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Steven Grant Rogers cannot possibly like men, because a combination of Irish genetics and being brought up Christian makes you immune to Catching The Gay. Stay tuned, more to come.

maknae-line on tumblr
  • jimin: when you reblog your own post by accident (−_−;)
  • jungkook: what do you mean "by accident" ofc reblog my own post I'm amazing
  • taehyung: you can reblog your own posts?!!

You take your pleasures where you can, when life is good. To expect anything more would be reckless.

Something kind of different for my favorite elf husband! As a side note, if you’ve never read Zevran’s wiki, please do so only if you’re okay with crying about a fictional elf 


Little Goopster 6th comic in the series.

Eh? Whaddya mean I shouldn’t draw on the rock?! MELON-HEAD! D: YOU DID IT TOO!!!

Melon-head: rawr. D:< MAI ROCK.

*Melon-head and Captain Lone Star fights over the boulder*





*arguing sounds from the distance*

Melon-head: Maxi-angst’s fell goopster comic is coming up next~ :D

On here..is ain’t maxi-angst no more…he’s.. *western music* …just broken. :)

Like many other tumblr users like me and you and others and whatever. -3-

lfthinker  asked:

If you live with the Riddler, you will never able to complete the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. He will, without fail, get to it and complete it every time. If he really likes you though, he'll save you the sudoku.

Tumblr user ifthinker you understand me. I’m so bad at crosswords it’s unreal but I love me a good sudoku…… the perfect arrangement…

Highlights from Gravity Falls Anniversary Stream

Some of my personal favorite quotes and highlights from the amazing Gravity Falls Anniversary Stream last night. Note: Some of these are from the chat, which was just as hilarious at times.

Warning: Long post is long!


Weakness: Ungnome

Lazy Susan is just a genderwapped Toby Determined

(Dipper anxiety noises through most of the end of Tourist Trapped)

*computer voice* Loading: Rainbow Swirls

*computer voice* Gravitational anomaly, fucking shit up

Uh, kids, gotta tell ya’ something…eh….Ihaveabrother *walks away*

That’s MY popsicle you son of a bitch!

The repeated use and repetition of the “We have to kill him/her/them….We have to KILL him/her/them.

*Dippy Fresh voice* Hey Disney, eat a weiner! Hey Disney, eat a d-d-DICK!

Soos, die.

Play Megalovania while I yodel.

His tag is Tag

(about Robbie) Yeah, I guess you could say he got a RUNNING start.


*computer voice* Anomaly in progress, hang onto your hats.

Get in there Racoon Wife! I married ya’ to spite my mother!

(Stream Dissapears on me for a minute, and I come back to this: Now, don’t look for his porn Dipper.

Maybe he’s just taking a really long shit!

Wait! I can swear for real!…SON OF A GUN!

Chat: Ungnomed Grifter at Large

*computer voice* 13 minutes until Hot Pockets….Oop, there goes gravity.

Blubbs: We were in the closet!

*computer voice* Portal to snackland open…5 ½ minutes, and there will be cake. 1 minute until sexy time. Playing Darude’s Sandstorm. I think the timer’s broken. Friendship shattered…Shit successfully fucked up…meme loading

I can’t believe the totem pole is fucking dead.

This is Sandra Mermando.

The repeated use of ant/boot related jokes

Yay, Walmart!

I heard BDSM dungeon, and that’s the only important part.

Moshi Moshi, old man desu.

I hope everyone likes the sweaters. I made them from the hair of my pig!

Together, we’re gonna kill that Bill! (Ha ha, that’s a movie reference!)

I’ll never join you, no matter how much you kinkshame me!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Mutants!

Not the kazoo, you can’t!

Kazoo players are dirty, and they cheat!

Ok, if we die from the impact-…


It’s a friendship circle, and it’s magic.

Hey Stan, youre the last symbol, dipshit (The best part of that , is that line was Soos)

Chat: Spongebob Pines

What happens when lil Gideon cries? (No one gives a shit!)

That was so soon it hasn’t even happened!

*PopelickVA disappears from the stream* I can’t believe Grunkle Ford is fucking dead.

Doodtube Channell

Bipper and Dill

*Rugrats theme on the kazoo*

Yes, cooldude618 is mine!

Sexy NPR Bill

Don’t you nerds know that Homestuck is over?

Ford, I’m freakin’ out! What’s a Homestuck?!

We are definitely stuck Stanley, but it’s not home (But it can be Ford! We can make it a home! You and me together!) Nope, there’s only one solution Stanley…I have to die.

But ultimately we decided to kill me, because I’m more useless.


Guess I was good for somethin’ after all, I killed Homestuck.

I’m still aliiive.

Was her name actually Jeannine?

Oink oink, I’m a pig. Wait, I can’t talk.

There’s a lot of noodles there, wow.


I’m so hip, I’m Hilary Clinton!

Here’s the plan, it’s boats! (Boats?) Boats! What’s that on the roof? (Is it a boat?)

Hug, don’t punch: the moral of the series.

*tearfully* You can go eat a dick, Grunkle Stan!

Ready for this fuckery to end?

Welp, I’ve moved in, time to throw a stag party!

I know we’ll meet again, very briefly at the end of the credits.

Every single instance they made use of the kazoo.

I think that was pretty much everything, but man, that was the best stream ever! Here’s hoping to more Real Time Fandubs!

Report tumblr user thedarkmelodist
He’s homophobic
And a shit more. I know him in person and he seriously needs to knock it off. I’m going to confront him about his behaviour. Please do your part and report him for his wrong doing and his shitty words and his hate.

This is Coppy.

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You can stop this madness.

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