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RFA + V and Saeran reacting to an MC who is addicted to gardening or collecting houseplants?

•he likes it!!
•he falls into it quickly and the shared apartment quickly becomes covered in plants, the balcony too.
•he likes naming them!
•probably calls the plants their children

•he thinks its cute
•comes to really like cactus and eventually has them all over the bedroom and windowsills (along with other plants)
• names the cacti
•is unfortunately allergic to some plants, so they gotta be selective from now on

•also quickly picks it up as a hobby, but controls the amount so her house doesn’t become a botanical garden
•puts lil plants in coffee cups
•definitely has a green thumb
•brings little plants to work to keep on her desk (right next to a picture of MC of course!)

•a bit unsure about it at first, but warms up to the whole plant thing
•prob not too good with plants, but tries anyway (please help this man before he kills all the plants)
•probably makes a new room in the house with a glass ceiling just for a garden.
•definitely plants rose bushes with MC

•he likes plants too! But he can barely remember to take care of himself, let alone plants.
•makes a little box garden for MC
•probably gets weird obscure plants from god knows where to give to them
•starts taking care of the plants himself because it calms him down

•he has plants too!! They all have names!
•they combine their collections when they move in together
•there’s so many plants everywhere omg where does it e n d
•it’s like a greenhouse in THE house

•he secretly really likes plants but won’t admit it
•they make a garden and he’s really good at caring for the plants (he actually smiles a bit! But don’t tell anyone!)
•plants a bunch of flowers because the color makes him happy (he will take this fact to the grave)
•likes watching MC tend to the plants, it genuinely makes him happy (he might not even hide it this time!)

lmao so i fell asleep before i could delete the head canon prompt and got a whole lot more characters then i was initially gonna do so I’m answering them all under the cut and in separate posts so as not to clutter <3



What they smell like: He smells mysteriously like oranges

How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): Hinata sleeps sprawled across his bed, legs arms hanging off the sides and a little patch of drool by his mouth. Also he moves. Don’t share a bed with him unless you want to wake up to his foot practically in your mouth. He goes to bed quite early because he’s excited for the next day.

What music they enjoy: Anything upbeat that makes him feel like dancing

How much time they spend getting ready every morning: Like 5 mins getting dressed and 15 mins eating breakfast and trying not to fall asleep at the table

Their favorite thing to collect: sea-shells

Favourite sport: Hmm I wonder

Favourite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): He definitely likes to check out the local food and eat something he’s never tried before

Favourite kind of weather: Sunny! 

A weird/obscure fear they have: He doesn’t trust crabs, they creep him out

The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: any dancing games

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Hello! You're so amazing! Could I have Kuroko, Kagami, Takao, Murasakibara, and Akashi moving into their first home with their s/o? Cute things like not being able to find where the silverware or bedding is and all the boxes.

Sure thing, bae, but I already have a post out like this for Murasakibara that I wrote up in the start of this blog, so you can go ahead and check that out under his tag whenever you’d like~!~<3 It’s fluffy, too, so it’s all good vwv

Hope you like your request, bae~!~<3))


“Yes, ______-kun?”

“Have you seen my box of pajamas around anywhere?”

You poor thing. After you and Kuroko had finally managed to get all of your boxes into your new home, you could barely find anything you needed the moment you needed it. Really, all you could find was really obscure things like knickknacks and plates and such, but not your clothes! It was already late and gosh you were tired. You just wanted to slip into your PJs to go to bed with your blue headed boyfriend, but your Goddamn pajamas were nowhere to be found!

“Hmm? No, I’m sorry, ______-kun, I haven’t seen it.” He replied, making you groan and flop back into your recently set up bed, glaring at the ceiling. “Nyeh…I’m so tired, Tetsu…I wanna sleep.” You whined, turning your gaze to him as he sat beside you, petting your hair. Instantly, your look softened. “I know. Today has been a pretty busy day with all the moving and unpacking.” Smiling down at you softly, he leaned down and kissed your forehead, already in his white and blue stripped pajamas. “Would you like to borrow a pair of mine for the night?”

You smiled at the thought, nodding to him as you leaned up to kiss his nose. “Okay, that sounds really nice…Thank you, Tetsu~” You cooed in a much happier manner, making his own smile widen as well. After this, he climbed out of bed to retrieve a pair of baggy gray shorts and a loose white top for you from his box set off by the corner of the room. You had changed into it in the bathroom, but they were actually a little big on you. The shirt was fine with a nice baggy feel, but the shorts? Well, they refused to stay up. He had a thing for large pajama clothes. You didn’t really care, though, since it was only for the night, so you just kept it up with your hands.

“Tetsu, your PJs are so comfy~ They smell just like you~” You purred happily once the two of you had gotten into bed together, cuddling into his chest affectionately from beneath the covers. The pale skinned boy blushed at that, but a sweet and fond smile angled his lips regardless of it as he brought you ever closer to himself. “I’m happy you’re comfortable now, _______-kun. I hope you sleep well in them.” He leaned down and gently kissed the top of your head just as your eyes fluttered shut.

“I love you. Sweet dreams…”

Kagami stared into the fridge in your new kitchen with a look of complete distress after the two of you had managed to bring the boxes with your things into the rooms they belonged in. It was late in the afternoon, around six almost seven, and he was starving. After so much work, who wouldn’t be, right? You two had spent the entire day packing up all of your things and moving them into your new home! You both skipped breakfast and lunch, so you were running on empty. Yet, the sight before him was a devastating one.

The fridge was completely empty.  

You whimpered as you looked down into the empty shelves of the fridge beside of your large boyfriend, leaning into him as your stomach let out an especially loud growl. “We need to go grocery shopping tomorrow.” You whimpered, nuzzling into him as he wrapped an arm around you. “Taiga, I’m so hungry, but I don’t wanna go to the market now…! What are we supposed to eat?” Looking down at you, the redhead soon gave you a positive grin after a moment of thought. “I know what we can do!” He let you go for a moment, rushing over to one of the boxes in the kitchen, rummaging through it.

“Babe,” He chimed out once he found what he was looking for. “We are saved~! This was on our door this morning when we got here!” He pulled out a flyer to a nearby takeout restaurant. “We can order takeout! All I gotta do is find my wallet and we’re set!” He looked around, scratching the back of his head. “Now, where did I leave the damned thing…” He grumbled, narrowing his eyes a bit in thought. “Ah, don’t worry, I can cover the takeout for today! Just go find your phone and order for us while I get some money~!” You chimed, immediately brightened up to the concept of food before you rushed off to retrieve your wallet.

In the end, the takeout menu turned out to be extremely cheap, so you both bought a ton of food to last the night and even the day after! Well, if Kagami didn’t eat all of it first~! After retrieving a blanket from one of your boxes, the two of you cuddled in the living room and ate together, happily feeding one another as well. It was a sweet way to end the day together, surrounded by cartons of food and nuzzled deeply in a blanket with you seated upon his lap.

Really, you’re quite the adorable couple.

You and Takao were tired as hell.

It took a lot of work, surprisingly, to move into a new place. Since you had both managed to bring in all of your boxes into your new home relatively early in the day, you two had thought about getting a head-start on putting everything where it was supposed to go. Big mistake. You guys were completely tuckered out! Of course, it seemed like a big mistake at the time since you were just whining on the ground together about how tired you actually were after the extremely long day.

“I don’t want to move…” You whined, having draped yourself horizontally over your boyfriend’s chest, wriggling around a little bit. “I don’t either…” He whined as well, completely sprawled out on the ground with his limbs stretched over, those steely hues of his set on the ceiling. “You know what would be nice, though?” He asked, smiling to himself now. “What?” You responded. He hummed as one of his hands gently rubbing at your tummy in an affectionate manner. “A nice, long, hot bath…I could really go for that now before bed. What do you say? Wanna take a bath with me?” He replied, turning his view down to you with a loving smile. “That…that sounds so perfect right now. Yes, yes I do.”

You guys often did things like that, actually. You two loved taking baths together, though it never took a sexual turn. Really, the two of you just liked soaking in the bath together, cuddling into one another, washing each other gently. It was something about your relationship that you both really enjoyed: the fact that not everything had to be some sexual experience.

So, happy as can be, the two of you gathered your tired selves up and wandered over to the bathroom together where you two had stayed for a good hour and a half. You both just held onto one another for a while in the water, cuddling, almost falling asleep, actually. Thankfully, though, you snapped yourselves out of it before you could at the last ten minutes and spent that remainder of the time actually cleaning up.

Afterwards, he had carried you out of the bath, wrapped up warmly in a towel of your own as he took you to your room. Gently so, he had placed you in bed and dressed you in your favorite pajamas before doing the same to himself. Once he was done, he crawled into bed with you, pulling you to his chest and cradling you against him as his lips repeatedly pecked at your skin. You absolutely adored whenever he got so affectionate like this.

“I’m so happy we finally moved in together…~”

“I am, too~ This all really is perfect~”

“Yeah, it really is…Well, get some rest, ________-chan, you deserve it~ I love you~”

“I love you, too, Kazu~”

Since this morning when the two of you moved into your new home, Akashi has denied any and all access to your bedroom all together. He said he was working out a nice surprise in it for you and didn’t want you to see it until it was done, so you were pretty much stuck in the messy rest of the house while he brought in boxes to your room and took empty ones out. While he had been working in your room, however, you had decided to make yourself busy and unpack some of the rest of your things. At least that way, you wouldn’t be tempted to go sneak a peek at the surprise.

To be honest, though, you were getting impatient~!

You wanted to see what he was doing!

Pouting to yourself at the thought, you leaned up in front of your cupboard to put away the plates you had in the box beside you, a little whine leaving your lips. You were just so excited! It was getting to you again, the thought of what he could be doing. You always did love surprises, after all. In your brooding, however, you hadn’t noticed that the redhead himself had actually come up behind you when you had finished up with all the plates until he wrapped his arms around you from behind.

You let out a surprised squeal at this, jumping, before turning around to face him. He laughed softly in amusement at that, grinning down at you as you pursed your lips at him. “Seijuurou-! You scared me!” You whined. “Ah, I’m sorry, dear. I hadn’t meant to, I swear.” Lying little strawberry. “I actually wanted to come and tell you that the surprise is ready.” Instantly at that, your eyes brightened, excited once again. “Really?! So I can see it now?!” You chimed. “Of course. Now, come on,” He reached down to pick you up bridal style, nuzzling his cheek affectionately on yours. “Let’s go to our new room.”

Walking you over, he made sure to handle you with utmost care, making sure not to let you slip from his grasp as he opened the door. Moving inside, he watched with a fond smile as your eyes widened in complete disbelief, taking in your set up room in all its beauty. All day, your redheaded boyfriend had been spending his time arranging your bedroom to fit both of your likings, sweet photos of the two of you hanging on the wall to give it a real nice feel of the two of you. “So, do you like it?” He asked, sweetly nuzzling his nose against your cheek. “Like? No, I love it~! Ah, Seijuurou, you’re amazing!” You chimed, cupping your boyfriend’s cheeks in your hands before giving him a deep, loving kiss which he happily returned.

You two really were the sweetest couple.