he's like a little puppy with a new chewing toy!!

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Can you do a blurb where Calum is watching his baby and and he tries to bond with the baby and the dog and idk sorry if this is dumb

“See watch this, little one.” Calum says, pulling on the toy that made noise.
The baby’s eyes widen gently while the toy sings and lightens up.
Calum smiles down at his little baby girl before kissing her head and handing her the toy.
Your brand new puppy was whining at Calum with his chew toy in his mouth.
“Alright, I’ll play.” Calum says to the pouch before throwing its toy before the pup chases it.
The baby girl squeals and kicks hers legs.
“Someone is happy, hmmm?” He smiles down at her before blowing raspberries on her cheeks, making her squeak a bit.
The puppy barks at Calum with the toy again.
Calum throws the toy before turning back to is little girl.
“You look so much like your mama.” He coos at her before the dog lays am beside you too.
The baby smiles at her daddy before looking at he puppy, touching it with her hands.
“Daddy loves my kids.” Calum whispers, petting the dog before kissing his baby’s cheeks.

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