he's like that face with that everything

the fact that thob is both the most romantic and husbandy ep and the ep where they misunderstand each other the most is just 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪



- Old Married Couple dynamic, CHECK
- Obi-Wan laughing because he knows Anakin is about to be a sulky child, CHECK
- Anakin being a beautiful sulky child, CHECK
- Getting to see them in civilian clothes, CHECK

Honest to god, though, Anakin’s face is giving me LIFE here, hell, they BOTH ARE:

Nobody takes joy in your crankiness like someone who loves you takes joy in your crankiness.

idk bout you🤔🤔🤔🤔but there’s this guy who’s an angel😇😇😇a dance 💃 king👑👑and who can rap🎶sing!!!🎵🎵and slay👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽who is it??!?!?!!😧😧that’s rite👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽its Hoseok!!!! yep Jhope!!! yep Jay!! yep Hobi!!!! I can’t explain😓how this Boi makes me feel💗💗💘he deserves the world 🌎 🌎🌎🌎 the moon 🌙🌙🌙 and the stars💫💫💫💫he’s hardworking 💪🏽he’s encouraging 😝😝😝he’s nothing but the best😌pls I want everyone to luv him❣️❣️❣️as much as yoongi does😻 show him luv💞make him smile😁😁I want to see his eyes sparkle✨✨ his dimples come out and his heart to be full of luv from us💖💖💖💖he puts 110% into everything he does✊🏽✊🏽so we can be full and fed well🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 he never lets us down⬇️✖️⬆️✔️by showing luv💕💝❣️we r telling all the haters to 🔙off💯keep the luv coming so our dance 💃 king👑👑our sunshine ☀️☀️☀️☀️who can rap🎶sing!!!🎵🎵and slay👌🏽👌🏽can keep smiling

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so i have this b99 au ideia where jake and amy are movie stars and they are set to make a movie together, so they have different personalities just like on the show but they spend A L O T of time talking with each other and shooting scenes and them they fall in love and now everything hurts and im dying pls help

O M G I LOVE THIS CONCEPT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls enjoy these additional headcanons from me and @stardustsantiago​:

  • Jake is at craft services almost 24/7. (If he isn’t there or shooting a scene, he’s chilling in Amy’s trailer – sometimes even when she isn’t there.) 
  • Jake always tries to make Amy break character while they’re shooting close ups of her face. (He succeeds exactly three times, and one of the takes makes it to the blooper reel. He may or may not have saved this clip on his phone as well.) 
  • Jake LOVES improvising, but Amy is really bad at it. This causes serious tension on set sometimes. They have an agreement where she teaches him to handle aggressive pap questions and he teaches her how to improv.
  • One of Amy’s earliest roles was this really embarrassing part in a dumb kids movie. (Jake hunts down the limited edition DVD for it and has it playing on repeat in his trailer.) 
  • Amy and Jake argue over best movies and TV shows ALL. THE. TIME. Amy ranks them by acting and writing, Jake by EXPLOSIONS and FIGHT SCENES.
  • Amy has a rough day on set where nothing is flowing right and even her scenes with Jake come out stilted. She breaks down in her trailer after the director yells cut and tells her to take an early lunch break. 
    • Jake comes in and calms her down by telling her about all his off days. (”And then, I kid you not, I pantsed Bruce Willis in front of half the cast and crew.”) 
  • Everything’s super platonic between them (except for like the secret ~*feelings*~ they’ve both been hiding since week 3 of shooting their first project together), but then they have to do a kissing scene for the second installment in their movie series, and things start to get kind of awkward. 
    • They have a Talk about it and decide to be #professional. (That being said, they’re both def dying during and after the actual kissing scene. And their director has them do MULTIPLE TAKES. RIP their souls.)  
  • They manage to keep their relationship secret for all of two days, but someone catches them making out in the AV closet. 
  • After they start dating, they p much can never be cast in things together because Jake’s heart eyes ruin the tone of anything that isn’t a rom com.

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favorite things about chris

i love everything about him, especially his face. and his personality. and his body. and his friends. and his tv shows. basically everything. i love how he’s an adorable, lovable, idiot and a fanboy. i also love how he can play different types of roles so well, kai and jake are complete opposites yet he slayed as both characters. he also talks and stands up for a lot of things like mental health issues and breast cancer and other stuff like that, which is really nice of him to do despite him being famous and all. he’s also not afraid to show both the good boy and the bad boy side to him and i adore both. his smile is also beautiful and adorable and his voice is pretty sexy too. i love christopher charles wood and i always will. #chriswoodforever #kaiforever

chris wood appreciation week - day 7/7

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Yes, she punches Thanos in the face and becomes the #1 ass-kicking, ice cream loving role model. But also think of how relieved Steve would be to see her after he’s thawed. Like before they get to the ass-kicking part. 

Like, yeah, he’s taken care of, but he has still been ripped from his friends and family and everything he knows.

Surprise! His best friend is alive, but also has no clue who he is and is trying to murder him.

Peggy went on to live her own life and grow old, and while Steve is happy she was able to do that, there’s still that sense of “we could have done this together”. 

But then here’s Diana, who he is seeking out to recruit…but also for a little comfort. Some familiarity. A friend who honest to god understands what he’s going through.

Steve is so grateful for the other Avengers. He truly is. Everyone has good intentions, but in the process of educating him, they forget that just because he’s finding new, modern things to enjoy doesn’t mean he wants to abandon all the things he grew up with. But Diana would understand. Diana would take him to a 40s themed restaurant, or walk through museums with him and reminisce, or sit and listen to his music. Diana is modernized, but she still gets it. 

Also, I firmly believe that the first time she sees Steve, he’s standing at her door, holding a pint of ice cream. 

12′s regen

Theory: What if it parallels Clara’s death in Face the Raven, but their roles reversed? He’s made a self-sacrificing mistake, and he sees her in the TARDIS (whether a hallucination or really her). Clara has the Doctor’s lines, the Doctor has Clara’s lines, reversed here below from the transcript:

CLARA: Doctor.
(They hug.)
DOCTOR: Everything you are about to say, I already know. Don’t do it now. We’ve already had enough bad timing.
CLARA: Don’t run. Stay with me.
DOCTOR: Nah. You stay here. In the end, everybody does this alone.
CLARA: Doctor.
DOCTOR: This is as brave as I know how to be. I know it’s going to hurt you, but, please, be a little proud of me.
(He touches her cheek. She takes his hand and kisses it.)
DOCTOR: Goodbye, Clara.  

Doesn’t necessarily explain his “No”ing in the teaser, but that would be a surefire way to destroy me for the rest of my life :)))

BTS REACTION: Them being insecure and you comforting them

@thewitchofthewillowtree Thanks for everything, you’re such a doll 😭.


He was on top of you, kissing you slowly, breaking the kiss only to remove his shirt. You were staring at him, taking in his beautiful face and body. “Everything about you is so sexy,”. Seokjin laughed, “Not my fingers”. Despite the fact that he meant it as a joke, you didn’t appreciate the joke because you knew he was insecure about them. You demanded his hand and after he gave it to you, you stared into his eyes and sucked them one by one. He watched you with lust and surprise on his face. “Like I said, every part is incredibly sexy. Because they’re apart of you, and I love YOU,”. Smiling his kissed your lips softly. “Thank you Jagi, I love you too,”.


You were watching Namjoon during his photo shoot, unable to tear your eyes from the gorgeous man in front if you. The sexy looks and smiles he sent your way made you eager to have him alone. So as soon as you entered your home, you threw him on the couch, straddling him. “You don’t know how sexy you are,”. He chuckled, “I really don’t,”. You could tell by his expression he meant it. “Why don’t you believe you’re good looking?”. Shrugging, he looked away from you. “I was always told by fans that I wasn’t,”. You slowly slid peppered kisses on his jawline “I happen to think you’re perfect,” you said looking into his eyes. He blushed and pulled you close for a deep kiss. “I love you,”.


The two of you were walking a fairly busy street at night, drinking coffee and talking. You were excited about pictures from his most recent concert and raved about how handsome and sexy he was. Chuckling, he made an off hand comment: “I’m not good looking,”. You paused and glared at him. “I am SO sick of you saying things like that! Matter of fact…”. You walked over to the nearest bench, stood on it, and screamed, “MIN YOONGI IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM!! HIS EYES, HIS SMILE, HIS LIPS, EVEN HIS NOSE IS CU-”. Wrapping his arms around you waist, he snatched you down for the bench and covered your mouth. “OKAY I GET IT Y/N”. Pulling you along after him, he muttered a thank you as you noticed the blush on his face.


“The maknaes deserve to go on Hit the Stage more than I do,”. As soon as Hoseok said those words, you got upset. He had filmed for a variety show the other day and the episode finally aired while he was at practice. The words upset you because he always underestimated his abilities. When he came home and greeted you, you told him you needed to speak with him. He became nervous and asked why and you showed him the clip. “Why do you do this?? We all know you work harder than ANYBODY on the choreography! Dance is YOUR thing!! Jimin and Jungkook have plenty of other things. Let yourself have a chance to shine, okay?? STOP UNDERESTIMATING YOURSELF, YOU’RE AMAZING!!”. By time you finished you were yelling and he was silent. “Baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell I just…wish you’d believe in yourself a bit more sometimes,”. Wrapping his arms around your waist, he shook his head. “No, you’re right Jagi. I’ll be more confident, okay?”


He was distant all day and wouldn’t tell you what was wrong. It was late afternoon and you had finally had enough. You strolled into the bedroom and jumped on him where he lay. When he made no attempt to move you, you straddled him. “Ya! Park Jimin! You’re gonna tell me what’s going on RIGHT NOW. I’m your girlfriend, let me support you,” you demanded angrily. He sighed and pulled you into his arms, hiding his face in your neck. “I gained 20 lbs…are you disgusted with me?”. You didn’t respond, only pulled away from him and began to tug at the hem of his shirt. He started to object, wanting to be serious but you simply said, “Take it off,” in a tone he’d never heard you use. After he complied, you kissed him slowly and softly, tasting him throughly. Then you trailed wet kisses along his jawline, neck, and chest. You made sure you take sure to go excruciatingly slow on his stomach, placing kisses so gentle he found it endearing. “Jimin, no matter what you look like, I’ll always love you.But if you must know, you’re perfect to me,”. He began to get teary and he pulled you into his arms, not trusting himself not to cry if he spoke.


“Y/N, am I…wierd?”. You cocked your head at Taehyung when he asked you that question. “Did something happen?” you asked. “Well, the fans still tease me about being super wierd so I was just wondering if I should stop..”. You got irritated by that, “Stop what? Being yourself?”. Before he could respond you grabbed his shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “You just think differently than others. Even if you do act a little crazy sometimes, it’s not a bad thing, Tae. In fact, your crazy, overactive personality is what I love about you. So don’t let anyone stop you from being yourself,”. Smiling, he drew you into his arms, cooing about how cute you were, smoothering you in kisses.


“Take it from the top,” the man said with obvious frustration. Jungkook sighed, leaned into the mic and began singing the song beautifully. That is, until he suddenly cut off for the 6th time in a row. “You know what? I think we need a break. Take 10 everybody,” the man announced, drawing a hand over his face. He turned to you. “Please talk to him. Find out what’s going on,”.

You had come to Jungkook’s recording session for a new solo song to support him. But so far, he seemed highly upset and unsatisfied with everything— specifically himself. You watched as he threw his papers on the floor before sliding down the wall, sitting beside them. You came over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Kook, what’s going on? You sounded amazing, why do you keep getting upset?”. He was visibly upset, a distant look in his eyes. “It’s not good enough. I can’t hit the notes I used to. My voice sounds a lot harsher too..”. Your eyes widen in surprise; you never knew he was insecure about the way his voice sounded, but then again, his voice WAS finally changing. You shook your head and held his head in your hands, forcing him to look at you. “Jungkook, your voice is changing so of course it doesn’t sound the same. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. It sounds richer and actually those high notes were even better than Jimin’s,”. He chuckled softly at that. You took the opportunity to make him laugh again, because the sentimental stuff wasn’t really either of your things. You stood up and attempt to sing and dance “Cheer Up” by Twice. He laughed so hard tears formed, begging you to stop. You laughed along with him, sitting down again, going back to being talking. “Besides, if you really sucked, Yoongi definitely would’ve told you by now. But seriously…I believe in you Kook. You’re amazing and this song will be too. So you know, give it your best,”. He blushed, pulled you in his arms and shyly kissed you. “I love you,” he whispered.

Literally I just… I refuse to take any of this two parter at face value because Temple is beyond an unreliable narrator and the entire thing was piled with cliche tropes which I am fully willing to believe is meant to be a hint. The season so far has had a lot of film jokes, yes, because of Jax, but this was different. It was so exaggerated, the way he described the Freelancer involvement was weird and not like them, and the timing of everything was too spot on.

We’re not getting the full, or accurate, story here. We’re not.

Wrap me up in bubbles, baby.

Person A is clumsy, like reaaaaally clumsy. Person B threatens to wrap them in bubble wrap

Lying on the couch, within my husband’s grasp, was always the best way to spend Sunday. Not caring about anything else happening, instead we were both entirely focused on each other. There was nothing else we’d rather be doing.

His fingers were rubbing at my skin soothingly as I nuzzled my face into his chest. Everything about him seemed homely and just so wonderful.

His hand crept up from my skin to my hair, where he stroked it softly causing me to smile in content. Part of my felt like I was going to drift off just lying there.

“I don’t want to interrupt you being so close to me, cause I love you snuggled into my chest,” Gerard started. My eyes opened, and I adjusted to the light. Gerard’s red hair was entirely in his face, but I could still see his smile. “Can you pass me my drink?”

He obviously couldn’t get it himself since he would push me in the process. In reply, I nodded my head with a smile marked upon my lips. My body swivelled around in order to attain his glass of Fuji water from the table at the side of the sofa.

As I manoeuvred my arm to pass it over to Gerard, the glass falls from out of my hand and onto the couch, covering me mainly in liquid. I didn’t know how to react to it, first separating myself from Gerard.

All he did was laugh. “You fucking clutz.” He joked, whilst kneeling up from his comfortable lying position. I was glad he saw the humour in everything- the best thing about him. I could murder somebody and yet he could still make a joke about it.

“I’m so sorry.” I apologised but I couldn’t help but giggle so loudly as I attempted to clean up the mess I created. Gerard joined in with the giggles too. “Wait one min, I’m gonna get some wipes and a towel.”

I left Gerard on the couch while I rushed out from the living room to pick up a pack of wipes out of the cupboard.

I pulled open the cupboard door and popped my head in to pick up a pack. But instead of just peaking my head in, it whacked across a shelf in the cupboard. I groaned in pain and held a free hand to my head. I picked up a towel before I closed the cupboard door.

My feet scurried across the kitchen floor, and in the process knocking over a picture frame. I sighed at it, then quickly picked it up to reveal the glass had broken. I cursed at myself but just placed it back where it was. I would clean up later.

I returned back into the living room. The first thing my eyes envisioned was Gerard sniggering on the couch. “Did you just hit your head?” Gerard queried.

“Yeah and maybe broke a picture frame,” I admitted and quickly started to wipe the coach. “And my head fucking hurt, so don’t give any remarks.”

Gerard huffed then picked me up, shoving me on his lap. “Want me to kiss it better?” He asked, giggling loudly. His mouth stayed wide, showing his teeth whilst he grinned in amusement at my evident clumsiness.

“Fuck off.” I shut him up, placing a kiss upon his lips. “Now how about you move your cute ass up from the couch so I can clean up?”  I hopped off his lap to regain my full posture.

“I’m gonna make myself a new drink, want one babe?” He asked while I momentarily vigorously wiped off the liquid from the leather. I nodded my head in reply. “Oh and try not to drop anything or hurt yourself while I’m out the room.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his statement. God he was perfect.

I dried the wipe off by smothering my couch with a towel.  When I finally clean everything up, I drop the towel and wipes on the floor, making a mental note to dispose of it later.

I rearranged the pillows upon the couch and took a seat back on there. Although I hoped that Gerard and I would resume cuddling as we were before. I was craving his touch already.

The door creaked open to reveal Gerard with two fresh glasses. He ambled over towards me and placed them both upon the table again.

He sat back on the couch, in which I immediately put my head on his shoulder and snuggled up to him lovingly. A breath of a contented sigh came upon my skin from Gerard, followed by his lips. I smiled.

My head raised from upon him. Gerard looked over at the loss of contact, and instantly leaned in to kiss my lips. He tasted like mint and well- just him. A flavour I had become so accustomed to. I was addicted at this point, and I had no intention to quit him.

Gerard’s hand travelled downwards to my waist, in which I separated teasingly. Shuffling away from him, I grabbed my glass from the table, hoping I had lost my clumsy streak I had somehow attained. But before I could bring it up to my mouth, the glass slipped from my hands and crashed onto the floor.

There was glass covering the floor, along with water.

The first thing that came from Gerard was his trademark giggle. I joined in too, covering my face with my hands to contain the laughter.

“Oh my fucking God. Stop.” Gerard’s hand touched my shoulder as he tried to capture his words in between laughter. “Y/N, I swear if you break one more thing I will not hesitate to cover you in bubble wrap." 


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So I was scrolling and I saw a picture of Norman reedus and JDM with the tags fp!jdm and fp!norman and I was wondering if we'll ever meet him as like another daddy or something?😍 It's not like you have to! Frankly everything you write is awesome, I was just curious because norman is pretty hot and I could imagine him as like Jeff's dead beat daddy best friend who share war stories of ripped open boy cunts, all the money they spent on crisco and how full of shit life was for gays some years back

We briefly met Norman at the end of Young Blood.  No spoilers, but suffice it to say I have lurid plans for this one.

Look at that face and tell me he isn’t one of Jeff’s favorite people on earth.

Look at these assholes.  

I. Can. Not.

Norman was one of Jeff’s good boys back in the day, a scrappy kid with a taste for sick shit and a high pain tolerance.  Halfway decent bass player in Jeff’s pre-Fuckpig band Bloody Rosebuds.  Handy with a wrench. Will bail you out of jail and buy you a burger (Jeff can speak from experience here).  Really, really loves his dogs.

Jeff broke him in quick and dirty.  Spent his 16th birthday hanging from the ceiling of a club while Jeff belted the piss out of him.  Passed out from the pain but Jeff sucked him off in front of everyone when he came to. Spent his 18th birthday elbow-deep in boypussy while Jeff lit his cigar for him.  Mostly into guys but gets weak in the knees for the right kind of future baby mama death wish strippers. Calls his boys bitches and his girls sweetheart.  Has managed to shock Jeff a few times (and Jeff loves him dearly for it).  Total voyeur with a nasty humiliation streak. Loves breeding, ATM, Motörhead, sloppy seconds, sensory deprivation, and unfiltered Camels.

Norman’s not on the road any more, not since he bought his farm in upstate New York.  It’s one of Jeff’s favorite places to visit.

xoxox Salt 🐾❤️

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You know those moments when you're getting ready for bed where you just feel clean and peaceful. Like I imagine coming out of the bathroom with a fresh face and new pajamas on and Harry just grinning while he's relaxed in bed. Maybe you have string lights or candles in your bedroom and everything is soft and peaceful and warm. Imagine crawling into bed with him next to you him frowning that you're too far away and scooping you up in his arms inhaling your fresh scent to fall asleep to.

Oh my god being scooped up by him, while he’s giggly and sleepy “c'mere love, need a cuddle” and he’s holding you tight against him

The end of Wonder Woman where Dr. Poison’s mask comes off was actually kind of weird, thematically.  Like

ARES: This woman is proof that humans are evil!  She created a chemical weapon that killed all those innocent people!  But wait, it gets worse!

*mask blows off*

ARES: She has a slight facial disfigurement on the left side of her face!

DR POISON: I laughed maniacally while gassing innocents, but I can only whimper with my tail between my legs in the face of my true crime of being insufficiently attractive.

ARES: Isn’t this woman’s face the epitome of everything that is wrong with humanity?

DIANA: Shit, maybe he’s right.  I don’t know, I have to think about this.

Like, I think it was supposed to be a metaphor, really, but this is how it felt.

is this what love feels like

yes ya boi has written a phanfic! holy moly!

warnings/tags: none?? v v fluffy n soft

summary: whenever phil looks at dan, he can’t help but feel like he’s falling in love all over again

it all started way back in 2009, when phil saw dan step onto that train station platform, seemingly nervous but nonetheless looking for phil in the crowd of people swarming by with a small smile on his face. phil sharply took in his breath. here was the boy, the same boy he’d been skyping for months and here he was, finally with him. but there was something different. in real life dan had a certain glow to him. everything about him was perfect. the slimness of his body, the dimples in his cheeks that showed up in those shy smiles, and even the way the light hit his eyes. phil felt as if he was in a daze, as if his heart had expanded to 10 times its size. as the two began to approach each other, phil wondered: is this what love feels like?

in 2012, everything was shattered into pieces with one single glitch. the glitch that sent dan into rages that would end with him sobbing in his room late into the night, loud enough for phil to hear him even when he’s trying not to. the glitch that convinced dan that him and phil were better off if they weren’t together. it was the morning after another particularly bad fight, and dan and phil were quietly having breakfast in the living room while scrolling on their laptops. phil looked up from his laptop’s screen to dan, who was reclined on the other couch. phil couldn’t help but let his eyes travel over dan’s body. dan was sitting with his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes were slightly red, phil noted. his hair was still curly, as dan didn’t straighten his hair unless he was filming a video or going outside. dan’s lips were pouted just barely, and phil wanted nothing more than to kiss him. phil shook himself. what was he doing? him and dan agreed that they were better off if they weren’t dating, and here phil was, wishing that he could kiss dan! suddenly, dan looked up from laptop and glanced at phil. phil quickly shifted his eyes down and stared intently at his screen. phil kept his eyes trained on the screen in front of him as dan got up from the couch and headed into the hallway. before phil could stop himself, he stood up and ran over to him. phil grabbed dan’s wrist. dan looked up at phil from underneath his long eyelashes, his eyes portraying puzzlement and annoyance but nonetheless glittering under the light. phil felt that thing, that same feeling he got when he saw dan standing on the train platform, like his heart did a swan dive into his feet. dan’s eyes widened with understanding and tears threatened to spill over his cheeks as he pulled phil into an embrace. as phil nudged his face into dan’s soft hair, he felt that he knew that things would be okay.

phil laughed as dan picked up a box to move into a room and the contents fell out through the bottom of the box. they were moving into their new flat, and phil felt as if a whole new chapter of his life was being written. dan rolled his eyes and smiled, no longer the shy smile of the boy who he saw at the train station, but a full on grin radiating happiness and sunshine. the past couple years had been a rollercoaster of sorts for them. they had gotten their own radio show, created their own app, wrote two books, and performed in a tour in which they traveled internationally and sold out in various locations. and of course, dan. dan had changed drastically from 2012 to 2017. gone was the boy who was struggling to deal with his newfound fame, and instead stood this beautiful, sparkling, magnificent creature full of self confidence and happiness. dan was getting comfortable with himself and how he wanted to portray himself, and as a result, phil couldn’t be happier. he bent down to help dan stuff the contents of the box back into it, stopping occasionally to poke dan. dan laughed and shook his head in annoyance, and phil giggled as pink tinged dan’s cheeks and ears. freckles dotted dan’s face and arms, and his hair was perfectly fluffy. his lips were full and his eyes were the most perfect shade of hazel. phil gazed into dan’s chocolate colored eyes as he moved closer to dan. he closed his eyes and gently kissed dan, and at that moment, he knew exactly what love feels like.

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tbh i'm in a weird place of hating this episode and defending it from moffat haters, and i am so tired of this shit, why is he so divisive?

Moffat is both flawed and good at what he does, and kind of subtle at both. the acting and production are on point, so fans of the era (i include myself here) might easily ignore the hinky shit; some people have just decided they dislike the era and miss everything it gets right, while also managing to miss what it gets wrong. so you have people who just hate everything equally on one side, and the other you have people who think that speech in The Zygon Fuck You is like, the best thing ever, and it’s awkward at best

like on the face of it i really liked this episode - it was pacey, interesting, i’m so here for body horror and it uses the characters well in a way that a lot of episodes in s10 and s9 didn’t. it also fucks up some stuff in crucial, maybe harmful ways. those inclined to like Moffat will like it, those inclined to hate him won’t, hardly anybody out of any of those two groups will bother to analyze the story in any depth. it’s like the Zygon Fuck You, the fans fuckin Love It and the haters are mad at all the wrong shit and it’s all just frustrating and weird and the Discourse is pointless bc i’m not sure anyone’s watched critically enough to have earned an Opinion

tl;dr he’s divisive because everyone’s made up their mind ahead of time, there’s little serious critique or even engaged enjoyment in fandom

(side note i am still mostly falling on the side of ‘liked it’ - some of the tropes are fucky, i’m not educated enough to come down hard, overall as an episode free from context it worked well. i kinda feel like i should take a back-seat here? like i’ll raise the question of ‘is this fucky’ but it’s not my lane, i don’t want to speak over people. i’m witholding judgment until i learn more, basically)

tl;dr pt 2 fans love everything and haters hate everything and the Moff era is in a weird place of pissing off the haters regardless, and entertaining the fans regardless