he's like a leprechaun

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Weirdest things sleep deprived Tim has said.

  • “how much money does it cost to End?”
  • “everyone tells me I’m a billionaire but I don’t carry anything but ones and fives so I think they’re lying”
  • “imagine batman but like…he’s wearing all green. he’d be like an oversized, terrifying leprechaun”
  • sometimes he uses like four different languages in one sentences and then he cries and says “I don’t even know what I’m saying.” Jason: “welcome to the club”
  • “what if popcorn was sold by the kernel?”
  • “words spelled with a “gh” that make an “f” sound annoy me so much. why don’t we spell it like “enuff”? I hate English.“

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May I prompt some more Deamus? :) Seamus somehow manages to set his last clean shirt (or other piece of clothing of your choice) on fire and has to borrow one from Dean, whose clothes are like ten sizes to big. How would his day go in such a ridiculously unpractical garment?

(You can always prompt more Deamus!  Sorry for the ridiculous wait - enjoy!)

He had to roll the sleeves five times and they were still too long.  It went down to his knees, more like a dress than a shirt.  The collar dipped down too low, making a tie impractical (not that Seamus wore the ties often; plus he’d burned nearly all of those too).  He felt like he was drowning.  And this was all because he’d burned up all his shirts.

Not to mention he’d almost caught this shirt on fire at least five times today; the bigger size apparently made for a higher fire hazard.  It would’ve been more practical to ask Harry for a shirt, they were closer in size, but Dean insisted and Seamus hadn’t been able to say no to him yet.  Besides, his mam was sending him new shirts and they should arrive tomorrow.  He just had to last one day.

“Oh, look!” a shrill voice cried. “Finnigan’s wearing his boyfriend’s shirt today!”

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If it's okay, I would love to see "Brotherhood" Kimblee with the Anxiety pallete! :3 Thank you!!

Here he is! He looks a bit like an evil leprechaun with this palette.

(I’m really sorry for working so slow. I’m really rusty considered linework and coloration. However, you can still drop suggestions for this challenge in my ask box!)

that rolling stones ed sheeran highlights post was the first thing i read this morning (also while taking a huge dump) & i can’t stop thinking about it he sounds like the guy who’s super outgoing and smiley but is actually an evil little devil shithead capable of unbelievable chaos, he is probably GLEEFUL in his status as the most annoying pain in the ass in his social circle & has millions of dollars at his disposal to irritate everyone around him in new and creative ways. hes like a malevolent leprechaun fucker i hate him. that volcano shouldve boiled him up

he has a very cherubic face. like that kind of cupid’s bow mouth that some white people have and that like. idk he kind of looks like what youd imagine a leprechaun would look like. if you imagined them being good looking. 

Animal Crossing: Cavendish

I can’t actually decide on a look for him. Happy Home Designer doesn’t have a gray mustache option by itself, so I had to use certain artistic liberties….

Shamrock Hat + Santa’s Beard. I swear he looks like a leprechaun. Santa’s Beard, at least the upper portion, somewhat resembles his actual mustache. The bunny isn’t half bad looking either. 

Top Hat + Santa’s Beard. The public transportation is awful.

Top Hat + Monocle. That harp is probably out of tune. 

Shamrock Hat + Monocle. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed….

Which look do you guys like best? 

Things I’ve Heard My Friends Say Part 2

“We’re earlobe twins.”

“Is your grandma’s birthday real?”

“Fix my butt!”

“A baby with a unibrow coughed on me on the plane!”

“I didn’t even hear him open his voice.”

“She looks like a child coming out of the womb.”

“You look more like your little sister than you look like yourself.”

“Paulina, if that guy comes over here, I want you to fake a seizure so I don’t have to talk to him.”

“That’s what you get for having large, fatty lumps on your chest.”

“She sneezed so good!”

“I electrocuted myself last night, but only like a little bit.”

“What are the chances this is drugged?— Quite high.”

“You look like you just crawled out of Beyonce’s womb.”

“There’s a bunch of bologna on my ass.”

“He’s like a leprechaun. He’s so magical!”

“Today I had to come into school twice yesterday.” (Yes, we were all very confused)

“When men get old, their ears and nose get huge.”

“Be healthy all the night.”

“They’re like foot socks.”

“Get it grandma!”

“I’m gonna be an old person with tattoos and look hella cool.”

“Does he drug?”

“I like being in your crevices.”

“Do you want to lick my chicken dents?”


Just look at Jon in this video, he’s so cute and little, stretching up to reach the microphone, talking in his high-pitched voice and even doing a bit of a jig, he’s like a literal magical leprechaun!!! Love it, and he is so sweet and pure!

Also, watch Steve while Rick is talking hahahaha, he is SO done. As exciting as it was to see the members back together, I don’t believe they all felt the same way XP

Harlem {Rory Flanagan X Reader}

prompt: based off the song Harlem by New Politics. Reader is Brittany S. Pierce’s sister and has a crush on Rory Flanagan.

Warnings: ??? poor writing?? idk.

Author’s Note: Hey Guys I’m Beth and i don’t really have an authors note at the moment. also look at the gif that i put! isn’t it cool? enjoy the story! :)

Your name: submit What is this?

I spend my money on irregular miracles.

“I want a box of Lucky Charms, but only the marshmallows.” smiled Brittany, your sister. She was talking to the new Irish Kid, Rory Flanagan.

 Without hesitation, he obliged. Brittany kissed him on the cheek and walked away. it was obvious how much he liked her. he was pretending to be a leprechaun for her to talk to him. The moment he moved in with you and your family, she was all he cared for.

He wouldn’t ever notice that 1) she was a lesbian and 2) you were head over heels for him.

“Hey (y/n)” smiled Rory, making his way over to you.

“hey Lucky Charms.” (that was your nickname for him) “Speaking of, how the hell do you plan on doing that?”

“that’s actually why i came over here.”

oh, look at that, yet again, this conversation had gone, once again, to Brittany S. Pierce.

“I need your help. how much money are you willing to spend on cereal?”

Just like you, like me, like everybody else.

“(y/n)! I need to talk to you!”

here we go again.

“what do you want, Lucky?”

“i want to be like you.”

that was so close to the perfect sentence.

“why’s that, then?”

wait for it…

“because Brittany is into tough guys. i mean, you’re tough, right? no offence”

BOOM! There it is.

“why would you want to be like me, when you could be like everybody else?”

he looked down, like you would when you try to build up confidence.

“because i li…” he stopped himself. “because you’re my best friend!”

“Okay, I’ll help. but first, don’t you have a wish to grant, Rory the Leprechaun?”

“crap, yeah, i do. thanks again!” he called, running down the corridoor.

When it gets loud, i turn it up.

“(y/n), open up.”

“sorry, can’t hear you. Music’s too loud”

you turned it up louder.

“(y/n), please open up. i need to talk to you.”

this can’t be good. Rory just went to confess his love to Brittany, and tell her he’s not really a leprechaun.

you killed the music and opened the door. there stood Rory, his eyes all red and puffy.

“Rory, have you been crying?”

“yes. i mean, Brittany’s a lesbian, so that rules out being with her. and she knows i’m not a leprechaun, so she hates me for lying. what do i do now? i really like her. i mean, she’s not as pretty as you or as talented as you or as smart as you and i’m never going to get a chance with either of you now because youre obviously too perfect to like someone like me and- did i say all of that out loud?”

you smiled. “yeah, you did.”

“(y/n) Pierce, will you be my girlfriend?”

“depends on how good of a kisser you are.”

and i think you know where that went.

A Day At The Zoo: Tom Holland x WOC

Still a continuation of Texting Tom and Visiting. Reader is in London with Tom for Christmas. Tom volunteered Reader to be a chaperone with him at the zoo for Paddy’s school field trip. This should be interesting. (The way I wrote this one is Reader is African-American but of course you can always still read if you aren’t AA.)

You were in a nice deep sleep, dreaming about God knows what when you felt multiple sets of hands on you. You jumped up to see Tom, Paddy, and Tess all in your face. “What?” You whined. “Are you ready?” Tom smiled. You wiped your eyes, “Ready for what?”

“You and Tom are going to help chaperone my school field trip.” Paddy smiled. “Say what now?” You pretended to clean your ears. “Babe, I told you this yesterday.”

“You didn’t tell me shit- Sorry Pads.” You tried not to curse in front of the innocent Holland brother. He shrugged, “It’s all good. But come on, please!” 

You adored Paddy and thought he was so cute like a little leprechaun(no offense but Paddy does look like an adorable leprechaun). “Ugh, fine. “

After a nice shower and a quick change, you still weren’t fully awake. “SO you’re telling me I have to be around 20 little fucks?” You whispered to Tom. He laughed and nodded, “It’ll be fine. We just have to make sure they don’t die.”

“What?” You yelled. “I can’t be responsible for another person’s child. I still can barely even take care of myself.”

“While I do agree with you on that one, it isn’t going to be that difficult.” You rolled your eyes at him as he pulled up to Paddy’s school. Paddy jumped out the car and ran over to his friends who were waiting outside for the field trip bus. “I’m only doing this for Paddy. He’s my favorite.”

“So I’m not your favorite.” Tom asked. “Not even close.” You smiled. He opened the car door for you and the children came bum rushing you. “I’m not trying to be responsible for all of these white kids. Get off.” You said pushing them away. Tom pinched the bridge of his nose and pulled you to the side, “Can we not do that race thing today.”

“What race thing? You know I’m not a good runner.” You answered innocently. “Not that kind of race, the one were you point out how white everything is.”

You looked around, “Well considering-”, he interrupted you,”Not today Y/N. Okay? Just for me.” He grabbed your hands and nodded. “Sure.” You smiled. 

The teachers gave you the run down on how the field trip was going to go. You and Tom were to read off the names of the children as they got on the bus. “Who named their child Cornelius?” You and Tom laughed. You read off the names, “Copper!”

“It’s Cooper.” Tom whispered. “Cooper, you know what I meant. Get on the bus.” You pushed the little boy on the bus. “Ibrahim!”

“So your mom couldn’t settle for Abraham. She had to be extra?”

“My mom just likes the letter “I”” The boy answered honestly. “Matilda!” You yelled. The little girl came forward, “Do you have any special powers we should know about?” You asked. She looked genuinely confused, “You’ve never seen the movie Matilda?”

She shook her head, “Oh okay.” You two just stared at each other, “You can get on the bus now.”

“Another Thomas, how original.” You said checking off the 3rd Thomas. “Look at little Harry Potter.” You pointed to the boy. Tom pulled your hand down, “Don’t point.”

You had to do a double take on a name, “Chardonnay?” You asked. The little blond girl came forward, “Your name is Chardonnay?”

“Yes it is.” She said. “Oh okay. You go girl.” You snapped your fingers. 

You yanked Tom close, “I don’t ever want to hear anybody joking on the name  Shaniqua again.”

A little girl walked up to you and Tom, “Hi, I’m Amelia.” Tom got down to her level and smiled, “Hi sweetie. How are you?”

“I’m well. I just wanted to let you know that I am allergic-”
“Oh boy. Here we go.” You said, Tom looked back at you and if looks could kill. “Gluten, Shellfish, Grass, Nuts, Eggs, and Dairy.”

“So you can only eat air and water?” You asked. Tom tried not to laugh, so he took the little girl’s hand. “I’m sure we can find something for you to eat there Amelia.”

She smiled and skipped off to the bus. Tom got up and looked at you, “You’re out of control.” He grabbed you and kissed you on the cheek. 

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