he's like her hero


Them boys and their girl~ *:・゚✧


also this part cracked me up

to be fair it apparently cracked Uraraka up too

Midoriya’s just like “HAVE YOU EVEN FUCKING MET HIM ”

but then he at least managed to turn it into an inspirational speech about how ~no one’s holding back this is about our dreams gender does not matter~


Why do people not appreciate Tarquin more? I love his character so much.

-He is the only High Lord in history to see past the mask/show Rhysand puts on for everyone. He wanted to be Rhysand’s friend. He looked at Rhys and didn’t see a monster but a man that was trying to protect the other Fae from Amarantha

-He wants to close to class gap between High Fae and “lesser fae” just like Rhysand. He just wants every fae to have the same rights no matter what class they are.

-He is one of the nicest High Lords. He told Feyre about his advisors wanting him to learn how to play games like other High Lords and he said he’s just not good at it. He also wanted to be friends with Feyre and didn’t treat her like she was some hero, he treated her like a normal person. I’m so glad he’s not like the other High Lords

I know he sent the blood rubies but I think he just did that out of anger and because he was hurt. He wanted to have one friend among the High Lords who wasn’t playing some stupid game with him, and he feels betrayed by Feyre and Rhys. I hope their conflict is resolved in ACOWAR and they become friends.


Summary: In which Draco becomes friends with the golden trio in first year and seven years later he’s hopelessly in love with Harry.

Word Count: 14.6k

Includes: smut yo

you can also read on ao3

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Marinette Cake

Marichat May Day 2: Purring

Ao3 Link || Other Works

Summary: Chat Noir was very hungry.

And Marinette smelled nice.

Really, really nice.

Meant to be a short drabble, became longer and lead to an identity reveal. Oh well, it was fun to write. c: Hope you enjoy!

Chat Noir was just going home after a lunchtime akuma, and he was starving. He could feel his energy draining from him, and if it weren’t for the suit, he’d probably be collapsed somewhere, starving to death. Then he would die and his father would be arrested for parental neglect. Ladybug would never know what happened. His classmates would mourn…

Speaking of classmates.

He stopped on top of the school when he caught a glimpse of one Marinette Dupain-Cheng, holding a sack of flour on her shoulders. She and her father seemed to be unloading some sacks from a delivery truck right outside their bakery. He watched as Marinette put down her sack next to a small towering pile and roll her shoulders as she entered the truck to grab another one, passing her father who had one sack on each shoulder.

He whistled as she easily hoisted another one on her shoulders, impressed. He never knew she was that strong. She always looked so small and soft that seeing her easily carry a sack of flour that was half her size and probably twice her weight was quite a nice surprise.

Chat Noir would be a terrible hero if he didn’t go down there to lend a helping paw. Maybe he could ask for a croissant as repayment. Just one. He was just so hungry, and they were nice people so they’d at least give him one, right?

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I’m gonna make it a series, it’ll be called People Who’ve Barely Said A Word In Canon And Yet I Love So Very Much Anyway


TID APPRECIATION WEEK (day 1, favorite character)

He had the most beautiful face she had ever seen. Tangled black hair and eyes like blue glass. Elegant cheekbones, a full mouth, and long, thick lashes. Even the curve of his throat was perfect. He looked like every fictional hero she’d ever conjured up in her head.

extension line

standalone; nc-17; msr; SMUT, seriously smut, angst, hurt/comfort; set-post Paper Clip pre-Piper Maru; prompt was “phone sex”. This is phone sex.

A/N: Last time I told people not to read something in public I got a bunch of folks reading it at work. But hey this is heavy NC-17. Don’t read it in public. Or do I guess I can’t tell you want to do. 

A/N2: I told myself I wasn’t going to post this this week because I didn’t want to detract from my very unsexy casefile fic. I’m compromising with a shameless self-promotion. Cool off by reading my casefile! 


He can’t move without knocking over paper. Open files surround him, stare him down and tell him: You are a sad, sad man. Photos of UFO’s, stark white specks on grainy backgrounds – cones, saucers, the trapezoid (spotted only once in 1947 on the coast of Indonesia by a Dutch tourist drunk off Bintang), domes and disks and winged cigars and his personal favorite, but most implausible: the mothership. Scully would tell him Mulder, you’re crazy. And maybe she’d smile a little, tucking it into her fist like there’s a chance in hell he hadn’t picked up on it immediately. But maybe that’s more implausible. The last time she smiled at him he had to literally come back from the dead and hold their boss at gunpoint. Dana Scully is tough to please.

Her sister’s file sits on the coffee table – his copy of it, with the frenzied pen marks and the filled out margins and grease stains where he’d been eating and forgotten to wipe his hands. He’s… technically not supposed to have this. They won’t mark it as an X-File. Shoddy agents doing shoddier work with no clue to what goes on in smoke filled rooms are being tasked with, trusted with, the gravely important feat of bringing justice to Melissa Scully and thereby bringing some goddamn peace to one Special Agent Dana Scully, M.D.

He is tasked with being the bearer of bad news.

In the cosmic light of his fish tank he tries to think about space and nothing else. The mothership last seen in Cartegena Colombia –the city that founded Miss Colombia –did not seem to abduct anybody – was just cruising around – all the cows were okay. And don’t call her she’s at a conference wait until she gets back.

He knows, he knows she is definitely a ‘rip the bandaid off and all the skin with it’ kind of girl. Takes hits stronger than the Federal Reserve. And this isn’t the worst news, her sister can’t die again, but shit. She’s been so… off lately. So angry and unpredictable. Which he likes, just a little, because he is seriously messed up and thinks he’s probably always needed a friend who also lost a sister to an interminable maze of government conspiracy in space and hates herself for it. There is absolutely no doubt in his mind that she does, and it destroys him. He gets it, he lives it every single day of his pitiful life, but he cannot bear to see it in her. He just can’t. It’s like watching your hero die of a horrible disease or a slow motion car crash or the sun dying out right before your very eyes. And yes, it’s possible he has her on some kind of pedestal.

Don’t call her, he repeats to himself, a warning and a mantra. It’s a little funny, because he thinks about calling her pretty often now, tragic details about murdered siblings aside. She’s hilarious and throaty and way more willing to talk to him about his favorite science fiction technologies at night, way more willing to weigh in on whether they’ll actually be possible in the near future. On the phone she is wearing sweaters with her hair pulled back drinking a glass of wine and thinking only about what’s going to happen when she sees him in the office tomorrow, where they’re going to go. Don’t call her.

She calls him.

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Requested by @samascara
Tommy falls in love with blind Reader.
Warnings: Fluff, Angst.
Hope you guys enjoy! Feedback is very much appreciated!

Note: I didn’t do much research for this Imagine, I also thought that in this time-period it would present more struggles for a blind person and their family than it would in today’s day and age. I figured the “reader” would need to have some sort of dependency on others – but also struggle with needing to be independent as well. Also, I kind of tried a weird point of view in this (I feel like it’s a little muddled but I tried to convey two inner monologues for two characters at the same time.)


You woke up to a loud commotion outside your window, screaming, shouting, some sort of loud engine, sirens and bells ringing urgently and steadily.

“Gilly?” You spoke up, feeling around the side of your bed for your walking stick. You felt for your sister in her bed, but only found the sheets and duvet to be empty – bed still made from this morning.

Gilly must have stayed out late dancing and drinking again. You shook your head and moved across the room to your door – but when you touched the door knob, a searing pain shot throughout your palm and fingers – causing you to let out a scream.

“GILLY?!” You yelled frightened, you couldn’t tell if you were bleeding or what even bit you. You put your uninjured hand against the door, an intense warmth enveloped it – you could only pick up the sounds of unknown objects shifting and shuffling on the other side of the door. It only took you a split second to realize that what you were hearing was furniture, walls and floorboard – crackling as the deathly heat began to overtake your flat.

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I just needed to rant about Karamel a bit so...

That first moment Mon-el arrived on the show, I knew what was going to happen. I know they were going to pair him with Kara. Say what you want, but I knew. I’ve seen it before, on so many shows it’s unbelievable. The white, male love interest seems to be the standard for ruining good, family shows like Supergirl and Once Upon a Time.

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Okay so the more I watch the Luthors promo and the more interviews are released saying how Kara is the only one who believes Lena and is fighting for her, the less I believe Lena is bad, let alone has been bad all along.

One, there has literally been nothing in the show to support Lena having always been bad and Melissa Benoist herself said in an interview that Lena has just been trying to do good and not follow the Luthor legacy.

And two, there’s been an upsetting pattern this season of Kara not being able to trust her feelings or having her feelings thrown back in her face. It starts when Clark is in town and Kara is so excited about possibly leaving National City to be with him before Alex has to put her foot down and remind Kara of how she was abandoned by Clark to the Danvers.

(Talk to me about how Kara probably feels like she abandoned him first. Talk to me about how Kara starts the season wanting to leave National City, then the writers put her in an isolation story arc that probably ends up with her leaving National City. Talk to me about how Kara has now talked about being abandoned by all members of her Kryptonian family. How she talked about her very personal abandonment issues with who she thought was her sister and then was ridiculed about them by the white Martian. But don’t talk to be about it because it makes me sad. But do.)

Then the whole James thing. There was a season of build up where Kara knew she liked him romantically and then suddenly, one day later, the writers want to make room for Man Baby so they make her doubt her feelings she knew to be true just hours ago. Whether you shipped those two or not, that was so wrong. There were so many ways to maturely deal with that situation if the writers didn’t want them together but they were not having it and decided that Kara flip flopping on her feelings was a good enough reason. (Not to mention James and Winn hiding the whole Guardian situation from her. Another example of Kara’s trust being one sided).

Which bring us to mon*l. I’m gonna try to keep this short because he just makes me so angry but Kara spends most of the season’s first half doing her best to help him and having all her attempts just thrown back at her until guess what, he likes her!!! And wants to be a hero so he can get the girl!!! And his habit of putting Kara on the defensive regarding her feeling for him. Saying that he knows she doesn’t care about him, which makes her have to defend that she does. Or answering her question about his date with Eve by saying you rejected me, which the tone itself is just guilt inducing. And more eloquent people than I have written great essays about why he is bad news so I’m going to stop here before I get angrier.

And Alex. First of all, I love Alex. She is amazing. And I firmly believe that the white Martian must have still been possessing her when she went over to celebrate Kara’s Earth Birthday and gave her baby sister the advice to take a chance on mon ew because that moment was so OOC I would’ve laughed if it wasn’t such a transparent attempt at making Kara not trust her own feelings yet again. Earlier that episode, Kara had made it abundantly clear that she did not return man hell’s feelings. That she did not think they were a good match. That she didn’t respect him as a person. Alex knew all of this. And still the writers chose to interrupt what would have possibly been my favorite Danvers sisters moment with their attempts to try and place mon ew into nearly every facet of Kara’s life so that she has no choice but to be around him. Kara herself says  the reason that she wanted to go all out celebrating her earth birthday this year is because she loves spending time with Alex and wanted to remind Alex how much fun they have together. Because she was terrified that Alex was slipping away from her and Kara couldn’t take losing the one person that made her feel like earth could be a home for her. And two seconds later, Kara’s very real fears are invalidated and instead become about how she went all out planning earth birthday because she was trying to ignore her feelings about mon*l. What. What? I’m crying y'all.

Now Lena Luthor. Sweet, sweet Lena. I have not hidden the fact that I adore Lena from anyone but this is because the writers have created such a compelling character seemingly by accident. And not only is Lena an interesting character on her own (she’s a Luthor, that name carries a heavy weight in the Super Universe) but Lena’s storyline is the only one that helps Kara’s own story. Kara has barely had a storyline this season and has taken a backseat to further prop up man hell’s story. This trope is horrifying enough even without mentioning that the protagonist is getting secondary character treatment because of a boy. But this is where Lena becomes the writers’ saving grace because while man hell just takes and takes from Kara, Lena’s story only adds to Kara. The sheer amount of parallels between these two women is shocking and from their very first interaction, the audience is shown just how alike Kara and Lena are. Both adopted and thrust into a life very different from what they’ve known, both have a relative they are constantly compared to and whose shadow they can’t seem to escape from, both have been betrayed/hunted by family members they adored, and as Kara will later figure out, both of their family’s legacies are ones of destruction. The Luthors tried to exterminate all alien life and Alura let Krypton burn when she could have possibly saved it while Zor El created the Medusa virus to kill all of Krypton’s enemies.

The two of them have so much weighing them down. And the most beautiful thing is that both of them did not let the past get in their way and instead are trying to do better. Lena used to lecture Lex about his actions and is trying to make L-Corp a force for good. Kara finally embraced the part of herself she tried so hard to hide and became Supergirl to help others. And both of them have been nothing but kind to each other and have shown interest in developing a proper friendship between them. And they trust each other. They trust each other so much. Lena jumps at the chance to help Kara/Supergirl and Kara believes in Lena no matter what. This is how you add a character who can thrive on their own and help raise the protagonist up. And I’m sure it was an accident on the writers’ part because none of these amazing parallels are being explored. Not to mention I don’t think they expected how shippable the two would be or that Melissa and Katie would have such great chemistry.

TL:DR because wow this got long: Kara is Lena’s only friend and at this point in the story, it seems that Lena is Kara’s only friend as well and if the writers actually take the one aspect of Kara’s life that she has no doubts in and is Man Hell free and turn it into Kara yet again being wrong and having her trust abused by someone she cares about or worse yet, Lena dying for that oh so cliche shocking character death, then the writers will have truly lost all respect for Kara and I can’t stick around to see that.

ok but imagine - yu yu hakusho 90s AU

Ok it’s super late but im highkey emotional about everything and I started freaking out about how Qrow was sleeping?
Like you’d expect him to be the type to just pass out, be sprawled facedown or w/e
But he’s all curled up? His face is in his hand and he’s under all these blankets and everything is super Soft and I’m crying bc of that one post talking about how he’s a very vulnerable character and this shows it?
Like he’s supposed to be this Badass ™ and probably passes out drunk all the time so the way he sleeps would probably ordinarily reflect that somehow
But instead of being all slumped and smashed facedown he’s all curled up and precious with his damn cheek in his lil hand and he doesn’t adjust his position when he sees Ruby like he wants her to see him as a hero but he’s all curled up and precious and in a literal very vulnerable position and JFC the art department thinks of everything the animators insist on hurting me I’m crying I love him so much and I’m literally just word vomiting but I can’t think of anything else to say other than I love Qrow, I love how he’s this perfect deconstruction of The Badass Who Works Alone, and I have nothing better to do than cry over how a guy sleeps

Nevy's not so nice, and Gil has memory problems

So just throwing this out there, we know that Nevy is the only demon with total amnesia. Maybe there’s an explanation for this, but I then noticed that missing memories are a recurring trend in Gil’s story. He talks about his old friends- one of whom supposedly was his roommate (and who in flashbacks overheard him talking with Nevy, so you’d think that’d be a little memorable). But they don’t remember him, at all.

So that got me thinking. What if there’s another reason Gil’s friends forgot him- another reason Nevy can’t remember her past. I noticed that although Wrathia can directly possess Ava to force her to behave differently, we don’t see any hint of this ability with ANY of the other demons- even Odin and Perdi, even though Perdi admits he wants Odin to die. So what if each demon has different pre-contract powers- Wrathia could possess Ava, and Nevy’s power might have something to do with memory.

Think about it. If Nevy’s power backfired on her in the past, it could explain her total amnesia. Furthermore she’s the demon of Envy- and she’s very protective of Gil. If she was jealous of his friendships with others, she could alienate him from his friends by making them forget him. Driving him closer to her.

That alone was enough to make a theory, but then I noticed that there are some… details of Gil’s story which seem to be there to indicate that he’s not very smart or talented. But with this theory they become much more sinister.

First, there’s Gil’s entrance exam in chapter five. Notice that while he’s taking the test he says he studied for days, but he just can’t recognize the material. When he sees Nevy he curls up and prays for her to go away, showing that at this point he still thinks she’s not real. Except then Nevy gets him the answers- she saves him, and from that moment on their relationship takes a 180 turn.

Now think about this scene with the idea that Nevy has memory erasing powers and she wants Gil to herself. At a time when Gil tried to ignore Nevy, the only way she was able to get through to him was by helping him- when he lacked information. When he lacked information on a test he supposedly spend days studying for. When he- as anyone who’s been a high school student can tell you happens with many tests- forgot what he studied.

Suddenly the entire thing seems less like a heartwarming moment and more like a ploy on Nevy’s part to gain control over her new host. If she can wipe Gil’s memories, she could have removed his memories of what he studied (or just tampered with his ability to retain information while studying) and put him in a situation where he NEEDED a hero- where he needed her. She comes out looking like a hero to Gil.

There’s more, though, especially if Nevy accidentally used her powers on herself. Because if her memory loss was accidental, that implies she can’t control her powers very well- and she might be using them on Gil unintentionally, the exact same way she first used them on him intentionally.

More specifically, Nevy might be unknowingly meddling with Gil’s medical studies. Look at Gil’s horrendous first aid- many people pointed it out, but you’d think that the so very basic mistakes he makes would have been covered in the textbooks he’s read, if not during actual practice (as he’s said to have held a job during his studies, we can probably assume it’s related to medicine). Unless of course his poor knowledge has supernatural causes.

Even if Gil’s just a really bad student, I still think Nevy manipulated his friends memories at the very least.

Brother spending too much time at the lab? Do you miss him dearly but you can’t bring yourself to say it? Cling to his leg and prevent him from moving out of the house for the day. That’ll solve the problem, because he certainly can’t drive his moped with you latched onto him like a koala. 

Mini-Baymax also likes to help, for the ‘please stay home today’ double-whammy