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Family of Strays

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Summary: You sneak something into the bunker that Dean disapproves of. Sam helps you hide it, but what will Dean say when he finds out?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,700

Warnings: None, just teeth-rotting fluff

A/N: This is my fic for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog RomCom Fluff Challenge! Thanks for a great challenge, Mimi! I made it as fluffy as possible! My prompt was “I can’t control her any more than I can control the weather” and is bolded below.

A/N/N: Okay, guys, I swear to god that I had the whole name thing as an HC before Jensen named his son… 

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Nero, Ignis and Noct’s surprise baby!

He’s born when Regis Jr. is 10 years old, and Noctis is 30. When Noct is pregnant they all think the baby is Gladdy’s. But when he comes with tiny little cries and those sea green eyes Gladio is like “Nope. that’s a Scientia if I’ve ever seen one.”

He’s an omega, starry eyed and hopelessly romantic. When he’s little he has a bunch of stuffed animal puppies that he carries around in wolf form and makes little baby nests with. He loves to show everyone what a good little mommy he is.

He really looks up to Leo, and thinks Leo is the best thing since sliced bread. Nero’s favorite stuffed puppy is is a red one that suspiciously resembles his favorite big brother

His first words are “eeeeo” pointing and pulling on Leo’s clothes to be picked up. 

The twins absolutely love playing dress up with Nero, and he’s all too content to changed into whatever frilly outfit the girls deem worthy, and sit down for tea parties to eat the yummy cakes.

When he gets older and it’s time for him to begin training, he learns how to throw knives. He loves to practice with them, and he’s damn good at it too. Soft romantic knife boy.


Reminders of Uncle Ben
  • A tattered, blue and red baseball cap
    • That game was fun. Peter spilled the popcorn everywhere by accident. Ben gave him the biggest hug when their team got the home run. The colorings of the hat are part of the reason the Spidey suit is red and blue.
  • A small, purple dog stuffed animal 
    • Ben and Peter had always wanted a dog, but May knew it was too much responsibility. Ben got Peter the toy as a substitute. When Peter was sad about not having a puppy, he would hug the toy.
  • A drawn-on Lego man
    • Ben always joked about not having a figure that looked like him, so little Peter got a Sharpie and drew glasses on one for him. It was his birthday gift seven years before his passing.
  • An age-thinned note
    • “Nice job, kiddo!” with a smiley face. He had gotten an A on his fourth grade English test that he had been really scared about. May had called Ben to tell him the news, and Ben wanted to congratulate the boy, but he had to leave for work before Peter got home from school. He left the note taped on his bedroom door.
  • Coffee
    • After Ben and Peter would go on trips to the grocery store for May, he’d let the boy get a coffee. He always put three packets of sugar in for him, just how Peter liked it. Peter only puts in two packets when he has coffee now.
  • A song
    • “Salad Days” by Mac Demarco. Ben loved that kind of music, and they’d dance around Peter’s room to it after he got home from school. They played the song at his funeral as per Peter’s request. He can’t listen to the song anymore.
  • His film camera
    • Ben loved photography. He always took beautiful pictures of May, against her will, and goofy pictures of Peter. He always posed by putting his hand on his hip and pursing his lips. He liked it because it made Ben laugh. Now, Peter uses it to take some of his photos and loves the idea of holding Ben’s hand through the surface of the camera.
  • A brightly-colored punch card 
    • “Buy six get one free!” It was from the records store on 22nd, the one that Ben and a 14-year-old Peter used to go to after Ben got off of work. The last hole remains unpunched.

I’m thinking about maybe doing more of these..? Maybe? What do you think? 
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Jokers Daughter Imagine: New Puppy

Request: ( @whatshernamemaria ) Can U Do Imagine Where CP is 7 and gets a dog. 

Joker drove down the street with one hand on the white steering wheel and one hand trying to keep the mut next to him calm. For a brief moment Joker considered driving the purple lamborghini right into a tree just to silence the pathetic little thing from barking. He wanted to pick the puppy up and crush it by the skull, He gripped the wheel tighter and snarled before slamming on the gas and racing through traffic. If I wasn’t so goddamn soft hearted... he growled down at the dog before looking up and having to slam on the breaks. The car in front of him stopped at a red light, amateur, he whispered before pulling his gun out and firing wildly out his window… he 

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A Dangerous Game (Suho Mafia!au fic) Chapter 11 - Torture

Warnings: None

Ch. 1Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8, Ch. 9, Ch. 10, Ch. 11, Ch. 12Ch. 13Ch. 14Ch. 15(M), Ch. 16Ch. 17(M)Ch. 18Ch. 19, Ch. 20, Ch. 21, Ch. 22, Bonus Chapter

When I woke the next morning Junmyeon, to my surprise was still sound asleep on the couch. Shaking my head I went to the kitchen and proceeded to make breakfast. After awhile of being in the kitchen I heard thud and groan followed by a few unsavory words about a headache.

Reaching into the cupboard I pulled out the bottle of asprin and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and as Junmyeon entered the kitchen handed them to him.

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Enemies to Friends to Lovers -Yuto
  • I couldn’t pick which one I wanted to do more so I’m combining them
  • yuto liked to tease you a lot
  • he saw it as harmless
  • you didn’t.
  • he would pick at various insecurities of yours unknowingly
  • like how you always carried a sparkly pink notebook with you
  • “come on, we’re adults, why do you have a baby notebook?”
  • always trying to distract you during class
  • he acted the same with everyone, but it didn’t make you feel better
  • “why do you have a stuffed animal hanging on your book bag what are we seven?” 
  • I have a stuffed penguin on my bag fight me I’m tough
  • its my school mascot go guins
  • you were tired of his shit to be honest
  • he texted you asking you for notes from a class he missed
  • “couldn’t you have texted literally anyone else”
  • “wow ok rude”
  • “really? IM the rude one? all you ever do is sit and make fun of me I’m pretty sure you’re the rude one”
  • “sooooo I take it you’re not going to give me the notes”
  • “fuck off, yuto”
  • he didn’t talk to you for a few days after that
  • but then he came up to you in the halls
  • you braced yourself from his teasing about your stuffed animal
  • but it didn’t come
  • he stood silently beside you until you addressed him
  • “what do you want, adachi”
  • he was very quiet when he spoke
  • “I just.. uh- i… IJustWantedToApologizeForBeingSuchADickToYouAllTheTimeISwearIDidntKnowItReallyUpsetYouIWontDoItAnymore”
  • you’re like ???
  • and you just kind of brush him off
  • but later that night he texts you again

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Title: Your owner


Member: J-hope/Jung Hoseok

AU: Puppy Hybrid

Genre: fluff, smutishhhh

A/N: Okay, this was a request so I tried to keep it the way it was requested. However, I’m thinking about making a second part.. SO EVERY FEEDBACK IS APRECIATED. As is every request.<3 


4 years ago

 19. December

“Dear Santa Claus, this Christmas I want a friend. It can be a furry friend too. Something like a puppy. This year I have been a good girl and I have been listening to my parents. I believe that you will make my wish come true”

Paper after paper, letter after letter. It has to be perfect. Even though I know that Santa Claus is only my precious parents this letter has to be perfect. I’ve been asking for a puppy since I was six. I have a feeling that this year is going to be the year. This year I will finally have my puppy. A brown one, almost red and it will be one of those little creatures that will turn into big guarding dogs.

With the thoughts of my future friend, I ran down the stairs from my bedroom to the living room. My mum was in the middle of heated explanation how the latest book she was reading made absolute no sense while dad was listening and smiling as if he sees mum for the first time. Their love was adorable, their love for pets…not so much.

“It’s done. Mum here. It is even written on Christmas paper. I put a lot of effort in it.”

She smiled at me with her really warm smile that always made me believe that there is hope. Of course she knew what I wanted, because every year I ask for the same thing.

 “I know honey. I’m going to give it to Santa and let him decide. How about that? Now go to bed.” 

“Yes mama. Dad, good night. I love you both.” I feel like this time I made it. This puppy is mine.

Running up the stairs back to my room, I jumped on the bed, curling in the blanket, hugging my little stuffed bunny and dreaming of endless games with my new furry friend, who I was sure I’m getting. He is going to be my little bundle of hope. Hope, this is going to be his name. Hope.

25. December

The moment my sleepy eyes opened, I felt the Christmas rush running through my body. I jumped right through the door of my room.

“Christmas!!!” The shout pierced the air, leaving little feelings of Christmas joy though the air, just like snowflakes.  “Darling, I see you are excited.” really mummy, really?

“Why is that?” “Like every other kid I’m waiting for my present.” Suddenly a loud knock on the door interrupted my I’m still a child speech. “Will you please go to open the door? I’m little busy making Christmas food. Your Grandmother is coming for dinner.”

Opening the door left me with tears in my eyes. He was everything I have ever wanted. He was brown-red, fluffy, small creature that is going to become my big guardian and he was cuddling in my dad’s arms.

“Merry Christmas.” Dad was all big smiles. He hated dogs five days ago, but now he looked so happy as if my mum gave birth again.

Tears from happiness were making a new Niagara under me while I muttered only one word 




 “You are legal. Congrats on being able to buy alcohol in which you are gonna drawn yourself, because you have no boyfriend. Your best friend, Anni.” Read I out load, looking at my best friend, not knowing what to say. “Should I say thanks or should I smack you with the biology book, which by the way is 550 pages.” “I’m only honest. I love you so much, but you have to find yourself a man. Even I, the biggest nerd have a boyfriend.” She said looking at the direction of our legendary football team and particular at the leader of the team, Sehun, who Inna has been dating for almost a year now. “Thank you for reminding me, even on my birthday, that I’m miserable. I appreciate that.” My mood was slowly dying, no matter the fact it was my birthday. “Always here for you. Look, I am saying this as a friend, the only thing you love in your life is Hope and your parents. And Hope is a dog. A big, big dog, but a dog none the less. You can’t expect a boyfriend when you treat your dog like one.” “Excuse you, but actually I prefer Hope to man. If Hope was a man…then he was going to be the perfect man. But he is a dog. So I prefer the dog instead of a horny hormone creature.” Daggers were send my way as my BFF only rolled her eyes and sighed deeply.

Anni, actually, has been my best friend for the last three years and no matter the situation I know I can always rely on her. Through the day she is a good student following the rules, queen of the school, through the night she is the queen of the parties.

However I wasn’t. Parties have never been my thing. Too loud, too sweaty, too many bodies in the same places, too much smell of sex. On party you can meet boys our age, but almost all of them are only horny bastards waiting for a quick fuck.

“The dog can’t bring you the pleasure a man can.” She looked at me with the face *Got you* and she actually did “Don’t you dare telling me you don’t touch yourself at the thought of a handsome stranger ravishing you. I know all your kinks. I have gone through your phone.”

Flaming red spread on my cheeks. It was true I had some kinks and that whenever I feel like it or I was bored to death at home my fingers instantly disappeared under my pajama shorts. I am an experimental kind of person. I have tried all kind of things on my feels. Inna calls it “NOT HAVING A MAN”, I call it “Learning about myself.

“But still…I want to find a man that fits into my criteria list. Not some random dude that won’t even be able to satisfy me and my needs. I am a bratty little creature sometimes.” “You tell me that. Sometimes even I don’t know how to live with you.”

As the talk was progressing from 0 to 100 real quick, we heard a “There you are.” And came face to face with Sehun.” Happy birthday pup Y/N. You will be able to buy alcohol and get drunk because you have no boyfriend. Congrats.” This two have been going out for too long. They even say the same things now. “Are you two a couple by any chance? Because just like I’m gonna hit her with the biology book, I will hit you with the philosophy one, which is just as big.” I said smiling sarcastically at the tall giant standing in front of us. He smiled back with his *you won’t do it* smile.

“Guys, listen. As my only friends I proudly invite you to at our family dinner dedicated to my birthday. This is an exclusive invitation that no else has the privilege to become.” “Does it involve your mother chocolate German cake?” they said at the same time looking at me. But I have already predicted this question “For who do you take me? Of course it has my mums’ chocolate German cake.” “We are in.” they said together again. Sometimes I’m thinking if their minds are just two halves of only one. The sound of the bell interrupted our chat about the dinner table tonight. And the teacher walked into the room like a dictator and I was ready to fight this math class.

Thank God the clock decided to move faster and in no time school was finished, the subway came fast and on time, I was home earlier than expected. The moment the door opened I was greeted with a bark of happiness and no light at all.

The house was empty and almost no sound could be heard, expect for the steps of a giant dog coming my way. “Hope! How have you been big boy? Have you eaten yet?” he barked and I knew he haven’t eaten yet. ”Okay, I understand. Since you have been a very good boy lately and I have birthday today, I brought you something special.” I said pulling out his favorite snack, small white chocolate granules, puting them in his cup and sitting next to him. His brown fur turned more red with time and by now it is almost dusted red.

“Hope, I recently had a dream. In it I had a boyfriend. He was really handsome. Somehow it reminded me of you. Can you imagine if you were a human? I imagine you being really handsome. If you were a man, then I would’ve gladly fallen in love with you, because I know you will be great.” 

And for a moment Hope stopped eating and looked at me. Like he actually knew what I was talking about. Like he understood me and any second he was going to turn into human. But he didn’t do anything. Only continue watching me. 

The front door cracked, heels making noises on the marble floor of the house and I hear my most favorite voice. Mum is back home.

“Honey, are you home?” this honey voice is the reason why I am a good daughter. “I’m in the kitchen with Hope. We were having an interesting chat. ” “Can you help your old mother to do the German chocolate cake. Are Anni and Sehun coming?” “Of course they are. They are my only friends.” “Good, that means less trouble for me. Come here and give me the eggs from the fridge.” 

3 hours later, lots of laughing and joking on our little family birthday dinner, made me so frustrated that I can’t explain it. The handsome stranger. He was stuck in my mind. But also the look on Hope’s face. He was strange lately. Following me around, cuddling me whenever he could. I tell you, just as if he is going to turn into human every second now. I got so distracted in thoughts that I hardly heard when my best friend said “Y/N time to blow your candles and make a wish.” Mum brought out everyone’s favorite cake with so many pink candles. I love pink, therefor my candles were pink, just like the icing of the cake. “Make a wish.” Said Anni, smiling like a proud mother. ”Oh, and don’t tell us about it.” Just as I was about to make a wish a lick on my knee reminded me that Hope was here too. Mum saw him under the table and called out his name. He went next to her and stayed like the perfectly trained dog he was. But his eyes. Those eyes weren’t the eyes of an animal. I swear to god those eyes are human. And I knew what to wish *I wish that my handsome stranger is a real, breathing human being that will satisfy my boyfriend to do list. I want nothing more and nothing less than that.*

The flames from the candles died down just like the family dinner. Soon after everyone were happy and full from my mother’s cooking, we all went to sleep. My father drived both Sehun and Anni, because he didn’t trust the tall giant of a boyfriend. For her my father is like her second father. Always taking care for her like his own daughter.  I helped mum clean the table and soon after I was tugged in the warmth of my blanket in my favorite oversized shirt.

Just as I was about to fall asleep I felt the bed sinking and a giant fluff ball lying next to me.

“Hope, is this necessary? Can’t you sleep on the floor like the other dogs? Or at least don’t sleep on my head.” He looked at me like I’m stupid and not able to understand his reasons for doing this, which I really did not understand. But he didn’t move and I just gave up. “Fine, this is the last night you sleep here. I will let you since is my birthday.” At that time I had no idea how wrong I am and soon sleep took over me and the train to dreamland drove off.

 Morning sun flooded my closed eyes so naturally I hid from it turning to the side of the headboard on my right. It was so cosy and nice and it had abs. The headboard caged me between its arms bringing me warmth and safeness. Wait…MY BED HAS NO HEADBOAR. A HEADBOAR HAS NO STRONG ARMS. AND IT DOESN’T SMELL LIKE HOPE’S SHAMPOO. My eyelids instantly opened and I wasn’t wrong. Caging me between his arms was a stranger. My stranger. The one I dreamed about with the dusty red hair and handsome features. He was lying on my bed half naked, only in grey sweatpants looking like a God while sleeping like a baby. It was a sin to wake him up, but I can’t just let my parents see a total stranger cuddling with their daughter on a Saturday morning. So lightly shaking his arm, the words fell of my mouth “Excuse me, who are you? What are you doing here? Please wake up.” And he did.

 Slowly opening his eyes, I was greeted with a pair of blue orises which I will never mistake. Those were Hope’s baby blue eyes. “Oh you are awake. I’m sorry I didn’t want to scare you. Are you okay?” “Who are you?” a wide gummy smile lit his features making his handsome face even more handsome. “You can’t recognize me? I’m your handsome stranger, the one that came in your dream.” The feeling of shock overtook me. The only breathing creature on the planet knowing about my dream was Hope and he was a dog. ”How do you know about this?”

“Come on Y/n. You really don’t know who I am? My name is Hoseok, but for the last four years you have been calling me Hope.”

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The New World - Part 1

Hello, my lovelies!! This new fic is actually a continuation of The Bet. The idea stemmed from a few places including a conversation with my bae @srj1990 , a promise of drunk writing some smut for @kazosa  and a post I saw on Tumblr about how we never really get to see the life of these fanfic characters we come to love. Plan on continuing this one for a few parts. Hope you enjoy!

Daryl x Reader, Daryl x Maggie, Maggie X Reader

Warnings: Smut, language, some fluffy moments with Daddy Daryl

Word Count: 3987

Originally posted by wildling-heart

Daryl woke from the dream sweaty and nervous. He looked over at Y/N who was still sleeping soundly and sighed. Leaning back against the headboard, Daryl drew in a deep breath and reminded himself that it had been just a dream. The people he loved more than anything in the world were all safe and under one roof.

But it had felt so real.

Daryl leaned over to Y/N and brushed the hair away from her neck. Though her back was to him, he could see the contours of her profile and it made him smile. He was constantly amazed at how much Shelby was growing up to look like her. His daughter may have developed his spirit, but she was the spitting image of Y/N.

He leaned in and left a soft kiss on Y/N’s neck. Just the feeling of her skin on his lips made his morning hardon even stronger. He always wanted her, but in the early morning light, she was even more enticing.

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Dear Journal,

This morning I woke up to Sirius playing with my hair. We barely slept last night. We were way to nervous and excited to see Teddy. I could feel Sirius smile down at me.

“Goodmorning.. Today’s the day!” He whispered.

“I’m so excited!” I giggled.

“Lets grab breakfast and go get our Teddy.” Sirius said, his fingers still playing with my curls.

We grabbed two croissants and two coffees and headed to the orphanage with our baby carseat installed. Sirius wanted a carseat for his motorcycle but I told him it wasn’t a good idea. We finally arrived to the orphanage and the lady welcomed us. She made us sign a few other papers and she told us to wait. Sirius was jumping around from excitement. She came back a few minutes later with Teddy in her arms. When he saw us, he outstreched his arms to hug us. Sirius took him in his arms and hugged me. It was our first family hug. The little baby kept giggling and his small hands were holding my cheeks.

“Hi buddy!” I said, smilling.

Teddy giggled and tapped his hands together. Sirius was crying again.

“Don’t you look so cute little Teddy bear!” Sirius said, tickling the baby.

“Here is all his stuff. This is his favorite blanket, he loves holding it. And here are the few of his clothes..” the lady said.

I grabbed the bag and Teddy mubbled some baby words reaching for his blanket. I giggled and gave it to him. He smilled and burried his face into the baby blue blanket. We left and headed home. We had a bit of trouble putting him in his carseat but we figured it out eventually. Arriving home, Regulus was waiting for us on the balcony stairs. He ran to the car while we undid Teddy’s seatbelts.

“Oh he’s so cute!” Regulus said.

“Say hi to Reggie Ted!” Sirius said, tickling Teddy’s neck.

Regulus smiled and Teddy waved his little hand at him. We walked inside and showed the house to Teddy. His eyes were big and his mouth was shaped into an “o”.

“This is your room Teddy!” Sirius said.

Teddy giggled and looked around smiling at all the stuffed animals and toys.

“Look! Daddy got you a Puppy and a wolf just like Padfoot and Moony!” Sirius said, showing Teddy the stuffed animals.

Teddy grabbed the two stuffed animals with his small hands and wrapped them in his blanket. He laughed and Sirius and I sat down next to him.

“He’s beautiful..” i said.

“He is.. I already love him so much..” Sirius said, looking at the distracted baby.

“He’s our son.. can you believe it?” I asked, smiling to myslef.

“It’s hard too.. He’ll grow up pulling pranks and playing quidditch..”

“And reading books!” I laughed.

“Oh yes we can’t forget about the books! Do you think he will be a Gryffindor?” Sirius asked, brushing his fingers on the baby’s back.

“I don’t know.. But I’ll be proud of him no matter what..”

Teddy yawned and I took him in my arms.

“You tired baby?” I asked the sleepy Teddy.

He yawned again. He had his blanket, his black dog and his wolf in his arms. His eyes semmed heavy and he instantly closed them.

“He makes me want to take a nap too!” Sirius whispered.

“Do you want to go take a nap in our bed with him?” I asked.

“Oh yes! Family nap!” Sirius whispered, smiling.

We walked to our room and layed Teddy between us. Sirius and I were both laying on our sides, facing our tiny baby.

“I could stare at him all night..” sirius said.

I bent over the sleeping Teddy and kissed Sirius’ lips.

“We’re parents babe.” I said.

“We’re parents.”

And we fell asleep, protecting our little Teddy.

April 10th 1978

Finally finished my precious son 💕 His name is Clingy and he’s my Lazysona!
He’s around Ziggy’s age, so 5-6
He loves hugs and cuddles and stuffed animals and playing with friends! If you’re nice to him at all, he’ll follow you around like a little puppy all day
He likes all the kids, but hangs out with Stingy a lot. They bonded over their similar names and Stingy actually really likes having someone follow him around all the time.
As his name says, he’s suuuuper clingy and cries whenever he’s alone or has to go home for the day and leave his friends
Sportacus has had to pry him off his leg before because he wanted to stay with him and go to the airship, and Clingy has actually climbed onto his back before without him noticing since he’s so small and hitched a ride up to the airship
He sometimes accidentally foils Robbie’s plans by following him around and hearing his plans, or just by getting in the way
He found his way into his lair once
He REALLYYYY loves Robbie’s chair.

anonymous asked:

RusAme request, but only if you have them still open. So, Alfred and Ivan get in a fight about who has longer endurance during sex. Naturally, they end up making a bet to prove it once and for all. So, the next meeting they attend, they go in with remotes for the other's vibrators, which they use every moment to drive the other insane. They have to spend all meeting like they aren't on the edge of cumming, and the first one to break gets dragged into the hall and fucked against the wall.


It was another day, another meeting, and all seemed as normal as always. Ludwig was yelling at everyone, Arthur and Francis were fighting, Feliciano was sleeping under the table, and Yao and Kiku were quietly bickering about whatever it was they were bickering about. The only one strangely out of character was Alfred. No one questioned Ivan’s quiet manner or his stiff posture, as it was all very common. Even his focused frown wasn’t out of the ordinary. Alfred however, was squirming in his chair and chewing his lip as if his life depended on it.

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Those Eyes (Jay Park x Reader)

Requested by anon.Sorry for taking so long by had exams this week and it drained my entire soul from my body. Enjoy!

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Your love for kids was always strong, since you were a young kid you loved to protect the youngers and take them under your wing, whenever you saw any young kid in need you would entervene and save it from what is happening.

At first, you wanted to be a teacher, it was a job that was around kids, but there was only such thing you could do from that perspective, you wouldn’t be able to be hands in with their kids as their teacher, kids in Korea tend to see their teacher as another parent, they respect them and do not really open up to them. Then you grew up to realise the greatest solutions to the biggest question mark, what will I do?

A doctor, but not just a doctor, a pedetrisian to the orphanages. That job fit you like a glove, yes it was very hard and you had to study twice as much as you already did, but the reward was worth it. You got your job and not just that, you traveled as a volunteer for other orphanages around the world, it was amazing to see their smiles on their faces, the warm hugs they gave you, the love they had for you. It was the most beautiful thing in the world

But another love also occupied you. The love for Jay was one of the strongest bonds you had created, he understood you and cared for you like you did for him. Yes it did get hard, his job was to go on stage, touch other women for an m/v and travel around the world so he can please the tons of female fans he had, but he was a good man and he was there for you whenever you needed him. It was something you never wanted to lose


It was getting extremely difficult to balance your work life and your relationship. You had to travel again and Jay was getting busier by the day, both of you were getting exhausted and sometimes the fights were too much and you felt guilty for putting the other through this pain.

“Let’s end this here”

You said as you packed your bags. You had to travel to bulgaria and help an orphanage you’ve worked before, since their doctor was unable to continue for personal reasons. When you told Jay he became furious, a fight occured and you haven’t spoke since then. You were in each others presence but not one word came out of your lips.


“We can’t keep this up. Look at us Jay, is this what you want your life to be like?”

It was hard for you to keep your cool, all you wanted to do was hug him and ask for forgiveness while letting the sobs that you hid to take over your body. Hearing those terrible stories about the kids that lived in the orphanages made you learn how to control your emotions and keep a strong face.

Jay looked at you with confusion written all over his angelic face. He couldn’t believe his ears, you were ending what you worked so hard on building… no he wasn’t going to let you go like this.

“Yes, I love you and I want you in my life”

“All we do is yell at each other, this isn’t heathy Jay”

“I don’t give a fuck about what is considered ‘healthy’ you are my woman, i’m not going to let you ruin this (y/n)”

He was on his feet and his voice was raising with every word that left his lips. You were shocked by his reaction, you thought he was going to accept the fact and agree with you, you thought that in his mind this already had ended.

“Jay we are killing each other, I travel a lot and so do you. We actually have to meet sometimes”

“Do you love me?”


It was a weird questions of him to ask. Especially now in the middle of an argument and a possible break up, but when you looked straight into his eyes you saw nothing but love and some sadness, like a puppy

“Of course”

“Then that’s all that matters. I’m not going to be a bitch ass boyfriend because you are doing what you love, and you have always being patient with me, no one is going to support me like you and I no one will love you like I do. Please bunny, let’s give this another chance”

He called you by your nickname. He called you bunny because of your two front teeth that were a little bit bigger than the other, he had even given you a stuffed bunny as a gift when he first left for a tour. You smiled a faint grin at his little comment, yolu looked down questioning yourself, could you really go through this? was there really a happy end in this relationship?

“Don’t think. Look at me and say the first thing you think, do you love me?”


“Then that’s all you need. We promised to never let those things get inbetween us, I want to keep this”

You wrapped your arms around him, his warmth and strong cologne took over you, the feeling of being safe and comfortable took over your senses, his hug was like home to you. A home that you never wanted to lose

“I love you. Now go change the world, just don’t forget me”

He whispered softly in your ear, as he let his lips give a fait kiss on your forehead. Serenity was a word to describe your feeling right now. Jay was right, you couldn’t break this, it was what you needed, he was what you needed.

“I’m sorry”

“For what (y/n)?”

“For being weak, for trying to break this. I’m sorry”

“It’s okay, we all get scared from time to time, I have being scared. But when I look into those eyes, those soft innocent eyes full of love that you try so much to pass on to others, then I know I will never find someone like you. You are my sweet angel”

anonymous asked:

AAAAAAAA I'M FUCKING SCREAMING THANK YOU FOR EXISTING I MEAN I LOVE JOTARO SO HARD AND YOUR HC'S JUST MAKE ME AAAAA IDK IM DYING SO PLEASE KEEP WRITING THEM... And just as an idea, why not writing a hc about Jotaro's weird love for sea animals. I mean it can be interesting and all 7w7 But WHAT I REALLY NEED IS A FUCKING DADTARO HC I MEAN HOW WOULD HE TAKE CARE OF JOLYNE BEING ALONE IN HOME AAAAAAA JUsT iDeAsss 7w7 (english isnt my idiom so there may be mistakes fuck im runningoutofletters)

Hey! ❤ I know how you feel haha Jotaro is just… too much (。T ω T。) Don’t worry, I’ll keep writing them if requests keep coming, but I’ll be honest… Just as you, English isn’t my first language and sometimes it’s very hard for me to answer, perhaps bc my vocabulary is still a bit limited and I keep forgetting some important things -oops- that’s why I bring new hcs once every 100 years. But I love Jotaro and I have a lot of fun thinking about how he would react to certain situations, so I have no intention to abandon this (´。• ᵕ •。`).

Let’s go with the hcs~ both of your requests are good, so I’ll do both, since another anon also wanted Dadtaro hcs (btw, thank you, Anon #2! I’m glad you think that about this blog, I’m so happy now!).

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

~ Jotaro’s weird love for sea animals ~

☆ As we’ve seen, Star Platinum is a very good artist, that’s why Jotaro’s room is full of super realistic sea animals’ drawings (and it seems he’s very proud of it).

☆ He has some weird accessories, I mean, we saw it in part 4. But I’m pretty sure there’s more. It’s not that he buys every single thing-with-a-dolphin he finds, but he might have some shirts and underwear with sea creatures on them.

☆ Jotaro is kind of “If I like it then s/o might like it too” so things like s/o receiving a stuffed whale or a dolphin pendant on their birthday will happen.

☆ He also buys stuffed sea animals for himself.

☆ He shows his love to these creatures by being a nerd and collecting figures or stuff like that, he also buys lots of magazines and reads A LOT about them, but that’s pretty much it. He’s a good man and doesn’t fuck animals, you pervs.

~ Dadtaro ❤ ~

☆ He talks to little Jolyne as if she was a grown up, like… wtf(?), I mean, he’ll never ever make a cute voice or act dumb to make her laugh. If she’s crying, Jotaro would be more like “yare yare…” and then he’d just talk to her as he’d do with another adult.

☆ Jotaro is not very affectionate, but every night when he’s back from work and Jolyne is already asleep, he’d go to her room to make sure she’s fine, then he’d kiss her in the forehead and go to sleep.

☆ He thinks Jolyne will have fun just like him while watching a documental. (spoiler: she always falls asleep).

☆ Jotaro tells disturbing facts about sea animals to Jolyne while she’s watching sea-life cartoons or movies. Most of the time Jolyne gets mad at him because of this (she thinks he’s doing it just to bother her and he’s telling lies).

☆ This is important: Jolyne asks her father to buy her a puppy for her birthday, Jotaro gives her a fish.

☆ Also this: Jotaro says he’ll give her a puppy if she learns to take care of a fish first. In the end, Jotaro is always the one who cleans the fishbowl and feeds the poor little thing. (And he ends up buying more fishes).

☆ When only he’s at home with Jolyne and there’s no work to do, he’d play with her. Jotaro kinda likes to go to Jolyne’s ‘tea party’, he secretly thinks she looks adorable. And, since Jolyne knows her dad is going to be there, stuffed dolphins are welcome, so it’s extra adorable.

☆ Jotaro gets a bit embarrassed when Jolyne hugs him or kisses him.

☆ Jolyne likes very much going to aquariums with her dad, though Jotaro would start answering every question she asks with weird terms, so Jolyne would be like “and… what does [put here a marine-biologist-weird-term] mean?” all the time. 

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Thanks for reading u///u I ran out of ideas, but you can ask for more Dadtaro hcs, he’s cute af.

A Different Kind of Shield

Lying around in bed wasn’t a good way to spend one’s time, Noctis had been kindly informed by Ignis. Most advice from Ignis was important, and Noctis at least considered it, but today didn’t happen to be a day that Noctis cared. You know what he cared about? His bed. And hiding. Both of those things were good right now, and he was content to spend the next few days in total solitary confinement (aside from when Ignis came in the evening to ensure Noctis didn’t inadvertently starve himself) in his own nest. He’d been there since morning, aside from one or two trips to visit the restroom, and he was gonna stay that way.

Too bad Noctis forgot he’d given Prompto a key, and too bad Prompto was the type to worry. Noctis didn’t show up at school? Time to pop by the apartment and make sure he wasn’t kidnapped, or dead, or somehow tied up in his own sheets. Prompto had seen some shit in the few years he’d befriended the prince, who couldn’t even rule his own blankets. He did knock on the door when he unlocked it, but knocking didn’t really count when you were already shoving the door open and waltzing in like you owned the place.

“Noct, buddy? You here?” Prompto called out, his bag falling to the ground with a dull thump. “You didn’t show up for school, and I’m pretty sure Ignis only lets you do that when there’s a top-class emergency.” Prompto had started his way through the apartment even while talking, looking for signs of life. Fortunately, while he didn’t see any, he heard a quiet groan come from Noct’s bedroom. Right. Where else?

Peering around the edge of the doorframe, Prompto addressed the lump in the blankets, “Hey man, it okay to come in?” It was a pitiful sight that made the blond’s heart wrench, and he wanted nothing more than to flop onto the bed and soothe Noctis any way he could. But, he knew that sometimes, physical contact was a touch-and-go process during these times. But, once the lump nodded its consent, Prompto grinned and slid into the bed with all the grace and smugness of a cat. It was a little stuffy under the heavy blanket, but Prompto wrapped his arms around Noctis anyway, inviting the prince to shuffle closer. The two boys were quiet for a few moments while Prompto stroked through Noctis’ hair, wishing he could absorb the pain his best friend had to deal with. “Maybe we could shout at your uterus and intimidate it away?” Prompto suggested, mostly just to get Noctis to do something other than sulk, but he was also totally ready to try anything to put an end to the tyrannical body part.

Noctis did laugh, even if it was only a tiny huff. “If my gory threats aren’t cutting it, I doubt that anything else is gonna.” He’d been planning an elaborate assassination of his unwanted anatomy for a couple hours now, to the point he wondered if it was considered a little dangerous. It was an alluring thought, though stabbing himself would probably result in a lot more blood. “I haven’t gone to get the stuff I need, either. I just used my last one,” the prince mumbled, his face buried against both the blanket and Prompto’s chest. Noctis had latched onto the wishful hope that his period might stop after only a few hours, like the astrals would look on him and say, “You know, we fucked up, maybe make this stop?” instead of leaving him to wallow.

Prompto paused in his petting, earning a disgruntled, rather unprincely sound. “Noct, you need to go get them! You can’t bleed onto paper like they did in ancient times!”

Noctis took a slow breath, struggling not to laugh, because laughing sucked during a period. “That was papyrus, Prom, and I…can’t.” It was a weak confession, a half-assed one, too.

Prompto, though he wanted to point out that really, who worried about what people bled on a hundred years ago, decided there were more important matters. “What do you mean you can’t? Noct, what’s the matter?” Was Noct too weak, had he lost too much blood? Should Prompto call Iggy?!

Noctis didn’t answer for several grueling, anxiety-inducing moments, until he finally let out a suffering sigh. “People stare at me,” he eventually admitted, whispering it as though it shamed him when it should be everyone else who needed to get a fucking grip. Prompto tightened his hold around Noctis, mindful not to squeeze him too hard. He wondered for a second if Noctis had told either Ignis or Gladio about it, but he was quick to cancel those two ideas. They would both probably ask questions, Gladio would probably drag Noctis out anyway and make him point out anyone who gave him a look. Which, yeah, it’d be killer to just sock one to the assholes; but Noctis was a subtle person who just wanted to get by. He didn’t need any of that.

“I’ll go get ‘em for you,” Prompto said without any hesitation. Noctis pulled up and away, the blanket hanging around him like a hoodie. Noctis looked half-stricken. He’d heard plenty of stories of boyfriends who were grossed out and annoyed by having to pick up stuff like that, he didn’t want to make Prompto have to do shit like that for him just because he was too weak to do it.

“What? Prom, you don’t have to—”

“It’s not a big deal, Noct. I’ll be back in ten, fifteen minutes tops. Okay?” Prompto leaned forward and pressed an exaggerated kiss to Noctis’ forehead before bouncing out of the bed, and then realizing he’d left his shoes on when he’d climbed in earlier. Thank god Iggy wasn’t around. “Try and get some rest ‘til I get back, got it?”

Noctis hummed, sinking back into his makeshift fort as he listened to Prompto leave. He’d really won out on every aspect when it came to Prompto, how did he ever?

Prompto jogged to the little market, struggling not to get distracted by a big dog he saw walking past. No, he had a mission, and it wasn’t fair if Noct couldn’t pet it, too. Maybe Prompto could bring a dog back, too…nah. Ignis or Gladio would open the door, take one look, and promptly shut it again. And god help him if the dog wasn’t gone by the second time they tried.

Whistling to himself as he perused the aisles, Prompto snatched up the familiar package that he knew Noct preferred. He had no idea what the labels meant if he were being truly honest, but he did know the color and design on the package by now! That was totally good recognition skill, right there. As he was heading out with the pack under his arm, he caught sight of another boy standing outside the aisle giving him a look of pity. The look didn’t bother Prompto like it would have Noct, so the blond was glad he could come take care of it all instead. He did feel bad for whoever that guy ended up with though, because if they bled, they were probably on their own. When the hell did menstruation become the “forbidden topic” anyway? It was a fucking period, that had been happening since…ever, actually. He couldn’t picture what cavemen did when people bled way back when. Scream and dance in circles around a fire, throwing stones at the menstruater?

Prompto snorted at the imagery and caught a curious look from a passing shopper. Right, keep it together here.

He stopped on the way to the register to nab some good painkillers for Noct to live off of for a few days, then headed up to pay. He considered something sweet, but decided against it for the bet that he could get Ignis to bake something once he got to the apartment a little later. It was one thing handling Noctis’ puppy eyes, but Noctis AND Prompto? Ignis could be a sucker, too.

Placing the items on the belt, Prompto was working his wallet out of his jeans when the cashier, an older woman, chuckled. “My, picking up femininities for your girlfriend? How sweet!”

Prompto, hand still stuffed in his pocket as he wrestled with the damn wallet, gave the woman a very dry and thoroughly unimpressed look.

She was ringing the items up when the bagger, who happened to be a boy who was likely in high school, snickered. “Why can’t girls pick it up themselves? I mean, come on, it’s unmanly being caught with that!” he said, rolling his eyes at Prompto as though the blond were about to share in camaraderie with him.

The thoroughly unimpressed look grew colder and colder as Prompto peeled a few bills out, keeping his eyes on the bagger. “I don’t think you know what being manly is about, buddy,” he said, his tone too steady as he passed off the cash. The boy’s eyes widened in surprise and he almost dropped the box of medicine. The cashier cut her eyes towards the bagger with a sly smile, and oh, don’t do it.

“Right. What kind of man won’t get pads for his lovely girlfriend? She’s a lucky lady!”

Prompto yanked the bags off the counter and, with a pointed look at the cashier, he lifted his chin up. “Stop misgendering my fucking boyfriend.”

The blond had gotten the hell out of dodge seconds after watching the woman’s eyebrows vanish into her hairline, his heart racing with both anger and anxiety, because on one hand fuck everyone and on the other he just cussed someone out in a public place, he’s totally gonna get banned and have to explain to Noctis why they can’t ever buy late-night snacks there again, oops.

Prompto, for the second time, popped through Noct’s door like he owned it. He sort of did, he was there more than he was his own house anymore. Noctis didn’t look like he’d moved an inch in the time Prompto had been gone, but that was fine. If Noctis wanted to embrace his life as a sloth, Prompto would learn to be the sloth princess to the sloth prince. Actually, he liked that title.

“I got you the stuff,” Prompto whispered, like he was dealing some sort of illegal trade. Noctis snorted, but he sat up to accept the bag, so he wasn’t totally paralyzed yet.

Noticing the painkillers, a smile softened the weary agitation on the prince’s face. He leaned up to press a chaste kiss to the corner of Prompto’s mouth. “Thanks, Prom. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Beaming and flushed red, Prompto only shrugged. “The least I can do for the handsomest prince is this. I’d accept some cuddles as compensation, though.”

Noctis smirked fondly, but he let Prompto pull him down under the blanket again, dissolving into mixed giggles moments later.

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Rusame with adorable pet play with Alfred or Ivan as a cute puppy and the other being the owner ^^ wanna write it?


Ivan currently sat at his dining table, almost alone but not quite. His puppy was with him, sitting patiently beside him and waiting for the remainder of his owner’s meal. Nothing too unusual. Eventually Ivan set the plate on the floor beside his chair and watched Alfred lovingly as his pup gently began to eat of the plate, knowing his Master always scolded him for scarfing things down and getting his pretty face all dirty. Some of it would get on him, no doubt, as one could not eat cleanly with only their mouth like a pet does.

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Such a tease!

A/N: fili-kili-at-your-service, here you go, love! I hope you like it!

Pairing: Kili x Reader

Warnings: /

Word-count: 1419

Summary: You and Kili always tease each other.

With an exhausted groan you wiped the sweat off your forehead as you left the training grounds. Kili was trailing after you in an equally exhausted state. You had trained your sword fighting skills together, and now that the training was over you had decided to head home to eat something.

“Well, that was a good fight. But I’m exhausted now.” You turned around, walking backwards so you could talk to Kili while still moving.

“Yeah, it was.” He answered with a grin. “No wonder you’re exhausted, I’m the best fighter to ever live.”

You just snorted.

“Do I have to remind you that I won?”

“But only because I let you!”

“Sure. And you let me win yesterday, too? And the day before that? And the day before? And…?”

He interrupted you with a frown on his face.

“Of course I did! I’m not only a superb warrior, I’m also a gentleman!”

You exploded with laughter.

“Of course! How could I not notice that?”

“See? You’re blind! Blind people are never good warriors. Point proven.”

You just shook your head in disbelief, unable to respond anything to that ridiculous statement. Kili on the other hand grinned from ear to ear, happy that he seemed to have won your little argument. Your relationship with him had always been like this. You were always teasing each other and joking around, but when times got rough you were always there for each other. It was the perfect friendship in your eyes.

Just as you had thought of the perfect answer to his insult, you bumped into something from behind. You turned around, only to find an old man glaring down at you. Kili doubled over with laughter as you stuttered your apology.

“See, that’s what I mean!” He snorted as you were alone again. “You’re blind.”

Even though your face was red from embarrassment you had to laugh.

“Well, if I’m so blind I fear I can’t make you lunch. I’m sorry, but it’s a condition.”

His grin fell off his face as soon as he had processed what you meant.

“Alright, alright, you’re not blind and you’re the best warrior that has ever lived. Satisfied?”

You nodded. “Very.”

“I’d like to eat pancakes then.”

Of course Kili got his way and you made pancakes, which you devoured with healthy appetite after you had managed to get each other covered in dough during baking. This, of course, had not happened accidently, but as you were ready to vow if necessary, Kili had started it.

“I didn’t!” He protested, as he stuffed the last piece of pancake in his mouth. “You started it! You were ignoring me!”

“I was baking pancakes for you, you greedy little shit! You can’t have both, my food and my affection! At least not at the same time!”

In response to that, Kili just pouted.

“Oh come on!” You whined. “Don’t look at me like that. It’s not going to change anything!”

He continued to pout, staring at you with puppy-dog eyes. With a sigh you give up.

“Alright, alright, It’s totally my fault. Would you accept a cookie as a sign of my remorse?”

His pout faded into a grin and he nodded vigorously.

“You’re the best!”

You turned around with a big smile, taking the jar off the top shelf.

“I think you need to see a doctor about these mood swings you’re having.”

“Shut up!”



You put the cookies down in front of him, regarding him with an adoring smile. You could never quite grasp the concept of how he could drive you nuts in one second, and make you unbelievably happy in the next. But no matter how annoying he was, you knew you would always love him. He was your best friend after all.

Your friendship was so close, that some people, including Kili’s older brother Fili, were betting on the two of you getting married someday. So far nothing romantic had happened between the two of you, though, causing some of your closest friends to lose a lot of money. The thing was, you didn’t know if you were glad or disappointed about the lack of romance in your friendship. On one side you knew you would work out great as a couple, but on the other side you would risk losing an amazing friendship, and that was the last thing you wanted.

Kili’s whining voice brought you back into reality.

“(y/n)? Hellooo? I’m talking to you, you sock-goblin! I swear, if you start ignoring me again…”

“Sock-goblin? What does that even mean?”  You quickly interrupted him, before he could think of some prank to get you to notice him. “That’s not an insult, it’s ridiculous. You’re losing your wit, mister.”

“That’s not surprising, considering I’m spending a great deal of time with you.”

You stuck your tongue out at him.

“Nobody forces you to!”

His face softened from a teasing grin to a gentle smile.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. You might be an idiot, but you’re my idiot.”

You chuckled, and sat down.

“I’m glad to hear that… Even though I’m not an idiot.” You added quickly.

“Whatever you say, love.”

With a grin you rolled your eyes and reached for a cookie, only to be stopped by Kili slapping your hand away. Confused you looked up at him and raised your eyebrow.

“You are aware that these are my cookies, right?”

With a sigh he pushed the jar to your side of the table.

“You’re always so greedy.” He pouted.

You just laughed.

“I could say the same to you.”

“I guess we make the perfect couple.” Kili commented.

With a smile you looked down at the cookie in your hands. You knew you were probably just overthinking everything, but his words had reminded you of your thoughts earlier. It was true. You would make a perfect couple… but what about the risk?

“What’s wrong, (y/n)?”

You looked up, startled out of your thoughts. Feeling your cheeks heat up, you quickly shook your head, trying to hide your embarrassment from him.

“Nothing’s wrong. I was just questioning why I’m even friends with you.”

Well, that wasn’t exactly a lie, was it? But you could see on his face that he had guessed the true meaning behind your words.

“Well…” He stretched his words painfully long, as you waited for him to say something nervously. “I do that, too, sometimes. Questioning why we are friends. We could be so much more.”

You felt like a deer in the headlights as the words left his mouth. Too often had you told yourself that he would never think of you that way; that you were only one of his buddies, nothing more, but also nothing less.

“We could?”

He nodded eagerly.

“I mean it would mean letting Bofur win the bet, but it could be worth it.”

You looked down at your hands again, blushing heavily.

“You don’t know what you’re suggesting.”

“I do.” He sighed. “I didn’t want things to get too cheesy, but if you insist. Look, this is not a joke, and I am not known for treating life decisions lightly. But we’ve known each other for as long as I can remember, and since then I’ve thought about nothing but you. It’s getting quite annoying really, but everything I see reminds me of you. You’re always on my mind. And I’ve realized that I wouldn’t really want it any other way, to be honest. We really are perfect for each other, and I don’t know why it took me so long to see that.”

You bit your lip nervously, unsure of how you should react to that confession. You took a deep breath.

“It’s the same for me.” You admitted in a low tone. “But I’m scared of losing you.”

Slowly Kili reached out for your hand, taking it in his.

“You won’t. Even if it won’t work out, we’re too much alike to stay away from each other for too long.”

You let out a laugh.

“I suppose that’s true.”

“So you want to try it?”

You couldn’t help but smile as you noticed how hopeful his voice sounded. With that smile on your face you nodded. Kili threw his fist in the air and let out a celebratory scream, while you laughed at his goofyness.

“I suppose I’m in a relationship with a man-child now.”

“Well, I suppose I’m in a relationship with an idiotic blind person now.”

“Ugh shut up.” 

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Hiya!!! Can you do one where Bruce gets turned into an absolutely adorable puppy by some witch while he's on a mission & the reader (his wife) just cuddles and spoils him until the spell wears off? That'd be cute!!!

omg. Okay so i didn’t do a full imagine but i did do a small scenario that i thought would be fitting. This is how i imagine it would go down 


“Who’s a little puppy?!” You say.

“Oh jeez…” Dick says as he walks into the room..

“Who’s a little puppy!!?” You continue.

“Oh my God.” Dick holds in a chuckle.

“You are! Yes you are!” You tease.

“Oh my- is that….Bruce?” Damian asks as he joins the two of you. You nod, as you knelt down to pat the black fluffy puppy.

Jason walked in with a bowl of water,

“He stuffed up the last mission, accidentally caught a spell. So it looks like Bruce is going to be a puppy for around an hour.”

The puppy…or Bruce, huffed, sitting down watching Damian, Dick, Jason and you talk.

“Well then, what do we do for an hour?” Damian asked.

You smile sinisterly, causing Bruce to slowly back away in his puppy form.

“Wow.” Dick said, crossing his arms.

“Isn’t he just adorable!” You squealed.

Damian just laughed, holding his stomach and marvelling at the puppy in front of him.

As Alfred was passing the room, he caught a glimpse of the puppy himself. So with a smirk, he lifted up his phone, and snapped a photo, of Bruce the puppy, dressed in a Batsuit.

“Charming, Master wayne.” Alfred muttered to himself. Bruce, in a sudden spree, then peed on the floor, causing a loud groan and some high pitched screams (not coming from you) to erupt. Alfred chuckled taking another photo,

“Todays a good day Alfred,” he chuckled to himself, watching the group of you try to catch Bruce and clean up the pee, “Ah, what a good day.“

EXO Reaction To Meeting Your Little Sibling

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

*Also… the sibling here is a bit of a brat just because I thought it would be funny and I’m the youngest in my entire family and I have experience with that.*

Xiumin: aren’t you so adorable and look at your cheeks! They’re just like mine!

Y/L/S: Don’t touch me. Just because my older sister lets you get away with being…whatever weird behavior that is…does not mean I will. Do. Not. Touch Me.

Xiumin to you later: Did you know your sister can be a little like Kyungsoo when he’s mad?

Luhan: *Your sister actually loves him, she just wants him to play pretty pretty princess with her. She’s even insisting he use the pink tiara.*

Luhan: No, I am a manly man!

Y/L/S: Please? *biggest puppy dog eyes ever*

Luhan: Fine…

*later, with the pink tiara on his head he mutters to himself*


Y/L/B: What does my sister see in you? I mean, yeah you’re tall but you’re also a dork.

Kris: I hate to brag but I am a dragon and I can fly.

Y/L/B: You can’t fly.

Kris: well I can’t actually tell you what your sister sees in me…hehe…so what do you want me to do?

Suho: so little guy, what kind of stuff do you like? Do you like video games? Dinosaur toys? Stuffed animals? I can buy you whatever you like to get you to like me.

Y/L/B: Oh now I get it, my sister likes your money!

Y/N: Suho, you know I don’t. I don’t even let you buy me stuff I don’t need or anything designer. *you say to reassure him, glaring at your brother who might just get his butt kicked in a nerf gun war later for his behavior* 

Lay: So your sister said you like stuffed toys so I brought you one!

Y/L/S: What even is that thing? *she will ultimately fall for his angelic nature, don’t worry*

Baekhyun: *him and your little brother actually get along really well and decide to team up to troll you*

Baekhyun: so we should totally…*whisper in your bother’s ear*

You: this might not have been my best idea.

Chen: Come on, you have to like this! See! When I was your age I loved this!

Y/L/B: *unamused*

You: Don’t mind him, he hasn’t matured past that age fourteen.

Chanyeol: *to your little sister* it’s on, girl. I will get you to like me, just you wait and see.

DO: *watching your brother start to misbehave once you leave the room*

DO: isn’t bad  enough that I live with a group of idiots already??

Tao: *is quickly getting fed up with your brother’s shit*

Kai: *when your brother pulls out the nerf guns and starts making his own base fort in the basement*

Kai: No! I am outta here! Hide Y/N! Hide!

Sehun: you have to hold back Sehun! You cannot be a brat to her brother! Even if that little twerp deserves it! No!

So might make a cuter version of this but yeah!