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X-Men Preferences: How You Sleep Together

Fandom: X-Men

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A/N: I just want to cuddle with them, is that so much to ask? I think I’m investing emotionally a little too much in imaginary characters…Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this one too! I’ll be back tomorrow with more exciting surprises! Have a fantastic night! (if it’s night where you live, xoxo)

Charles: He always falls asleep long after you do, just because he loves to gaze at your sleeping form. Cuddles are a total must, even when going to bed, because he just can’t get enough of the little time he can get you all to himself. He always takes you in his arms, with your head resting against his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around you, melting you into his soothing embrace. Another plus about that position is he can leave sweet kisses on your forehead and caress your hair until you fall asleep, which of course you love.

Erik: He sees you as the most precious thing in his life and since you are so important to him, he can’t help but fear losing you too. And so it comes off more as an instinct that he needs to protect you all the time. Therefore, when it comes to sleeping, he’s always the big spoon and somehow manages to curl his much taller form towards your own so that you fit perfectly – like a missing piece of the puzzle.

Hank: Look, this giant fur ball A-D-O-R-E-S you and wants to be as close to you as possible, even when you’re sleeping. He pretty much always locks you in a bear hug even in bed and you bury your head in his chest. You can spend hours like that until you both fall asleep, tangled with each other and sharing sweet kisses wherever you can reach without moving too much.

Alex: Before Vietnam, you never slept very close together. Even when you fell asleep close, he slowly drifted apart from you because he always got so hot during the night. He still missed the contact though and draped his arm lazily over your waist or hip. After coming back though, things have changed a lot. He missed you so much those three years, he’s still making up for all the lost time and never wants to be away from you for too long. It’s almost become a ritual for him to wake up in the middle of the night by horrible nightmares, and all you can do is just hold him so you end up being the big spoon for him when he needs it.

Warren: He also loves being the big spoon, but unlike Erik, he keeps a slight distance from you and wraps his wings around you instead, guarding you from the outside world because that’s how he feels safe.

Kurt: You have no idea how that happens, but you and Kurt always end up in the weirdest positions in the morning. Somehow Kurt manages to drift down the mattress every night and ends up with his face in your stomach and clinging on your hips. Most times his tail also ends up curled around you and although the scaly feeling can be a bit annoying when you sleep, you don’t have the heart to tell him.

more third year first years shenanigans
  • all 5 of them are pretty well-known throughout karasuno
  • not only because of the volleyball team’s achievements but also due to the trouble they always get themselves in
  • tsukiyama being the ultimate serve-block combo while
  • kagehina is still famous for their freak quick attacks
  • during competition season, they like to play a small 2-on-2 match during their lunch breaks
  • yachi keeps score and analyses their plays (being the kickass manager she is)
  • it is usually tsukiyama vs kagehina
  • the matches can become quite intense since 2 of karasuno’s best plays are pitted against each other
  • they are the epitome of ‘sun vs moon
  • with the flashy quicks like the sun
  • and the steady yet solid defense like the moon
  • these mini ‘sun vs moon’ matches become popular among the school and many students always gather to spectate
  • it is rumoured that there is a betting pool whenever these match happens
  • they act nonchalent about the score - always saying that its the practice that matters
  • but yachi knows they each take down the counts somewhere
  • the current count is 21:22 with kagehina leading
  • the 4 dorks are also known as karasuno’s 4 horsemen because they sure wreck their opponents on court
  • captain tsukki
  • team’s defense playmaker and also the reluctant team dad 
  • vice-captain kageyama
  • the genius setter with the killer stare (its adorable actually, he looks like a giant pouting baby)
  • ace hinate
  • more like did that ball of pure sunshine just spiked that ball???
  • service specialist yamaguchi
  • who despite being a specialist, still can’t serve some good trash talk (because he is just too sweet and kind)
  • manager yachi
  • more like mumnager am i right
  • no matter how scarily good they become at volleyball, they always remain huge dorks at heart
  • the 4 of them are the yachi protection squad
  • and if they ever find out someone is harassing yachi they will go off

third year first years: part 1 | captain!tsukki | service-specialist!yams

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Saw that kitties for titties on Misha's snap chat.. Jared always seems to more comfortable being openly teasing/flirting/touching misha in public.. at least that what I see compared to Jensen.. why do you think that is?

Because Jared IS teasing.

For him it’s all a joke– it’s like a giant game of “gay-chicken” to see who can push it the furthest; and he usually wins because he’s grabbin at balls and being all crazy.

For Jensen though, there’s really nothing to joke about. If he touches Misha, flirts with Misha, teases Misha– it’s all soft and genuine, and it seems to affect him far more than anyone else. Jensen is basically that sweet, shy kid sneaking his crush a Valentines day card, every time he’s up on stage with that blue eyed cutie patootie (unless he’s drunk … then he’s that kid who pulls his crush’s hair). 

Jared and Jensen act differently with Misha because their relationships with Misha are very different.

One is just a friendship … one is something else entirely.

Monsta X Reaction to when their girlfriend says she wants to lose her virginity to them. (Smut-ish)

TRIGGER WARNING - if you are not comfortable with this subject please don’t continue. You have been warned.

Shownu - I feel like with Shownu it would take some time in a relationship for him to want to have sex with her. He would have to really love her to get to this step because he finds it special and doesn’t want to give himself like that. So when you told him you were a virgin and you wanted to give him your virginity he would want to protect you and only do it when you felt prepared. He would be lowkey really happy knowing he would be your first, because it just ment that you were waiting for the right person, pretty much like him (yeah I feel like he could be a virgin, but he gets me confused sometimes so I’ll shut up.). Even when you felt like you were ready, he would only start things if you assured him you REALLY wanted to do it and only if he felt like you were 100% prepared. He would be slow and caring, always looking in your eyes and asking if you were ok, worried to hurt you. kill me this boy is so sweet

“Don’t worry Jagi. I love you, we will only do it when you feel prepared.” 

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Wonho - Our little boy would find it adorable. He is 100% not a virgin, so he’d be really happy to have the honor to take your virginity. When you told him you were a virgin he probably already knew but the moment you told him you wanted him to be your first he would laugh and give you a peck, slightly blushing at your words and joking about it to distract you from his red cheeks. Then he’d start thinking about it, what he should do and how he should do it because he wanted to make it memorable in a really positive way. This boy is really into skinship, and he’ll do it a lot with you, but he would never deepen your make out sessions and stuff because the last thing he wants is to scare you. But when you told him you were prepared, between long kisses, he would smile and turn to a completely different person. Way more sweet, carefull and loving. He would give love to your entire body to remind you how much he loves you. And in the end, he’d suceed in making your first time ( and all the others cuz let’s be honest here ) memorable.

“But I thought it was obvious already. I am going to be your first and your last because I am not letting anyone else touch you like that.” 

Originally posted by wonhobe

Minhyuk - On the inside he’d become a giant ball of sunshine, feeling the happiest guy in the world for being the one to take your virginity and also for the fact that you wanted him to be the one. On the outside, he would be really akward, laughing and smiling and hugging you to hide his red face. Minhyuk would probabily be the one to initiate it later, when you were making out and he felt like he really needed you, but he would be slow at first, to make sure that that was what you wanted too. He’d stop immediately if he noticed that you were uncomfortable, and he’d get back to cuddle you and kiss your cheeks and your hands. I see Minhyuk as a jealous guy as well, so it would only make him happier knowing you were a virgin, meaning he was special for you wanting him to be your first and that no other guy as seen you and touched you like him.

“I promise I will make you feel good. Trust me, I love you.”

Originally posted by yukimuradesu

Kihyun - People say he is a dominant one, I agree. Yet, Kihyun gives me this vibe of a guy that would be shy and akward around his girl when the two of them hadn’t done that much of skinship yet. So Kihyun would only show his dom side when you were making out or during sexy time. Just by tolding him you were a virgin he would become a blushy akward and clumsy mess, he wouldn’t know what to say and how to behave, not because he liked or not the idea of you being a virgin (I even think it wouldn’t matter that much to him), but the idea of talking about that kinda of subject would make him akward with you. So he’d die a little inside when you went further and told him you wanted him to took your virginity. Hell yes he’d want to be your first, but just the idea of you two in that situation would make him shiver and be highkey turned on. He would only try something later, if he was really horny, and would always try to hold himself, because he was affraid to scare you. Kihyun would want you to be the one to start it, so he knew you were ready. I see him being affraid to touch you in certain areas at first, he wouldn’t want to get you uncomfortable, but when you assured him you wanted him to touch you and gave him a long passionate kiss, that boy would make you moan in pleasure. I’m done.

“Humm…yes…I would love to…I mean, only when you want to…and… humm… yeah.”

Originally posted by wonhontology

Hyungwon - This boy is also a dominant one (fight me), maybe he would prefer a more experienced girl but he would find you adorable when you told him you have never done it before. He would find you more fragile and innocent, and would want to cuddle even more since then. When you told him you wanted to lose your virginity to him, he’d be super cocky about it  (let’s be real, this boy is naughty by nature) patting your head and poking your face while making some jokes about it. But on the inside he would be imagining it all and dying for you to ask him to have sex with you. He is the opposite of Shownu here, if Hyungwon was in a relationship with a girl, it ment that he loves her and she loves him enough to get to the next step and become one ( and ofc by this I am not saying Hyugwon wouldn’t wait for her to be ready, he would never start anything that she didn’t want). Plus I feel like he is a lot into praising and dirty talking together, it would turn him on knowing that you want HIM to be your first, that you want HIM to be the one to touch you. He would love to be the little spoon while cuddling and would preffer to receive kisses more then give because it would send him this feeling of being needed. During your first time he would be always paying atention to what pleasured you the most so he can work on that and give you an awesome first time.

“You want me that bad Y/N ? ;) Don’t worry I’ll make sure you love it.” such a tease omg

Jooheon- His reaction would be a lot like Wonho, laughing for being caught outta nowhere and for not expecting you to say that. Knowing you were a virgin would make him really happy. He would feel like he needed to give you his best when you decide to do it, because for him, being your first would be a big responsibility and a way of making you feel good and loved. Jooheon doesn’t have sex, he makes love, and it would be a really special thing for him, because it would be the best way to show how much he loves you and be the closest possible to you. He would be the happiest person when you told him you wanted him to take your virginity because it ment that you really loved him, as much as he does and trust him for such an important thing like that. Your first time would be full of hot kisses, neck, jaw line, collarbones and shoulders, yet he’d show his intense love for you giving you passionate fast kisses on your lips, while telling you how much he loves you and how good you felt. You wanna know more? Lot’s of cuddles and pillow talk after. He’d wanna know how you felt and what he should do again next time. 

“WHAT? …I mean…yes I want to be your first…just tell me when you’re ready…I love you so much, Jagi!”

Originally posted by dhjung

I.M - Humm, I feel like Changkyun is a virgin but he traveled a lot so I am not that sure, but I am (what I am man) sure that he’d smile and avoid looking you in the eyes once those words left your mouth. If he was indeed a virgin he’d prefer you being a virgin as well because he would find it akward if you had experience while he didn’t, but if he wasn’t he wouldn’t actually care (kinda like Kihyun). Either way he’d turn red once you told him you wanted him to be your first and be instantely turned on at the idea. He’d be thinking of that the whole day, wondering when you’d be ready and how it would be. It might be him starting it with you later, but he’d first look you in the eyes and ask you if you wanted him to continue. If you agreed, he’d be super slow, taking all the time you needed, kissing you slowly and passionately and running his hands softly through your whole body. Just let me tell you he’d make sure to get you all “prepared” for him, so it wouldn’t hurt and you’d enjoy it as much as him.

“ *blushing and looking away* I would love to be your first Y/N.”

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Again, this is only my opinion based in what I know about the boys. I write for Infinite, BTS, B.A.P, EXO and Got7 as well, so if you have some requests pls don’t be shy ;)


Why I don’t see TFP Bulkhead as a gentle giant at all... and love him even more for it.

I’ve been meaning to write this for about a month and a half now, so here we go. Something I see a lot, through fan chatter and fanart and the Wiki page, and even hear on the TFP DVDs with commentary, is this descriptor used towards Bulkhead: gentle giant. We all know what that is, it’s the big huge guy that’s really tough but actually loves kittens and carries umbrellas for little old ladies. The big-but-sweet guy. That. Yeah. People use that term all the time to describe Bulkhead… and I couldn’t disagree more. He is not, in my perspective, a “gentle giant” at all, in spite of the bundle of sweetness that was his Transformers: Animated origins…

And actually, I like him a lot better that way.

Fair warning, ya’all, this is going to be a long one…

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Sorted. (Seventeen Hogwarts House Preference)
  • (AN: This may seem a little bare bones but I tried not to make it too long because I'm going to write a headcanons post including ALL my Hogwarts headcanons for all the boys, and it's going to be long af so be prepared for that. This is just a little something to wet the palette beforehand. -Tanisha<3)
  • S.Coups/Seungcheol: Gryffindor
  • Obvious observation number one. Seungcheol is the charismatic leader of the group; he's the Harry Potter of Seventeen. Although at first glance, he's probably much, much happier than Harry Potter ever was (shots fired). He's confident, outgoing, displays leadership and nurturing; he's everything in the classic "big brother" Gryffindor. His sorting is obvious and stereotypical, but not in a bad way.
  • Jeonghan: Hufflepuff
  • (Much less obvious.) Jeonghan, much like many other members of this band, is a giant ball of fluff. He's sweet and kind and prides himself in taking care of others (aka the "mom" role). This makes him a perfect suit for Hufflepuff. He's not super passive or shy - but he is incredibly loyal and always looks out for others and their well being over his own. He is the Cedric Diggory type Hufflepuff; gorgeous, popular, confident, but humble, hard-working, and honest.
  • Joshua/Jisoo: Ravenclaw
  • I mentioned his sorting previously in the Woozi AU oneshot, so it shouldn't come as a surprise. And honestly, I never once second guessed my choice. Joshua is intelligent, naturally talented, and although humble and more on the shy side, he just seems to be a quiet Ravenclaw. He seems to be the type to love reading and books and at Hogwarts he would probably have a thirst for magical knowledge and have no trouble being at the top of his class (but claim that it's really not his fault). And plus, he's just very beautiful (as is all of Seventeen) and Ravenclaws are known for their astounding beauty.
  • Jun: Slytherin
  • Junhui would be the good old greasy Slytherin. I like to compare him to Blaise Zabini - but with more grease, and a more visible soft side. On the outside he would be despicable; the typical annoying Slytherin that everyone could and would hate, or at least dislike, just because he is a Slytherin and easy to judge for it. But to those that know him and take the time to get to know him, he's a delight. He's sweet and would kill for his friends. Even if he can be the teasing, joking friend at times. We all know he's greasy af in real life (by the way, I love that term "greasy", it perfectly describes what we're going for) but he's also a fluff ball and some Slytherins are just like that within their friend circles and behind closed doors. Overall, perfect Slytherin and with his longer hair he would look killer in that uniform.
  • Hoshi/Soonyoung: Gryffindor
  • Once again, ball of fluff. But this boy has far too much attitude to be a Hufflepuff. That much attitude cannot be contained by black and yellow. His brand of sexiness, cuteness, and overall charisma combined is only suited for red and gold. He would probably be a hat stall, though. He probably wouldn't have a house preference, and have qualities for Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and maybe even Slytherin, so the hat would have a very hard time deciding. He is a good friend, confident, funny, and a good leader in the sense that people follow him because he's likable. He's the uber popular Gryffindor that everybody knows and wants to be friends with.
  • Wonwoo: Slytherin
  • Emo king of the century probably influenced the hat and begged to be a Slytherin. From the outside the attitude suits him, more as a costume, but really he's very chill for a Slytherin. People are surprised when they get to know him.
  • Woozi/Jihoon: Slytherin
  • I fell in love with the idea of him as a Slytherin. His innate aggression contrasted with his cuteness and small stature makes him the best ironic Slytherin. He can be cranky and grumpy but also happy and a good friend. He's a dedicated, hard-working, high-achieving person who scolds himself but stops at nothing to gets what he wants. Can be a bit of a bully (but does know when to stop), but is a very loyal and amazing friend to have. A great and unpredictable Slytherin.
  • DK/Seokmin: Hufflepuff
  • When I mentioned in the Hogwarts AU fanfic that Hufflepuffs are giant rays of sunshine I may or may not have been directly thinking of Lee Seokmin. He is the original giant Hufflepuff ray of sunshine. If anyone asks "what the hell is a Hufflepuff?" he is exhibit A. No further explanation needed.
  • Mingyu: Gryffindor
  • (Secretly maybe I wanted Meanie to be the perfect Gryffindor/Slytherin opposites attract couple; like Drarry.) Mingyu is the handsome, confident, friendly, nice Gryffindor guy. Probably gets 'alright' grades because he doesn't care that much about his school work or gets distracted by girls (or *cough* Wonwoo). He's charming and doesn't mind taking time alone (which is rare for a Gryffindor, but good) and would look killer in that uniform.
  • The8/Minghao: Hufflepuff
  • Literal cinnamon roll. And as we all know, that's Hufflepuff. Very stereotypical, but very true. He's adorable and kind of shy, maybe sensitive (needs to be protected from the dangers of this world) - fits all the typical qualities of a Hufflepuff and thrives in the environment. Also he would just look good in that tie and constantly try to nicely explain to people about the badger and... (getting too deep.)
  • Seungkwan: Ravenclaw
  • Sassy Ravenclaw. Seungkwan almost has too much personality for any house. He could have easily been a Slytherin but when it comes down to it he is not cut throat enough and his natural talents and vanity (for lack of a better word - let's just say he feels himself and it's not a bad thing) make him the perfect sassy Ravenclaw.
  • Vernon/Hansol: Ravenclaw
  • I had a very hard time deciding him too. Major hat stall. But Ravenclaw is good for him - he's a major science nerd (can see him being the Herbology nerd that Neville was) and clearly he's good with language and he's creative and I associate Ravenclaws with being meme lords and we know that he's just a giant meme.
  • Dino/Chan: Ravenclaw
  • Another hat stall. Maybe a Hufflepuff, but he is someone else with a lot of raw natural talent and very eager to learn. He is the eager little Ravenclaw always carrying a stack of books twice his size and taking notes in class at twenty miles an hour. He would be the best student and excited about everything that goes on at Hogwarts (just as he is with dance and performance).
  • (AN: You may also note that I accidentally equally divided them up between the houses.)

this was supposed to go on tuesday bc of the #sanderssidesappresiationmonth but stuff happened and school and bla bla

well this is fluff i think? not quite happy with this but i don’t find it bad either, it’s just a fic about logan cooking :v

warnings: food

no ships


the common mind palace was silent, it was late so probably everyone was sleeping on their respective rooms, well… everybody exept one.

logan was on the kitchen, cooking book in hand and all the ingredients for his new “experiment” as he called it; he was trying to make cupcakes, for everyone. usually patton was the one that made all the food on the house, recently thomas was joining as he was learning how to cook. but logan wanted to do something for all of them and also learn new skills on the way, so he decided to make cupcakes.

the recipe seemed easy at first, it was like making a cake, he did all he had to do and putted it in the oven. problems came with the sweet part of the cupcake. how will he get it to have that texture?

first, he poured the sugar, then he poured the butter and all the next ingredients. he wasn’t getting the texture you see on all those pictures of cupcakes.

“this looks like just, a giant ball of… disappointment” he said to himself, not liking what he was making.

he looked at the recipe again, seeing if he had missed a step. he hadn’t missed one but… maybe if he applied the food colorant it could look better? this was nothing like his chemical experiments.

going for blue and red seemed like a good decision, he separated to parts of the substance to do so.

“it looks better” he thought, indeed, it looked way better than before, but something was missing.

“oh yeah, sprinkles for the ‘kids’” he went to the cabinet and grabbed the little can that had the sprinkles, this would give it the touch roman and patton would love.

he took out the parts of the cupcake that were in the oven and looked at them, they were perfect, he had calculated mathematically how much he had to pour on each hole for the to not over puff or being different sizes, it had worked.

putting the colorful substance on top of them and pouring sprinkles all over the cupcakes they looked awesome, like a piece of fine gastronomy.

it was 10:00 by now so the others would be there soon. and effectively after around 15 to 20 minutes all of them were heading to the kitchen to have breakfast.

“good morning logan” patton greeted “what is that smell?”

“did you made something?” virgil asked.

“actually, yes” he took out the cupcakes as everyone looked at them with surprise “i wanted to bake you something since patton always cooks, i wanted to try this”

“oh my god they look so cute” patton giggled and hugged logan (carefully to not drop the cupcakes) “thank you”

everybody grabbed one and tasted it.

“logan” roman looked impressed “is this the first time you cook?”

“exactly, that’s why i did this”

“logan this is amazing, is so good i want more” roman said.

“oh, are they that good? i thought they looked nice, but i had doubts about the flavor”

“yes they are, sweet and nice, i love it” patton gave an opinion “i’m proud of you kiddo.”

“logan you have to make more” virgil spoke “this is so good, seriously, best breakfast ever”

getting all this compliments for his work was pleasant, especially if he made them with a good intention.

“i’m glad you enjoyed them” he smiled “i made them for all of you specially”

“aw that’s so cute” patton spoke “they’re really good, really. thank you”

“you’re welcome”

since that day logan made cupcakes often, specially for movie nights.

Omnia Dicta Fortiora Si Dicta Latina

A soulmate au, where you get a sentence in black somewhere on your body on your 18th birthday, and at at the moment you realize you love them, your soulmate will say the sentence, and it will tingle and turn silver.

And of course Bellarke has the weirdest sentences.

Because Lana’s (@marauders-groupie) fics make me cry and I just wanted a soulmate au that didn’t rip my heart out.

Clarke was not looking forward to her 18th birthday.

Listen, soulmates were great and all, but she didn’t enjoy her life getting controlled by an arbitrary sentence tattooed on her body. It was actually kind of creepy, come to think of it.

“You excited?” Wells’ voice came over the phone. Wells was into soulmates. His tattoo had come in the form of neat words on his collarbone, the creating the sentence “I can make anything explode if I try hard enough.”

So obviously Wells’ soulmate seems awesome. They had to be, to deserve him.

She sighed into the phone. “Not really. I’m really just hoping it’s in an inconspicuous place. I don’t feel particularly inclined to waking up with a bad pickup line tattooed on my forehead.“

Clarke doesn’t trust soulmates, to tell the truth.

Her father didn’t have one. Her parents got divorced when Abby found Marcus Kane.

Soulmates weren’t worth the pain. She knew they were no guarantee.

Clarke wakes up in the morning to find her eyes drawn to her wrist.

There it was, in bold black script on the inside of her wrist.

“Quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.”

“Is that…” Wells squints at her wrist. “Latin?”

Clarke shrugs. “I guess. I did a quick google search but it wasn’t particularly helpful. Did you know google translate is terrible?”

Wells just rolls his eyes at her.

Clarke’s in her first year at Columbia when she hears it used. She’s figured out that it means “everything said is stronger if said in Latin” which is not helpful at all.

Her dorm mate her first year is a girl named Octavia Blake, who Clarke finds is actually pretty cool. She’s gorgeous and intimidating and Clarke would totally be into her, if Octavia wasn’t in a committed relationship–with her soulmate.

“He’s so sweet, pretty damn hot, and 4 years older than us, so he’s also pissing my brother off.” Octavia confides. “He’s the best.”

After meeting Lincoln, she has to admit she’s pretty right. Lincoln is huge and buff, but also is basically like a giant ball of fluff, so he fits perfectly with tiny-but-angry Octavia.

One night Clarke was on a tirade about one of her professors, who was “a racist bigot who needs to get his head out of his ass.”

“And he uses the most pretentious language, like he quoted some thing in Latin yesterday, just because her could. It had practically no relevance whatsoever to the topic.” Clarke rolled her eyes.

Octavia nodded. “Yeah, I know the type. Quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur, right?”

Clarke blinked.

There it was, spoken aloud, and yet there was no sting, no tingle that signified her tattoo was changing color.

She lifted her sleeve to check, and the words were still there, stark black against her skin.

“Something wrong?” Octavia asked.

Wordlessly, she showed Octavia the words on her wrist.

“Damn. Your soulmate is a fucking nerd.” Octavia laughed.

Clarke laughed too. “Okay, but I still don’t know what that means.”

“It means, like, Latin makes everyone sound smarter. It’s a joke, for pretentious assholes who use Latin to make themselves sound smarter than they are.” Octavia explained.

“And you know this how?”

“Bell is a fucking nerd.” was Octavia’s only explanation.

Bell, Clarke had learned, meant Bellamy, Octavia’s older brother, who, okay, was defiantly a giant nerd. Of course he taught Octavia mocking Latin phrases.

He named his sister Octavia after the Emperor Augustus’ sister when he was 6, okay? Bellamy was on a whole other level of nerd.

Clarke’d met him one or twice, when he came to visit Octavia. But she didn’t really get to know him until senior year, when she moved into a small apartment with Octavia and Raven in a better part of town.

Bellamy had come to help them move in, and they’d managed to get into a screaming match that had begun with them discussing Harry Potter and led to him accusing her of being a spoiled rich girl. Honestly, she wasn’t even sure how they’d gotten to that.

Afterwards, Clarke had dismissed it as a one time thing. She’d see him a couple times and they’d avoid each other, and that would be that.

But she’d underestimated Bellamy’s level of big brother instincts. He was over at least twice a week, being helpful while pretending to not care about anything.

He slowly got used to her too, his sarcastic asides of “Princess” gradually becoming less biting and more like affectionate teasing.

Carefully, grudgingly, Clarke admitted that he was actually a pretty cool guy, despite his penchant for being an asshole.

Turns out Clarke likes assholes.

So, friends was a gradual thing.

However, Clarke could pinpoint the exact moment she realized they were best friends. (Barring Wells, of course.)

Clarke groaned as she flopped onto the couch.

“Long day princess?” Bellamy laughed.

“Shut up Blake.” Clarke muttered. “Just turn on the movie.”

As he opened Netflix, Clarke moved to position herself against his side. “Why are you so warm?” Clarke muttered.

Without missing a beat, Bellamy answered, “I’m filled with righteous anger.”

“Mmm, sounds about right.”

And soon, watching Disney Hercules on the couch with him, all her weariness melted away. That’s when she knew. He was her person. Her best friend. And to think, she’d hated him.

“Stop laughing at me.” Bellamy muttered.

“I’m sorry!” She giggled. “It’s just, I get you’re full of righteous anger but the goat does not deserve it.”

She loved watching mythological movies him.

Bellamy didn’t answer. Almost unconsciously, his hand floated to his collarbone.

“Bellamy?” She gave him a little shake. “Hey? Bellamy? Something wrong?”

He shook his head and gave her a small smile. “Look, this fucking goat did not train Hercules. I’m offended on behalf of Chiron.”

“Okay, Bellamy.” She laughed. “Whatever you say.”

She probably should have figured it out then, bur Clarke has never been the most observant of people about things like this.

It took her about 3 years.

It was Octavia’s birthday and she was drunk, because Octavia loved alcohol but had no tolerance, a very bad, though usually entertaining combination.

“Macdonaldus Senex fundum habuit. E-I-E-I-O.” she slurred, leaning up against Lincoln.

Clarke took the drink from her hand. “No more for you, I think.”

She walked over to Bellamy, handing him the drink.

He took it, frowning at it. “Don’t you want some?”

Clarke shrugged. “I already had some. I’m good.”

With Lincoln, Octavia had resumed her song. “Et in hot fundo nonnullas boves domesticas habuitt. E-I-E-O. Cum moo moo hic, et cum moo moo ibi. Hic una moo, ibi una moo, ubique una moo moo. acdonaldus Senex fundum habuit. E-I-E-I-O!”

Clarke nudged Bellamy. “What’s she singing?”

“Old Macdonald Had a Farm. In Latin.” Bellamy answered, deadpan.

Clarke giggled. “Okay, okay. When did you teach her that?”

Bellamy smirked. “I wanted her to know the cool nursery rhymes.”

Clarke laughed. “You’re such a fucking nerd, Bellamy.”

He shrugged. “Quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.”

Before Clarke could even react, her forearm stung, and something warm and light flowed through her.

She had to keep herself from gasping aloud.

She grabbed at her sleeve, watching the words on her wrist change from jet black to a gleaming silver.

Disoriented, Clarke headed toward the door.

Faintly, she heard Bellamy calling behind her.

“Clarke, hey Clarke!” He grabbed her hand. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

She shook him off.


“I-It’s nothing Bellamy. I don’t feel well. Wish Octavia a happy birthday for me, hm?” She managed.

“Want me to come with?” He’s genuinely worried, which makes her feel even worse.

She offers him a small smile. “It’s Octavia’s birthday. I can take care of myself, it’s just a headache.”

“You sure?”

She nods. “I’ll be fine.”

It’s not until she gets home that she allows herself to look at it again. But there it was still, shimmering against her skin.

Bellamy. Of course it was Bellamy. It had always been Bellamy.

She collapsed on the couch. Bellamy Blake was her soulmate.

And she barely had time to take a breath before it hit her like a truck.

For all she made fun of soulmates, she realized with dawning horror, she loved Bellamy. She’s loved him for a while.

She picked up her phone, and dialed.

He picked up on the 3rd ring. “Hey Clarke. Something wrong?”

Almost against her will, Clarke smiled. “Hey Wells.” It was good, to hear his voice again.

“I just wanted to let you know, I found my soulmate.”

Clarke heard Wells gasp. “And? Who is it?”


“Bellamy Blake?” Wells asked, careful.

“Yeah.” She replied.

“What are you going to do?”

Clarke sighed. “I don’t know yet. Heck, I don’t even know if I’m his soulmate.”

Wells paused. “Look Clarke. It’s simple. If you think you’re ready, if you love him? Go find out if you’re his soulmate.”

Clarke took a breath. “O-okay. Thanks Wells.”

“You know I’m always here for you.”

“I know. Thank you.” Clarke swallowed.

“Talk to you later?” Wells asked.

“Of course. Bye, Wells.” She hung up, and sighed, flopping onto the couch again.

She stared at the ceiling, her mind racing.


And the more she thought about it, the less shocking it felt. It felt almost obvious. Yeah. Bellamy was her soulmate.

She sighed and got up, pausing at the mirror to make sure her makeup was intact before shrugging on her coat.

No harm in trying to look good.

A short taxi ride later, Clarke took in a breath, standing in front of Bellamy’s apartment.

She rang the doorbell, a wave of panic hitting her as she waited for it to open.

What if I’m not his soulmate?

And suddenly the door was open.

Bellamy was standing in the doorway, blinking at her, wearing pajama pants and a worn t-shirt.

“Clarke? Is something–” he began.

“Show me your soulmate mark.” She spit out, before she could loose her nerve.

Bellamy stared.

“Please.” Clarke whispered, pleading.

She needed to know. She couldn’t stand not knowing because that meant there was a what if still lingering.

Bellamy finally nods, opening the door wider.

“Come in.”

She steps inside, more confused and worried than before.

Bellamy’s eyes flick to her forearm, which she was instinctively covering with her hand.

He swallows, and tugs of his shirt, turning around so his back was facing her.

And there they were, at the small of his back, one sentence shining silver against his skin.

“I get you’re full of righteous anger but the goat does not deserve it.”

She drew in a sharp breath.

“Hercules.” She whispered, hope flooding through her.

Bellamy laughed, soft. “I spent so long wondering exactly what the scenario was that I was angry at a goat.”

Clarke shifted her hand, slowly pulling up her sleeve and revealing the words on her arm. “I didn’t even know what mine meant.”

Bellamy smiled and grabbed her arm, pulling it up to his face to kiss the words.

Clarke beamed up at him. “You’re such a fucking nerd Bellamy. My soulmate mark is in Latin.”

Bellamy laughed quietly. “Te amo.”

And look, Clarke didn’t know the first thing about Latin.

But from what she understood of those words, there was only one response she could give.

She pulled him closer, and kissed him.

Astro's Ideal Personality Type

Requested by anon!

MJ: I think that MJ would want a girl that had a good sense of humor and loved to laugh. Because let’s face it that kid is pretty weird (but we love him for it). He would definitely want a girl that was in touch with her playful side.

JinJin: JinJin would want a girl that’s into cliche romances because he seems like the type of boyfriend that would always give you gifts and tell you how much he loves you. He would also want somebody to cuddle with ALL THE TIME because he is a puppy.

Eunwoo: Eunwoo would probably want somebody that is honest and kind. He seems like somebody that would want a girl that would never lie to him and would be very supportive and kind.

Moonbin: I feel like Moonbin would be a mixture of a lot of these girls. He would want somebody honest and caring, somebody funny and intelligent, somebody that would love him for who he is. He seems like he would be very patient if they weren’t super physically affectionate or very verbal about their feelings in the beginning of the relationship. I don’t think he would specifically like an outgoing girl better than a shy girl or vice versa. Moonbin would want a girl that was also trustworthy, somebody he could tell anything to. He seems like the person that would want to get to know somebody first and probably be friends before dating. His type wouldn’t be specifically set on anything, in my opinion. He would also probably love to have a girl that likes cheesy romances. Moreso because I see him as being a very loving boyfriend and he would always want to treat his girlfriend like a queen.

Rocky: Rocky would want to be with someone that is very understanding in the fact that he may not be a super verbal person. He seems like the type that would show more that tell (that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t say he loves you all the time though). I also think he would want a very passionate person (like a person that is very passionate about something much like the way Rocky is with his dancing).

Sanha: Sanha would definitely want somebody that is sweet and energetic because this kid is a giant ball of energy. He’d also want somebody that was patient and understanding of his random actions (even better someone who liked them)

Valentines Popularity Contest!

Did anyone else have that stupid elementary competition where the class tried to figure out who was most popular by who had the most valentines?  Cause mine did I always lost anyways, this is the Karasuno team’s popularity contest.

3rd years

Shimizu gets all the boys. All of them. There is not a single boy in their year that is not falling over themselves to give her something. Behind her is Daichi, because all the girls think he’s cool and strong and he’s a captain and those foreARMS!! Suga gets all the shy underclass girls that think he is just the most angelic being sent by god. He accepts with the cutest smile and girls have been known to faint. Asahi gets so few because girls are so damn scared of him. They think he’s this terrifying mafia and very few know otherwise.

2nd years

Kinoshita is actually the biggest ladies man. Tons of girls are after him and think he’s just so cool and handsome and nice. Narita and Ennoshita are tied for second soley because they are friends of Kinnoshita’s. It somehow boosted their popularity and Ennoshita finds it so annoying. Nishinoya gets a bunch from upperclassmen girls that think he’s adorable. He thrives off of their love. Tanaka literally got three. One was so detailed and sweet he ran around the whole day showing it off. It was from Yachi, she had felt bad because he didn’t have a lot.

1st years

Tsukishima is so popular with girls and everyone else is like ????WHY???? but girls think he’s so cool looking and tall but he’s actually a giant asshole dork. Yamaguchi and Hinata gets all the girls that think they are cute. Older girls like Yama because he’s so shy at first, and girls like Hina because he’s a literal ball of sunshine. Yachi didn’t really get that many because boys don’t really notice her but the team gave her a bucketful and she was really pleased. Kageyama got one. A single letter. From a secret admirer. It was Yachi, she felt bad for him too.


Takeda is adored by everyone. All his female students swoon at the sight of him and female teachers are always asking him out. He is flattered by the attention but always turns them down. Ukai sucks with women. He has been slapped so many times and the female students find him mildly scary. He cried tho when Shimizu and Yachi gave him a valentine.

These losers on valentines…. Can you imagine Hinata jumping around like a puppy showing off all his gifts, and Kageyama secretly preening. Daichi being so damn smug… Asahi crying. Oh these losers someone saVE ME! 

Preference #29

Cute Disney Couple moment (Next Gen: Team A):
(I have no idea what this request means exactly, so I just went with this.I know there’s two Tangled gifs, shh that movie is a masterpiece. Now for the boring admin: because of the large amount of Next Gen characters I’ve divided them into teams. Team A (this group) is the most requested Next Gen characters. If you want me to use another group, or certain characters and not others, tell me. -Kerrie)

James Sirius:

Whether you mean to or not, you always seem to get pulled into James’ latest trouble making scheme. This means you spend a lot of time hiding from angry teachers/prefects/peers/anybody really. Still, there are worst thing then being in an enclosed space for an extended period of time with your boyfriend…

Albus Severus:

Albus is always the perfect gentlemen, sweet, nice and caring. You couldn’t wish for a better boyfriend. Even if you could, you’d still rather have Albus.

Molly II:

Molly’s pretty much a giant ball of energy. Not that you don’t love that, you do! But some of your favourite moments are when you can both just relax and chill together.


Louis’ attractive. He knows it, you know it, the whole castle knows it. That doesn’t mean he likes it. He’s never really sure if anyone likes him for him, or just his Veela blood and pretty face, anyone but you. He’s sure of you. You make a big show of listening to him, and paying attention to him. He know it’s sincere, despite the slight joking and loves you for it.


Teddy’s quite fond of affectionate touches, and enjoys some subtle PDA. Holding hands while walking around Hogwarts is not uncommon for the two of you.


Scorpius was usually a calm, collected individual. Seeing how you could fluster him so easily made it very clear how he felt about you. 

anonymous asked:

I'm new to your blog so hopefully you aren't already drowned in requests. How would Noctis spend the Moogle Carnival with his crush?

Now that I’ve finally played through some of the carnival, I can answer this B)

  • Noctis is going to LOVE spending time with his crush there, and he’s going to be a total show off about it. He’s playing all of the games to win prizes for them, and he tries for nearly an hour to win a giant chocobo plush for them! 
  • They think it’s literally the best thing to see this dorky prince dancing with the mascots, and they join in and take TONS of selfies, enough to rival Prompto.
  • They’re running all over the city looking for the cute little baby chocobos that escaped, and while it seems like it would be such an inconvenience, it’s actually so much fun. Like, who doesn’t love these feathery balls of sunshine?
  • 100% takes his crush to the cafe to get that cheesecake because the boy is crazy for sweets. They get two different desserts so they can share, and when he eats some cake off of their fork, he’s blushing so hard
  • CHOCOBO RACES OVER THE WATER ARE TERRIFYING. Noctis is racing and his crush is almost screaming like oh my god please don’t fall
  • Gondola rides are great. 10/10 recommend holding hands while pointing out the decorations
  • By the time night comes, they’re both so exhausted, but they’ve got the best room for the fireworks show! The balcony is dark and they’re standing so close. Noctis tries to be smooth and put his arm around them, and they see him shying away so they pull his arm around them anyway.
  • The boy is blushing so much
Good Morning, Son

Oh no! It’s long! But it was fun! It’s a fic about Saitama’s possible family.

I encourage you to listen to “Still Fighting It” by Ben Folds after reading this. I didn’t realize until I was creating the title that the song really hits some of the points I was going for. That’s right, I almost made myself cry just now. WHAT THE HECK.

Also, realization after writing this: I subconsciously was inspired by Rose Quartz from Steven Universe. Didn’t even realize it until I was looking at SU stuff after writing and was like OH DANG.

If this were an episode, it would be called, “THE WORLD’S BEST PARENTS.”

Keep reading


In order:

- Murasakibara doesn’t give a fuck but he stops Aomine anyway. Bless you sweet giant.
- Kuroko steals the ball away from Kise (I mean, Kuroko is envious of Kise because he learnt basketball in short time, and he sees him as a rival)
- AOKURO fistbump!
Because Aomine was all “Hey, no fistbump anymore, this is the last time.” and then he actually looks for Kuroko’s fistbump you stupid tsundere
- Momoi crying of happiness
- Kise being a model and Murasakibara still doesn’t give a fuck
- Takao acting like he is entering his home
- Kagami looking at him like “wtf?” and Himuro has the motherly look
- Himuro with an apron
- Himuro and Kagami are together with their brother-rings!
- Nigou being like “Kagami-kun!” and Mitobe being like “Kagami you thought I wouldn’t have brought him huh?”
- Kuroko is going to cry of happiness. Little blushing baby!!!

anonymous asked:

(1/7) So, I just need to get this off my chest. I think you noticed how Octavia's hair has been a mess this last few episodes and this practically confirms one of the headcanons that I had: Lincoln totally braided O's hair. This enormous and fearsome giant totally sat down with his tiny ball of rage girlfriend so he could braid her hair.

This probably started early in S2 after he got the red drug out of his system. O’s hair was a geasy mess by that time and it kept sticking to her face and it had like little twigs and leaves stuck in it. Being the sweet cinnamonroll that he is Lincoln tenderly picked all the stuff out of her hair while they were sitting by the fire at night or resting while they were on their way. He carefully brushed the knots out of her long locks and probably made some jokes about the bird’s nest on her head. Octavia then continued to complain about how often het hair got in the way while doing badass warrior stuff, and without saying anything Lincoln’s big hands that had been trained for killing and hard labor started braiding the strands of hair near her face into these delicate small braids. He had seen the girls in his village braid it like this many times or maybe he had a little sister or niece whose hair he used to braid in this style. And Ocatvia who in the meantime had stopped talking and was sitting there patiently, enjoying the touch of his gentle fingers on her scalp. By the time he was done she was completly relaxed and she loved the way her hair looked when she saw her reflection later. The braiding later became their thing and when their lives in Arkadia were stressfull and one of them felt like they couldn’t breathe, they just sat aside. Lincoln would begin braiding the love of his life’s hair and the two of them would relax until they were both feeling alright again. And then of course he died. Octavia saw how Pike shot a bullet straight through her lovers head and it devastated her. But a warrior does not mourn the dead until the war is over and she did her best to carry on until she could get her revenge. Jus drein jus daun. The little braids that kept her hair out of her face became messy but O just couldn’t remove them or let someone else braid it again because it had been their thing. And it was not long before her hair a mess again but she just couldn’t do anything about it because Lincoln was the one who used to comb and braid it with his gentle hands.

I totally agree with all of this and I love it. I don’t think you’re the only one who has that HC!

I had the same HC, but then I though, hmm then who did it in 2x04? And then it changed in 2x11? (I think it was that ep)

I think, Octavia did it herself. But then she reunited with Lincoln and he saw the hair and was all like ‘no, you don’t have to do it like that’ so he just randomly sat behind her, undid the braids and started doing them himself, because he used to do it for his mom. Octavia thought it was adorable so she didn’t say a thing, and Lincoln kept doing it every day when she woke up and her hair was messy because of sleeping.

Now he’s dead, and the first time Octavia woke up, her braids were all messy and she turned around to ask Lincoln to do them, but he wasn’t there. She tried to keep them, as memory of him, but eventually they looked and felt so badly so she took them out. She doesn’t want to do it herself anymore, because they don’t look so good, and she just doesn’t want them anymore.

And no I’m not crying, there’s something in my eye..

Backseat Serenade (Muke smut)

Song for this imagine: Backseat Serenade by All Time Low (bc fuck yeah ATL)

Warning: DADDY KINK & SPANKING (and maybe a cock ring, bondage and a vibrator here and there bc why the fuck not)

Michaels POV

Now Luke had me pinned down on the bed, the sweet taste of his tongue intoxicating my mouth with every move the muscle made

This day had started off weird, and it seemed like it was going to end off pretty weird, but I wasn’t gonna complain

It had started off with a particularly grumpy Luke taking up the whole fucking couch with his long legs, curled into a small ball in a giant blanket

I had walked over to him, asking politely at first to move over, when he wouldn’t budge, nor even look me in the damn eyes, I tried pushing him over, but the boy is 6 feet 4 inches of pure muscle and I couldn’t move him if I’d tried all that hard

I began getting annoyed with him, so I simply shrugged and sat down on top of him, to which I received an annoyed grunt

“What’s wrong Luke?” I had asked, but he didn’t say anything, so I spread my entire body out on top of his, holding him close

“Aww is Lukey on his man period?” I pouted, running my fingers through his hair

He grabbed my hand, roughly shoving it off of him

“You shouldn’t ask people that Michael,” he simply said

“Why not?”

“BECAUSE THEY’LL BITE YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF” he yelled and shoved me off of him

I hit the floor with a loud thud, as Ashton and Calum peeked their heads into the room

“Everything alright?” Ashton asked

“Luke’s being a piss off,” I spat, standing up and walking out of the room, making my way to my bunk, hopping onto it, and plugging in my headphones, blasting whatever song came on

A while later I felt the bed dipping down a bit, my eyes shooting open to see Luke lying next to me

I took out my headphones, turning off the music and setting my phone down beside me

I glared at the boy next to me, his body still curled into a blanket, not making eye contact with me

I rolled over so my back was facing him, though that didn’t last long as I felt his gentle fingers on my waist, attempting to roll me back over to face him

I could feel my nerves boiling as I quickly rolled over


A whimper left his mouth as he curled further into the blanket, and from the light that was coming in from behind the curtain of my bunk, I could see the sensitive skin around his blue eyes was red, his eye lids were half closed, the whites of his eyes were bloodshot and his blue eyes were a duller shade than usual

My face immediately softened as I looked at him as I grabbed at him and pulled him in close to me

“Lukey, baby what’s wrong?” I asked in a gentle tone, but the only response I got was a choked sob from him and him gripping onto my shirt

“Shh, babe it’s ok, it’ll be ok,” I whispered, leaning forward and placing soft kisses on his eye lids that were squeezed shut

I rubbed his back, my heart thumping as I went through all the possibilities of what could have been wrong

“C'mon baby, please tell me what’s wrong,” I pleaded in an almost scared tone

He shook his head, another sob leaving his mouth as he gripped harder onto my shirt

“I just-” his voice was cracked and small, making me fearful of what might come next

“I love you Mikey,” he choked out and my heart started beating faster, worse case scenario playing in my head of why he was randomly telling me he loved me

“Luke what’s going on? Please you’re scaring me,” I said and held him in closer, my hand shaking as I continued rubbing his back

“I just told you what was wrong,” he squealed loudly, pulling at my shirt almost angrily now, the collar ripping a bit

“Baby, babe it’s okay,” I said soothingly, hoping his strangling grip would subside but it didn’t seem to

My head was spinning, unsure of why him telling me he loved me was a huge problem

Then it clicked

I looked down at the shaking boy in my arms, I wasn’t exactly sure why he was so worked up about this


“I’m sorry I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have told you, i didn’t mean to, I don’t know what the hell is going on anymore Mikey I’m sorry I didn’t-” he stuttered, his voice breaking and his body shaking more violently

“Lukey please stop, you’re hyperventilating c'mon baby please,” I said

I rolled over him quickly and carefully, getting up off the bunk, but his grip on my shirt got worse and he tried to pull me back

“Please please Mikey I’m sorry please don’t leave me, please don’t go please,” he pleaded

I leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek

“I’ll be back in a second I promise,” I said, getting back up and running out to the kitchen, ignoring Ashton and Calum calling out to me

I put some cold water in a large water bottle and grabbing a Tylenol because if he didn’t have the biggest headache after what had just happened, he would probably be the luckiest person in the universe

I ran back to my bunk, sighing in relief as I saw his body had stopped shaking and his breath had returned to normal

I layed back down next to him, handing him the water and the pill, cuddling him back into my side as he took the pill and downed half of the water

I smiled, watching as a bit of colour returned to his once pale face

He set the water bottle back down and his eye lids began to droop

“Tired honey?” I asked, running my fingers through his hair

He simply nodded, his eyes totally shut now, he shifted around, letting his head rest on my chest, his legs tangling with mine

“Wake me up when we have to go,” he whispered, and I nodded, kissing his head

“Okay baby,”

A few hours later, I woke up, my head leaning against Luke’s, cringing at the sight of my drool dampening his hair

I started rubbing his back, my mind wandering off to what he had told me earlier

He told me he loved me, but I never really said anything back as a response

As I began to think, my mind would go to all the interviews where I would zone out accidentally staring at his lips, how I would constantly want to cuddle him no matter what mood he was in, how whenever he would come back from somewhere with Calum or Ashton and tell me how much fun he had, how I would get slightly jealous, but think it was because I wished I had been there with them, I thought about how when he was near me, my heart would beat slightly faster, and how happy it made me when he laughed

I realized that I never did that with Calum or Ashton, or anyone else for that matter

Maybe I loved Luke too

I nearly jumped out of my skin at the obscenely loud sound of Luke snoring below me

“Jesus,” I muttered under my breath, and though I tried to be annoyed, I just couldn’t bring myself to be, it was just another thing that made him adorable

And maybe it was adorable, but it was also giving me a headache, so I decided to wake him up

“Lukey, honey wake up,” I said, gently shaking his shoulders and placing small kisses over his face, but he simply scrunched up his face a little and shifted before falling asleep again

“C'mon baby, time to get up,” I whispered, kissing his face again before I reached his mouth, leaning in and pressing a kiss to his slightly parted lips

His eyes fluttered open and he looked down at how close our lips were, a soft whimper leaving his mouth

I smiled up at him, pressing another kiss to his lips, smiling into the kiss as he returned it

“You scared me earlier you know,” he mumbled against my mouth

“Did I?” I asked

“Yeah, because I told you that I loved you and you got up and left,” he laughed

“I wasn’t sure how I felt,” I shrugged, “but now I realize”

“Really?” He asked


And then as grabbed onto my face, smashing his lips against mine, the kiss was slow passionate

Our tongues moved together, letting each other feel every bit of our mouths we could reach

After what felt like hours, we pulled back and he smiled at me

“So you love me too?” He asked, his thumb rubbing against my cheek softly

“Nope, I just let you suck my face off because I wanna be friends,” I said, sarcasm evident

He rolled his eyes and pecked my lips again

“I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of kissing you,” he said

— Later —

The room was hot and sweaty, bodies moving together quickly like their life depended on it, I was panting, holding onto Luke’s hand tightly, I knew we were getting close

Yeah, backstage was pretty full at the moment

We had been running a little late for our show tonight, so everything was frantic, and of course, to Ashton’s request, we decided to use the ‘buddy system’ aka holding hands with each other and walking through everybody like we’re in a fucking conga line in order to get to the stage

Finally we got to the stage, grabbing our instruments before running on stage, apologizing for being late and we started performing

But, there was a bit of a problem

Well not for everyone else but for me

Since earlier, I couldn’t stop thinking about Luke, and everything about him

And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING

Basically I had a boner mid show and it was pressing against my guitar, it wasn’t fun

We continued performing and Luke did that thing where he’s strumming his guitar really fast and he throws his head back and bites his lip, and I really couldn’t handle that right now, I had to look away or our stylist wouldn’t be too happy with me

After we had finished playing, I had been the first one to run off stage, putting my guitar away in our dressing room

I sighed in relief, happy that was over, but now I had the other problem to deal with

I jumped when I felt someone’s arms around my waist, looking back and saw Luke, resting his head on my shoulder

“Get off me, you’re sweaty,” I whined but he didn’t listen

“I saw you eye fucking me on stage,” he said, his voice low and hoarse

He pressed his bottom half against me and I could feel that he was hard

My breath hitched in my throat as I turned around pressing our crotches together

“Fuck,” he whispered, pressing his lips desperately against mine, reaching his hand down and palming me through my jeans

“Oh fuck Luke, please,” I whimpered as his hand began moving faster

My stomach was tightening and I could’ve been embarrassed at how I was so close so fast, but it was Luke hemmings for crying out loud

“Fuck fuck fuck Luke I’m g-” and then he moved his hand away. Bastard

“Sorry baby, maybe later,” he said against my lips before turning around

I blinked a few times, my eyes still fuzzy, but I could see Ashton and Calum standing at the door of the dressing room, staring at us with their jaws slack

“What?” Luke asked

“Nothing, time to go to bed for me,” Ashton said, turning around and walking out

Yet Calum still stood there, his slack jaw tightening until there was a smirk on his face

“You frisky little boys,” he said raising his eyebrows at us, smirk still on his face as turned to walk out

“Meet us in the car when you’re done here,” he winked before walking away

Luke rested his forehead against my shoulder and laughed

“I don’t know what the hell that was but we better get going, we can continue at the hotel,” he winked

“But babe I need you,” I whimpered

“I know baby doll, but we can continue at the hotel,” he said before grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the dressing room

We ran out of the arena and into the back of the van while Ashton still looked scarred and Calum was still smirking

“Might wanna close your mouth Ash, you might catch flies,” Luke said, rubbing Ashton’s shoulder lightly, putting on his seatbelt and sitting back

As we started driving, Calum turned around to look back at us, some creepy smile on his face

“Don’t stay like that too long or your face will get stuck like that,” I pointed out but his face didn’t falter

“So, tell me exactly what happened, tell me everything,” he said staring Luke and I down

“Cal fuck off, you can’t just go around asking people about their sex life,” Ashton said from beside him

“Well they’re our best friends and I wanna know why they were almost fucking in the dressing room so mind yo business little boy,” Calum replied, “now, tell me tell me tell me,”

“No, quit being a pervert,” Luke said, looking up from his phone for a second

“Come on,” he huffed, “tell me something mike are you guys together now or were you just dry humping in the dressing room for something to do?”

I looked over at Luke, realizing that I hadn’t actually asked him out yet

“I mean, we haven’t really asked each other yet, damn I don’t even know if this kid likes me,” Luke smirked, looking over at me

I looked over at him and shook my head and Calum just scoffed and sat back down, mumbling, “you guys are such children”

Over an hour later, most everybody in the car was asleep, Calum and Ashton were asleep, along with a member of our crew who was sitting in the front of the car, and Luke

It was dark out, and I was tired, but my mind wouldn’t stop wandering to everything Luke and I might do at the hotel, and it made me shift in my seat

Since my phone was dead, and I had nothing better to do, I decided to get revenge on Luke for what he had done earlier

I reached my hand over, rubbing his thigh softly, with every stroke, my hand would go a little higher, until I reached his crotch

I started palming him through his tight jeans, his hips bucking into my hand and a soft whimper leaving his mouth

“Mikey please,” he whispered

I looked up, expecting to see his eyes open and looking at me, but instead, his eyes were closed, so I continued

After a few minutes he was totally hard under my hand but he was lacking reaction, so I leaned in, pressing my lips to his neck

I kissed and licked the soft skin, slowly dragging my lips over to his Adam’s apple and bit down lightly

A squeak erupted from his throat and his eyes flew open

I looked up at him and smirked, before returning to what I was doing

“Shit Mikey,” he whispered

“Shh, don’t make any noise, don’t wanna get caught now would we baby,” I said lowly

He shook his head quickly as my hand continued massaging him through his jeans

“Fucking hell, stop, wait till we get to the hotel,” he growled, but I continued, unzipping his jeans and palming him through his boxers

His right hand was gripping onto my shoulder, his left hand holding onto the window sill

I dragged my fingers up and slid them under the waistband of his boxers

I pulled them down, he hissed as his cock hit the cold air and his grip intensified

I began pumping him and the hand that was on the window sill was removed and put over his mouth, biting down onto his fingers to prevent him from moaning

My hand started going faster and I could feel my cock throbbing in my jeans, his cock twitched in my hand and I knew he was close

We heard fingers tapping on the seat in front of us, looking up to see a fairly displeased Ashton staring back at us

“Okay boys look, I don’t care if you’re together, or if you’re fuck buddies or whatever you wanna call this, but for the love of god no handjobs in the car, have some decency,” he said before plopping back down in his seat

Luke glared over at me and I just smirked back as we sat in silence, occasionally teasing one another, and by the time we reached the hotel, we were both so hard it was almost painful

We grabbed our bags out of the back, going inside and getting our keys before heading to our room

I fumbled with the key for a few seconds before finally getting it open

We both went in, closing the door and throwing our bags to the side

Immediately I was pressed against the door and Luke’s lips were back on mine, his elbows pressed against the wall beside me, the top half of his body was pressed against mine, the bottom half circling against me

“Oh fuck we gotta skip foreplay or I’m gonna blow within 5 minutes,” he groaned, biting on my bottom lip as he lifted me up, forcing a squeal from the back of my throat

“A romantic one aren’t you?” I chuckled but he just smiled and rolled his eyes, walking to the bed

I grabbed onto his face pulling his lips against mine and he immediately stopped in his tracks, this kiss was slow and passionate, his fingers trailing up and down my spine, leaving goosebumps in their path

He continued walking, stumbling along the way and falling on the bed, both us laughing at the sheer stupidity

As hard as we could try to be romantic, it never works out

He stared down at me, lust and love clouding his eyes and I smiled up at him

“You know kitten, I told you in the car to wait until we got to the hotel to do what you were doing, but you didn’t listen, did you baby?” He asked, his voice hoarse and deep, as he started kissing my neck

“No daddy, I was a bad boy,” I said with a slight pout, leaning into him, “maybe you should punish me.”

Now Luke had me pinned down on the bed, the sweet taste of his tongue intoxicating my mouth with every move the muscle made

This day had started off weird, and it seemed like it was going to end off pretty weird, but I wasn’t gonna complain

“You know what kitten, I think that’s a great idea,” he smirked, his breath hot against my lips

He got up off the bed and went over to his bag, getting out a few things, but hiding them from me

“I thought you said to skip the foreplay?” I panted

He laughed a deep laugh that made me shiver, “just because I can’t hold my load doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be punished baby boy, now close your eyes kitten,” he said and I obliged, hearing him putting whatever he had in the bed side drawer

“Okay, you can open your eyes again sweetie pie,” he said a few minutes later

I opened my eyes and my vision immediately started raking over his body, he had stripped himself of everything but his boxers, a pair of handcuffs hanging off the tips of his fingers, swinging them around with a smirk on his face

He set the handcuffs down on the table, leaning down and pulling my shirt up a bit until you could see the bottom of my pale stomach, then the shirt was ripped from my body in one quick motion

I looked down at my suddenly totally exposed stomach and looked up at Luke, who had the ripped bits of my shirt in his hands

“The fuck was that for?” I asked confused but he simply shrugged threw the shirt aside

“Okay, I knew you were strong but why don’t you use that strength for something other than ripping up my damn clothes,” I said and he smirked

He leaned down, hovering over me, one of his fingers came down to my lips, lightly sliding over it, my tongue poking out, making it wet

His finger continued to trail down my body, my muscles contracting at the almost tickling touch

His lips caressed mine slowly, only lasting a second before he pulled back and bit against my bottom lip, his finger now outlining the bulge in my boxers

I let out a loud whine at the feeling, my cock twitching, he began pulling down my boxers slowly before roughly grabbing onto the waistband

“Rip my TMNT boxers and I swear to god you’re gonna be the one getting punished,” I said at the best of my ability, his teeth still sinking into my bottom lip

“You can’t bare to hold the mood more than 5 minutes can you?” He laughed before swiftly pulling my boxers down my legs and throwing them aside along with his own

He picked up the handcuffs off the table taking my wrists and cuffing them together, holding them above my head

His returned to mine again, but it was mainly just our tongues as he straddled my body, beginning to grind down against me, still holding my hands above my head

“You said that I should find something else to do with my strength other then rip your clothes, and I know the perfect thing kitten, now turn around so that pretty ass of yours is up in the air,” he said and I nodded, quickly flipping myself over

He leaned down, his hot lips against my ear

“Before we go any further, the safe word is apple just in case,” he whispered before kissing my cheek and I nodded, “now count for me baby.”

His hand came down on my ass, “one,” I whimpered out, feeling his cock grinding against my thigh

He rubbed over the skin with his soft fingers before smacking the other cheek, this time with more force

“Two,” I whined out

His hand came down again, the pain and pleasure shaking my body, I couldn’t even form words

“I said count for me baby,” he growled in my ear but I still couldn’t force any word out of my mouth

“Fine, if you’re gonna be like that, I can just go to the next level,” he said, “turn over.”

I quickly turned over onto my back, my throbbing cock leaking against my stomach

He leaned over, opening the drawer beside us before pulling out something that made my eyes widen

A vibrator

He continued grinding against my thigh, but quicker and more desperate, small pants leaving his mouth before he stopped abruptly, standing up on his shaking legs before climbing onto the end of the bed

“Spread your legs for me kitten,” and I immediately obliged

Suddenly, an overwhelming feeling of self consciousness took over my body, a blush coming to my cheeks as I tried to close my legs

Luke’s hand came down onto my thighs, holding them in place and rubbing his thumbs over them

“Don’t be insecure kitten you’re so beautiful honey,” he said, leaning down and pressing his lips against mine

Our lips moved slowly and I could feel one of his finger poking at my hole, before pushing it in

“You’re not as tight as I thought you would be, do you finger yourself kitten?” He asked and I gulped and nodded

“Fuck, that’s so hot,” he hissed, as if temporarily losing control and grinding against my leg before stopping

He pushed in two more fingers, moving them in and out and scissoring quickly before pulling them out

He picked up the vibrator, lubin it up before roughly pushing it inside me

“FUCK,” I screamed out, my back arching off the bed as he began thrusting the toy in and out of me before switching it on to the highest level

“Oh yeah daddy, just like that,” I moaned grinding back onto the toy until I felt it prodding at my g spot

My body immediately froze, my breathing going shallow as pleasure coursed through my body

“FUCK DADDY IM GONNA CUM!” I screamed and suddenly he stopped, pulling the toy out of me before opening the drawer again, pulling out a cock ring

“No fuck daddy please no I need to cum please,” I whimpered but he simply shook his head, putting the cock ring on me, the pressure of the tight ring forcing pleasure to course through my body with even more intensity

He picked up a condom from beside him on the bed, something I hadn’t noticed him take out

He slipped it on, quickly lubing it up before hovering over me again, smashing his lips on mine as he thrusted inside me

We both moaned loudly at the feeling, my cock throbbing so hard I thought it could potentially break the cock ring

He immediately started pounding into me, one hand pinning my hands above my head while the other gripped my waist so tight there would probably be bruises in the morning

“Oh fuck, so good kitten so good, do you feel good baby?” He asked, panting

“Yes daddy, fuck, so so good,” I moaned out

I felt my thighs begin the shake, my body heating up and my breath quickening

“Fuck, daddy I need to cum, please let me cum on myself, don’t you wanna see that daddy? You wanna see my cum all over me?” I asked

He growled, biting on his bottom lip before removing the cock ring, my back immediately arching as pleasure took over my body

My body shook violently, a loud gasp escaping my lips, my eyes squeezing shut as my cum started shooting out over my stomach

I knew I was practically screaming at how good I felt and that people would probably complain but I couldn’t really care at this moment in time

Luke’s breath was shallow and his thrusts were sloppy and I knew he was right at the edge

“C'mon daddy, cum for me,” I whispered

He threw his head back, moaning loudly, his body trembling as his orgasm took over his body

His thrusts began slowing down before coming to a complete stop, he pulled out of me, taking off the condom before throwing it in the trash, going to the bathroom and grabbing a wet cloth before wiping down my entire body gently

When he was done, he disposed of the cloth and layed down next to me, pulling me in close

We stayed there in silence for a few minutes until I spoke up

“Luke, how did you know that you loved me?” I asked looking up at him

He looked down at me and smiled, kissing my forehead before simply saying, “you took my breath away once, and never gave it back.”

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im a new larrie, and one of the things that actually cemented it for me was watching louis smile at harry vs the way he smiles at the others. the latter tends be a louder reaction where as when he talks to harry his eyes crinkle and he giggles and its so SOFT. that moment during the (i think) gma intvw during wwa when they're watching each other in the monitor and louis looks over at harry - that did it for me completely, SO FOND

Is it this one? The Today Show promo?

How is it that he turns into a giant ball of crinkly eyed fondness and warmth and love whenever he looks at Harry? And it happens all the time!!!!

^ fierce to soft

So much sweetness :(

There’s nothing else like it

okay but if Harry DOES show up at the ball imagine how incredibly sweet he’ll be with the kids imagine him kissing their hands and calling them “your highness” and “your majesty” and letting them place a crown atop his luscious curls and clumsily dancing with them standing on his giant feet and Louis looking over fondly at his prince surrounded by all the tiny princesses/princes who would no doubt adore him

How easy is it to make seventeen blush!!

Scoups: HES LIKE A 7!! He gets really blushy and nervous If you get your face really close to his!!! Even if you kiss him slowly his face will turn bright red! 

Jeonghan: HES A 5! He doesn’t seem like the type to get very blushy or flustered! If you were watching a movie and you put your hand on his leg or something close to that he’d get pretty flustered but I don’t know how blushy he would get! 

Joshua: MY POOR BABY! HES A SOLID 8! He would get very blushy and flustered no matter what you do! To get him really flustered, when he’s not focusing sit on his lap and kiss his neck! THIS WOULD MAKE HIM ALL BLUSHY AND NERVOUS 

Jun: I don’t see him being to easy to make flustered! HES A 4! He’d be the type to make you more blushy then you would make him! Maybe if you got really sentimental on him he would get all smiley and a little pink 

Hoshi: This babe!! HES A 6.8!!! If you cuddled up to him and nuzzled your head into his neck and said you loved him while playing with his hands. He would be so happy and really blushy his face would be a light pink and it would be so cute 

Wonwoo: he seems like he wouldn’t be to affected by his significant other or even by anyone! WELL YOUR WRONG HE IS A GIANT BALL OF FLUFF!! HES A 7 OR 8! If you grabbed his hand in public or even kissed him this little cutie would have a light blush on his face and the members would probably tease him! 

Woozi: He tries to not be affected by how cute you are but HES DEFINITELY A 6! He’d be mostly affected by sweet talking or dirty talking! Maybe by touch of you knew his weak spots! He would have such a bright pink blush his cheeks hed look like his adore you hair! 

DK: HES A 5!!! He doesn’t seem to be that easy to make blushy but he’s a smiler!! If you kissed him or showed any kind of affection he would definitely have the brightest smile on his face! 

Mingyu: HES A 7 he’s like Hoshi! If you cuddled with him, kissed him or even talked a little something ;) his face would become very very red like a tomato all smiley and blushy he’d be really embarrassed and flustered 

Minghao: OH LORD HIS CUTIE WOULD BE A 9! If you got really close to his face, cuddled with him, told him how much you loved him or even held his hand in public his face would turn bright pink and smile his would be to die for! 

Seungkwan: HES A 7!! He’d get embarrassed if you talked about your future or something along the lines of that! Even kissing him infront of the members would put a blush on his face! Vernon and Dino: THEY ARE BOTH 10!! It’s so easy to get these little cuties flustered!! If you held their hands, kissed them or told him you loved him his whole face would light up and turn bright red!