he's like 6ft

Wild winter, warm coffee
Ma’s gone, do you love me?
Blazing summer, cold coffee
Baby’s gone, do you love me? (x)

sniper drinking hot coffee and scout drinking iced coffee while hanging out in the camper van. perspective’s all weird and I don’t even know if a booth like this would fit in sniper’s dinky camper but I wanted one there so there it is.

Okay okay okay hear me out, Nursey w/ a history self consciousness. 

Nursey who still gets fidgety about having to present in class

Nursey who has trouble being alone in public bc he’s like 6ft tall and feels like everyone is looking at him

Nursey who needs to be reassured by Chowder that he wasn’t the reason they lost a game, and that he did the best he could

Nursey who tries to wear earthy colors because then maybe he won’t stand out as much

Nursey who always had trouble being mixed race growing up and never really felt like he belonged

Nursey who went to Samwell, a small liberal arts school, so he could maybe feel like a “normal” person

Nursey who is loved by everyone on his team (Dex too even tho the dork wouldn’t admit it) and is starting to feel like he has a place

Nursey who learns that its okay to be different and that he doesn’t need to change who he is for anyone

calum is so fuckin contradictory he’s like 6ft+ and he has fuckin massive arms and could probably kill u but he’s still so smALL the tiniest i could fit him in my pocket and carry him around every day and his cheeks r soft n squish but his jawline is so sharp it could cut u and he looks like he hates everything most of the time but he’s just a giant doof w a gigantic heart and now we’ve learned that he can fuckidngf dance i was not expecting him to dance like that he’s so fucking cute LISTEN