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Broken Crown (Part 2)

Pairing; Jon Snow x Reader

Prompt: There’s a death, there’s a war, and there’s magic. 

A/N: Sorry it took so long, I wish I didn’t have to graduate college before I was allowed to spend my whole life writing

Part 1 / Part 3 / Part 4 

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There was so much blood. Why was there always so much blood?

 It’s hard to figure out how much blood is actually in the human body until it starts to pool around your feet and cover your boots. The sickest part about all of this though was the fact that Jon was actually starting to like it.

 Not the killing, the killing made him feel like a monster, but the power of it all. There was this sense of conquering that would pulse through his body every time he struck someone down. This must’ve been the Targaryen in him. He was always told they were a fierce bunch and if he was anything like his biological father, Jon was one of the fiercest.

 He liked the blood more so today than any other day. This blood was shed to protect the one thing he’d grown to love more than anything in this world. Jon rarely gets the chance to defend Y/N, she can easily do that herself, but she wasn’t present to hear the things coming out of Ser Arys mouth.

 Her own Lord Commander actually had the audacity to talk about her like that. He didn’t know Jon was standing in the doorway of the Great Hall listening to all of it. Arys must’ve been fucking stupid for talking about this in such a public place.

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*Start to took his clothes off to enjoy with you*

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“ Come to me baby’‘ 

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*looks at you with that look that only he has and say with his deep voice*

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’'So that’s the gift you talked that you had for me? You are really good in gives gifts, congratulations’’

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