he's like a walking nike add

Matt Espinosa Imagine for littlemissriss119


You sit in your bed scrolling down your newsfeed on your phone. You saw similar tweets, which were concerning Matt.

His last tweet:

US Airways suck, once again. Flight delayed for an hour :(

You laugh to yourself knowing how much your boyfriend hated those airlines. You were happy enough to know that he was coming home today, he’s been busy with many tours lately. You lay on your side as you finally decide to close your eyes. You lay in a light sleep, until you heard something outside of your door. You look up, to see nothing. You shake your head, thinking it was probably the wind or something.

You sigh hoping Matt would be next to you, wrapping his warm arms around your waist, keeping you safe and sound. Missing his presence felt worse. Of course you both facetimed and stuff, but usually the boys would be with him and disturb you both. You continue hearing the small sounds, looking out the window you watch as the trees rush with the wind, leafs flew everywhere as you squinted your eyes; the sun was way too bright for your liking.

You lay your head back onto the pillow, with your hair spread across. Sleeping in for you was probably the best thing for you, considering you always had to wake up early for Matt.

‘Give it another hour’ you say to yourself, hoping for the time to pass. You continue, playing apps on your phone, such as flappy bird, fruit ninja, etc. You kept the sound on high volume to get the full effect, I mean no one was home anyways. You felt as if you blocked almost everything out from your view. Your only focus was mainly on the games that were being played.

You kept failing, groaning as you slam your phone on the bed, however retrying multiple times. “I hate you.” You mumble quietly to yourself staring blankly at the oddly looking bird.

“No you don’t.” you then hear. You turn around almost immiedetly seeing Matt. He had a big smile on his face with open arms for you. You notice the blue beanie he wore, you gave it to him for his birthday. “Matt!” you shout as you jump out from your covers. He continues to smile widening even bigger and bigger. You run into his arms holding him tightly, you smelt his sweet-smelling cologne he always wore, you missed it. You buried your head into his chest as he chuckled. “I missed you, babe.” He says holding onto your waist. You smile big to yourself finally looking up to him.

You get lost in his pure eyes, finally crashing your lips onto his. You stood on your toes as you held onto his shoulders for balance. “Look.” He pulls away pointing to your bed. You turn seeing things that were placed by him. You notice a card, a nike shoe box, and a bouquet of red roses. “Aww.” You squeal running over to the bed holding onto his hand. “Read it” he says as you pick up the card.

“y/n, I know I have been away for a long time, but I’m finally here. I love you and love whenever I’m with you. You supported me this whole time, and in all honesty, I think you are the greatest girlfriend ever. I love you babe!”

You blush to yourself as you read the words he wrote. You cover your mouth with the sleeve of your shirt as you peered down to the card. “I love ya, Matt.” You grin again opening up the box, revealing a pair of Nike running shoes. “We can run together now.” He adds.

“Matt you don’t run.” You remind him jokingly. “I know, but I thought those looked sexy.” He explains. You laugh once again picking up the bouquet of red roses. You smelt the flowers, walking over to him. “Do you like it?”

“Yes, I love it.” You say as he hugs you one more time. He kisses your cheek as you smile large holding onto his broad shoulders. “I lied in my last tweet.” He then says. “Oh yeah…” you say thinking about how his flight got “delayed”.

“I didn’t use US airways this time.”


“They’re shitty.”