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Happy 264th Birthday, Robert Townsend!

This Goku thing

Okay I’m really confused… I don’t read the manga and I don’t really know all that much about who’s even involved in Super, whether Toriyama is completely out of the picture or what. But I keep seeing posts hating on this Toyotaro guy for writing the manga and wrecking the Goku character. I mean I know Goku has been off from the start of the anime compared to DBZ, but people seem to be really going batshit over the manga now so I decided to look it up to see if Toriyama has any idea what this guy is doing.

And it turns out… Toriyama literally approves of EVERYTHING Toyotaro writes? Like Toriyama gives him a basic story idea, Toyotaro writes it and sends it to him for his approval, and Toriyama changes it or edits it or whatever and the final product has basically been done by both of them. Now, I have also read that Toriyama has given Toyotaro more freedom and control as the series goes on, so it’s possible that some things have slipped past him, but he’s still pretty happy with how things are going as far as I can tell.

Now I know my source might not be accurate (Wikipedia lol) but assuming it is… it doesn’t seem like Toyotaro is changing this character against Toriyama’s wishes and totally fucking it up for everyone, it seems that maybe in the years since he last wrote DBZ (about 10 I think?), Toriyama has kind of changed his mind about who he wants Goku to be. I’ve also read (can’t remember where) in the past that Toriyama has at some point expressed that he wants Goku to remain that innocent naive character obsessed with fighting that he was in Dragonball, and that the events of DBZ kind of turned him into a character that Toriyama never wanted him to be. Honestly I think DBS is just Toriyama’s way of ‘resetting’ Goku. Which might be shit for everybody who loves the Goku of DBZ and has lived their lives with a certain perception of him, but… at the end of the day it’s Toriyama’s character, and he seems as much to blame in all this fucking up of Goku as anybody else. And I’m not trying to hate on Toriyama, I fucking LOVE Toriyama and I can’t express how grateful I am to him for creating this fandom and everything associated with it, I’m just saying that maybe we should be more respectful of his ownership of Goku and the person he has chosen to write him. From what I can tell Toriyama isn’t at all unhappy with how the manga is being written and it’s not fair for anybody to attack Toyotaro for it.

But, like I said, I might be wrong. I am totally willing to be proven wrong and if Toriyama doesn’t like DBS Goku then I will be the first to say what Toyotaro is doing is wrong, but if he is happy with it like he seems to be, then… guys, Goku is his OC. Let him do what he wants, and if you’re angry at Toyotaro for what Goku is (which you have every right to be, I don’t totally like what Goku is now myself) then you have to be angry at Toriyama as well. If you’re going to hate then at least be fair and hate on both of them.

Honestly I’m not trying to start shit. I still love Goku come what may, even if he is kind of a jerk now, and I love Toriyama. I just don’t like one person being hated on for something that other people were involved in as well. Please stop it.


The Prettiest Boy 💛


He just wants to feel tall, Kolivan. Let him have this.

Those who know me, know I like to harp on Thace being a short among the Galra. Mostly cuz it amuses me and also because he actually isn’t that short, I’m just an ass.

If you needed further proof as to why I’m not allowed on a computer. 

I had an insane dream last night and all I can remember is Meta Knight saying “My sword goes well with your face” before absolutely obliterating 02.

starbutterfly-diaz  asked:

Oh, also because you asked for Louie HC's: don't ever play poker with him. He's been taught by Scrooge and Gladstone so basically you can't beat him. You can try, and he'll applaud you for trying but yeah... you'll lose all your money.

Everyone always thinks ‘Oh, it’s Louie, he’s the bad luck triplet, he’s easy money’ but nah, son, poker is one of the few things that never blows up in his face. 

Gladstone probably attributes that to his lessons, and Louie does too (also, I have this headcanon that Louie has some sort of lucky charm he got from Uncle Gladstone, like a necklace or something, so he probably relates it to that too), whereas Scrooge is just proud of his skills, and wants Louie to realize that it’s not always up to luck.


[sweats] since i ended up bringing this up in the gal.ra server…

i’ve been giving this some thought for a pretty long time and i guess it’s better late than never, but may i ask everyone to try not using he/him pronouns for kovir anymore? i’ll update the dossier page accordingly, but from now on kovir will go by they/them and she/her exclusively.

tbh I’m bitter that Noah isn’t a LI but Connor, a guy who I believe has been confirmed to be in college or older, is possible to date