he's like oops better not

Imagine the Minyard-Josten rivalry, except with Kandreil.

  • the press is all over the rivalry
  • so ofc they need to ask the past foxes about their relationship
  • matt and dan are like “oh yes they’ve always hated each other”
  • nobody picks up on the sarcasm
  • aaron’s just like “no comment”
  • renee goes along with it
  • allison only says “i won so many bets because of them you don’t even know”
  • nicky is too busy laughing to say anything
  • then there’s kevin

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The Inspector to see you, Miss Fisher.


i still can’t decide how exactly i want to draw eridan’s hair and ear fins…. will test out with diff styles more and see how it goes. but ehhh here’s a trial ver. and bling!pora lmao

i still haven’t read homestuck yet but i love this asshole yeah idk either

Drew this in response to this ask vvvvv

Then it became 3:30 am and I was like….ok…quick shading, post it, and finish it tomorrow….

My eyes are so tired I’m seeing double!!! :D

Gaster!Sans by @borurou

I genuinely hope panic! can find their feet with this next album. I hope they stick with the current members as they stand, and stay that way for a good few years and a good few albums, because brendon deserves to keep his buddies this time around.