he's like a little stuffed puppy

RFA + V and Saeran with an MC who enjoys stuffed animals.

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Zen thinks it’s adorable honestly, he’ll even add to your collection by buying you little stuffed teddy bears with hearts on the tummies, they usually come with gifts like chocolate or roses.
He tries to win you a little plush puppy out of a claw machine in some arcade but he’s awful at those games, so ended up wasting all his quarters on some slot machines or pinball instead since he’s a lot better at those.
He earns tickets to get an even bigger stuffed puppy for you from the prize counter.

Jumin thinks it’s childish, but honestly he really doesn’t mind it all that much since they’re something you truly enjoying having. Even considers getting himself a couple of plush Elizabeth the 3rds.
However draws the line at sleeping with a teddy bear, makes him feel like he’s being replaced :’)
Goes all out, gets you a big glass case for you to store everyone of them in so they won’t get damaged or Elizabeth the 3rd won’t mistake any of them for a new toy. He’ll even buy collectors items for you instead of just normal plushies.

Yoosung thinks it’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen. It makes him feel like less of a kid honestly, but not in a bad way. He likes to baby you with stuffies galore, his favorites are the fluffy stuffed animals with the ball shape and the big pretty eyes. Totally unashamed to sleep with them too.
After awhile he even develops a slight passion for them, buying a pink turtle keychain-style plushie for you, and a green one for him. You both keep the opposite stuffies on each other’s keychains, he has the pink and you have the green to remind you both of each other when you’re away.

Seven makes a few jokes about how some of those things creep him out just sitting on the bed like that, but he’s fine with your goofy little plushie obsession. Says if you don’t slow down on buying them he might even have to call the TV show ’ My strange addiction, ’ but of course he’s joking. Maybe.
When you two are hanging around Target
( seven basically lives in target honestly )
he’ll buy you the cutest little stuffed kitten that poops out jelly beans. How romantic!

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Okay guys so my boyfriend is like, the sweetest, ever. Two weeks ago he left for a senior trip with his school all the way up the coast to New York and back. This trip lasted 10 days and he knew I’d miss him, and you know what he did? He told me he wanted to bring one of my stuffed animals with him, so it’d be like a little piece of me was on the trip with him. (This stuffed animal is one I’ve had since I was four, he’s missing an eye and his name is Brownie.) Anyway, every day, Boyfriend sent me a picture of brownie to show where he was in the world and all the things they were getting to see. And when he got home, he re-gifted brownie back to me and I’m probably going to frame all the pictures they took. Long story short, this is really friggin sweet and thoughtful and made me miss him a little less???? Y'all. Actual otp okay.


It Came From The Trees -  by whatshouldntbe

“He’s done it again,” Derek says as he stares at Stiles like he’s accusing him of something. “Peter. He’s been in my room. What did he give you this time?”

“Uh,” is Stiles’s intelligent rebuttal. “A grey wolf? But dude—how many stuffed animals do you have?”

“Oh Derek never had a shortage of toys when he was little,” Laura answers. “He likes to cuddle. You could always find him in a puppy pile with a whole animal kingdom of plushies.”

TOPP DOGG / You being scared of dogs...

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So many reactions for my TD babies ;0 I love it! They always need more love! I have been binge watching them the past day lol. I miss them.

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lucio def gives everyone a little goodie for their birthdays, like he knows everyone’s birthdays and remembers to greet them in the morning either in person or w/an enthusiastic text and gives them just a little something

Like junkrat he gives a couple of flowers to and Zarya gets a paperweight that looks like a dumbbell (a weight!! Get it??? They both think it’s hilarious) and bastion gets a little bangle-like bracelet so it won’t get clogged up in her parts (lucio decides that her bday’s the day she came to base since they don’t know when she was made) and he gives 76 a lil stuffed puppy keychain and genji gets a pikachu figure and mercy gets a little desk cup thing to hold tongue depressors

and even symmetra gets a minimalist desktop puzzle thing, like the scrunched up metal things u try to untangle for hours and eventually throw against a wall

And on his birthday he periodically throughout the day receives so many small tiny gifts and he beams at all of them for the rest of the day and bastion made him a cake and instead of him singing they all sing to lucio for once and it’s adorable!!!

Puppy Love


Jongin clutches his stuffed puppy to his chest, eyes trained on the television screen to watch Spongebob. His tail swishes a little, a little smile on his face as Patrick does something funny. Yifan, his owner, went to work in the morning after giving him a kiss and ruffling his hair, telling him to behave during the day. One of his ears twitches a little. He’s probably too close to the television screen for Yifan’s liking, but what Yifan doesn’t know won’t really hurt him. He yawns widely, eyes drooping a little. He really, really wants to go curl up in his comforter (Yifan says he can stay in the bed with him at night and he normally does, but wriggling around in the comforter was one of his favorite pastimes, so his owner had eventually broken down and bought him his own), but he also wants to be awake for when Yifan gets home. He pets his toy a little, barking at it and making it bark in response. Another one of Yifan’s quirks, he really likes to get Jongin anything puppy themed. He’s not human, a dog hybrid, actually, so Jongin thinks Yifan probably just likes to tease him with all the puppy toys that lie around the apartment. He closes his eyes when commercials come, head falling forwards first as he dozes off, only to jolt awake when he rocks forwards. He blinks and crosses his bare legs under him in a different position in an effort to wake himself up a little, boxers riding a little high on his thigh, covered by the hem of his (Yifan’s) giant white sweater. He only lasts a moment before he starts to doze off again, rocking backwards this time before he catches himself, still swaying back and forth through the rest of the episode, which nearly finishes before he hears the snick of the lock and his ears perk up, tail thumping against the floor a couple times before it starts swishing back and forth.