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do you realize that them making fun of jungkook tan is because he only get tanned in the mouth not his full face and they were complaining about someone whitened the picture in the shirt, so basically it wasnt funny anymore bc is just looks like a normal pic, they're not saying that getting a tan it looks grubby or being colorist, y'all so butthurt about everything

tbh i havent watched the video but if thats the case, then good. im glad. but also, how bout u watch ur fucking tone.

im trying to educate others on the issues of colourism and all u can do is tell me im ‘butthurt about everything’?

lmao this is a serious issue i care about and im trying to spread some knowledge 

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acting wise, do you have any favorite scenes from the 100?

My absolute favorite moment was when Bellamy finds out Octavia is “dead” in 4x04.  Bob is already an amazing actor, but just…everything he does in that scene is so beautiful. His face when Echo drops the sword to the floor of their cell? The little head shake? The absolute lack of belief that he could possibly live in a world where his sister doesn’t exist? The broken “no”s? The lip quiver? The way he turns to the bars so his captors can’t see his grief? The way he tries so hard to keep it together, but it just…rips him open? Like…I literally felt Bellamy’s pain in my chest. 

What makes it even better is that Bob really did steal this episode and he had a grand total of about 2 minutes of screen time.

Things this fandom likes to forget:

  • Keith having emotions is not character development, HE HAS ALWAYS HAD THEM
  • Headcanoning Lance as bisexual means headcanoning he also likes girls
  • Canon Pidge is a girl, I’m not shitting on nb/trans headcanons, I’m just saying canon pidge is a girl and identifies as such
  • Not everything is about ships
  • Hunk loves food but not just eating, he also loved cooking and baking and trying out different recipes
  • Shiro probably has PTSD, and has to deal with it while being faced with what gave him PTSD
  • Lance appreciates Allura as a person and as a friend, even though he has a crush on her he doesn’t objectivy her
  • Allura loves her mice and has genuine conversations with them
  • Keith showed major signs of Depression, which doesn’t proof he’s emo and/or is part of who he is as a person, but means he has a mental illness and needs help
  • Lance isn’t stupid
  • Hunk is an engineer
  • Matt was the only one who knew about the suicide mission
  • mental illness isn’t romantic
  • HUNK ACTUALLY CAME BACK FOR SHAY, he holds his promises
  • Matt and Pidge are proud of each other
  • Sending Death Threats over Ships/in general is simply wrong

When they win everyone is so happy for them, and Jeremy just launches himself at Michael and holds him so tightly. And then he pulls aways and does a little turn, taking everything in. And theres silver confetti falling around them and the audience’s cheers are deafening.

Jeremy turns back to look at Michael and his eyes are shining so brightly, and he’s smiling so widely it looks like his face might split in half. Michael cant help himself and kisses Jeremy.

Its honestly, not the best kiss. Their teeth are clacking and noses bumping, but in the moment, its perfect. And as if it was possible, the audience starts cheering even louder

Christine is also on the team Jeremy and Michael are competing against at the finals, and when she sees them kiss, over the roar of the audience, you can just hear one high pitched shriek coming from her.


#Hey why are all of your OCs super cool?#And interesting?#I love this#His nose is gorgeous#His expression amuses me ~#Lovely!


Oh boy I have SO many?! Just to show some of the major ones (Zeke’s in there twice):

But Zeke, Emile, and Glass (below) are the most important in my story, so they’re the only ones whom I’ve written bios for so far.

The fact that you think they’re interesting FILLS UP MY ENTIRE HEART oh my goddddd

Zeke is my baby. He’s literally my whole soul. ;A; so if you like Zeke, I like YOU!

I LOVE ZEKE’S BIG OLE NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love drawing Zeke - PERIOD. His big dumb face brings me endless entertainment because he’s so ridiculous - everything is elongated and sharp.

AND GOSH HE’S SO EXPRESSIVE TOO!!!! That’s my favorite.

Look at this goobie. What a nerd.

But also a badass!

my favorite boy ;A; <3333

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But how would Stensland and Clyde cuddle afterwards? Spooning? Who'd be the big spoon? Or maybe they'd face each other, one slightly on top, nuzzling in.

I don’t think it’d be spooning, necessarily! They’re just laying beside each other, facing each other, Clyde holding Stensland’s cheek and stroking it. Stensland feels like he’s going to fall asleep. It’s the comfiest and the safest he’s ever felt. Clyde is everything he’s ever wanted.

It’s been so long since I got to play around with ground-up world-building (the world-building for TLS is just being refined at this point; there are very few structural changes) that everything I wrote for my NaNo novel feels so fresh and fun and I can indulge myself with being as creepy as I want when it comes to my gods and goddesses. 

Like with my poor protagonist and his horrible backstory – I’m trying to reveal it in stages, because he’s still processing how bad it was, but I do love this sequence:

Owen woke from a dream of the White Halls to find a face at the window.

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that person…the one dark is talking to, telling to go back to sleep.

wilford recognizes them. yes, he knows them. he knows them well. it’s been years, but just like all the others who had been at that godforsaken house, their face hasn’t changed a bit. they sport no lines of age, no crows’ feet, no gray hair even though it’s been nearly a century since that terrible night.

dark has told him everything- mark isn’t dead, he faked it, he’s still alive and he still seeks revenge.

he’s after them. after dark, after wilford, after the attorney or whatever position his old friend held now.

dark says he’s going to get them. he’s going to keep them away from mark, and make sure there are no repeats of those harrowing hours.

they seem scared- they seem confused. mark says to wake up, dark says to go back to sleep. who can they trust? who has the best intentions? are both evil? are both good?

they don’t know, but wilford does. he tells them this, calling from a distance, distorted by mark’s fancy technology but still reaching their heart.

“don’t you worry!”

I loved him and he loved me.
It was as simple as one, two and three.
It was as perfect as the colour of the skies.
There were bumps but we always give it a try.

It was always easy whenever I’m with him.
He made me feel better during the bad days.
He was there in every step of the way.
He was my source strength and light
whenever things don’t get right.

He made me feel loved
during the moments I feel insignificant.
He fought the battles with me
and whenever I feel like surrendering,
he was the one who stood up
and bravely faced each fights.
He was everything I ever dreamed of.

—  131117


“So, hows everything with Y/N?” The interviewer asked, with raised eyebrows and a smirk. Jared’s face when tomato-red and he looked down.

“He hasn’t asked her out yet.” Lana informed the interviewer. She gasped.


“I know I know, I’m a terrible person. I’ll ask her out later.” He sighed, looking up, still red.

“What about now?” The interviewer asked, waving a girl in. Jared went even more red.

“I, uh-crap.” He stuttered, looking down again. Jennifer bushes him gently with a smile on her face.

“I like you too Jared, just so ya know.” You winked at him. He went red and smiled.

“Really?” He asked, his eyes wide.

“Yes sir. How about Starbucks after?” She asked. He nodded.

“Great! See ya then.” She winked again and slipped out. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her form as she left.

“This boy is so whipped.” Josh laughed, but Jared didn’t even hear him.

<p> Requested by: @usuallydelightfultaco Sorry this is long overdue.

Angus McDonald normally wears his hair buzzed down pretty close to his scalp. It’s easier to manage that way. But in recent months he’s been very busy, with school and new cases and making sure to spend as much time as he can with all of his new family, and now it’s much longer.

Lup told him yesterday that she liked his little ‘fro, but Angus can’t shake the feeling that this particular hairstyle is not conduscive to inconspicuous detective work. He’s with Taako and Kravitz for the week, and is just about to buzz the whole thing off, when he hears the familiar tearing noise that means Kravitz is back, and gets another idea.

“There you are Angus, Taako told me you’d be here, I’m sorry I wasn’t around to welcome you home last night,” Kravitz says when Angus walks into the living room downstairs.

“It’s alright sir! But, umm, actually I was wondering if you could help me something? It’s alright if you can’t or don’t want to I imagine it takes a long time and lots of work and I know you’re probably tired and-“

“Angus,” Kravitz interrupts, “of course I’ll help you. What is it?”

“Um,” Angus tugs at his curls for a second or so before answering. “I was wondering if you could help me do my hair… so that it’s like yours…”

Kravitz blinks, and then smiles.

When Taako gets home he finds the pair of them in the living room, Kravitz is sitting on the couch with Angus between his knees on a little cushion. While Kravitz is carefully parting and twisting together Angus’ much shorter locs, Angus reads aloud from the newest Caleb Cleveland novel, squinting a bit without his glasses. It looks like they’re about halfway done. In the doorway of their little house, Taako’s heart swells (twice over, actually, when he spies the little pile of enchanted silver beads Kravitz is picking from every now and again).

They haven’t noticed him yet, and so Taako loudly clears his throat, and says, “I suppose this means you haven’t started dinner yet?”

They both look up and give almost identical sheepish grins and Taako is nearly floored by the domesticity of it all.

“Sorry Love,” Kravitz answers. “He asked for my help.”

“No, no it’s fine, I’ll just do everything around here like always,” Taako replies, strolling towards the kitchen to make those little personal pizzas that are Angus’ favorite, that he’d already been planning on making anyway.

Kravitz is a section away from being done with Angus’ hair by the time dinner is ready. When he’s finished, Angus darts up the stairs to the bathroom mirror and comes back down a minute later wearing a smile so big it looks like his face might split in two.

“Thank you so much Mr. Kravitz sir! I love it!”


The only thing we need to worry about is the next minute. 

I’m sorry no I’m not but bro

can we just take the time to acknowledge Sasuke’s face when Nardo gets hurt!?



Can I offer you some champagne?
Can’t. Too many adult prying eyes. Don’t wanna be a cautionary tale at the next town meeting.


A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[5] The Biggest Reward – After, 4x09

After they lose the prison and the group is fractured in the fracas, the first episode we see centers entirely on Rick, Michonne and Carl. All three are broken by what’s passed; Michonne’s proving old habits die hard and walkers slay easy, Rick is one stomach flu away from death and Carl Poppa’s giving his “Be quiet, Tiffany” speech and yelling things like, “I don’t need you anymore!” A lot. Like, a lot a lot. Carl Poppa doth protest too much. Anyway, he’s really fucking mad about those vegetables. Thank god for pudding, eh? Conveniently, Carl’s chocolate treat eventually leads Mama Michonne to find her way home to her boys.

The moment she sees them through the window is a thing of beauty. It floors me still. Just takes my breath away. From the close-up of her hand as she releases the katana from her grip and that firm nod, to those simple three words: “It’s for you.” They’re not alone in this anymore. Everything’s going to be all right. And, just like that, hope is renewed.

Emphasizing its significance, this is another of the five moments that feature in Rick’s flashback sequence of Michonne.

  • Danai: She sees that walker who looks just like her and she’s walking with the dead again after losing the prison, but she decides to choose life over death and kill that whole field of walkers. That was a catharsis for her and a choice to continue connecting to the living and not the dead. […] It’s either I go with the dead for the rest of my life and just become one of them or I go and take a risk again with the living. There was a lot of reward. There’s tons of pain, there’s tons of loss but it’s been a lot of reward. She found the perfect family in this realm. She found the love of her life. […] She’s gotten rewarded for choosing life. Because that’s the biggest reward she could get. She’s very close to Carl and to see he’s alive and well, and Rick is alive and well. It’s the biggest reward she could get. […] I just love that moment when they find each other. It’s a great ending. She needed that.
  • Andy: The “It’s for you” moment… To be able to laugh and see this person that is our future. We’re safe, you know? It’s always lovely to mine those moments.