he's like oh my

Jumin: Did you try the back camera

based off a vine from eons ago// (a sequel to V’s selfie post, click!)


today a son and mother came to my work today and when he entered the store i thought he was soooo cute lol and he suprisingly talked to me first and said he liked my black denim coat and he started talking about himself which i learned hes from detroit and he goes to nyu and isnt sure what he wants to major in. he was sooo cute and before he left he said btw my name is carter whats urs? i said my name was iris and i explained how it was my first day working here and hes like oh really cool ill be sure to come visit the store more often and then shook my hand and im like scream 

Huh. That’s…. a lot more color and modern looking I expected.

Is this a flashback episode? 

From before they actually went into the unkwnown?

Oh hey it’s that girl he liked he mentioned. Back in… episode 5? 6?

Oh my god did he record some songs for her? That’s adorable.

Ohhhhh wait is that his hat?

Is he making a costume for some reason?

So it’s basically a mix between some kind of condutor’s uniform and a santa hat.


Wirt does’t actually live in that era. He has electricity and tape players.

And yet everyone he’s met in the unknown has reflected his fashion in their lifestyle.

The Unknown is some sort of metaphor isn’t it.

i was in a lyft with this guy who just moved to portland and we were talking about LA and i was like “the whole place kinda smells like piss” and he goes “ohhh… oh my god it does… holy shit i never realized that”

my like .. great uncle Ish or whatever is like an interviewer and he keeps talking about how cool and sweet mark hamill was bc he like Just met him and its like Oh my god please … let me meet hi

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I watched this show during the summer called "The Great British Bake off" (I think you would like it if you haven't seen it b4) and there was a contestant on the show named Tamal and he was your Roul in every way, he looked like him and also had the same type of personality. (I want to send you a picture soo badly but my computer won't let me :-( I hope you can check it out when you get a chance, because they r just so similar!)

WAHHH I have heard of that show and it sounds really fun! Oh my ghost, haha–CUTE! He’s like a gem fusion of Daroga and Raoul…too cute.

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funny how louis apparently has this super random penguin tattoo, that he doesn't even know why he got, yet he has still hasnt got a tattoo for his child who we're supposed to believe he 'loves' very much and has been alive almost a year, its almost as if he doesn't have a child

remember when he was papped with The Plaster and antis were like “oh my god he totally got an F on top of his hand” asjadsjkjkdsakjsad good times

WFH/5H @ PCAs Reaction vid

Idk why this made me laugh, but this guy, maybe a minute in during the performance, was like “wait, aren’t they supposed to be five? Huh… I’m pretty sure there are five girls in the group… FIFTH harmony, yeah they’re definitely five… Maybe the other girl is sick or something…” 😂😂😂

And that part when he saw normani and claimed she is his fave… But when it was Dinah’s part he was like “oh wait no, SHE’S my favorite!! That’s Beyoncé’s daughter!!”

I love people who aren’t aware of the fandom drama reacting to 5h vids 😛 it’s so pure and innocent lol.

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imagine taking a shower with alien!g with the intention of some ~slippery sexytimes~ but he's so fascinated by your shower stuff that he wastes all the hot water squishing lush shower jelly for like an hour while you fake being annoyed but secretly find it really cute

Oh my god. Like he’d just be mesmerized by the texture of the jelly and just giggling when it jiggles in his hand and Y/N is just off to the side like “I can’t believe I just had sex with him…” while smiling at him

IM LAUGHING AT THE THOUGHT OF JOTARO HAVING THAT TATTOOED RIGHT ON HIS ASS like hes gonna let someone raw him/peg him and they pull down his boxers to see his ass and its like joTARO what IS that

oh thats carl hes my buddy