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Exams and breakdowns just had to happen while I was in the middle of working on this so this took absolute ages to finish i’m sorry

Dumb little thing inspired by @tiny-septic-box-sam‘s Texts from Dark and Anti

goddamn why do i relate to the glitchy demon son so much i too get incredibly happy and not know what to do with myself when anyone says anything remotely nice to me

teenage fever ❖ baekhyun (4)

Baekhyun was so in love, thinking that you still were like this after all you’ve been through, he really thought you were the only one for him.

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genre: baekhyun! philosophy uni professor au, age gap (if you don’t like, please don’t read), angst, slice of life and fluff + a lot of sexual tension!

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

You took a big breath, your heart rate was quick because of the little run you had to do to be on time, but you finally were there, in front of your Philosophy class for your last lesson of the year. University wasn’t over, but you decided to take three months just to follow Art classes, so you were really going to dump Mr. Byun’s course for your major. You were sad, you always loved Philosophy, but that year Art was more important and you needed to pass it with the highest grade. 

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Smoker - Request

Requested by @hannah-aureum: i just found the greatest picture of Tom felton (Draco) if you would ever write about hermione or the reader showing him muggle things to calm him down after the war 💞 (like cigarettes because he’s smoking in it lmao).

Hidden word courtesy of @lame-lozer: Fillet - A fleshy boneless piece of meat from near the loins or the ribs of an animal.

Pairing: Draco x reader/Hermione (I never mention her name so it can be both)

Word count: 1.814

Also, smoking!Draco and a very very very very discreet sexual innuendo.

A/N: I’m not sure I like this one, I feel like it’s too off character but you’ll be the judges. Also, I’m not good at being romantic.
Also, also, this was due for yesterday but I had trouble and it didn’t upload.


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The street was loud and crowded. The air smelled of fried food, dirt and smog, and the sky looked grey and the ambience was humid. The cars honked loudly, the traffic was chaotic and the few people on foot couldn’t help but to complain just as much.

“London could use a new government, look at this street! I’ve never seen anything dirtier!”

“I hate this weather! It isn’t raining, but it isn’t sunny either!”

“Don’t you hate cars? They are loud and look at how polluted everything is because of them!”

They would complain day and night, craving for a magical solution to their problems but refusing to believe in magic at all.

There was a blond man leaning against the wall of a coffee shop, chuckling at every word he heard. It was all a joke to him; those people had no idea what it was really like, and it seemed like they would never know it at all.

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it’s all everything with you (ao3)

an unofficial sequel to “it’s all nothing without you[x]” (check out the accompanying art piece by @erwinsalive here[x]). inspired by a trip to the ocean a few weeks ago (and then forgot about because of all the prompts i was doing lol).

They start by remembering each other’s names.



They know the names are theirs, even though they’ve lived this life by another for over three decades. The other memories bubble from the bases of their brain stems, pop against the surface of their consciousness like the champagne they share. They clink their glasses at New Year’s–another year, another one together. They kiss when the ball drops. Erwin says into Levi’s lips, “Eight years together, darling.” And Levi doesn’t correct him when they sit back into their seats, because it really doesn’t feel like a lifetime away since they had parted.

Love was easy. Instantaneous. Erwin said it after they first met. Took his face between his hands, hands so big and familiar they made Levi’s heart ache with a pain he thought he had forgotten in death. Their lips fell together like they always did, like they had been chiseled from the same stone. And as they lived on together again, they masoned the pieces of this life with the last. It was interesting to see how parallels were formed–how certain phobias transcended through spirit and left them bodily weak. They haven’t remembered everything, they wouldn’t even know when they would have reached the pinnacle of remembering anyway, but they remember enough.

Levi remembers the ocean the following year.

He sits paralyzed in the passenger seat. His hands gripping his pants as if he’s trying to rip them off. He knows now why he has always hated the ocean. He was able to compose himself around imagery and video of it, choking down the anxiety like a pill too big through his throat. But now it was here, undulating like a maggot’s backside, and vast like the sky that sits atop of it. Inside the car, he’s drowning. Inside the car, he’s safe. He swallows, but he can’t move anything else. He’s drowning, he’s…

“Levi?” Erwin takes off his sunglasses and folds them, placing one arm of them into the collar of his polo shirt.

Levi can’t come up with the words. They’re parked right along the beach. He can see the waves rolling in. He can see the brats wadding in the shallow waves. He can see Hange shin deep in water so blue he never knew the specific word for it (he learned in this life it was “turquoise”). He brings his hand to his forehead and shakes out a breath.

“Levi, darling. Talk to me. Did you remember something?”

Levi bites his lip and nods shallowly. He rests the side of his head against the window. It’s cold from the air conditioning blowing on it for the past hour. He feels fevered, sick, disgusted.

“About what?” Erwin leans over and places his hand on top of Levi’s, and Levi’s fingers relax slightly, the denim of his jeans releasing from under nails. “Maybe I can help you through this, like when you remembered…”

“We made it…” Levi starts, because he’d rather talk about this than about the serum. “We made it to the ocean.”

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Bad Timing

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a/n: I had this sudden urge to write about Hansol so I did it. Hansol reminds me of this really small and cute sheep, so obviously we all must protect this sheep. btw there was no proofreading cause i’m like that so enjoy!!

genre: FluFFFF

warnings: None

Sometimes it baffled you. Your current boyfriend in front of you, who held his drink with both hands, so preciously. Happily sipping his drink as if he was having the time of his life, even stopping for a moment to inspect the insides as though he would discover something other than what he ordered.

He was a bit aloof, in his own world. You eyed him as he ceased sipping, his eyes becoming distant looking while he stared into the table, deep into his own thoughts. You could never tell what he was thinking, it was a complete mystery and before you knew it, he was back to drinking his bubble tea like a child.

And because he was so aloof, so into his own thoughts, he was so innocent in your opinion. So gullible to fall for his friend’s tricks, even calling you to make sure you actually didn’t tell Soonyoung you were going to break up with him.

Hansol was definitely something else in your head. He was once again, aloof, clumsy at times, tripped over his words a lot, and often speaks in noncoherent sentences about a very off topic subject. And all these things combined often the most similar question asked by your friends.

“Why are you dating Hansol? Isn’t he kind of dumb?”

You realized they always whispered the word ‘dumb’ as if Hansol hadn’t realized it himself. But to you, he was neither dumb nor any synonym close to the word. Hansol just liked to approach things differently.

For instance, you had sighed, complaining to him of your broken mug. Sure you had a million other ones you could use but none of them compared to the slanted mug with an enormous handle, and the words ‘Better’ painted sloppily on side of the mug and on the other side the sweet creator had slabbed ‘Hansol’. And the thing you loved about it, the thing that made it such a ‘Hansol’ work of art, he had placed the word ‘Better’ on the side which would face you instead of outwards to showcase to others. So the couple mugs he hand crafted and made for you, that was meant to say ‘Better Together’ turned out to be ‘Hansol Together’.

Now that the precious mug was broken, it was obvious to just let it go and use another mug. But Hansol thought entirely different. He wanted to fix it, he just didn’t know how, he had gathered all the pieces you had kept for keepsake, and when Joshua suggested the ‘why don’t you just glue it back together’. Hansol thought of something different. Hansol, dragging along Seungkwan as to not be lonely, had spent another two of his paychecks, sitting in a pottery room for days to recreate the piece of mugs. And after waiting hours for the paint to dry, he showed up at your doorstep, paint splattered on his clothes and face, the tips of his hair even covered, and the mugs being presented in his hands.

You loved Hansol, absolutely, there was no doubt that when you looked at him, your heart did flips in your chest, and the boys even pointed out how you always had hearts floating above your head. There was just one thing, one thing you wished he could brush up upon.

“Hey y/n,” Hansol looked at you, eyes so mesmerizing, lips curling up into a smile, he was leaning over the table, hand stretched out towards you, and you’re smiling, you bring your own hand out to grasp his only, he moved from your hand, grabbing your drink, “They got your order wrong, I think this is someone else’s.”

Hansol had very bad timing.

“It’s a good thing I caught that before you drank it.”

You were now holding onto your newly made drink, “Yeah. Such a good thing” You didn’t want to be, but you were salty about the situation. It would have been the perfect moment for him to lace his hand with yours but no, he noticed your ‘wrong order’ and decided to fix it instead.

It wasn’t as if his timing wasn’t the worst thing in the world, it was actually his bad timing that brought you two together. You had first noticed the boy when he had accidentally barged into the wrong classroom, your classroom, loudly stating he was present to the entirely wrong class. It didn’t help that it was the middle of the day and the teacher was currently scolding the class for interrupting her.

And after that, you paid attention to the boy whose music was loudly playing heavy rap in the middle of the silent library. On one particular day, when you were just too early for class, you opened the door to your classroom to hear the loud statement from Hansol.

“What am I supposed to say. Y/N I really like you and hope you’ll agree to go on a date with me and then be my girlfriend!” He had screamed the statement to his friends who were now covering their mouths laughing, slamming their hands on the desk to control their laughter after seeing you walk in.

So bad timing wasn’t the worst in the beginning.

“Aw Hansol, aren’t the puppies so cute.” You were cooing at the little dogs that jumped in excited when you poked at the window to the pet shop.

Your boyfriend stood behind you, sipping on the drink that was once yours, “Dogs are such a big responsibility. They poop like everywhere. Can you imagine if humans did that.”

The smile from the puppies wiped off your face at the image he had placed in your head, “Hansol let’s go” Your voice was tinted with disappointment and a bit disgust.

It wasn’t so bad, you tried to tell yourself. It was only the occasional thing when he said something weird or off topic, just like how he tells stories of the boy’s very weak bowel movements randomly during a romantic movie.

Sometimes it was the occasional gesture that was inappropriate. Like when he tries to kiss you while cooking, the gesture would be so much more romantic if you weren’t holding a pan of hot oil. Or the many times he thought it appropriate to poke your sides while you eat, ultimately leaving you in a coughing mess.

You two were standing in front of your apartment door, outside the sun was setting perfectly, and suddenly the atmosphere turned awkward. It was always awkward, you two never knew the perfect way to say goodbye. A kiss? A hug? Last time it was Hansol screaming he really had to go use the bathroom so he bid you farewell while running.

You opened your mouth to end the silence, “I had a really nice time Hansol. I liked just walking around with you today.”

Hansol was silent for a moment, you noticed the way his eyes seemed distant again and you wondered if he heard what you said, “The boys say they really wanna go to paintball next week, did you want to come.”

Ah. the moment ended.

You smiled your best, “No it’s alright. You can go ahead with the boys. Goodnight Hansol.”

“Oh thank god.”

Your hand froze to enter your apartment, “What?” It hurt a little bit to hear him whisper those words.

“I really did not want to go. There’s a festival next week and it’s suppose to have really good food, and some games. And I really wanted to bring you but the boys planned paintball and they asked if I was going to bring you but now that you said no, “ Hansol grinned widely, “We can go to the festival!!”

Hansol was smiling, eyes in crescent moons with his toothy grin, a hearty giggle leaving his mouth. And you couldn’t help yourself, you stood on your toes, your lips softly pressing against his who stopped grinning to latch themselves onto you. Your quick peck left him dazed, stunned, wide eyed before his cheeks tinted red.

“Goodnight Hansol, I look forward to the festival.”

“Uh yeah.” You laughed, watching for a moment as he stood dumbfounded. His feet slowly moving from your door before they were out of sight. 

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This is probably an impossible ask because i dont remember much.. So in this fic dan and phil are together and i dont think it was an au, it was pretty realistic if i remember correctly. And i think it was quite angsty, dan had maybe some mental health problems? I just remember at one point dan saying he didnt have matey bubble path as a child (like in that one gaming video) and later phil was like "but dan it was only couple pounds" and dan said he was just joking although really he wasnt.

Can anyone help find this fic?

- Tori

Imagine getting hyped up on sugar without Crowley knowing.

You were sitting on the arm of Crowley’s throne with a smile spread across your face, your blood overloaded with sugar which was something you weren’t used to. You couldn’t help but think of mischievous ideas while your king sat there listening to the latest news being told to him by his minions. His face was serious as he absorbed everything they had to tell him, but you on the other hand, was bored out of your mind. That was until you decided to entertain yourself.

Slowly, you moved your finger to his face, poking his cheek softly. He waved your hand away, but you done it again, and again, and again, and again. Finally, he got fed up with your childish behavior and smacked your hand away harshly before sending a threatening glare your way. Even though you knew you were pushing your luck you still carried on. Once your finger touched the stubble on his chin for the last time, he caught your wrist tightly.

“Excuse me for a moment.” He said calmly as he rose from his seat, dragging you along with him. You followed him towards the door where the two of you were alone. He stalked towards you slowly. "What the hell are you doing?“

You looked down at the floor, hands sweaty. "I, um, got bored. I figured it would be funny.” You thought back at his reaction and began to giggle earning a strange look from Crowley.

“What’s the matter with you? You’re never like this.”

“I had a candy bar and soda.” You laughed.

He rolled his eyes. “Sugar and caffeine? Really, Y/n?”

You nodded and continued to giggle. He knew very well that this would last all day long, and he wasn’t looking forward to dealing with your bubbly attitude and child like shenanigans.

He sighed before getting closer to you face causing you to stifle the relentless giggles. “No more aggravating me while I’m at work, understood?”

You nodded as your brain stormed up even more hilarious ways to prank with him. You bit your lip and looked up at him with a look of false innocence. “Yeah… understood.”

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For the "Send me a pairing and a prompt" : TakuKamu for "I’m pregnant.”

 The first time he heard it, Takumi swore he thought he had gone deaf.

 His mouth felt dry. His eyes were wide. “I-I-” Words were merely a squeak as he tried to produce as least one sentence. But alas, all that came out were empty air, drying his lips as the stood there like a fool.

 The longer she looked at him, the more Kamui felt nervous.

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you wear too many turtlenecks... what are you hiding ??

“ mostly the raw, untamed sexualité i emanate.   the public simply isn’t prepared to be seduced by any more of my exposed skin. ”      it’s also possible he may be concealing the knotted scar climbing up the back of his neck, which he gets tired of people staring at after a while.

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sette con paulo dybala, prego!

“Maybe, I act like I’m twelve years old, so what?”

“Well, if I wanted a kid, I would have signed up instead of being your girlfriend.” Paulina said looking sceptically over to Paulo who was sitting on a swing.

It was past one in the middle of the night so there was no kid anywhere near the playground but still Paulina didn’t want to behave like a kid. She didn’t want to ruin her reputation as professional model, even if her boyfriend wanted her to. Paulo never lost his child-like behaviour, he was always bubbly, smiling, teasing his teammates, friends, family and girlfriend whenever he saw an opportunity to do.

“Paulina, please, do it for me! It’s much more fun than you would think it be!” he tried to encourage her while he was already swinging up and down with pure joy in his eyes.

“Are you gonna shut up if I do so?”
Paulo shrugged his shoulders, but she already had given in. Paulina rather spent two minutes on the swing than having to listen him begging her to do so any longer.

She sat down and started swinging, first hesitantly then with lots of joy while she Paulo laugh beside her. For tonight, he had won.

Send me a number and a player and I write a drabble

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Cute bubble baths with Yamaguchi, Akaashi, Bokuto and Kuroo ??

Yamaguchi: He was pretty nervous at first of the idea of a bath together, but he didn’t mind so much once the two of you were actually in the bath together. He felt relaxed and a bit like a child, since it was a bubble bath. He sunk down into the water some, with the bubble reaching up to just under his nose and covering his mouth, and he smiled happily at you—though it was covered by the bubbles. The two of you just giggled and smiles at each other, taking the bubbles and making funny shapes out of them while they were on the water.

Kuroo: He was the one who dragged you into the bubble bath in the first place. He was practically a giant child in the bath, grinning and taking the bubbles and foam and placing them all over his face in different things. He gave himself a Santa beard, then gave himself cat ears. “Get it? ‘Cause I’m on Nekoma?” he grinned at you, taking some bubbles and giving you some cat ears, as well.

Bokuto: A giant child as well—he got really excited about the idea and wanted to do it right away, so he pretty much jumped in the bath while he asked you the pour the bubble bath into it. He swirled it around and when the bubbles were all there, he grinned and motioned for you to come in and join him. He gathered up a bunch of the bubbles in his arms before he gave you a big hug once you were in the bath with him, the bubbles flying everywhere as he laughs.

Akaashi: You never really pegged Akaashi as the one for bubble baths, but he insisted on it, and you found it quite relaxing as a result. He was calm in the bath, just leaning himself against you as he talked to you, playing with the bubbles with his fingers. He’d sometimes make animals and shapes out of the bubbles as best he could, and show them to you for you to smile at.

The way he talks about you when you're not around.

Cameron: Cam has always treated you like a princess from start to finish, the same goes to how he talks about you with his friends. Cam uses words like “Stunning” “Perfect” and even “goddess” to describe you. The word “imperfection” isn’t in his vocabulary.

Aaron: Aaron treats you like a delicate flower. He loves to talk about how light you are and how much he loves your attitude. He uses words like “elegant” “caring” And “graceful” to describe you. He values your presence a lot.

Mathew: Matt loves your bubbly and energetic personality. He treats you like a child, and teases you in the cutest way possible. He uses words like “spontaneous” “playful” and “cute” to describe you. He loves to play with you. 

Jack g: Jack G is mysterious when it comes to you. The guys never know what’s up with you two, especially because he’s so protective over you. Generally, he doesn’t talk about you too much to mass amounts of people, but when he’s with a close friend he really is descriptive. “Sexy” “Angelic” and “Creative” easily slip off his tongue regarding you.  

Hayes: Hayes is careful when it comes to your relationship, which you find adorable. He absolutely loves being around you at all times. He describes you as “refreshing” “positive” and “energizing." 

Hope you liked it :)