into her neck before her body became unwieldy with the carriage of his sister.

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Ok but think about Ahsoka picking up a snake on a certain planet, knowing that it was harmless and she shows it to Cody like, ‘Look at this lil cutie!’ and Cody just, ‘That is very fascinating, Commander Tano.’ and smirks under his helmet because Ahsoka is a cute lil scamp and the snake is pretty cute too just chillin on her arm like :3 

Then Rex comes up behind Ahsoka, preoccupied with something, Ahsoka turns around and it basically goes like this:

“Commander, General SkywalkaaaAAAAAAHHH WHAT IS THAT??!?!” 

and Ahsoka absolutely doesn’t get why Rex is so freaked and Cody is very thankful that their helmets are soundproof with the comms turned off because hes just laughing as he watches Rex beat a hasty retreat and Ahsoka chase him like, ‘Rex, come back , you hurt its feelings!’

Tell Me Why - Bodhi Rook

Anonymous said:

can i have a star wars request ? where the reader is part of the empire (she is badass and has a bad character) During one of her missions she is captured by the rogue one, And bodhi remembers her because he used to have a crush on her ? Thank XX ❤️

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Took my own kinda spin to this….

You woke up with a jolt. The feeling of cold metal against your arms sent shivers down your spine. Your wrists, you found out, were shackled with chains that were attached to the walls. You pulled, willing your strength to break the melding. You pulled with no result.

“It won’t work,” you spun your head away from the chain with a hiss. Your eyes met with the brown eyes of a Rebellion commander. You snarled to yourself and turned your attention back to the contraption holding you back. Your physical training, a requirement in the Empire’s ranks, yielded no reward. You let out a small huff, but didn’t give up.

“We caught you infiltrating the base,” the commander started, “we assume to gather information. But why would the Empire send their greatest, strategic asset?” The man started to pace along the cell bars, safe from your rage. The way he described you, in regards to the Empire, made your blood run cold. The Rebellion had intel on you, your work, and most likely your past.

“You don’t know anything, space trash,” you hissed through gritted teeth. The commander huffed and shook his head. Your eyes followed him as he walked; he paced like a Captain in his ship. Perhaps you were being interrogated by a Fulcrum Spy.

“You’re Y/N L/N, an Imperial General who is specialized in strategy and,” he paused, “torture of war criminals.” You swallowed hard at his words. “Now,” he stopped walking, “tell me why you went all this way?” You stared into his eyes, seeing a coldness that mirrored your own.

“You’d make a violent Imperial,” you said, still holding eye contact. The man’s face fell in that moment and you knew you hit a nerve. “Your kills don’t haunt you anymore do they?” You continued to taunt him, knowing what to push and pull. The captain stood up and stepped away from the bars of the cell. You felt a sly smile rest on your features as he stormed out.

“She read me,” Cassian spat when the containment door shut behind him. “Read me like a holocron.” Mon Mothma stayed through the window at the prisoner. She watched as the Imperial pulled mercilessly at the chains holding her back. Cassian stood beside the Senator, waiting for an order. Mon let out a small sigh.

“Shall we send in a droid,” Cassian suggested. Mon turned to glance at him, a spark in her eyes. He had obviously crossed a line.

“We are not the Empire, Captain Andor.” Cassian nodded at her correction, feeling that maybe the prisoner was right about him; but before he could follow that thought any further, the hallway door flew open. Cassian turned around to see Bodhi, his hair wild and cheek flushed from running. The winded pilot was followed by Jyn, who also looked flushed.

“I tired to stop him,” Jyn started but Cassian was distracted by Bodhi. The pilot pressed himself close to the glass window. His large brown eyes watched the girl in the cell. Mon Mothma stepped towards him, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“What is it, Mr. Rook?” Bodhi continued to study the girl before turning to Mon. He held her gaze with a confidence he was unaware he possessed.

“I know her,” he said, “let me talk to her.” Cassian’s eyes widened and he stepped forward. Mon stared intently into Bodhi’s stare, thinking about his request.

“Bodhi, she’s dangerous. She even got to me and that’s-” Bodhi shot Cassian a hard look. The captain stiffened as he gazed at the pilot.

“How do you know her?” Mon asked, trying to defuse the situation. Bodhi turned away from Cassian and back to the girl in the cell. Bodhi watched as Y/N, yes he knew her name, yanked on the chains holding her back. He could remember her, yelling at other Imperial. Never once did she yell at him. The fond looks that would go between them in the halls.

“When I worked in the Empire,” Bodhi looked back at Mon and Cassian, “I knew her there.” Mothma nodded and looked back at Y/N, so did Bodhi. Memories of Bodhi’s time in the Empire were full of her; her eyes and sometimes, if he was lucky, her smile.

“Are you ready to go in now?” Mon turned back to glance at Bodhi, who nodded swiftly. “Captain Andor will brief you and what to ask.” Bodhi walked over to the door and Cassian followed. Before he could open the door, Cassian stopped him.

“Don’t push it, okay? If she starts to chip away at you, get out of there.” Bodhi nodded softly, “Ask her about why she came here and any plans the Empire may have.” Bodhi moved closer to the door, but Cassian stopped him once more.

“She won’t do anything,” Bodhi said softly, “not to me.” Cassian gave him a quizzical look. Bodhi swallowed hard, waiting for the remark he sensed was coming.

“How do you know?” Bodhi opened his mouth, ready to speak; but no words came out. Cassian watched as Bodhi pushed open the door and into the jail.

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