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so we had a huge summer reading kickoff event at work and I was in charge of face painting. So a lady and her kid walk up to get face painted and i see the lady has a bearded dragon on a leash in her purse???!!! (which is honestly???? goals?!?!!) anyway, I was like “.… hey not to be weird or anything but can I hold your lizard???????? and that’s how today became one of the best days ever the end


You take your pleasures where you can, when life is good. To expect anything more would be reckless.

Something kind of different for my favorite elf husband! As a side note, if you’ve never read Zevran’s wiki, please do so only if you’re okay with crying about a fictional elf 

Steven Grant Rogers cannot possibly like men, because a combination of Irish genetics and being brought up Christian makes you immune to Catching The Gay. Stay tuned, more to come.

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I saw a post that said: "lowest tier jughead: the one from the newer comic where he's asexual but says a bunch of homophobic stuff to kevin on the same page shit tier jughead: cole sprouse" Is it really true that he says something homophobic? ): And not sure if they with Cole mean the jughead he plays in Riverdale or if it's Cole himself that's problematic? With all the problems just keeping jughead as representation, and Cole seemingly being the only one fighting for us, this made me sad...

Jughead has never said anything homophobic to Kevin that I’ve seen. I feel like whoever made that is willfully taking a panel out of context. Here it is btw:

If one wanted to reach a bit you could say Jughead is saying that everyone else can’t see clearly because of their teenage hormones. However to say this is being homophobic to specifically Kevin is out right lie as he’s making fun of Archie. (But one could also argue this equates the lack of certain hormones to being aro ace, which is old school aphobia in the first place). I mean I could write essays about this comic page and how it’s not a perfect bit of dialogue. Which I’m not to because 1) I’ve seen plenty of people already raise the varied concerns over the years 2) I’m not doing the labor for that OP who likely is a REG anyways. 

Does Cole Sprouse’s Jughead say homophobic things to Kevin in Riverdale? Not in the first two episodes. The tv series is a clusterfuck of homophobia (from Reggie) biphobia (from Kevin) and aphobia (from Reggie). 

Is Cole Sprouse problematic? Probably to some degree? Most tumblr users don’t like him because he (and/or his brother) were super friendly on tumblr for a couple months there were like k that was for our homework bye! And everyone felt ripped off and used. 

I have seen Cole be called out for anti-blackness years ago. But I think all white people passively benefit from USA’s white supremacy, and as far as I can tell this wasn’t a problem that was repetitively called out so I assume he fixed the behavior. But I also think white people need to watch themselves for passive racism all the time so if I see a problem, or see someone else point out a pattern I’ll let you know. 

Cole (again from what I see and I don’t really follow him) isn’t homophobic himself. I’ve seen him say stupid straight shit about “well a label doesn’t make a character” when dismissing erasure. But as far as I can tell he has good enough ally standing that people are like “he’s secretly gay right? Good allies are often gay.” 

TLDR: I think that OP is full of it but here’s everything I know and you can be judge for yourself.


the struggle (x)


He did a repaint. I did an edit. I wish I could do repaints like this 😩😫 

Repaint by IMVU user Vier (he's not on Tumblr)


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For the AU thingy: 5 and either Percico or Solangelo


  • percy is a youtuber. he’s a fuckin gaming youtuber. if you’ve ever watched cr1tikal, that’s basically him, but more ridiculous with really cheesy jokes slipped in every now and again, also a webcam and some hella vlogs. hes really popular becuase he just fucking doesnt react to jumpscares and also is attractive
  • did the markiplier thing where he was called weak and then just took his shirt off and fucking flexed for the camera what a loser (he gained 3k subs from that video alone)
  • ok hes more like if you combined markiplier and cr1t bc hed totally do the dumbass challenges mark does too (read: the fire and ice challenge)
  • he gets emotional on camera when he hits huge subs milestones a la markiplier
  • nico on the other hand runs at least 84 blogs. he’s tumblr famous. he’s like the late tumblr user pizza only he killed someone for the url @/ghost for his main. 
  • he runs like 3 instagram accts
  • basically his main is sad aesthetic, black n white, memes, and selfies. around 1mil followers and half of them are thirst follows 
  • hes so sarcastic @ teenage girls who lust after him (heartbreaker)
  • he runs a drarry fanblog w/ 20k followers
  • also a 21p blog w 40k
  • 3 MCR blogs
  • 2 FOB blogs
  • a shitpost blog
  • so many
  • people love him
  • his instagrams are all aesthetic and selfies
  • he probably does vlogs too and ends up at fuckin vidcon where he and percy both get fucked over (something about a booth mixup)
  • nico is subscribed to percy on a not well known youtube acct that nobody knows is him
  • along the same lines, percy is following nico on tumblr. like on so many of his blogs (percys a FOB fan but secretly gotta keep that rep) 
  • insert fighting and then Friendship
  • turns out they live p close to each other
  • and they start appearing in each others content
  • nicos just in the background of percys videos a lot. making sarcastic comments and shit
  • occasionally coplays with him and does his own commentary people love him
  • percy appears in selfies w nico and various vlogs
  • their first kiss is on camera a la a commenter dare on a truth or dare challenge
  • people ship them so hard
  • when they actually start dating they dont wanna announce it until ONE of them (lookin @ u percy) forgets to cover up a hickey in one of his videos
  • their fandoms explode
  • its hilarious
  • i love youtuber aus

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you know that the penguins golf bag thing is like a huge joke right. don't be gullible; one person's tin hat conspiracy doesn't mean they were trolling trump; they gave him a custom-made gift because he likes to golf. this is just yet another instance of a tumblr user bending over backwards to make excuses for their uwu precious innocent white male faves who've disappointed everyone

lmao get fucked, anon