he's like inspector gadget or something


Bucky x reader

Summary: Just some fun banter between you and Bucky (and a bit of Clint) during a mission.

Warnings: a swear or two.

Word Count: 1400

A/N: oh hey this is my first time posting a one shot. Go easy on meeee

You weren’t entirely sure why you and Bucky Barnes bickered all the time. The arguments never got too heated, the words exchanged were never too harsh, and you didn’t really make anyone uncomfortable with the harmless banter. It had just become a constant about life in the tower.

But despite the back-and-forth between the two of you, you worked amazingly well together in the field. You listened to each other, you were both able to predict how the other would act in any given situation, and you always had each other’s backs. Sure, sometimes one of you would pester the other as you searched through questionable buildings or fought baddies, but it never interfered with your mission.

So the fact that you and Bucky were creeping through a mostly abandoned warehouse just before dusk was par for the course.

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dsgustng  asked:

I think it'd be cool if they made inspector gadget smart and witty but he's still clumsy ? I can't really imagine him being like really cool I still think he'd be a dork and penny would be more of the brains

I’d prefer for him to be somewhat clumsy and a bit of a dork, but still be perfectly capable.  Penny would certainly help out with the planning behind the scenes, but rather than having her save the day practically every time while Gadget is just off bumblin’ somewhere… I dunno, I figure it’d be nice for the main character of the series to actually do something useful rather than just be there for laughs.

based on this text post.

Niall reckons there’s some sort of evil spirit who has condemned his study time to be a failure. Mainly because he keeps getting interrupted, and this time it’s entirely not his fault.

Some genius had thought it would be a great idea to pull the fire alarm at three in the morning. It’s why Niall’s currently standing outside in his pajama bottoms and a thin t-shirt with a sweater draped over his shoulders.

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anonymous asked:

Joshifer Family? Anything you want! You're the queen of Joshifer babies so anything you write will he good!

*** que-sera-sera88 this will also fit the one you sent me awhile ago for Noah getting another sister.***

Lucky Penny

Josh smiled as his mom walked in with his little herd, “Hey boogers!”

Olivia stomped her feet in excitement and wriggled her way out of Michelle’s arms, “Daddy!” she squealed happily, running over to his arms and jumping up and down until he leaned down to scoop her up.

“I do all the work and still I am chopped liver,” Jen mumbled from the bed.

Josh chuckled, “Give mama some love honeybee,” he whispered to Olivia.

“Bzzzz,” she buzzed giggling leaning over to nuzzle her nose against Jennifer’s nose.

Noah stood in middle of the room and assessed everything as he typically did in his quiet nature. 

“C’mon over buddy, we want you to meet the newest edition to the family.”

Noah quietly walked over and hugged Josh’s leg and leaned his head against his hip, “Is mommy okay?”

Josh looked over at Jen and he could already see her eyes welling up with tears, her pregnancy with Olivia had been difficult, and they were both surprised that Noah had internalized that feeling.  Josh squatted down and scooped his son in his other arm, supporting both the three and six year old, “Hey big guy, your mom is doing great, see?”  He said positioning the blonde little boy in his arms.

“Hey honey, I’m fine!  And we want you to meet your new little sister!”

Noah’s mood lightened seeing his mother’s happy face and then he sighed, “Another one?” He asked seeming exasperated.

Josh and Jen both broke out in laughter at his candidness.

“Can’t you go make me a little brother mommy?” Noah asked leaning over in Josh’s arms to get a better look at the baby. 

“Well buddy, we just got done with this one, so not at the moment.”

“We’re outnumbered now Daddy,” he said solemnly curling against his shoulder.

“It’ll be okay buddy,” Josh chuckled.

“I LIKE GIRLS,” Olivia shouted.

“Look Josh, your dream is coming true, it’s your daughter and not your son but…,” Jennifer snickered.

Noah ignored his parents and looked over at the baby again, “She’s okay I guess, can we get a puppy?”

“No, Noah, maybe in a year or two.”

“That’s like forever for me, Mommy.”

Josh and Jennifer shared a look of amusement and then Jennifer spoke up again, hoping to make up for the loss of the puppy, “Do you want to hold your sister?”

Noah slid down from Josh’s arm and stood by Jen’s hospital bed looking at the baby curiously, “I should I’m her big brother.  Someone’s gonna have’ta take care of her.”

Josh got Noah situated in the hospital bed next to Jennifer and took the tiny pink baby from Jennifer’s arms and carefully placed the pink bundle in Noah’s arms, leaving Jennifer to supervise.

“Actually guys Mommy and I need your help,” Josh announced.  Both of the mini Hutch’s faces gave him their attention, “We wanted help from both of you to name her.”

“BIG BIRD!”  Olivia shouted excitedly.

Josh snorted loudly looking at Jennifer, “Shhh Booger, we need to be quiet because your sister is sleeping.”

“Big bird,” she whispered loudly.

“Big bird Hutcherson?” He teased.

“Yes,” she replied matter-of-factly, “She’s kind of boring, Daddy,” Olivia said.

Josh tickled his three year old throwing her over his shoulder, “You were the same way Livy.”

“I’m the life of the party,” she said parroting something she’d undoubtedly heard on TV or elsewhere.

Jen choked on the diet coke she was drinking.

“What do you think, Peanut?” Josh asked walking over to stand by the head of the bed to look at the other three members of his little family.

Noah bit his lip, a trait he had inherited from Jennifer, “I like Penny.  She has a cool dog on Inspector Gadget.”

“Really on the dog train,” Jennifer mumbled to Josh.

They both looked down at the tiny sleeping baby, “Penny.”

“How about, Penelope?” Jennifer said, “Penny for short.”

“Our lucky Penny,” Josh smiled.

Shaming a public figure by making donations in their name is, like, the most liberal thing, and it’s so weirdly empty of internal logic.

Like, Mike Pence isn’t sitting in his office, taking time out of getting ready to take his position as VP to shake his fist as he learns about about how many people falsely attributed his name to their Planned Parenthood donations, and like, we all know this right? We all know that Mike Pence isn’t like the fucking Claw from Inspector Gadget or something, right? 

I mean, shit, does this mean that dude can write all that off on his taxes (if he pays any)?