he's like that face with that everything

cuddling with sodapop

• this boy is the king of cuddling, he wants to do it 25/8
• like for real, he could be driving or something and he’d wanna cuddle
• his favorite position to cuddle is face to face, or with his face buried into your neck
• most likely, some cuddle sessions would turn into heated make out sessions, and that would turn into heated sex tbh
• cause soda definitely, definitely has a high sex drive about 80% of the time
• anyway, back to cuddling
• he would love to have you over at his place, cuddling in his bed while talking about anything and everything
• most of the time, you would both end up falling asleep in each other’s arms
• until darry got home and woke the two of you up
• he loved having his hair played with and he loved it even more when he could play with yours
• let’s be honest, he’d probably feel you up when y'all were cuddling
• obviously not in a creepy way, but he’d squeeze your ass and boobs a lot
• he’d just love to hear ya squeal
• he’s a super soft and comfortable guy, so like you could literally lay on him because of that
• other times though he’d lay on top of you
• and say some stupid shit like, “you looked cold”
• even when the two of you weren’t cuddling, he would always, always wanna be touching you in some way
• arm around the shoulders/waist, hand holding, you name it and he would probably do it to keep you close to him
• because you’re so warm and small to him so he always wants you super close
• not that you minded though cause you loved it just as much as he did, if not more
• at first the guys would be like, “ew do that in your own time guys”
• but after awhile they’d start to become okay with it, probably even make jokes sometimes (especially dally)
• most of the time, darry would let you stay the night and at first he’d be iffy about you and soda sleeping in the same bed, but after a couple weeks, he wouldn’t care
• but one night he walks in on you and soda fucking and he makes a rule that you can’t sleep in the same bed for a week
• if soda was ever “mad” at you, he’d go and try to cuddle with steve
• which led you to go to cuddle two-bit, but of course, soda would grab you and pull you down on top of him before you could
• cause you were his cuddle buddy, not someone else’s
• he’d probably give you one of his old shirts for you to wear, specifically for cuddling
• on those nights where he was really tired, he’d just wanna lay his head on your chest while he wrapped his arms around you and you played with his hair
• if you two were around two-bit cuddling and he was drunk, you bet your ass he would lay on top of you guys
• anyway, cuddling with sodapop would happen like 25/8 and he’d always make you and him late to everything cause he’s stubborn and wouldn’t wanna get up or let go of you

Love and Space (Lovin’ Space)

Alec closes the door and turns to face the empty loft. It’s dark, all of the lights out, and from where he’s standing, he can make out the silhouette of the couch, of the lamp on the end table, the bookshelves against the wall. Even in the dark it looks well-organized and comfortable, with fluffy armchairs and stacks of books and a sense of eclectivity, a grandfather clock against one wall and a glass coffee table in front of it. It all seems so incredibly Magnus, everything about it, and yet it seems so familiar, like he’s been here a hundred times before. Because he has, or nearly as many, and he feels more comfortable here than he ever has anywhere else. He will say though that the appeal has always been Magnus himself. There is nothing in the world like coming here after a long day, tired and sore, and seeing Magnus on the sofa, reading a book in a language he doesn’t even recognize, or Magnus walking over to greet him with a kiss, or Magnus pushing him up against the wall the moment he closes the door. They’re all wonderful options, really, and it’s what Alec spends his days looking forward to, what he’s been waiting for all day, and he’s so tired. It was training in the morning, and then there was a sudden attack up in northern Manhattan, and then he was on patrol, and then he filled out paperwork until his eyes stung, and he’s been thinking about Magnus all day, and he just wants to curl up with him in bed and drift off to sleep.

But Magnus isn’t in the loft, isn’t in the living room, at least, and it’s perfectly silent. It’s early for him to be asleep, and Alec knows he didn’t have anything scheduled tonight, and he didn’t call or text to say that that had changed. So Alec figures he’s home, and he takes off his boots and coat and leaves them by the door. He walks a little farther into the loft, past the orange armchair that popped up last week, and the rug feels soft and warm under his bare feet. He’s about to turn and go down the hall, thinking maybe Magnus is in his office, when he catches something out of the corner of his eye. Out on the balcony, behind the closed glass doors, there’s a dark shape outlined against the light of the city.

Magnus is standing off to one side, invisible to where Alec was standing before, leaning against the rail, back to the loft. He’s very still, and he looks very pensive, like he might not want to be disturbed. But Alec thinks he should at least say hello, and then he’ll leave if Magnus wants him to. He’d understand.

So he pads across the carpet, narrowly dodging the corner of the low glass coffee table, and pulls open the balcony door. Magnus doesn’t turn around, and Alec shuts the door as quietly as he can.

“Hey, Magnus.”

The city is bright, the light of a thousand stars caught and shining up at them, twinkling and dancing through the dark. Together, they shine like a meteor, hot and flashing and full of reckless life, blacking out the sky. And still the moon hangs above them, eerily white and incandescent, absolute and so small in comparison, but it’s there, and it’s bright, and it’s the only thing in the inky sky.

The light creates sharp lines around Magnus, and Alec can see the tips of his hair spiked up and the outline of his upper body, but everything else is black.

Alec steps forward, walks across the balcony to stand next to Magnus against the railing, his eyes adjusting to the darkness, and Magnus turns toward him with a small, tired smile.

“Hello, Alec.” His voice is low and quiet and soft, his eyes gentle and dark.

It’s terribly sad to see someone you’ve always known as big and bright and confident be reduced to fit within the parameters of the human being. It’s tragic, really, and there is nothing more in the world Alec wants than to right this, than to give everything back to Magnus that the world has taken from him. And this is where he starts.

“Are you okay?”

Magnus smiles a little wider, though it looks pained, and he turns his body to face Alec, taking the last few steps that separate them, throwing his arms around Alec’s neck.

“I missed you.”

Alec winds his arms around Magnus and holds him against his chest, hands curled into the fabric of his shirt, and he nestles his head against Magnus’ shoulder, breathing him in. Magnus melts into him like it’s a great weight from his shoulders to feel Alec’s breath against his skin, to feel him breathe in and out, to press his hands against Alec’s back and to stand there, in the busy, bright night, breathing in the open air, holding Alec to him and feeling Alec’s heartbeat against his chest.

Against his ear, Alec whispers, “I missed you, too,” and he has. He’s missed Magnus all day, from the moment Magnus left for his first meeting, and he’s been thinking about this, about what it’s like to feel Magnus’s breath against his cheek and his heartbeat against his chest. But it’s not the same, it’s nothing in comparison to actually being here, to holding Magnus in his arms, and feeling the warmth of Magnus’ skin.

Together, they make a one very small black dot on the dark balcony of a dark loft in New York, the city bright and loud and unaware of their existence, indifferent. It goes on shining, twinkling, and they don’t take any notice. They just cling to each other a little bit tighter, eyes closed, reveling in the feeling of being this close, in the feeling of having this, of having this beautiful, wonderful thing to come home to every night.

And then Magnus pulls back just enough to rest his forehead against Alec’s, and he’s still smiling so brightly with that profound sadness that makes him looks unbearably tired.


Magnus doesn’t say anything for a moment, and then he whispers, voice soft and reverent, “I love you, Alec.”

“I love you, too.”

Magnus closes his eyes, forehead against Alec’s, breathing him in, soaking in the feeling of being this close, of standing on the balcony over a city that outshines the stars. Alec runs his hand over Magnus’ back and watches the light catch on Magnus’s cheek, fold into the little dips beneath his eyes and sparkle in the glitter on his eyelids. He’s beautiful, like some kind of god, and he opens his eyes and looks at Alec like he’s the only thing worth looking at, but he doesn’t say anything. He just stands there, looking at Alec like that, and Alec looks back at him with the same wide-eyed wonder and adoration, and he doesn’t push, he just stands there and waits for Magnus to tell him everything he needs to say.

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heyo what happened with cj? i've got him blocked on every media in existence so i'm a little out of the loop. if possible could you get a screenshot of his new endeavor of dickery?

Okay, so you should know about Daniel, how they shat on him RIGHT AFTER he killed himself. And then, how they drew porn right after Mark followed them.

Now, they are going on about how Mark’s selfish because of the charity. But let’s face it. They are mad cause they made him uncomfortable by openly displaying the porn directly at his face and not 1) not doing it or 2 ) keeping it out of his fucking eyes like every other lewd artist out there.

Basically being a whiny little shit because their fantasy didn’t turn out right and now blames Mark for everything, calling him a shitty person because he was disgusted by their behavior.

So yeah. :D I don’t have screenshots, but there is stuff in their tag, so check it out. :P

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I can imagine Noctis staying up or waking up early up to just watch Prompto while he sleeps and desperately tries to memorize every little freckle on his face just in case. These days Noct's memories can't always be trusted and he's so afraid of giving into all the pain and darkness but he thinks maybe just maybe if he can keep hold of simple things like the way Prompto's freckles look in the early morning light or how his lips curl when he smiles, then everything will be okay.

this is so soft and pure
poor Noctis
I wish he could be happy

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How would the UF! Skeleton brothers, UF!Grillby, and UF!Mettaton react with an s/o with a green soul? (Kindness)


  • You’re gonna get eaten alive out there kid
  • He’s annoyed, or at least he always acts like that to your face.
  • Honestly, he’s so scared. So so scared oh my god.
  • Why are you down here? You’re too good for this place. 
  • Why were you with him??
  • Cue insecurity. 
  • Just reassure him that you’ll be careful, stay close to him. Don’t forget to remind him that you love him. Everything’s going to be ok.
  • He starts to feel that maybe it will.


  • He tries to toughen you up. He insists you have to be more rough and tumble down here. That you have to be mean.
  • And the first time you brush him off or disagree he scoffs.
  • He’s very protective of you but not as much as Sans. He lets you go out and do what you need to.
  • But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t monitor every possible threat.
  • And if anyone ever tries to bad mouth you HOO BOI
  • No one is allowed to call you weak, or naive. He knows you aren’t. But he’s still worried you’ll get hurt.
  • He secretly admires your trait. He loves how gentle you are. How unwavering you are about giving everyone their due chance.
  • He wishes he could be like that.


  • He’s such a mean dude oh my god. He’s always irritated because everyone else is so bitchy and he can become very hostile.
  • But you? You were like a breath of fresh air.
  • He’s super suspicious when you first walk into the bar though (accompanied by Sans because he had nothing better to do and Papyrus kept prolonging your supposed trip to the capital)
  • You’re just so…soft.
  • He rolls his eyes at first at your demeanor and makes a few snide comments when you show up after a few days by yourself.
  • Empty, half-hearted threats are thrown your way on a few of these occasions.  But you just brush him off.
  • But you eventually chip away at his resolve.
  • Super jealous type (but quiet about it, he just stews) and super protective of you. No monster with ill intent is going to come within three feet of you.


  • Oh my gosh this asshole.
  • He’s a snarky arrogant butt.
  • So when you just sort of brush off his rude comments and smile he has to do a double take.
  • Monsters usually responded hostilely to things like that. And you were laughing.
  • Who were you anyway??
  • He got stuck one time what with all of his arms and the rusting….you gently helped him out of that situation and he just kind of…stared at you.
  • He’ll enjoy quiet nights with you. Just watching you as you busy yourself with something and smile up at him every once and awhile.
  • If anyone ever tries to give you shit he’s right behind you smiling wickedly at them and tossing a threat their way that sends them running with their tail between their legs.
  • He’s always touching you, lots of contact from four different arms. On your shoulder, holding your hand, running through your hair.
  • You’re very precious to him. You thought Sans was bad? He’s like five times worse.

A fair amount of frustration went into getting him right! BUT finally, I can relax. I’m finally happy with his face and everything. He’s pretty much as I envision. LT. Antoni Reynard Valencia, counterpart to Cmdr. Iskandar Shepard.

@oneiricjourney I thank for providing some insight to the fixes I needed.

2.01 is such a great episode for Dean… but he doesn’t remember any of it until far later (like, s4 later when he meets Tessa again).

Dean vs Death.

He stands face to face with it and says NOT TODAY.

And all the while, he’s lying in a hospital bed, dying, and he STILL takes the time to help Tessa (before he learns she’s the reaper after him in the first place). When he thinks she’s just another trapped human spirit like him, he talks to her, explains what’s happening.

That’s just who he is, and who he will always be. Like in 12.11, when almost everything is stripped away from him, this is his default. Helping people, saving them, trying to stop the Bad Evil Thing.

Dean: So you’re okay with dying?
Tessa: No, of course not. I just think, whatever’s gonna happen’s gonna happen. It’s out of my control, it’s fate.
Dean: Huh. Well, that’s crap. You always have a choice. You can either roll over and die or you can keep fighting, no matter what —

Dean vs Fate.

He is Humanity, and free will was included in the kit. His force of will is as much a universal constant as God and the Darkness. No wonder he was the thing they both pointed to as the exemplar of humanity.

Dean as a lie detector:

As soon as he’s restored to his body, he feels something’s wrong.

That sense only grows when John comes in an tries to make amends. Even SAM notices something’s off with him at this point… but Dean, he just knows before John even says anything.

John APOLOGIZES to him, and then gives Dean his last orders, which are pretty much the WORST orders ever…

(eta: grumpiness over the fact the TNT loop is skipping 2.02 for some unknown reason, which means I have to get up and put on the blu ray… plus taking a break because I’ve got something else I need to deal with first. back soonish)

Burn (Borderline Smut)

“Oh Christine, do you have any idea how much I burn for you?” Erik’s voice was breathy and deep, looking at his new wife with an intense gaze that was full of passion and lust. “Do you have any idea what the sight of you does to me? My mind, my body, everything.” The end of his sentence trailed off, and he caressed her face with a shaking hand. Fighting back a moan, he continued, “Every night, when I was all alone in the darkness with nothing except my music to keep me company…”

Christine closed her eyes, feeling like she was melting into his arms. He threw his head back, ignoring the pain as it hit the wall behind him. “I thought about you, and oh, I burned!” Wrapping his arms around her so tightly that she was sure it would leave a bruise, he almost collapsed onto the bed next to them. “You were always in my head – your smile when you saw my face, my horrible face!” Now it was Erik’s turn to close his eyes, reveling in the sensation of Christine hesitantly pressing kisses to his neck. “The – the sound of your voice was in my mind, taunting me, fueling the fire inside me.”

Christine shifted, leaning over him. Still without saying a word, she laid a light kiss on his lips. Erik let out a strangled sound that was something of a whimper and something of a grunt. She could feel his breath against her chin after she pulled away.

“Oh, Christine…”

@ghoststrawberries Hope you don’t mind my dude but that post was….getting stupid long. So here’s part…. whatever c:

Teruki doesn’t understand. He doesn’t understand why he stops or why that voice fills him with guilt. He doesn’t understand why his vision is getting blurry.
He touches his face and feels wet. He feels tears dripping down.
Teruki doesn’t understand until he remembers.

The yellow dies down to a paler tone. It’s gentle and calm now. It doesn’t hurt.
The blue grows. Slowly, carefully.
The orange flickers, warm and patterned. Like a heartbeat. It’s calming.

But he still hurts. Everything hurts.
‘Stop! Please stop!’
The whispering surrounds him. The oil slick in the air encompasses him. He feels like he’s drowning. He can’t breathe. He can feel now but he can’t breathe.
He doesn’t want to feel.
It hurts.
It’s too much.

Ritsu gasps. Air floods his lungs and he can breathe again.
Reigen pushes himself up to his knees.
Ritsu looks to Reigen. He’s right. He’s right! He knew it. He knows it! His brother is here! He swivels his head, frantic. He heard it too.

Teruki slowly turns towards them. He doesn’t see them. He doesn’t see them get up and search for the missing-
His friend.
His /friend/.
Teruki sees a fight. A battle between two espers. He sees a boy nearly die by his hands. He sees himself humiliated. He hears himself offer his help. Hears himself comfort a boy.
He hears the kind words of a friend. Of his friend.
Teruki slides off the boulder. He’s unsure what to say first. I’m sorry. What happened. Where is my friend. What comes out is a stutter, so unlike him but perfectly fitting who he has become.

Ritsu turns to him. He’s angry, hopeful and scared. He didn’t know the entirety of his brother’s past with Hanazawa. But he could guess. It didn’t matter right now.

Reigen walked around lost. Arms held out in front of him, expecting to bump into Mob. The voice had disappeared. In it’s place was quick and shallow breathing. The closer Reigen got to it the quieter it became.
'Mob!! Where are you?!’

Teruki doesn’t need an explanation. He starts yelling, trying to feel out an aura that he rememberes. He can’t believe he forgot.

'Kageyama! It’s- Let us help!’
'We’re over here, brother!’

They stopped to listen.
The breathing had stopped.

Tender moments
of skin-to-skin, holding
his hands because
It’s cold out
and he is a flame that
lights the path.

Time drags on slowly,
ticking seconds away
like hours on the
clock face.

Only we know how fast
The days seem to
pass, and stopping it
is the only goal.

We love like the ocean,
taking hold of everything that
graces our surface
and pulling it below the
blue waves.

We are a beautiful
waiting for the right
moment to
explode like the grenades
we have become.

fave beauty and the beast (2017) things

  • the prince’s fabulous make up
  • “if he could earn their love in return”
  • belle’s blue dress
  • “hmm… ‘je ne sais quoi’?” - “I don’t know what that means”
  • even the freaking ducks are singing
  • “it’s never gonna happen ladies”
  • gaston asking belle if she’s busy and belle saying “no”
  • otp gaston x mirrors
  • belle’s disgusted face when gaston gestures from his lower body to her when saying she should only be concerned with her own children
  • “no one can change… that much”
  • “madame gaston, his little wife, uGH
  • the whole scene with maurice in the castle
  • m a u r i c e
  • philippe, everyone’s hero
  • belle smashing lumière with a stool
  • “the east wing, or as I like to call it, the only wing
  • ‘G A S T O N’
  • gaston lifting both lefou and a lady onto his shoulders
  • “I’ve been told I’m clingy, but I really don’t get it”
  • “he’ll blame me!” - “yes I will make sure of it”
  • “maestro, play quietly please” - “oh quietly, sotto voce, of course. are there any other tasteless demands you wish to make upon my artistry”
  • be. our. guest. be our guest put our service to the test
  • maurice trying to remember the way to the castle
  • “you really wanna marry into this family?”
  • “gaston, stop it. breathe. think happy thoughts. go back to the war! blood… explosions… countless widows…”
  • the nose boop
  • luke evans’ acting in that scene… hilariously creepy
  • “romeo and juliette fucking sucks here’s my huge library full of much better things to read” basically
  • beast is making jokes now
  • beast knocking out belle with his huge ass snowball like chill man
  • beast walking around the castle grounds with philippe and talking to him
  • belle watching that from the window and looking beautiful as hell like wow I knew I was gay but that was a solid reminder
  • “no? too touristy?”
  • the way lefou says maurice’s name and smiles when seeing he’s alive
  • waiting heeere. fooor. eee.ver.mooooore
  • luke evans singing
  • “there’s a beast running wild there’s no question, but I fear the wrong monster’s released”
  • stanley rocking that dress and owning it that’s my boy
  • lefou teaming up with mrs potts
  • “I am. not. a beast.”
  • L E F O U 
  • “turn back into a clock, turn back into a clock”
  • human plumette is so beautiful I wanted to cry
  • “how would you feel about growing a beard”
  • rawr

the get down
☞  1.01 where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure 
↳ ‘large and in charge


“We must wait and watch. And when we find our spy, and we will find them, we shall turn them from an obstacle to an asset. Wouldn’t you agree, Agent Kallus?”


Level of fluffyness and scruffyness 200%


My favorite part about this kiss is how intense Dylan/Stiles’ face is. He’s kissing her like she’s his lifeline, the air he breathes. He’s so consumed in this moment, in this kiss, in Lydia. You can feel how much he loves her and how much this moment means to him. This is everything Stiles has spent the past 10 years building up to, and the intensity with which he kisses Lydia is like none I’ve ever seen. Lydia holds onto to Stiles, kissing him back just as forcefully, and we get this incredible moment that seems to stop time. I just can’t get over how much you can tell that this is quite possibly the most important day of Stiles’ life just by the expression he makes when kissing Lydia. It’s gentle and intense and heartbreaking all at the same time. You can feel the gentleness he possesses for Lydia, but it’s also this intense fire that burns hot enough to consume them both. It’s so amazing that these two completely opposite things can exist simultaneously in just one expression. Dylan never ceases to amaze me with how much he understands Stiles as a character and his unconditional love for Lydia.

i love season one dean with his too-big leather jacket and his ripped worn out jeans and his bracelets and ring and necklace and his freckles and long eyelashes and perfect jawline and cheeky grin

and his wide desperate eyes and his frustration because all he wants to have his family all in one place and sam and dad just can’t SEE that like he does and i love how he leans into every touch he gets because he’s so starved for it and i love the shadows under his eyes because he’s only 26 but he feels like he’s been living forever and wow oh wow i just love season one dean