he's like my only rapper bias

beginner’s guide to bts / bts member profiles

so this is a little something for those of you who are considering getting into bts but don’t know much about the members yet and want to. i know i have some followers who don’t follow me for bts, so this is kind of an explanation of that other group i flood your dashboards with. i might make a seventeen version of this later idk


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  • real name: kim seokjin
  • born: december 4th, 1992
  • blood type: o
  • role: vocalist, visual
  • is very handsome (knows it)
  • his shoulders are… yeah. what were we talking about?
  • doesn’t get many lines for god knows what reason
  • is the mom of bts, basically
  • has a pink flip phone
  • i’m not kidding


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  • real name: min yoongi
  • born: march 9th, 1993
  • blood type: o
  • role: rapper
  • fandom calls him lazy often
  • is not actually lazy
  • i will fight you (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • is said to look like woozi from seventeen


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  • real name: jung hoseok
  • born: february 18th, 1994
  • blood type: a
  • role: dancer, rapper
  • fluffy, pure
  • happy, excited
  • god bless (◡‿◡✿)
  • is often referred to as ‘hobi’, for future reference

rap monster:

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  • real name: kim namjoon
  • born: september 12th, 1994
  • blood type: a
  • role: leader, rapper
  • v smart
  • speaks english
  • probably has an incredibly deep outlook on life
  • wicked tall
  • converse enthusiast


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  • real name: park jimin
  • born: october 13th, 1995
  • blood type: a
  • role: vocalist, dancer
  • delightful little dork
  • jungkook enthusiast
  • high notes 👌
  • ‘smol’ but not really


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  • real name: kim taehyung
  • born: december 30th, 1995
  • blood type: ab
  • role: vocalist
  • manages to find + hold any baby within a five kilometer radius
  • does that thing with his tongue that you thirst after
  • is actually the cutest little button offstage
  • least likely to be called by his stage name
  • the only vocalist who’s not a tenor
  • haaaands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • okay i need to stop my bias is showing


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  • real name: jeon jungkook
  • born: september 1st, 1997
  • blood type: a
  • role: vocalist, dancer, rapper, maknae, wearer of white t-shirts, owner of many asses, motherfucker, bias wrecker, naked sleeper, leg-spreader (or so he claims)
  • he does everything really, hence the nickname ‘golden maknae’
  • many will claim he is afraid of girls in general, but i’ll let you watch him interact with some fans and you can determine that for yourself
  • actually very tall for a fetus

dwayne “the rock” johnson:

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  • real name: ace lovetrousers
  • born: may 2nd, 1972
  • blood type: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • role: is not a member, but you didn’t see this ending coming, did you?
You wanna know what a bias ruiner is?

Well sit down and pay attention cuz here’s an example for ya

This here is Suga (Min Yoongi) from Bangtan

He’s the cool rapper guy with a lot of swag. And your like yeah he’s pretty cool, but then

He has these outbursts of cuteness when you least expect it

Hes got a cute smile but is handsome at the same time and hes also

really down to earth. He’s actually pretty blunt, honest and also pretty entertaining even when hes not trying lol. He’s really talented (as all the BTS members are) passionate about his music too. Music is his life!

He can also do this ^ lol

personally my bias from Bangtan is actually J-Hope, but its honestly actually really hard to make a bias list in Bangtan….like for realz. Its a legit struggle.

I know I’m not the only ARMY who’s having this bias ruiner prob either xD 

the struggles of a K-Pop fan~

Suga Scenario~

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-Admin C (;


You are currently with Eric Nam doing an intro for the show after school club. You’re a co-mc along side with Eric, and today the guests are Bts. You are a huge huge huge fan of Bts and everyone knew it. “Yeah thats right everyone bts is in the house today” You said next to Eric. “Hey better watch out I hear were in danger” Eric joked. “No but for real everyone give it up for bts” He said as the boys made their way into the camera shot. Hellos, and Hi’s were exchanged along with some handshakes and hugs. 

Your bias is the one and only Suga, and of course since you are pretty close with Eric, he knew. You are also a rapper/singer, your career took off really well, you’re working on your first mini album and you just so happened to land a spot on ASC.

After the beginning of the show, you finally got to the part were the boys can talk to the fans via video chat. “Okay here is Jen from the Tucson, Arizona. Also my hometown by the way” You said smiling. “Jen what would you like to say to the boys” you asked. Jen continued her little talk to the boys after a while I piped In. “Okay Jen its nice seeing you, before you go is there anything you would like to request or ask bts” you asked. “Yes, I have a question for Suga” She said smirking. Suga smiled and motioned for her to continue “Who is your favorite female solo artist and why?” She asked. Suga smiled shyly after you translated for him. You noticed everyone around him smirking a bit. “y/n i-is my favorite” He said with his cute accent. You cheeks flushed red. “B-Because she’s really talented and she extremely pretty” Suga said with a big smile plastered on his face. You turned a deeper shade of red.

“Aww thank you” You replied smiling. “Isn’t this a coincidence because Suga’s y/n’s bias” Eric said smirking. You eyes widened and once again you flush red. Lightly smacking Eric on the arm “Eric!” You glared. “Alright Jen thank you for tuning in and have a wonderful day” I said changing the subject. Everyone said goodbye to the fan. To sum it up, you were so embarrassed, especially when Eric decided to pip in.

After the show was finally over, Eric knew what was coming. The second that camera shot went off he went running. “Eric!” You yelled chasing after him. “Im sorry I had to, it was killing me” He yelled running behind the camera men. “I’m literally going to kill you” You yelled. “No you’re not, you love me” Eric stopped smirking. You glared at him. “Oh come on at least you know he favorites you back” Eric said placing an arm around your shoulder. You hit him in the stomach smirking. “Yah! cut it out we have to go take the pictures with the guests” Eric said groaning.

Everyone gathered up and took a group photo, then singling out so each mc gets a picture with each member. Rapmonster walked up to me smiling placing an arm around my shoulder handing the photographer his phone so he could take a picture with it also, i followed doing the same. The processes is, you do a couple of poses, the photographer takes em with his camera, then more from the phones that are given to him. “You Know,” Rap monster said in between poses. “Suga has a huge crush on you” He continued. Switching Your pose to you about to kiss his cheek, but you really couldn’t because he’s so tall and you’re shorter. “Really” You asked excitedly. Rapmonster bent down a big so you could actually kiss his cheek. “Yep he talks about you all the time” Switching poses you hugged his waist and he hugged your shoulders. “You like him too don’t you” He said smirking. “Maybe” You giggled. “Well you should be up for a surprise in the next few minutes” He smirked once more. “Wh-” You were cut off by the camera man shouting “Next” The next was Jungkook, Then V, Then Jimin, Then Jin, Then once it came to J-Hope you looked back to see Suga nervously waiting his turn. J-Hope wrapped his arms around your waist and you wrapped your around his neck for the first pose. “So I understand you like Suga” J-Hope said as you 2 switched poses. “Is it that obvious” I asked. “Yep” He said popping the ‘p’. He placed his lips on your cheek and you ruffled his hair. “But don’t worry, something goods about to happen” He smirked. “How many of you are going to tell me that goodness. You all are making me nervous” You growled as you switched to the final pose. “Next” The camera man yelled out. Your face flushed a light pink when Suga appeared next to you. “Hi y/n” He said smiling. “H-Hi” You replied shyly. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder and you wrapped yours around his waist. He kissed your forehead and you blushed. “So I was uh wondering if maybe-” He said inbetween the next pose which was you both standing with his arms around your shoulder and your still around his waist, smiling into the camera. “Maybe what?” You asked smirking moving into the next pose. “Maybe if after this you would like to hangout, like go get some food or something” He asked nervously. You Smirked wrapping your arms around his neck and placing your lips on his cheek, a little closer to his lips than they should have been. “Does that answer your question?” You giggled and he turned a shade of red. “Okay that’s a wrap” the photographer called out “Wait!” Suga said. “One more picture on my phone” He begged. The Camera man smiled as he took his phone. Suga smirked. He placed his leg behind yours and before you knew it you were about to fall but Suga placed an arm around your waist and one on your upper back. You wrapped yours around his neck and for what seemed like forever you were staring at each other. “When do you think they’re gonna realize that the guy already took the pictures” Eric said to Rapmonster. Rapmonster laughed “They’re gonna make a great couple”


AAC2017 (DAY 1)

Day 1: Who is your bias?

– My bias is the one and only daddy Rocky!
– Park Minhyuk is my bias because I like rappers and dancers. He’s the embodiment of my dream man so of course he’s my bias. PLUS what always keeps me loyal to rocky is watching his Go Back dance from TBC.
– I love his swag anything and everything about Rocky! There’s too much to list off about him. I’ll do it simply. Smile. Eyes. Face. Hair. Hair Color. Personality. Height. Style. Voice. Name. Hobbies. Eyebrows. Nose. Mouth. Forehead. Chin. Cheeks. Jaw. Ears. Music Taste. Age. Birthday. Vibe. EVERYTHING. Rocky Swag. RockShel Swag.
– Okay, I created RockShel Swag. It’s Rocky Swag combined with Shelby Swag(me). It’s the ultimate level of swag someone can achieve. Rocks are similar to Shells if you think about it, so try to tell me we’re not made for each other and I’ll blast you with our swag.

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Can I ask for a jealous Jin smut? You are Jin's girlfriend and he knows that Suga is also your bias and Jin gets jealous every time you and Suga talk?? It doesn't have to be a super long scenario at all.


“He is just my bias, that’s it and you’re my boyfriend. That’s better than being my bias” I turn and look at him as I close the bedroom door behind me. “No need for you to be Mr. Grumpy butt just because I’m talking to him”

Jin turns around, crossing his arms over his chest “Why can’t I be both your boyfriend and your bias? And I’m not Mr. Grumpy butt”

“You are, but Suga just happens to be my bias as well. I don’t really see the problem with that”

“How do you not see the problem with that?” Jin unfolds his arms and places his hands on his hips, looking a little confused. “If he is your bias that means you like him”

“So, I do like him, but I love you and only you” I walk closer to him “Suga is my bias because I like the way he raps and you know that I’m a sucker for rappers. Pretty much all of my of my biases are rappers. Well except you”

“Wait, was I your bias before we started dating?” He questions “Or did I just become your second bias because we started dating?”

“The second one” I mumble out, knowing that I probably shouldn’t have answered that

“Then why don’t you go date Suga then?” Jin falls down onto the bed “Since he is a rapper and all” He pauses and I can tell he is thinking about something “Then why did you even decide to date me?”

“Because I was attracte-” Before I can say anything Jin smashes his lips onto mine, taking me by complete surprise. 

He starts to lean in more causing me to lay down on the bed as he just hovers over me. His hands caressing the sides of my body as he starts to make the kiss more passionate.

Loving the feeling of his lips on mine, I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him in closer as I just savor the kiss. His lips soon leave mine and they travel down to my neck where he starts to lick and suck on it, definitely leaving noticeable marks. I let out a few moans while having my fingers run through his soft hair as he quickly finds my sweet spot

While his lips are busy with my neck his hands travel down to my jeans where he starts to unbutton them. Once he does his lips leave my neck and he just looks into my eyes as he starts to pull down my jeans along with my underwear. 

Once they are both off he lowers his head down in between my legs getting right to work. He flicks his tongue over my clit making me moan out his name as I just keep my eyes on him. He occasionally looks up as he keeps swirling his tongue around and sucking on my clit. I can feel myself getting close as my moans get a little louder not wanting him to stop the amazing feeling he is giving me, but he does. He sits up with a smile on his face as he starts to remove his clothes. Then when he is fully naked he leans down and kisses my lips softly 

“You’re mine okay?” He looks at me with soft eyes

I nod my head “Of course and you didn’t let me finish.” Jin tilts his head to the side as I just laugh lightly and continue “I agreed with going out with you because I’m attracted to you and only you. Also because you’re so sweet and caring that’s what I love about you. Suga is only my bias because I like his rapping” I pause and a little smile forms on my face “Sure he is cute” Jin lets out a little growl and thrusts inside of me taking me a little by surprise while moaning out in pleasure at the same time.I then slap Jin’s arm “Let me finish” I smile and then continue “But you’re hot”

Jin smiles as he hears that come out of my mouth and he starts to thrust at a slow pace. That is until I decide to make him a little more jealous 

“But you know” I pause and same with his thrusting “J-Hope is kind of hot”

Jin growls once again and starts thrusting again, but this time with power. Snapping his hips hard and fast, hitting the right spot over and over again. Making me feel wonderful. 

Oh how I love a jealous Jin in bed.

Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster of BTS)

First off, I am a newbie A.R.M.Y. I have only started liking Bangtan around early March, when they released their Skool Luv Affair Album. It is extremely hard to pick a favorite in that group, but Jungkook managed to grab the #1 spot in my bias list after a few days of getting acquainted with them. And yes, just like half of the fans, (ARMYs, don’t lie) I never really took notice of Rap Monster.
At first, reading his profile, I was like, o…kay? Leader, rapper, born in ‘94, supports LGBT relationships… Face is average, doesn’t know how to dance… He was okay, I liked him, but if I were to rank the members according to favorites, he would be the last.
But ever since I learned more about their songs and heard No More Dream, I developed this sense of ‘closeness’ to him. I am a consistent honor student, but I haven’t really thought about my future. People pressure me and tell me to go onto this path, that path… It’s really frustrating. And the worst part is, nobody in the family really understood how I felt whenever they try to dictate. So when I heard his story about being in the top but not knowing what to do with his life, I felt connected to him. And seeing how he worked hard to reach his dream and prove something to his parents, it gave me hope thatt maybe one day, I would be able to be successful like him too, even though right now, everything is a blur. He started to inspire me. I always looked out for his interviews and logs to see what he had to say. I also started to admire his mind. I love the way he thinks and sees things. I also watched the video about B-Free dissing him and Suga. It hurt a lot seeing them be disrespected by their fellow rapper but I think they both handled the situation pretty well. He was very mature and calm in his remarks. Because of this, most of the time, I would think, “Ah, he’s exactly how I want to be in the future.”

Then, just recently, I saw the 4Things show, where he talked about his life of being an idol and a rapper. Even though I was really proud of him forbeing very bold and honest about everything, the sadness in his expressions broke my heart. I’ve never seen him so sad before. I just felt like hugging him when I finished watching the show. I felt like I needed to protect him. It may sound so dramatic but he really means a lot to me. It just hurts seeing him in pain alone. He’s been through a lot but he still tries very hard to be strong. Imagine how tiring would that be.

I just wish one day people would see his potential as a rapper and as a person. I also hope he would stay strong, and continue doing well as a lyricist who knows how to touch the hearts of people with his music.
And as a fan, I promise to give RapMon and Bangtan all the love and support they deserve until the very end.


Happy Birthday to the leader, rapper, fashion queen (#KimDaily), God of Destruction and dancer of Bangtan Sonyeondan, Kim Namjoon, known as Rap Monster.

He is not only a great rapper, but an amazing singer, fantastic producer and an inspirational musician. He is an intelligent, kind and talented person, who acknowledges his mistakes, gradually becoming an even better person.

He possesses great leadership skills, is extremely deep and thoughtful, faces challenges instead of giving up.

He is my bias not because of his pretty face (though i do admit he’s also hot), but because of who he is.

On his birthday, I would like to wish him all the best and I truly hope all his dreams come true. he deserves it.Thank you for changing all of our lives.

Happy 21st birthday Kim Namjoon!


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