he's like smile jk i can't

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Knowing park jimin n how he said one time that he takes multiple selfies i bet you my lungs that he at least has 10 other selfies of him and kookie on that bed and the one he shared with us is the most "presentable" one if you get what I mean ;) jkvjfyvv still can't get over their gazes and lips to be honest like wow thanks jimin such a king always feeding us

ijfaf don’t put these ideas into my head omg. like, imagine him taking multiple selfies of them kissing and being actual cute boyfriends. like, one of him resting his head on jk’s shoulder, another of jk lifting his chin up and kissing him. another one of their hands linked in front of them, smiles on their faces, one of them kissing deeply, literally no fucks given. and then the one that they took. of them smiling, looking like they just got done making out, lips swollen and red, skin slightly pinked as well, and the lights off. and jimin’s like “might as well post it, i look cute” and I’M JUST WOW. I WOULD KILL TO SEE THOSE OTHER PHOTOS LMAO. 

Jimin is such an icon. my actual king. like, he loves stuffing us till we can’t eat anymore. 

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Honestly sugakookie can't hide the love anymore, that knowing smirk™ kookie gives when yoongi asks to ride the plane, and yoongi can't stop smiling while doing it, like?? there's so much going on in this we are so blessed, I saw a preview of them sitting next to each other and yoongi has his leg up while looking at kookie, I can't believe how gay they are (jk of course I can, they're hella gay) what a time to be alive

their hands,,,,,, fit perfectly together??????//

this is so soft??

hIS FA C E?/??? he is so happy???

I’M still crying???

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I keep watching Jimin's Puma ad and I can't get over the way he just fucking melts and leans in when Jungkook starts petting his head and like he just tilts his head and turns to look at him and his entire face just lights up and he's like looking at him so adoringly and he has this lovely fucking smile on his face and my God we can't see JK's face but he probably had the same soft and loving look on his face as well and these two fuck me up so bad hOOly sHIIt.

Lol they were probably told to do that….but then we don’t know the circumstances 100% so you never know…

But oh my God isn’t Jimin leaning his head down just the cutest thing? And then it’s just like, boop. And then of course Jimin tries to stay all serious after but…

…It’s just not working out.

And he breaks out into that sunshine smile ^.^ Puma literally had to slap a label over that smile cause they didn’t want anyone to go blind. This is like, disgustingly cute. They’re so gross.

(gif cr. x)

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au's whereas kook's a shit-eatin artist & alwys gives jimin shit, and even tho jim laughs/smiles, he don't know If jk Is joking or If he actually dislikes him-they're dormmates & wen jk Is banter-ing w/ jim, jim notices jk Is alwys drawing when he Is, so 1 day, jim ends up rlly thinkin jk hates him cos he don't even look at him wen he speaks - he gets rlly deprssed 1 night cos he can't deal, he leaves his bed at night to find jk passed out In liv room w/ papers around him tht are jimin sketches-


and jimin just picks them up with shaking fingers like… are these… me? and he sits down next to kook on the couch and kook jolts awake and sees jimin holding the scattered sketches and blushes WAY too hard, reaching out to snatch them back but jimin just kinda smiles and says

so, do i make a good model?

and the way his voice is cracked makes kook’s heart break so kook sighs and cards a hand through his hair, swallowing hard like

the best…

jimin: why didn’t you ever let me see these?
kook: cause…. it was embaressing… and i didn’t know if …. i dunno if you’d think i was creepy or… i dunno…
jimin: /still flipping through the sketches and there are SO many of them, him laughing, smiling, frowning at something, making funny faces, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping– / you watch me sleep?
kook: /still blushing too hard, frowning even harder / you… make interesting faces when you sleep.
jimin: do i?
kook: always makes me wonder what you’re dreaming of…
jimin: /and he smiles because kook is softening up now, so he takes a deep breath and / what would you say if i told you it was you?
kook: /swallows thickly/ then… i’d tell you to wake up, cause i’m right here.


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I think we all kind of forget that Jungkook is still a teenager who has to go to school just like rest of us and balance that with his hectic af schedule. Hell, I can't even keep my eyes open on school days but JK has to go to school, attend countless fan meetings, interviews, & perform in front of hundreds of people on a daily basis, all with a smile on his face. Like damn no wonder he seems more quiet and stressed out lately. I think he deserves much more credit & we ought to be proud of him.

the fact that he’s so young but already doing so many things with his life is honestly amazing. he has a dream which he’s actively pursuing, he’s doing what he enjoys with his life and he’s barely three years older than me ;u; he debuted when he was 15, got thrown straight into hectic schedules and spent most of his teenage years working his hardest for his dream. we seem to forget the sacrifices he probably had to make to get where he is today, the things that young people normally experience but he may not have. but for all the years he never complained and never gave up akfhgeirushkjlsdlfd 

now i just want to give him all of his favourite snacks and wrap him in a blanket. protect him ;u; 

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Did you see how fucking cute Jikook were in the behind the scenes for the Run video? My god they are so sweet together like it's insane how them just being next to each other is enough to put a smile on my face AND DID YOU SEE THE WAY JIMIN WAS LOOKING AT HIM IN ONE OF THE BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTO?? He was looking at Jungkook so softly and lovingly and you can't see JK's face but you can tell he was smiling and it looked like private moment caught on camera I just *sigh* I love these two so much.

You mean this picture Nonie?

I love this so much I can’t deal with these two honestly.

Also that scene where they’re playing around with the ball and everyone is watching is so cute and the way Kookie runs up and kind of bends down to hug him and twists just gets me all giggly. They’re so cute and awkward somebody help them. It kind of looks like the danger hug no?

Maybe it’s just how they hug each other, which is a whole other level of adorable.